Google To Introduce Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Tech giant Google is introducing a new project which aims to provide fast-loading Web pages to users on mobile devices.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open-source initiative that should be introduced next year. It aims to increase the speed of Internet domain access for those on mobile data networks, which cannot always keep up with the content consumption of their users, writes Charlie Osborne for ZDNet.

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Google developing revolution in mobile web pages

Google believes that by introducing lightweight, flexible web pages that work in conjunction with the company’s smart caching, both ads and content can be displayed in an attractive way. At present mobile users frequently complain about poorly-loaded ads and poorly-displayed pages which drain battery life.

David Besbris, Vice President of Engineering at Google Search and Richard Gingras, Head of News at Google, revealed in a blog post that thousands of publishers have already stated an interest in joining the program.

AMP could bring content to devices that rely on mobile networks more quickly, and increase the number of views on web pages. Users also stand to benefit due to a reduction in bandwidth used by content, especially given that a number of advertising partners are also interested in the scheme.

Rapid signups from thousands of content publishers

Bandwidth usage increases significantly when ads are delivered to mobile pages, and also wears down your battery. Many consumers have taken to using ad blocker software, which means companies do not benefit financially from ads.

“The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an initiative to improve the mobile web and enhance the distribution ecosystem. If content is fast, flexible and beautiful, including compelling and effective ads, we can preserve the open web publishing model as well as the revenue streams so important to the sustainability of quality publishing,” the AMP team says.

The project was formally announced 6 weeks ago, and since then over 4,500 publishers have signed up. Ad networks Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick and AdSense are all working towards joining the scheme, as are traffic counters including comScore, Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

According to Google, AMP pages will be launched early next year.