Google Drive Now Sends Notifications For Shared Documents

Google continues to update its apps and services with users of Google Drive the latest to benefit.

The update is particularly useful for people who work in teams on shared documents stored on Google Drive. According to a company announcement users will now receive instant mobile notifications when another user shares a file or folder, writes Mariella Moon for Engadget.

Google Drive

Working on shared documents just got easier than ever before

In order to see the file or folder, click on the notification and your iOS or Android device will direct you to it. Should someone send something that you do not have access to, you can now ask for permission by sending a request that the other user will receive as a notification.

Sometimes people that work in teams are frustrated by the one stubborn colleague that refuses to sign up for a Google account, despite the fact that they use an Android device. Now these people will be able to access files and folders as well.

According to Google the update is not immediately available but will be rolled out in the near future.

Google Drive’s productivity improved by latest updates

Now that alerts will be sent directly to your phone you can save time by avoiding the need to open your email and read a message. In addition the new features will be of real benefit to those who work from their phones because it adds extra functionalities to the mobile app, meaning that you won’t have to run to a computer to work.

The update means that Google Drive users will find it easier to stay up to date with new documents, increasing their productivity on the move. As an increasing number of people use their smartphones for work, Google’s latest update will surely be appreciated.

In other news Google announced an update for the iOS Maps app, which will now support spoken traffic alerts in navigation mode. The app will now inform you of any traffic jams or incidents on your planned route before you set off.

The company also announced an update for its Inbox email app, which uses artificial intelligence to predict replies to your messages.