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BlackBerry Priv On AT&T Does Support Wireless Charging

BlackBerry Priv buyers are somewhat confused with regards to which models of the Canadian firm’s flagship Android device support wireless charging. Some are claiming that the AT&T model supports, it while others said it didn’t. Well, the answer is that the AT&T model does support wireless charging.

Clearing up confusion on wireless charging

MobileSyrup did help clear up some of the initial confusion yesterday, but there are still some questions that remain unanswered in regards to AT&T support. “All PRIV devices purchased from ShopBlackBerry support wireless charging, regardless of whether they’re purchased from Canada or the U.S. (the STV100-1 variant),” BlackBerry told MobileSyrup.

Some outlets were shipped review units, but they didn’t seem to have wireless charging built in despite having an AT&T boot sequence. This further added to the confusion. So to clear things up, Todd Haselton of TechnoBuffalo decided to test the model he bought from an AT&T store on Friday.

Haselton tried charging the device with a generic Qi mini charger and observed that wireless charging worked fine. It also worked fine on the EP-PG9201, which is one of Samsung’s wireless charging pads. “The trick is to get the butt of the device right up on the pad,” Haselton says.

The BlackBerry Priv is supposed to support PMA as well, but Haselton couldn’t verify this as he didn’t have the required charger. But with his experiment, he concluded that the BlackBerry Priv on AT&T does have wireless charging built in. However, he could not find out the reason for the device to work with some charging pads and not others.

BlackBerry apps, wallpapers for non-Priv Android phone

Smartphone users who want to try the BlackBerry lifestyle but are not willing to pay $700 to purchase the Priv can now do so. They can somewhat experience BlackBerry’s new handset on their Android phone by downloading its individual apps and installing them on their current Android phone, thanks to the guys at XDA, who are pulling individual apps from the device.

One of the big apps available for download is the Blackberry keyboard. Other apps you may be interested in are Blackberry Launcher, Blackberry Calendar and Blackberry Hub. It must be noted that the majority of apps will need you to install Blackberry Services. Along with the apps, the wallpapers from the Priv have also been made available.