Why War Between China And The U.S. Is Inevitable

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China recently conducted a successful 48-hour test flight of its largest high-altitude airship amid growing concerns about its military buildup in the disputed South China Sea.

As Beijing continues to pour billions into its massive military buildup, the country has just successfully completed a test flight of its largest Yuanmeng (Dream) high-altitude airship in the atmosphere between an altitude of 20 kilometers and 100 kilometers, according to IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly reports. China’s cutting-edge high-altitude aircraft is one of the largest solar-powered airships in the world. The airship has a volume of 18,000 cubic meters and is 75 meters long and 22 meters tall, according to Popular Science. The Yuanmeng is capable of carrying a payload of 5 to 7 tons with “broadband communications, data relay, high-definition observation, space situational awareness, and airborne imaging systems,” all of which are powered by the sun.

According to Chinese scientists, the airship was made from a very lightweight material capable of withstanding extreme pressure, and it’s equipped with a highly-capable solar battery and lightweight avionics. In the case of a military confrontation in which Chinese satellite communications are blocked or satellites are destroyed, the high-altitude airship could be used as a communications relay station for China’s military aircraft and ships.

Even though the Yuanmeng is vulnerable to U.S. missile attacks and other means of anti-satellite weapons, the airship features sensors that could trigger an early warning system in a high-tech conflict. The airship could be used to detect incoming missiles, stealth aircraft and ships from several hundred miles away.

China’s military compared to Germany’s pre-World War I military spending

The U.S.’s military presence in Asia is threatened by the growing capabilities and size of the Chinese military forces. And now that Washington is sending its warships to the disputed artificial South China Sea islands, the stakes are particularly high. Additionally, China’s unveiling its new missiles which could easily strike U.S. aircraft carriers in the Pacific raises concerns about the high risk of a military confrontation between Washington and Beijing.

Since China built artificial islands in the South China Sea and demanded that other countries keep their military forces away from a 12-nautical mile exclusion zone around the islands, the U.S. has been beefing up its efforts to lower the Chinese threat in the region. The Telegraph noted that China’s power is growing at a rate that is “difficult for us to comprehend.” The British newspaper refers to Germany’s example during the First World War: before the war. The country’s economy grew by 13% while spending on arms grew by 64%. In comparison, over the past 10 years, China’s economy has grown a whopping four times larger, while its arms spending has tripled and continues to grow year by year.

“Never before in history,” The Telegraph cites Harvard scholar Graham Allison as saying, “has a nation risen so far, so fast, on so many dimensions of power.” Allison noted that such rapid and tremendous shifts in the balance of power have resulted in war in 12 out of 16 cases over the past 500 years. So the questions is, is China’s growing military power just coincidence, or is a war against the Chinese really inevitable?

China threatens to respond to U.S. presence in the Pacific

Over a week ago, the Pentagon announced that it would send U.S. Navy warships inside the 12-nautical mile zones that China claims as its territory around some of the disputed islands in the Spratly chain. Such U.S. naval moves could escalate the conflict between Washington and Beijing, as trillions of dollars in global seaborne trade passes through the South China Sea each year, while the large majority of East Asia’s energy is transported through the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea.

“What on earth makes the United States think China should and will tolerate it when U.S. surface ships trespass on Chinese territory in the South China Sea?” said Xinhua, mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party of China, in reaction to the news about U.S. warships sailing toward China.

Over the past several weeks, Chinese officials have threatened military response against U.S. naval operation if American warships sail within the 12-mile zone and remain there. In particular, if U.S. warships stay within the 12-mile zone of the artificial islands, China will dispatch its naval PLA warships to force them out.

“China will never tolerate any military provocation or infringement on sovereignty from the United States or any other country, just as the United States refused to 53 years ago,” the Xinhua state-run news agency noted, referring to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

The U.S. has repeatedly said that it does not recognize the disputed islands as Chinese maritime territory. During his first state visit to the U.S., Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama failed to reach common ground on the issue of the South China Sea conflict and a number of other issues.

China’s growing military spending

Over the past two decades, China has been increasing its military spending by two times each year. Even though the Chinese economy currently experiences minor difficulties, analysts at security watchdog IHS Jane’s predict that China’s military budget will continue its growth at a rate of 7% annually until 2020. Therefore, by 2020, China is expected to be spending over $260 billion on its defense and arms, while in 2015, the projected amount is $145 billion.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

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  1. When one has so much nukes, common sense says it’s not a war you’ll be having with them but a economic war with money spent on buying votes/influence.

  2. And as with every other site the “trolls” try to dominate the conversation.!!!

  3. IBM is a shadow of its former self. I worked for IBM in the 1960s. IBM could have controlled the PC business if they have done the work themselves.

    Xerox is barely alive. There must be dozens of companies making copying machines today.

    Both are still listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

  4. Are both listed in nasdaq. The former is one of the most advanced technology company of the planet Earth.

  5. You can see it on TV every single day. Today, a 16-year-old Black American girl was thrown to the floor and across the classroom by a policeman. And we call China a police state. We are more of a police state than China.

  6. Corruption, yes.
    Repression??? in China??? Who is or are being repressed???? I can name a few groups are being repressed in the U.S.
    1: Native American Indians.
    2: Black- Americans.
    3: Spanish Americans.
    4: Asian Americans.
    5: The poor and homeless.

  7. come – I work with 3 Chinese people and showed them your comment. They all laughed and said it was you who must be brainwashed.

  8. Buddy, you are just upset we are not a perfect society. This is true. We are only human and a minority make terrible mistakes. There will always be a certain percentage of sociopaths and psychopaths. Why do you claim so many helpless victims are not Caucasian? Your arguments here are pretty mute at this point.

  9. Kent State University where a few confused national guardsmen accidentally shot and killed 4 students and the huge outrage and condemnation that followed it ? Seriously? (1970s) When campus students all over the US were protesting American military involvement in Vietnam?
    We already have our freedom and some mistakes have been made but don’t compare that to the current corruption and repression of freedom in China.

  10. Is that why everyone around the world wants to migrate to the USA? How many concentration camps do we have here? Ever read about the human atrocities committed by Japan, Germany, China and Russia against even their own people? I understand your distaste for our imperialistic tendencies and blunders but comparing the USA to Nazi Germany, communist Russia/China or imperial Japan is most laughable.

  11. HELLO reader, what’s your problem?

  12. The deplorable, James Street | Oct 25, 2015, 6:07 pm at 6:07 pm |

    Maybe you really do all that stuff. But if you are as riddled with guilt over your evil ways as you claim, you would have put a gun to your head long ago. You would not have been able to resist the mental compulsion of the heavy guilt you bare for your sins. And I could not possibly care less whether you believe in life after death, heaven or hell. But you’d best hope you’re right because if not you’re in for quite a bit of misery. I on the other hand do believe in an afterlife but I’m not gonna try to convince you of it. You refuse to see even what can be PLAINLY seen with human eyes . The ME has been in turmoil LONG before the US existed. That’s the point that I’ve been trying to hammer into your thick head but it seems to no avail. After Truman met with Golda Meir and went on to recognize Israel as a state that put us in the cross hairs of every muslim. Grown men who marry and then have sex with 9 year old children; female genital mutilation; stoning women to death because she gets raped by 7 men; You said in your last run of diarrhea that we should help the weak, care for the sick and so on. That’s exactly what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. However due to your internal hatred of yourself, you can’t see it or, as is most likely the case, you refuse to see it.

  13. It’s NOT up to me to say. China is saying it.

  14. “The middle east started the problems in the middle east ”

    If and when the Middle East started the problems in the Middle East, and we are not involved, then we should have no death in the Middle East. And what happens in the Middle East should not be of any concern to us.

  15. Leave them alone, and if and when they kill themselves, it’s none of our business. They call for jihad because we killed them.

    “The US has had a lot of deaths during war, yeah, but at least they aren’t as flippant towards killing as muslims or communists”,

    If and when Muslims or communists kill themselves, why should it affect you or us??? But when we started killing them, that’s when they call for jihad against us.

  16. You people are talking about valuing life, aren’t you??? Do our people value our own lives???? How many babies and children our own people killed each year??? How many Black-Americans, Mexican-Americans we killed each year???

    What’s happening, what had happened in China is none of our business. They have their own ways. They certainly can not live the way we live.

  17. “So if you don’t care about the tens of millions of killings in China, why are you so butt hurt over the millions, excuse me, billions, of killings you claim we committed in the ME”?

    What happened in China is China’s business, not ours or mine. The killings in Vietnam, and the Middle East were/are done by our nation which I am a part of, and I am obligated to speak up against our government’s wrong-doing.

    “Does the Quran not say “Slay the non believer.” In other words convert or be killed”.

    I am non-religious. Religion is a crutch to a weak mind. Religion sells miracle and life after death. There is no miracle. There is no life after death.

    Human beings are greedy. That’s the reason for civilization. Civilization means law and order. We help the helpless. We care for the sick and injured. We don’t take advantage of the weak but help them. All these don’t seem to be part of America’s moral fiber anymore. We kill and destroy just because we have the power to do so. We intimidate others just because we don’t like them. We form alliance to contain a nation which may rise above us. We are selfish and immoral. You quote the Bible just to justify our immoral behavior. This immoral behavior are within our people, in our government.

  18. products with bar code starting with 690, 691, 692, through 699 are cheap junk “made in china”. I don’t buy china junk anymore

  19. @pj and @aquarium7, fat china chunks, 50cent trolls
    china SUCKS
    china = THIEF

  20. LOL Saddam ordered his military to hide. ROFLMFAO. Now you have PROVEN yourself to be totally and completely void of any sanity. I was in during the Iraq war so stop your friggin lies. You just say the first thing that pops into your mind and hope no one that knows better sees it. He did however hire Russia to transport his WMD’s to Syria. The problem with you is that despite mountains of evidence you refuse to understand what is so plainly obvious.

  21. That’s not their/your national boundary. It’s 600 miles from the CHI COMS mainland.

  22. Exactly what is the point you’re trying to make by posting these sources?

  23. So if you don’t care about the tens of millions of killings in China, why are you so butt hurt over the millions, excuse me, billions, of killings you claim we committed in the ME? Does the Quran not say “Slay the non believer.” In other words convert or be killed. That doesn’t enhance your assertion that these innocent muslims are all that innocent.

    This is a partial run down of wars and conflicts dating back to the old testament. Now unless you really have gone COMPLETELY insane, you’ll understand that the US was not even thought of during the times of this turmoil. When I say the Old Testament, that means before 1776 Buddy. Are we understanding that? What I’m attempting to hammer into your thick head is that war is a way of life in the ME and has been for thousands of years. No, millions of years buddy. It’s like a job to these mongrels Buddy, they even have time clocks to clock in and start fighting. War is as much an instinct to these “people” as migration is to a buncha geese and salmon and deer and goats and whales and turtles and dogs and bears and–well you get the picture.. That’s right Buddy. So, lets roll that beautiful footage and learn shall we?

    Abraham’s 318 against the Armies of Shinar (Babylon)

    Pharaoh Pursues the Israelites

    The Israelites Fight Back against the Amalekites

    Israel Opposes the Midianites and Moabites

    Joshua Leads Israel against the Five Amorite Kings

    King Jabin of Hazor with a Great Army Opposes Joshua and Israel

    Israel’s Continuing Conquests

    Ehud Leads Israel against the Moabites

    Barak Leads Naphtali and Zebulun against Sisera, the Commander of Canaan

    Gideon’s 300 Rise Up against the Midianites

    The Philistines Capture the Ark of Covenant

    Israel’s King Ambushes Judah
    Ethiopia’s Army, Greater than One Million, Attacks Judah
    King Jehoshaphat’s Army of Judah Worships and Sings in the Face of Battle
    King Ahab of Israel’s Battles with Syria
    Israel and Judah Joined Together to Defeat the Moabites
    The Syrian Army Come to Conquer Israel including Elisha
    Edom Revolts against King Jehoram of Judah
    King Amaziah of Judah Wars against Edom
    King Amaziah Stirs Up Israel to Battle
    King Uzziah of Judah Fights the Philistines
    Judah is Weakened by Battles
    The Assyrian Invasion
    King Josiah Goes Out to War against Pharaoh Necho
    The Babylonian Captivity of Judah

  24. Then was then. Now is now.

    Now, the U.S. is the menace to the world.

    “Do you seriously think the US interests are still based on manifest destiny”?

    Yes, very much so.

  25. Our best friend and ally, England, had just jumped ship. Turkey, another NATO member, bought 4 billion dollars worth of missiles from China. France joined China to build nuclear power pants in England. Now, where is that alliance???

  26. Yes, Xerox PARC invented windows only for Steve Jobs/Bill Gates to make billions.
    Xerox PARC also invented computer book publishing to the benefits of Adobe Systems.

    Chester Carlsen spent his life doing research to copy, and his copying invention made Xerox a giant corporation of IBM size.

    IBM itself gave away billions to Bill Gates/Steve Ballmer…

    Where are IBM and Xerox today????

  27. The truth is too much for you, huh???

  28. “Every muslim terrorist killed in the ME is innocent huh?”

    What difference does it make when they kill each other? When we started killing them, they, in turn must fight back against us.

    “Gott dam, now you are officially and certifiably insane”.

    Yeah, that’s because you only think of yourself. Others think the same way as you.

    “The ME has ALWAYS been a war zone”.

    No, not always.

    The Roman Empire controlled Judea with an iron-fist, crucifying anyone defying Rome in anything and everything, scattering the Jews throughout Europe crushing a Jewish revolt.

    Pope Urban II released all prisoners in Europe and sent them to the Middle East to reclaim the Holy Land consuming another two hundred years of war.

    The establishment of the state of Israel started this round of war.

    Every one of the past war were started by the Europeans/Western people. Not Muslims.

    “We have nothing to do with it”.

    That’s because you are ignorant of history.

    “No one cares how China lives or what values they live by or what happens there”.

    Then, leave them alone.

    “But amazingly a poll among China’s wealthy revealed that if they could migrate, 85% said they would like to live in the US and Canada”.

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Also many have returned to China.

    “Apparently they don’t share your twisted hatred of yourself and your “supposed” nation”.

    I don’t hate anyone or any nation. I am just stating the truth as I see it.

    “And because of your admiration for Mao Zedong you have revealed even more about yourself”.

    I don’t admire anyone, including myself.

    “You claim we killed a million people and are EXTREMELY butt hurt about it”.

    You can guess the number of people we killed starting from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, ISIS, Ukraine,…

    That is a lot of nations we fought against…

    not only a lot of people.

    “but Mao on the other hand killed between 45 and 70 million and he is your hero”.

    That’s China’s problem, not mine or ours.

    “Maybe you will soon join up with ISIS and get revenge on yourself for all the filthy things you’ve done over your long years”.

    I can walk for 30 minutes to an hour each day. War is not an old man’s life. I have no “evil ways”, only a gentle life.

  29. Every muslim terrorist killed in the ME is innocent huh? Gott dam, now you are officially and certifiably insane. The ME has ALWAYS been a war zone. We have nothing to do with it. No one cares how China lives or what values they live by or what happens there. But amazingly a poll among China’s wealthy revealed that if they could migrate, 85% said they would like to live in the US and Canada. Apparently they don’t share your twisted hatred of yourself and your “supposed” nation. And because of your admiration for Mao Zedong you have revealed even more about yourself. That being it isn’t the crime that’s important, rather its the individual(s) committing the crime. You claim we killed a million people and are EXTREMELY butt hurt about it but Mao on the other hand killed between 45 and 70 million and he is your hero. There is a psychopathy for people like you. It’s like a thief. It’s perfectly ok for him to lie and steal but when someone steals from him, all of a sudden he hates thieves. Maybe you will soon join up with ISIS and get revenge on yourself for all the filthy things you’ve done over your long years. Why not offer yourself as a token sacrifice to die for your sins and your evil ways since you are American and therefore inherently evil? Just disregard the practice of pedophilia in the ME by these “innocent” muslims that you have such affection for. Disregard the fact that a woman is guilty if she is raped and can be stoned to death for it. Disregard the practice of female genital mutilation of the children. Nah. Nothing wrong here. After all, you’re an American and by birth and skin color alone you are much, much worse. Maybe you even agree with such a thing? It would not be surprising coming from one with such a twisted understanding of good vs evil.

  30. Do you know exactly how many people have died in the Middle East since 2001 from our military actions??? The whole Middle East is basically a war zone because of the U.S. We even targeted an innocent 16-year-old American boy just because he was the son of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American Muslim.
    Yes, without American involvement in the middle East, everyone of them is innocent!!! Leave them alone, and they wouldn’t care less about America. We targeted them first. They are only fighting back.

    Whatever happened in China is/was none of our business. China can and must take care of themselves. Mao is almost a God to the Chinese people. Without Mao, China would still be a third world country.

  31. And you are even MORE despicable and a liar to boot. You say millions were killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… Why not say that billions were killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…. When you lie, lie spectacularly. Mao of China is THE GREATEST MASS MURDER IN ALL OF HISTORY. Do you understand that? Cant that fact penetrate your thick head??? Most likely you dont understand because you understand things as you want them to be, drawing the picture you have created for yourself in your mind. Estimates are between 45 and 70 million. And your admiration for Mao Zedong doesn’t go unnoticed—“He went through h%ll to get where he was.”—your words. So you admire the greatest mass murderer in all of history while at the same time sling unfounded accusations at others for doing far less than even your lies and accusations suggest. Moving right along here to your reference to Kent State. Just so you know, there were no tanks at Kent State Buddy.You only stated the name “Kent State” you didn’t go on to tell the story.Typical of one such as yourself. The “students” of Kent State (and some other instigators) were on a rampage. Consumed by alcohol, they sat fire to numerous buildings and vehicles and threw rocks and beer bottles at police and firefighters at the scene. After being warned REPEATEDLY to stop their violence they decided to push their luck. Granted, the timing of the shooting was questionable, but the events leading up to it were not. This was NOT a peaceful protest as rightfully granted by the constitution and the events at Kent State compared to T square were as different as night and day. Your lies have been exposed once again.

  32. Of course they do. And so does anyone else who posts something that you agree with. And anyone who posts something you don’t agree with are racist’s chauvinist’s, hooligans and liars.

  33. He went through H%ll to get where he was.

  34. Ooooops, wrong spot to respond.

    Yes, it’s the truth. In the name of democracy, we sent troops to kill, rape, destroy, and blame others for our politicians/troops selfish and destructive ways.

  35. Yes, it’s the truth. In the name of democracy, we sent troops to kill, rape, destroy, and blame others for our politicians/troops selfish and destructive ways.

  36. That’s right. That’s exactly what he said. And you probably think he was American too, right?

  37. You are stating your OPINION not the truth. It is the truth in your own mind only—stupid. NOW, your just revealed something very telling about yourself—“You are a sorry bunch, lying, killing, raping, destroying around the world, and blaming others for yourself selfish ways.” First off, if that isn’t hatred then the sun doesn’t rise in the east, schidt, doesn’t stink, bears don’t schidt in the woods, the pope isn’t catholic and all those other colorful “proverbs.” But what is REALLY interesting about that statement is how you chose to begin with “You are a sorry bunch” In other words, a different people than yourself. Which suggests you are NOT American at all (which you’re not even if you do have citizenship) but some aspiring American wannabe from Bangladesh or some other festering sewer in the belly of Asia. And we’re not blaming anyone for anything. That would be you doing the blaming as you’ve blamed us for everything negative in the world in recorded history. Go find a checker board and as you say, stop being a nuisance to the public.

  38. Buddy Frank is rediculous! This paid troll is attacking every Single Person on this Article! He deflects any criticism and points to America as justification! People like him are not helping your cause! Enjoy your fun! We are amused as well. ^^

  39. SO? And then ? What do you think you are proving with that? hint: count the technology patents e check the quality. You will discover who have the most advanced technologies.
    (just to name one of my favourites: photonics related patents )

  40. I don’t “hate us so much”, stupid. I am just stating the truth. Why are you against the truth??? Can’t face the truth, huh???

    You are a sorry bunch, lying, killing, raping, destroying around the world, and blaming others for yourself selfish ways.

    We haven’t been around long enough for “…how we’re responsible for every disease, famine, natural disaster, mass murder and every war since God uttered the words “Let there be light,””, but starting from the 1960s in Vietnam.

    Like most Americans, you’re only good as pawn, puppet, clown and joker of Uncle Sam repeating his propaganda lies about China. Like in the U.S., no one gives @#$% what you say as long as you don’t broadcast your words in China. They have better things to do than being a nuisance to the public.

  41. very good indeed, but where will you be, staying home, …. let the others die for you ….hahaha!

  42. Edward Snowden had revealed our own watchdog systems of our own people, and our ally’s leaders.

    Adolf Tolkachev gave his life to steal for us.
    We are NOT clean ourselves.


    Adolf Georgievich Tolkachev Адольф Георгиевич Толкачёв (1927 in Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan – September 24, 1986) was a Soviet Union electronics engineer who provided key documents to the U.S.Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) over the years between 1979 and 1985. Working at the Soviet radardesign house Phazotron as one of the chief designers, Tolkachev gave the CIA complete information about such projects as the R-23, R-24, R-33, R-27, and R-60, S-300; fighter-interceptor aircraft radars used on the MiG-29, MiG-31, and Su-27; and other avionics. The United States considered the most advanced airborne radar among the systems Tolkachev compromised was the passive phased arrayradar used by the MiG-31 Foxhound fighter. He was executed as a spy in 1986.

  43. Mao Zedong said power grows out of the barrel of the gun!!!!
    The power of the gun speaks the loudest and is always right.

  44. Yes.

  45. Yes, really!!!
    ISIS is the re-emerging of Saddam Hussein’s army after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Saddam ordered his military to hide when the U.S. invaded.
    We supported the Rebels to overthrow Assad, and Russia is helping Assad to fight off the Rebels.

    The problem with you is;
    Uncle Sam is always right. Everyone else is wrong.

  46. And you would know that how? You have no idea who I am, where I’ve been or what I’ve done. It’s just more hot air from that dump valve you call a mouth. So AGAIN I ask, if you hate us so much, WHY ARE YOU HERE? LEAVE. The only person you’re of any worth to is yourself. You come here running your mouth about how sorry we are, about how worthless our nation is yet you’re still here. You do understand there are no insurmountable obstacles between here and China right? Maybe there are a few things that you know about the CHI COMS that you’re not willing to admit?? Like, if you ran your mouth there like you do here you’ll be the next lab rat in some medical experiment about how rectal surgery without anesthesia affects the human psyche??

  47. Yep. It’s like the young captain that asked the general:
    Captain: General, what was that piece of equipment we let that foreign govt steal?
    General: Nothing.
    Captain: What does it do?
    General: Nothing.
    Captain: What’s it’s purpose?
    General: Nothing. But I guarantee you they’ll be broke by the time they figure that out.

  48. China has hacked every nation in the entire world stealing anything and everything the bastards can get their little yellow hands on because they couldn’t engineer a potato peeler by themselves. And we also know that the impressive vid of their “state of the art” fighter shooting down a drone was actually a scene from the movie Top Gun don’t we?

  49. The middle east started the problems in the middle east Buddy. And stop with your crap about “us” You are not “us” you are “them.” And you need to take responsibility for your own screw ups and stop blaming people that weren’t even around when the mess got started. They were fighting in the ME in the days of Noah. You don’t see any reference to the CIA in the book of Genesis go you? No doubt, you’re sure to try to find a way to make the connection though.

  50. Right, and you believe the US and the CIA were the sponsors of all that unrest too right?

  51. you are as stupid liar as carter, so far only one case of reported dead related to “navigation”, a relative of carter by the way.

  52. Buddy Frank, p j are the rare heroes of all the forums that they subject themselves to in the sea of liars, racists, chauvinists, hooligans, thieves, psychopaths. Buddy Frank, p j tell the truth, preach justice, and expose bad elements of this forum.

  53. PatriotEngineerAnalystUSA | Oct 23, 2015, 12:27 am at 12:27 am |

    Really? So, ISIS, Syria, and Russia have done nothing to cause problems in the Middle East, and the ISIS caliphate, the Syrian civil war, and the mass exodus of refugees was caused by the USA?

    What planet did you say you’re from?

  54. PatriotEngineerAnalystUSA | Oct 23, 2015, 12:18 am at 12:18 am |

    The US is prepared to call China’s bluff regarding use of force against US assets in the South China Sea.

    I predict China will do nothing except demand us to leave on the radio. They have far too much to lose, both economically and militarily, to confront the US.

    For what its worth, the USA has already penetrated China’s bogus 12-mile zone over the past several weeks. It was done, completely undetected, by unique, state-of-the-art assets the world knows very little about.

  55. You ever lived in china?

  56. “He who plays with fire will get his finger charred”, this is an age old Chinese wisdom Akino, Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan-US meddler should be very clear about. South China Sea an irrevocable possession of China was established after WW II and is recognized by all International Law, not to mention the many historical factors in your comment.

  57. Can you see the refugees fleeing the Middle East into Europe??? What is the cause that make them flee the Middle East??

    Do you still remember what the Middle East was like before 2001??

    What was the Middle East like before 1946??

    What were the causes???

  58. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  59. Yes, a couple of times.

  60. Adding a bit of history will definitely help readers to get a clear picture of the South China Sea issue:

    In the 3rd century, the local government of the Jin Dynasties (China) exercised jurisdiction over the South China Sea islands by sending patrolling naval boats to the surrounding sea areas. (Nordquist & Moore 1998, page 155)

    5th–13th centuries: Naval forces of the Song State of the Southern Dynasties (420-479 AD) patrolled the Paracel and Spratly islands.[43] In the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), the islands were placed under the administration and authority of the Qiongzhou Perfecture (now Hainan Province).[43] Chinese administration of the South China Sea continued into the North and South Song dynasties (970-1279).[43]

    1883 – When the Spratlys and Paracels were surveyed by Germany in 1883, China issued protests.[40]

    1887 – The Convention Respecting the Delimitation of the Frontier Between China and Tonkin between France and the Qing Empire set the maritime boundary in the Gulf of Tonkin.[49][50][51] The 1887 Chinese-Vietnamese Boundary convention signed between France and China after the Sino-French War said that China was the owner of the Spratly and Paracel islands.[40][52]

    1898 – The Philippine Islands were ceded by Spain to the United States in the Treaty of Paris following the Spanish–American War. The U.S. reminded the Philippines at its independence (1946) that the Spanish-American treaty of 1898 made it clear that the western limit of the Philippines islands did not include the Spratlys (South China Sea).

    1956 – North Vietnam declares Paracel and Spratly Islands are historically Chinese territory.[63]

    1958 – The People’s Republic of China issued a declaration defining its territorial waters which encompassed the Spratly, Paracel Islands and other islands in the South China Sea. North Vietnam’s prime minister, Pham Van Dong, sent a diplomatic note to Zhou Enlai, stating that “The Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam respects this decision.” The diplomatic note was written on September 14 and was publicized on Nhan Dan newspaper(Vietnam) on September 22, 1958.

  61. Not only the US men and women but including those small Asian nations you mentioned will die. Those nations are our allies and US is the powerful country to help them. second, China will really laugh at us if US doesn’t stop them in occupying the international water of South China sea. Plus, if china occupied it, the 5 trillion cargo ships pass that sea yearly will be paying toll to China which will make them even richer. The US is the police of the world and we shall maintain our dominance in the pacific and protect our allies.

  62. A Peaceful Life | Oct 22, 2015, 8:15 pm at 8:15 pm |

    Why the U.S. sends young men and women to die in the south china sea for Vietnamese, Japanese and Pilipino while it has no claim in that area?… They will laugh at the US.

  63. go live in china and see if you can still hold your stupid opinions.

  64. search….
    The cultural revolution
    Tiananmen squire incident
    These are the examples of “not valuing human life”.

  65. You ever been to china?

  66. Yes, Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire scattered Jews throughout Europe from 66 AD – 73 AD.
    And two hundred years of Crusaders/Knights Templar from 1095…
    And the Ottoman Empire…
    And now, the American Empire…

  67. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/person-interest-taken-custody-road-rage-killing-4-year-old-n448791

    Suspect Held in Road-Rage Killing of 4-Year-Old Girl


    The unsettling details of 2-year-old Bella Bond’s death have trickled out in the four days since her mother and mother’s boyfriend were charged in her June slaying.

    Do you want more?????

  68. Buddy… Strife has been a part of the Middle East long before America was
    even a country.

  69. Ahh,so, the paper dragon awakes. Best not to belch fire as it is risky.

  70. Yeah, yeah, yeah,…

  71. Who killed Pat Tillman, the football player with a multi-million dollar contract, forsaken football to fight in Afghanistan, only to be killed by his own fellow soldiers???

    BTW, Arizona dedicated a walkway in front of Hoover Dam in his name. Anyone who hasn’t been to Hoover Dam for the last few years should visit Hoover Dam. No more narrow mountainous road. It’s all freeway now. There were many people there last week. You can’t find a place to park. Tons of people walking around.

  72. I told you the truth. Nothing more I can tell you.

  73. Hogwash! Lies!

  74. You are a clumsy Chinese troll lol

  75. You admired Communist killing your own Chinese race? It’s your DNA..

  76. China is trying to manufacture sovereignty by dumping sand on submerged rocks and claims territories around those rock. This is unacceptable. The world MUST have the rights to exercise freedom of navigation anywhere and anytime in South China Sea. If China wants war, SO BE IT.

  77. How many times do you tell yourself things before you finally believe them. Do you fatigue yourself into submission in regards to “the way you oughta be”? I do dress myself, I to dress myself…forever.

  78. @ ryan, bill ott and andrew and other dummies out there let see what the Bible say about you. Woe to thee that spoilest, and thou wast not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee! when thou shalt cease to spoil, thou shalt be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee. And your spoil shall be gathered like the gathering of the caterpiller. O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures, thine end is come, and the measure of thy covetousness. 14 The LORD of hosts hath sworn by himself, saying, Surely I will fill thee with men, as with caterpillers; and they shall lift up a shout against thee. Buddy Frank is right, most European countries hate your gust except UK and the dummy Poland. in the pacific Australia and New Zealand are the only ones but Japan and south korea they hate your guts Japan keep you in their land because you act as a security guard and provide a defense against China, Russia and both Koreas for what did happen in ww 2 that’s why you still standing once they mend differences watch out.

  79. I see black helicopters over your house Buddy. Better put on the tin foil hat also just in case the aliens are in league with them and most importantly don’t forget those blueprints showing that 9/11 was an inside job. Hurry before they get you.

  80. I said it before, many times, I am an American. I had served in the U.S. Army. I had security clearance. I worked on America’s most advanced weapons labs. The weapons I did research on are still in use today. I have done more for America than you ever will.

  81. I think we are getting to that point where war is the only alternative.

  82. The brain thinks faster than the finger can type. Hunt and peck isn’t the ideal way to type. Can’t believe I made an A in high school typing class!!!! over 60 years ago???

  83. England is changing directions to China’s path. Just think for yourself for a minute. We are the nuclear power king of the world, but our best friend and ally, England, is buying the Chinese nuclear power plants to be built in England. Why aren’t we getting the business?? England is our best friend and ally????

  84. Why??? must we all be pawns, puppets, clowns and jokers marching on Uncle Sam’s war drum????

    You know wars go both directions.

  85. Then you don’t need to complain about their cheap and inferior copies. And they didn’t need to steal.

    I am here to state the truth and justice.

    “China would crumble in an instant if it went to war with the US”.

    I think we will have a chance to see exactly that soon since Ashton Carter, Admiral Harris and Scott Swift repeatedly said we will sail within the 12 NM of China artificial islands, and China has said they will defend their national boundary with military force.

  86. Muslims were/are only trying to get back at us for our transgression against them. The West started the problems in the Middle East.

  87. Kent State University??? Remember????

    As to the tanks in Tiananmen Square, I applaud the Chinese government for stopping the CIA “regime change” attempt after many unsuccessful discussions to resolve differences with the students.

  88. A few weeks under the Russian or Chinese boot would be quite an eye opener for you. If you really are an American citizen living in the US and you hate us so much, why are you still here? Leave. You won’t be missed

  89. That certainly is a fact, except the fact that your beloved Mao killed more people than Hitler lol. The US will literally wipe the face of the earth clean of you mongrels if it came to war, even china and Russia combined couldn’t take on the US on its on, let alone the other $14 trillion economy of the EU, plus Japan, SK, Australia, etc. you know, pretty much every country that has ever experienced western idealism and economics? Thanks to the UK western society has permeated every corner and facet of the world’s culture today and will continue to forever. Oh yeah, and you have another billion people in India just waiting to hop the border and take out your industrial west, good luck starting a war you couldn’t possibly win in any scenario! FYI, stuxnet was just the tip of the iceberg…

  90. “You just can’t the truth” lol, next you will be saying “china number 1 a ok cowboy”

  91. Wow, a whole lot of commie sympathizer/Chinese plants on here trying to dissuade people from seeing the truth that china is inferior in every way possible, only time will tell and if war is inevitable, it will take the US kicking the crap out of china and bombing it back into the stone-age, which to china was just 30 years ago lol.

  92. Since when has the US sent tanks to crush an uprising as in Tiananmen Square?

  93. No you are a moron who doesn’t know what he is talking about lol. every single system the Chinese have, the US can counter with higher quality systems, you Asians start to make some money and it goes to your head just like the Japs in WW2, they experience some economic growth, based on western economic principles, and they think they can suddenly take on the world. Complete idiocy

  94. Buddy you are clearly a moron Chinese sympathizer, china may have stolen all of that technology, but their “copies” are all verifiably inferior to the actual parts, the complex systems that they don’t have the technical know-how for have to be engineered on their own, they didn’t steal the blueprints for the entire systems, some of those components are manufactured and reverse engineered. You keep posting on here but everyone knows you are just a plant by china trying to convince people nobody is better than china. China would crumble in an instant if it went to war with the US, if not for US manufacturing jobs sent there, China’s economy would collapse and they know it, they can’t even stabilize their own economy right now because the yuan isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

  95. Uh ok loser, look at what you just said…the US wouldn’t be in ANY of those countries if it weren’t for muslim dogs calling for a jihad on the rest of the world, idiot. The US has had a lot of deaths during war, yeah, but at least they aren’t as flippant towards killing as muslims or communists, try reading a book “buddy”

  96. wait, too many red trolls out there….

  97. Edward Snowden already exposed America’s spying on all Americans. Uncle Sam knows. You just can’t the truth.

  98. Tell me, aren’t what I said the truth????
    Is the truth too much for you????
    Whether I am an American or not is still the truth.

  99. China Troll…..wake up and face reality…oh wait, you get paid for being a troll…nice

  100. China Troll

  101. yeah china troll, go back to your class

  102. Somebody gotta catch this ‘Buddy’ spy living in the US lol

  103. Not going to happen. China’s airlines should be a mess in a matter
    of weeks due to 75 percent of the parts come from the USA and
    England. The remaining 23 percent if from Airbus. England and the
    USA make 100 percent of all big jet airliners. Additionally, China
    relies on US high tech parts. China is just cheep labor. Can you
    name 10 Chinese companies? South Korea has loads of
    companies that have risen over the past 20 years. China
    is stuck making junk and has and is going nowhere.
    Obama needs to tell China no more jets until you get out of the China sea. No more
    parts too. Problem is Boing and Obama are sold out.

  104. They gotta have a purpose for it.

  105. I am an American. In fact, I am the only true American posting truth and justice on comment section of articles.

  106. Today, we have completely replaced Japan and Hitler’s Germany. We are the world’s bully now.

  107. Good!!! easy money!!!!

  108. China is very much like the U.S.
    The people in China are as free as the people in the U.S. Don’t be so brainwashed by Uncle Sam!!!!

  109. It’s the truth. Just look around the world.
    And I live in the U.S. and I am an American citizen.

  110. Excellent!!!! Save the expense of research and trial and error.


    Adolf Georgievich Tolkachev Адольф Георгиевич Толкачёв (1927 in Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan – September 24, 1986) was a Soviet Union electronics engineer who provided key documents to the U.S.Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) over the years between 1979 and 1985. Working at the Soviet radardesign house Phazotron as one of the chief designers, Tolkachev gave the CIA complete information about such projects as the R-23, R-24, R-33, R-27, and R-60, S-300; fighter-interceptor aircraft radars used on the MiG-29, MiG-31, and Su-27; and other avionics. The United States considered the most advanced airborne radar among the systems Tolkachev compromised was the passive phased arrayradar used by the MiG-31 Foxhound fighter. He was executed as a spy in 1986.

  111. you are not an American. you are def from another country..a puppet

  112. When you don’t understand other countries, don’t speculate. Americans do NOT value human lives, especially colored people’s lives. You even see this within the United States. And the U.S. is more of a police-state than China!!!!

  113. ValueWalk is at it again.

  114. High altitude airship = easy target. That eye in the sky won’t last 5 minutes longer than we allow it to.

  115. America Fuck Yeah! | Oct 22, 2015, 10:53 am at 10:53 am |

    PUnk ass Bitch have you ever heard of NATO? attack one of us is like attacking all of us. IF other countries join the fray against the U.S. our allies will stand by us. That my idiotic punk-ass friend is called an alliance.

  116. don’t use “we” pretending to be an American because for sure you are a commie Chinese.

  117. Jack is just a Chinese troll.

  118. What, no mention of the US role in WW1 and especially WW2? Do you seriously think the US interests are still based on manifest destiny? It’s much more complicated. The only way to stop oppression is to have a strong offense and defense. If the US sat back and appeased the empire of Japan and Hitler Germany consume the world where do you think we’d be now?

  119. China write your own alphabet in comment in blog who understand? Haha copycat all no originality…and speak with your language what country understand you? haha simple thing that you have no originality….

  120. Or vise-versa.

  121. So according to Buddy, the US is fracked. Prepare to lose your freedom like the 1.2 billion people in China.

  122. The only communist nations today are Cuba and North Korea.

  123. Why don’t you look around the world.
    Who created all these madness around the world today??? Not China!!!!

  124. This is not an English class.

  125. Has anybody, any nation said:
    “All U.S. outlaw activities must be stopped”?

    Well, it all comes back to:

    The power of the gun speaks the loudest and is always right.

    We sent marines to throw out the queen of Hawaii and took Hawaii by force.

    We waged war against Mexico and took all western states from Mexico.

    We created an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin to start bombing North Vietnam.

    We secretly bombed Laos and Cambodia massively trying to stop Vietnam’s flow of weapons to the South.

    Why didn’t any nation stop the U.S. from all these inhumane war and activities????

    Yes, The power of the gun speaks the loudest and is always right.

  126. The U.S. has been provoking wars since the 1960s.
    In Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria,…

    Uncle Sam will be eaten alive by these small countries if the U.S. goes to war against China or Russia. Uncle Sam doesn’t even realize the situation he’s in. It will not be just a war against China or just Russia but all the countries in the Middle East and Africa.

  127. You are writing your bs using u.s and western technology. hahah. plz grow up!!

  128. China steals and copy everything, from pizza recipe to the western business model.

  129. I think the proper phrase is:

    The U.S. must be stopped. The U.S. is causing all the turmoils and chaos around the world. Not China.

  130. Did the “Cuban Missile Crisis” involve an island that was just created by sand blowers and that did NOT exist 10 minutes before? The issue here is are nations allowed to “create” islands where “none” existed previously and then claim everything surrounding them? I THINK NOT. This is crazy and should be unacceptable to anyone from any country.

  131. Absolutely! Americans value human lives compared to the deaths commies of China perpetrated over the years. And they are still killing thousands in their own country.

  132. China doesn’t need to steal. The U.S. has been proudly showing off our “shock and awe” weapons to the world since 2001. China has a copy of every weapon we have. On the other hand, we don’t know what weapons China has, besides the DF-21D, their anti-satellite missiles, the WU-14,…

  133. 58,000 American deaths, over a hundred thousand crippled for life, millions of Vietnamese died during the Vietnam War. Millions died on conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria,… Do Americans value human lives???? The whole world is in turmoil and chaos caused by the U.S. And you call this “Americans value human lives”???? You are just despicable!!!!!

  134. I can not understand what you’re saying. Please have somebody helped you to write your thoughts in plain, correct English.

  135. The communist leaders of red China do not value human lives the way the U.S. does. These commies will rather sacrifice their own people to obtain their evil deeds.

  136. War between the US and China ain’t gonna happen. US is certain that the Chinese stole the technology of their secret weapons and use, on the other hand, China is very certain the US will use their high tech secret weapons on them because China wasn’t able to steal technology from the mighty US.

  137. China must be stopped.

  138. What are you saying? You dumb little girl, just stick to your poor Latin country, you don’t have any business with the BIG BOYS. Get lost, biyatch!!!

  139. Rem N. Enriquez | Oct 22, 2015, 9:43 am at 9:43 am |

    China the roots of all madness…

  140. Sh*t Communist!

  141. don’t you wish? never happen, if US provoke a war china & Russia will gang-up on you and put an end to your wanabe world ruler dream..

  142. All Chinese outlaw activities must be stopped. Its border is ended at Hainan
    Islands period. The sovereignty of its neighbor countries Vietnam, Philippine
    and all Southeast Asia countries are indisputable period. Furthermore, the
    freedom to access in the open sea must be respected period. No country on this
    world has the right to block other countries free access on the open sea.

    This is the 21st century not like thousand years ago China Emperors wrongfully believed
    that they had the right to conquer all neighbor countries. China does not have
    the power to redraw the map just only benefit for China without regarding any
    international laws. This world must never ever allows this to happen.

    The war with China cannot be avoided since Chinese dictators’ greedy attitude have no
    limit. Therefore, all countries on the Western side of Pacific Ocean must be
    ready for war with China.

  143. China make reef to island . But these reef and island belongs to China tradition and legal . China is not build islands from no where in mid of pacific Ocean, These reef in China south gate way. China is so nice and soft not use force to get back these small stolen islands by neighbor . China only do some work on these reef.

  144. If so, the USA will kick China’s cowardly little behind.

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