The HTC Re Camera, a small, waterproof action camera shaped like a periscope, is now on sale at a huge discount. Consumers will now be able to purchase the action camera for only $50, a 75% discount from the original price of $199.

HTC Re Camera

The HTC Re Camera has a 146-degre wide-angle lens and 16-megapixel ½.3-inch sensor. The device is integrated with an app that allows users to use their Android phone or iPhone as a viewfinder. In other words, the HTC Re Camera was designed to compete with GoPro.

HTC boasted that its waterproof action camera was remarkable, compact, easy to use and fund because users can stream everything on their phone. They can easily edit their photos and videos and share them instantly.

HTC Re Camera failed to attract consumers

The HTC Re Camera failed to attract consumers primarily because of its $199 price. Technology observers also suggested that users with high-end smartphones and a decent point-and-shoot camera will not be impressed by the image quality of the HTC Re Camera.

Additionally, HTC does not have the same level of reputation compared with GoPro, Sony, and other companies offering action cameras. According to them, the $199 original price for the HTC Re Camera is not attractive.

A $75 discount is now attractive to consumers

Consumers will probably consider buying the HTC Re Camera as a gift this holiday season because the 75% discount is attractive.

Some technology enthusiasts said the $50 is reasonable since the action camera has a cute design and users can use it in situations where they can use their smartphones or normal cameras. Take note that the HTC Re Camera is waterproof (up to one meter underwater).

The HTC Re Camera is available in different colors including blue, white, orange and real. Consumers will be able to buy the device at HTC’s online store in the United States, and the shipping is free.

It is uncertain whether HTC is offering the same discount in other countries. recently reduced the price for the HTC Re Camera to $100 while Best Buy is selling it for $150.