Here’s How Russia Can Destroy The West Without Weapons

Here’s How Russia Can Destroy The West Without Weapons
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Russian spy ships could cut global Internet communications as well as tap into the cables to eavesdrop on communications flowing through them.

Russian spy ships and submarines navigating international waters have become the center of attention among many American military and intelligence officials. Russian vessels have been showing aggressive behavior near some of the most vital undersea cables that carry pretty much all communications, including the Internet.

What Washington officials are concerned about is that Moscow ships might be planning to cut those lines during tensions or military confrontation, and given that West’s governments, economies and citizens have become largely dependent on communications, such a move would give Russia a crucial edge in a possible war.

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What’s especially alarming to the U.S. is that such sneaky operations could involve cutting the fiber-optic cables to disrupt the instant communications at some of their hardest-to-access locations, which would make it costly and time-consuming to repair them.

And although there have not been an instant of Russian ships cutting undersea cables yet, the growing concerns over the issue are part of Western wariness over the rate at which Russia beefs up its military activity around the globe.

However, the Pentagon classifies any of its data about Russia’s threatening naval activities around the globe, which is why Washington officials are not willing to give any additional details.

But according to The New York Times, more than a dozen U.S. officials confirmed that the Russian naval threat, particularly the possibility of cutting global Internet communications, has been in the focus of the Pentagon’s attention.

“I’m worried every day about what the Russians may be doing,” Rear Adm. Frederick J. Roegge, commander of the Navy’s submarine fleet in the Pacific, told The New York Times. The official was unwilling to answer questions about whether the Pentagon is aware of any possible Russian plans to cut the undersea cables.

Russia is snooping U.S. vulnerabilities, and it looks like it has just found one

But when it comes to intelligence officials, they are more open to discuss the issue. It was reported that there has been an uptick of Russian naval activity in North Sea to Northeast Asia and even in waters closer to American shores. The nature of their activities is yet to be determined, but the area has most routes of the cables, which the U.S. and the West as a whole are largely dependent on.

Russia’s military operations, including naval operations, have been expanding at an alarming rate ever since the Ukrainian crisis in 2014. The issue has become even more acute since Russian President Vladimir Putin started bombing U.S.-backed rebels in Syria earlier this month.

Even though cables get cut all the time – most of the times unintentionally (natural disasters or vessels being dragged through the cables) – most of those cuts usually take place just a few miles away from shores, which makes it possible to repair them within a few days.

But what the Pentagon is especially concerned about is that Moscow might be finding U.S. vulnerabilities at harder-to-reach depths and locations, where it would be practically impossible to monitor the cables and repair them.

Here’s how Russia can destroy the West without any weapons

It must be noted that the locations of some of the most crucial Western communications cables are not kept in secret, and it is not difficult to track down their locations, since the operators of the cables laid them in familiar environments under longstanding agreements.

But there are still a few cables, the locations of which are kept in secret. Such cables include those that have been commissioned by the U.S. for military operations. U.S. officials also suspect that the Russians might be snooping those secret cables.

Apart from carrying 95 percent of daily communications, including the Internet, the cables play a crucial role in the Western life. The cables where Russian spy ships have been spotted conducting suspicious activity carry global business worth more than $10 trillion a day, with financial transactions being transmitted through those cables every second.

Any tampering with the cables would immediately damage the financial sector and cut the flow of capital.

The proof of the significance of the cables is that the Department of Homeland Security puts them at the top priority of its “critical infrastructure” lists, especially those around New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Russian spy ship spotted near cables close to U.S. shores

The U.S. is especially concerned over the Yantar, the Russian spy ship equipped with two self-propelled deep-sea submersible craft.

In September, the Yantar ship was spotted cruising slowly off the East Coast of the United States on its way to Cuba, the area where vital cables are located. According to U.S. Navy officials, the Russian spy ship is capable of dropping off its decks and cutting cables miles down in the sea.

“The Yantar is equipped with a unique onboard scientific research complex which enables it to collect data on the ocean environment, both in motion and on hold. There are no similar complexes anywhere,” said Alexei Burilichev, the head of the deepwater research department at the Russian Defense Ministry, told Russia’s Sputniknews in May 2015.

In the past two years, Russia has increased its naval activity at the rate not seen since the end of the Cold War. Having invested $2.4 billion in the Black Sea Fleet expansion by 2020, Moscow is also developing an undersea unmanned drone capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

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  1. An alternative doomsday scenario, where US is the perpetrator of global catastrophe: they simply switch off the internet, or hack Russian stock exchanges (I wonder if anyone in US can tell for sure whether Russians have Stock Exchanges), or Microsoft infects your PC with a virus, or your internet search only ends up with College football playoffs, or English-speaking press starts regarding Polina as journalist.

  2. West propaganda again but USA who told u that u have the best nukes in the world? in this world of research be careful with your mouth your google ,yahoo, CNN,B C C and Holey wood for film think u have everything. u have 2 know Russia has the best I C T in the world. Russia can tract u with cutting your cables.

  3. form him it is jihad..and thats what they want us to do..infidels dead but these parasits will die first they dont realize it

  4. Another piece of nonsensical “reporting”….Why increase tensions? Why scare more people of ‘what may happen” etc.etc. ???

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  6. What I’m trying to say is they wouldn’t accomplish squat by targeting cables to begin with. They are literally attacking Russia for things the people who wrote this article IMAGINE the Russian might POSSIBLY do. Even though the thing they imagine is silly in itself. It just doesn’t get any stupider.

  7. Russia already did defeat The West in the Middle East. From Turkey to Egypt to Iran to Syria every body buying Arms from Russia. Government officials of Iraq and Afghanistan are suggesting that Russia should bomb their Terrorists too.

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  9. It is a question of who dominates and collects payments from whom? What independence you have and if you are allowed to maintain it.

  10. So;

    Russia – “Cuts cables” .
    US – Launches nuclear attacks on Russia.
    Russia – Launches just as many *if not more* nuclear attacks on US.
    *Both countries completely destroyed*

    You have some sound logic kiddo.

  11. Simple C ! ( I do not coach : none of my business major ) strategy success

    What did the global super powers ( For Ex : USA & Russia ) from the
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    Planet : Earth, where we have life today at Universe 1 ?

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  13. US is the only country who’s submarine has the ability to cut/splice into Internet cables. this was leaked by Edward Snowden in his classified documents. The submarine in question is the USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) it’s a Seawolf-class submarine. It was specially built to splice into Internet cables deep into the Mariana Trench

  14. I’m so thankful we have all those bases in different parts of the world. those new secret weapons and bombs etc. like killer satellites that helped us win wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. No other country spends as much on weapons and military as we do, and no one can challenge the good ol’ USA. Let ’em come… to quote a famous leader of ours… “BRING IT ON!”. We’ll whoop you right off the map. Heck, bring China, Iran, and South Korea too!

  15. BS, what is Russia going to do? Send Vlad the internet line cutter over here and give him a bottle of vodka to go around and physically cut all the land lines? Next they’ll be saying they have a laser that will destroy all our satellites….

  16. If we would commission a flotilla to shadow them and patrol the area which I am sure they already do. I really think that the Government might do something in the sense of creating a false flag attack to gather public support and back the pentagon for when we go to war with Russia.

  17. First, any deliberate cutting of US owned cable would be an act of war, which would justify the immediate retaliatory destruction of Russian resources of equivalent value, alone with a full mobilization of all US military forces.
    Critical areas that might be more vulnerable to sabotage should be under surveillance, resulting in the immediate destruction of any Russian vessel or aircraft attacking US property. Russian planes and vessels should be under continuous surveillance anytime they approach US territory or bases.
    Any hostile action by poorly trained and disciplined Russian personnel should result in their deaths and the destruction of their equipment.
    A bully learns best from a bloody nose, only if it is his nose that suffers the educational compression.
    Peace will only be possible when Putin can no longer afford war, just as Reagan used new technology to bring financial ruin on the Soviets. The greater the Russian losses in equipment and personnel, the sooner Putin, or his replacement, will consider peace.
    Look at the cost that Imperial Japan was willing to spend loosing World War II, even after the surrender of Germany, until the nuclear strikes convinced Imperial Japan that we could destroy their country with virtually no further US casualties.

  18. a) the West will destroy itself
    b) Russia has no intention of destroying the West – it would be counter productive and most certainly NOT in their interest.
    (the latter is well beyond the neocon understanding)

  19. BS! the US doesn’t have internet lines separate from the rest of the world, it’s called the world wide web for a reason. Anything Russia did to those lines would affect Russia just as much as the US. what’s really happening is they are getting ready to blame the next financial crash on anyone BUT themselves.

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