Russia’s Military Buildup In Syria Could Trigger World War 3

Russia’s Military Buildup In Syria Could Trigger World War 3
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Russia is aggressively building up military presence in war-torn Syria, where the U.S.-led coalition is fighting the Islamic State. Sources told Reuters that Russian troops are now directly engaged in combat operations to support President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. It significantly increases the possibility of Russian troops encountering U.S. personnel in Syria.

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Should the U.S. cooperate with Russia in Syria?

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia have already escalated over the Ukraine crisis, and NATO is setting up military bases near Russian borders in eastern Europe.  The encounter of Cold War foes on the battlefield in Syria could lead to a direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia, which in turn could escalate into World War 3.

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On Friday, Russia called on Washington to restart direct military-to-military cooperation to avert “unintended incidents” in Syria. But the U.S. cannot afford to do that. Russian forces are in Syria to support the regime of Assad. And the White House believes that Russia could attack the Syrian opposition groups fighting against Assad, using the battle against the ISIS as a cover. But the Western countries support Syrian opposition groups and want to oust Assad. So, cooperating with the Russian military in Syria is pretty close to admitting that the U.S. bid to oust Assad has failed miserably.

Russia setting up air base in Syria

Russia says it is sending troops and equipment to help Assad fight the Islamic State and teach Syrian soldiers how to use the Russian equipment. Moscow also has a naval base in Tartus on the coast of Syria, and Russian navy is conducting exercises in the eastern Mediterranean.

U.S. intelligence inputs suggest that the Russians were setting up an air base inside Syria that they could soon start using to fly combat missions. Washington also has evidence that Russia is planning to deploy Sukhoi Su-25 and MiG-31 in Latakia in coming weeks.

According to Bloomberg, President Barack Obama has asked the national security officials to come up with a plan as early as next week on how to respond to the growing Russian military buildup in the city of Latakia. The State Department has already asked Greece and Bulgaria to deny overflight permissions to Russian transport planes flying to Syria.


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  1. Finally Russia is helping Syria against terrorists and its allies US and the west. US just wants destabilize a functioning Assad government and turn it into another Iraq or Libya. Great news for Syria and its people.

  2. It is enlightening to hear someone mentions “USA meddling” in world affairs that invariably leads to more trouble as one Russian official put it, “wherever US goes trouble follows”. What is their ulterior motives and why is the international community repeatedly allow themselves to be “meddled”?

  3. Article is purre rubish, and mess of incompetence in subject. To substutute for hollow conternt, the title is very strong and alarming “Syria could trigger WW 3”. In the same line is Russian aggressive building of military presence. Agressive against whom ? Russia is invited to come by legal Syrian government to help legal Syraian army in fighting foreign invasion and occupation of the country. Any help that Russia can offer to Syria is in line with international law and UN charter. It is quite different with USA meddling in internal Sirian affairs. USA presence in Syria and help to various criminal militant islamist groups is illegal, in violation of international law and UN charter. The mess in Syria is not a civil war, it is outright USA agression intended for regime change, and overthrow of yet another legal government in yet another independent and sovereign country. All Russian activities in Syraia are legal. All USA activities in Syria are criminal, and banned by international law and UN rules.

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