NATO vs. Russia War Could Begin Today Or Tomorrow

NATO vs. Russia War Could Begin Today Or Tomorrow
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Pentagon’s decision to deploy F-22 fighter aircraft to Europe for the first time in history is supposed to make the Baltic states less vulnerable against Russian aggression.

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However, many experts note that vulnerability to military invasion or aggression depends on the level of political consensus in the government of a particular country rather than its military might.

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Therefore, Pentagon’s deployment of F-22 fighter aircraft to the Baltic states would mean nothing if the quality of governance in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania is low. But the Pentagon explained that the deployment of F-22 fighter aircraft is ‘designed to send a message to Russia’.

In Estonia and Latvia, Russian-speaking minorities account for about one-quarter of the population, and over 6 percent in Lithuania. Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all those people deserve his ‘protection’.

Such comments by Putin triggered a wave of fear in the Baltic states, which is why the three countries have been seeking NATO’s security assurances. And NATO couldn’t think of anything better than to respond with war games.

However, it’s not surprising since military drills is the way NATO and Moscow communicate today. In August, ValueWalk reported that analysts at the European Leadership Network think tank analyzed Russia’s large-scale military exercises that took place in March as well as NATO’s smaller military drills in June.

Russia prepares for a war against the West

The analysis concluded that both sides were holding the drills with the other side’s military capabilities and war plans in mind. However, the “nature and scale” of the drills showed that “Russia is actively preparing for a conflict with NATO, and NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia.”

Both sides have been engaged in rather provocative military drills ever since the beginning of tensions between the West and Russia, with some exercises reaching tens of thousands of troops.

Many military experts agree that such provocative military drills can trigger an all-out war, while the scale at which both sides show off their military might is completely useless.

As history shows, the main factor that prompts aggressors to invade countries is not military vulnerability, but rather political vulnerability. Examples can be drawn from unilateral interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Libya; Russia’s invasion in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014; Saudi Arabia’s invasion in Yemen and many other examples.

All the invaded states in the above-mentioned examples were going through crisis at the time of invasion. Therefore, it’s not about defense vulnerability, it’s rather about political instability that prompts aggressors to attack and feel the blood of their victim.

NATO’s military drills are useless against Putin

It must be pointed out that the vulnerability of the Baltic states that every NATO official is warning about is being drastically overblown, while NATO’s military drills do not prove themselves useful.

The only thing that prevents Vladimir Putin from invading the Baltics is the fact that the three countries have political stability and consensus in the society. Each Baltic state – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – have an understanding of what are their strong sides, and it keeps Putin’s troops away from the Baltics’ borders.

However, NATO believes that the only thing that keeps Putin away from the Baltics is the Alliance’s regular military drills in these countries. But it’s actually the Baltics themselves who ‘defend’ their borders by caring about their Russian-speaking minorities to keep them comfortable within the Baltics and not go into the streets demanding Mr. Putin to ‘help’ them.

And even though there are Russian-speaking people, including some politicians, who express their resentment every once in a while (such people are called ‘Putin’s agents’ in the Baltics), the three governments have been effectively improving the level of life of their populations. The same thing can’t be said about Putin and his population, the level of life of which has been actively decreasing ever since the Ukrainian crisis erupted.

Therefore, it must be concluded that it’s reasonable and effective political efforts in the Baltic states rather than military drills and threats against Russia that defend the countries from Russia’s aggression.

NATO vs. Russia war could begin ‘today or tomorrow’

The Baltics can be seized by Russia pretty quick, but only if the countries are invaded right now with all Russian forces currently stationed at the borders with the three countries, according to Russian independent political expert Pavel Felgenhauer.

However, the expert notes that such a scenario is unlikely as Russia’s hands are tight in Ukraine, so Putin has no ‘opportunity’ for invading other countries. Speaking in an interview with Lithuania’s Delfi, Felgenhauer noted that the only case that could bring war into the region is if there is already a ‘heated’ military conflict around the Baltics.

The expert noted that a military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia could begin ‘today or tomorrow’ as a result of encounter between warplanes over the Baltics or the North Sea during military drills.

And officials in Brussels know about such a threat, the expert noted. Russian warplanes are flying across the same lanes as they did during the Cold War, while the chance of warplanes’ encounter has increased and could lead to a very ‘serious’ conflict, Felgenhauer said.

NATO vs. Russia war with nuclear weapons

For example, Western counties could try to set up non-flying zone for Russian aircraft. The Russians would keep violating it, which would ultimately lead to an aerial conflict, the expert noted. The intensity of conflicts will gradually increase and then spread to the sea. This kind of escalation could thus end with a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons, Felgenhauer warned.

The expert said that if people fear a nuclear war, they must go as far as possible from Europe, to countries such as New Zealand. The chances to survive are high there, Felgenhauer noted.

The expert concluded the interview by saying the remaining part of the century would not be peaceful.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. “greatest country in the history of this world” HAHAHAHA Oh God you Yanks are funny and pathetic at the same time.

    Here’s some news for you John, your so called “greatest country in the history of this world” is slowly but surely going down. It’s only a question of time before you go…poof!

  2. I didn’t mean ‘worth it’ that way. I meant it in terms of all involved. All cultures and constitutions that so readily turn their most valued youth into fodder. Yes of course once certain ‘not worth it’ aggression is upon you, then defense it an outrageous but often unavoidable price. The problem is that as a race we are too subjective about the terms ‘defense’ and ‘offense’. It may not be acceptable to some. But the solution would simply be to freeze all borders as they are (some agree and try). But of course they are all those that think it ‘worth it’ for what reasons that are not worth it, to move or erase those borders or regions.

  3. ” Russia is pretty hardcore ”


    ” NATO would be destroyed”

    – By what? Be specific.

    ” by him honestly”

    – “Him”?? So you’re a servile Russian nazee. How quaint.

    “Russia doesn’t want war”

    – Then stop killing Ukrainian kids or you will get one./ :-)

    ” and i think we (U.S)”

    – Why are you trying to pose as an American? It’s pretty obvious you’re Russian. Do you lie often? What else in your post is a lie?

    “should think twice about getting into problems with RU,”

    – Russia will sue for peace within twenty minutes of our first attack. Really… you need to reference more politically neutral sources. Your government is lying to you… again.

    ” and millions of Americans will die because of this”

    – You mean Russians. You have nothing to hurt us, Horst, while we can destroy Moscow and St. Petersburg at will while you have nothing to retaliate.

  4. I hate when you spew s like this!!! IT WAS THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE THAT KICKED OUT THE RUSSIAN LAPDOG YANKOFF. All because he backed out of the EU deal. And why did he do it? Because Adolph Putin threatened him then gave him 3 billion dollars which he took when he left the country with his tail between his legs:( Adolph Putin is just angry because no one wants to be part of his economic bloc!!!! He thinks Ukraine belongs to Russia and it does not!!!

  5. Nope. What she needs is to get real and say that she’s a poor russki making a coupla roubles from posting on line pro pooftin s**t posing as american.

  6. Honestly if people opened their eyes, i’m not being a traitor but, Russia is pretty hardcore NATO would be destroyed by him honestly. Russia doesn’t want war but their ready for it basically and i think we (U.S) should think twice about getting into problems with RU, were not gonna get anywhere and millions of Americans will die because of this

  7. “DC-GONE ”

    – With what, Horst? Come on… with what? What does Russia supposedly have that is going to make “DC gone”? Fewer than 90 R-36 Mod 5’s that are facing thrice that number of Block Ia’s? Your dilapidated SSBN force of fewer than 13 boats that cannot afford to make more than one deterrence patrol per year in VERY WELL defined areas that are facing more than 50 SSNs as well as air power? Your ancient and rusting bomber force?

    Did you see the pics of the Fichenkov transiting the Bosporus? Look at the rust!!! Every captain of every ship in any European Navy, or the US Navy, would hide in their offices in SHAME if their ships looked like that! Truthfully… they would have been fired LONG before their ships ever looked that way!

    How about the video of the SU-27 making a close pass? Do you see the rust on the seams? Near the ailerons? Pffft!!! The pilot likely didn’t try to her into trans-sonic speeds.

    Sorry to bust your bubble servile Russian stooge… but you are hosed… and those in the world who matter know it.

  8. As you always do, you are misleading people naming the wrong side as the aggressor and NATO like that is somebody else than US and its allies. The war is not a game but suffering and deyeing.

  9. Putin is nothing but a criminal who uses his Kremlin Crime Syndicate to line his deep pockets with stolen cash from the Russian people – Putin and his criminal colleagues would do anything, including using NUKES to stay in power!

  10. If we can realize and except a simple truth which is: God is
    EVERYTHING and we are part of it. Then we can see God in us, in every living
    bean in the Universe – THEN WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

    The law of Karma is working all the time: the cost and
    affect. Still there is an opportunity to change its pattern. To break the
    vicious circle we need to forgive and open our hearts to love this people who
    are in desperation, terror and horror of what is going on with their live. And
    again look back and analyze all the roots that cost this problem and where they
    are coming from. You will see they are rotting in the greed of the oil
    corporations that are arming the destructive forces in the heart of this
    Muslims to cost them to rebel and defend, hate and kill. Religion leaders of
    Muslims are using the same brain washing techniques as Christian leaders to
    make people fight, to create an “enemy” in their mind and illusion of
    rightfulness of their fight. In fact those manipulators are just using people
    for their own agenda which have nothing to do with the interest of this
    people. And this is going on for
    thousands of years. Do you want to keep going on with this circle for another
    5,000 years? If yes, then be prepared to face the same situation that this
    immigrants are having at this point. It will come to your home and you will
    lose your safety and security, money and everything else. And there will be no
    love, no kindness, no sympathy, no help to you and your people. Whatever you
    giving out you will receive the same exact thing back. It’s like a mirror; it
    will reflect back to you whatever is you are getting out to the world. And when
    this will happened blame no corporations, not your governments, nor religious
    leaders. Because THE CHOSE WAS YOURS! You didn’t want to see God in others, you
    didn’t forgive, you were the one who refused to share your sympathy and love to
    one who was in need. Believe me it is much, much easier to forgive and love
    someone who is in distress than your enemy. Because when this evil will come to
    your door step you will still have a chance to break the vicious circle of
    Karma. But this time you will have to forgive and love your enemy. So, it’s all
    your choice!

  11. Obama just the tip of the iceberg!

    Better to keep trusting our own USA and EU monsters who are responsible for all the mess in the Middle East and Africa!
    Yes, keep killing people and Nations in the Middle East and Africa, make them be slaves for oil elite!

    By the way, people in USA are not in their exclusive club of super rich people. So, do not expect they will keep your interest in their mind either!

    I see only one right way to stop all this madness and bloody wars. To start mass production of alternative energy technology that waits for humanity for 100 years and keep been blocked by greedy, blood thirsty, inhuman oil elite.

    By now we can live in prosperity and peace with this cheep energy technology. Instead we are keep listening to this monsters with all their bloody war plans and how can they produce more oil and such human resources to their own packets.

    Obama or an other new president will make no different UNTIL ALL THIS CORRUPTED SYSTEM WILL END!

    watch this video and you will see that each and every USa president did the same thing:

    And here is the real reason behind war in Ukraine:

    Watch what going to happened after oil dollar will collapse. Huge military forces and ammunition is already at place in many USA Southern states. The USA Marshal law was in order by 2011.

  12. I can not agree with you, cause I am reading many West press… I am must say. that Russian press prevents Post in style “Russia vs NATO War, 3 WW” and etc. And other similar themes. I cant understand why West media is frightens people and demonizes Russia.

  13. If you’re from this country…you should get the f#ck out you Pinko. Secondly, if not for the US, we’d all be speaking German,Japanese or Russian. So STF up!!!!!

  14. Michael, I’m not saying that I am special. Most Koreans speak three languages. That is normal. I’m not saying that Korean people are special either. Most people educated in Asian countries are multilingual. For example the average Indonesian person born in Bangkalan or Surabaya can usually speak up to five languages (Indonesian, Javanese, Madurese, English, and Chinese
    Mandarin sometimes even Hokkien too). But again Michael, that’s not special that is average in our part of the world… It is also normal for the majority to go through University. That’s why the unemployment rate in Korea, Singapore Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia etc is around 3% or less… Everyone in Asia is busy learning, working or traveling. Perhaps in your country you can get by with just Street-English and your funny sign language. Good luck!

  15. You need to get your facts straight the US Army, Navy, AIr Force and Marines have more people inlisted than all of Russia Armed forces combined, Fact is Russia seats at number 5 on the list and if you add NATO forces around 4,500,000 total, like I said US should have let Hitler & Patton take Russia 70 years ago

  16. The US and its slave, NATO, are not and never have been, at least in the post Soviet era, a “defensive” alliance. The wars on Yugoslavia, Libya, and now against Ukraine, where the US has, as is it’s wont, overthrown a democratically elected govt. & installed a more pliable puppet govt., were not “defensive” but aimed at world hegemony. Most of the world’s people realize that the US is the greatest threat to world peace. It is the US that has been bombing and invading one country after another for over a century now, not Russia.

  17. Exactly right. NATO is the organization most likely to start a nuclear war. But the author always misses the mark in identifying the real participants. The NATO 1st strike against Russia will be will nukes controlled by the US, and the European allies will have nothing to do with the decision. Of course not. The US 1st strike targets will be long range Russian missiles. A thousand or more shorter range missiles will be untouched, and they will go to our European friends.

  18. You could not beat the Koreans who were armed with primitive make shift weapons. You also dropped your weapons and ran away from the poor Vietnamese… Seriously Americans are so full of it.

    America only drops bombs or launches missiles from a safe distance provided the enemy doesn’t have such weapons to retaliate. The only time any soldiers are on the ground is if the country has been completely destroyed and you are only fighting scattered civilian insurgents with limited supply. Here you will hide in an armored column or helicopter and shoot vans filled with children. Nothing to be proud of chump.

    Fighting Russia, or China, no that would be different. You would suffer at home quite badly and the rest of the world would say under our breaths – good they had it coming…

  19. HaHa. You talk like your something special let see if you know sign language ,,!,, and if you don’t come to the US we’ll teach you for free!

  20. Nonsense. You are brainwashed by Putin’s control of the media. The Russian economy started to deteriorate in autumn 2013 when he increased military exercises and jet/bomber patrols against NATO because he needed an imaginary enemy.

  21. What was your opinion when Moscow brutally occupied (torture, murder and deportations in cattle trucks to Siberia) C. and E.Europe? Was Moscow on western Europe’s borders? The ex-Warsaw Pact and Baltic countries chose to join NATO to prevent being re-occupied.

  22. Sadly this has been going on for a long time, for centuries Britain had a bad habit of stealing natural resources, cornering markets and creating far flung colonies that usually involved killing off the indigenous populations. America itself was created on the bones of the native Indians – today the US are simply global racketeers. That’s why many people from all around the world are happy that Russia can still act as a counter balance. The idea of a multi-polar world sounds a lot safer than a criminal ‘bankster’ monopoly.

  23. You and others like you only argue by changing the subject about your Russian aggression and perceived future aggression. As you have indicated, Russia is not defending its territory. Russia invaded and is now defending occupied territory of Ukraine. What country has the U.S invaded and now occupies and defends? If Russia treats Ukraine with respect, Ukraine can be a friend to both Russia and the U.S.

  24. Maxim is clearly Russian so English would be a second language for him. I have to say his command of English is pretty good. What is your excuse for having no ability to construct legible sentences? Did you skip a lot of school, or is that the best education your country can provide? I’m Korean by the way so English is my third.

  25. Wow Maxim gave an opinion and backed up his argument with some detail that is pretty fair and reasonable… And that’s the best you can do? you just call him a troll.


  27. Exactly… if Russia started on the Baltics, the first thing to be destroyed would be the rail lines that link Kaliningrad to Russia through Lithuania. The second thing would be the gas pipeline that supplies Kaliningrad via Lithuania being blown up, and NEVER replaced.

    People in Kaliningrad would choose themselves to align with the west… the west will not even have to wave fresh vegetables, cheese and sausages to do it, although that would help.

  28. I don’t think the US Army is big enough to take on Russia, and they wouldn’t want to anyways… Russia could be easily wrecked by it’s own economy.

    Don’t underestimate their weapons, either.

  29. Nobody wanted to seize Russian base, the lease was signed and extended… a matter of international law. Crimea was invaded and annexed under threat… a different matter of international law.

    What are you talking about “invasion and destruction of Libya”? The US certainly didn’t invade.

    Oh… about migrants.. you mean the only way Russia’s population has been growing in the past 20 years? Tell me about the de facto occupation of Siberia and the Russian east by China….

  30. Saakashvili ordered to kill Russian peacekeepers. He was punished for that.
    Crime voted to join Russia. So about what Russia’s war in Ukraine are you talking about?

  31. WAR? Russia has already started TWO in the last seven years… Georgia in 2008, and in Ukraine in 2014….

    Those who want war the most make simply make it… those who want peace form defensive alliances.

  32. NATO is a strictly DEFENSIVE alliance, and Article 5 can only be invoked
    and used for defense, not attacking… if you have to ask what Russia
    has done, I guess you’d have to ask the Ukrainian, Georgian, and
    Moldavan governments what they have done, then you could ask the
    Swedish, Finnish, and Danish government about Russia has threatened.

    Even Kazakhstan seems a bit worried these days, and Belarus is trying to walk a fine line these days.

  33. Felgenhauer? He’s very famous ‘expert’ in Russia. We call him Fil’kin Gauer. Because his ‘scenarios’ was fail since 2008, when he ‘predicted’ the loss of Russian army for 2 days.

  34. How can one protect himself from nuclear radiation fallout for two weeks considering of the weather and wind patterns of the world when war breaks out between the super powers taking into consideration of strategic importance of those regions to the warring protagonists

  35. We forget that you do not know geography, Pakistan or Afghanistan? What is the difference, right? Or we trying to forget. Actually, I do not know what we are doing..

  36. The biggest american today’s day-dream – the war between Russia and Europe!!!
    At one moment will be solved all american economical problems – as at the times of the II World War!!!

  37. You need to get a hold of yourself and reality. What you state did not come from the military station! Maybe from a Russian military station but not in the U.S.

  38. The invasion and destruction of Iraq under false proposition.
    The invasion and destruction of Libya, publicly murder country leader.
    Thats criminal. Full list very long.
    Infinite intervention to other country politics. By easy hand of US now all europe is drown in thousands of migrants.
    Double-organized illegal coup in Ukraine to seize military base next to the Russian border (Crimea). Does any Russia behavior trying to bring military forces near to US??? No, US is making all possible to move their forces to Russian borders. Why? Or yes, they are bad and evil and US must defend all world. When US is commits heinous crimes, killing thousands of civilians its a “democracy”. When country defends their territory, its a criminal.
    You can scream all you want, “what a bad Russian”. But you should not be here next to our borders, we will not allow US to rob ourselves, and kill our people as US repeats many times.

  39. No. I will send you back to the largest mental institution in the world named Russia. This is an appropriate place for Putin’s scum like you. I hope you are in Russia and you are not littering civilized countries by your miserable presence.

  40. Reagan went in because the students were not allowed to leave. Reagan did not go in to conquer or control. You certainly have a strange way of comparing the circumstances in Granada to those in Ukraine.

  41. You say, “”War is NEVER worth it, no matter what ‘it’ is.”” WW11 is an example, off the top of my head to say I disagree with you. The Revolutionary War, 1776 is another example. The Civil War, 1860 another. Imagine the world today, with opposite outcomes of those events. Imagine the world today if America did not take a stance of not allowing the spread on Communism beginning shortly after WW11. That stance, fortunately was called a “Cold War.” I can remember having discussions with some left wingers back in the ’70’s who would say, “I’d rather be red than dead.” If one were living like the population the USSR entombed with walls and fences, one would rather that existence? I doubt it! History shows wars are seldom fought over religion. They are fought over the desire of one ruler, dictator or country wanting to expand or control. Hope you have a nice day.

  42. You say, “”Russian people in Ukraine.”” Russian people living in Ukraine is because they now have a freedom to live where they want. Russian people living in Ukraine is and was their choice. Russia and Putin on the other hand have no right or freedom to go into Ukraine under any circumstances, including the cover of protecting Russians, who by the way are Ukrainians by choice, to rule and take over. Putin has used the Ukraine situation for one reason; to obtain territory. In this day and age, that is criminal!

  43. HaHaHa!!! Russia is a another 3rd world country with 3rd world weapons , if you did not have Nukes you would not be S !! Army vs army US would kick your a real good!

  44. “Makes me wonder wouldn’t Obama make the same statement if quarter of the population of some country was American?”

    American as from the continent?

    USA has citizenship, but no one would say “American minorities” because that isn’t a culture/language group. Putin didn’t speak of Russian citizens but about people who speak Russian.

  45. Recently, russia violently invaded ukraine and stole a piece of their land. Just like nazi germany did to Austra, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Putin = Hitler.

  46. Russia will never invade another country. It can be real only when U.S. with their NATO companions, begins killing Russian people that lives near. And this will already done by U.S. hanger-on Saakashvili in Georgia. And now same script with Russian people in Ukraine. Next step U.S. with their hanger-ons will organize a major provocation, and try to involve NATO hanger-ons to make respose to “Terrible and bloodthirsty Russians”. But there is no army or some stupid alliance that have any chances to military success on Russian territories. It’s not a helpless country as others wich was bombed and robbed by U.S. with hanger-ons.

  47. Those who want to destroy everythings just for economic reasons and how sure that will be possible to start again when evrything would be gone in the first place. We just wanted to create something on planet earth without human being! We are just really selfish to give life for the next generations!

  48. Oh I wish what I’m about to say was not true..but you are giving many leaders and ruling class WAY to much credit for having non-sociopathic personality profiles! ..and/or for having the brainpower to see and override the idiocy of war. Putin is evidence of this, being a somewhat major power. War is NEVER worth it, no matter what ‘it’ is. Some war is unavoidable given certain aggressors, but that is only some wars, a small minority. Probably most are just incredibly stupid and based on trivial things that some people are too ignorant to know are religious beliefs…decades old ‘retributions’…even war as industry or war for power/money are very real and completely unjustified to cheapen life to that degree.

  49. What are you smoking….? Putin, is hardly brilliant. He rules by thuggery, and when you rule by threats, its only a matter of time before immense paranoia takes hold and then Putin, will be a thing of the past. It won’t happen this year nor maybe the next, but he is already setting the stage for his demise.

  50. What a crock of BS…..
    Russia, isn’t going to do anything to the Baltic’s. Putin, already has his hands full and the situation in Russia is deteriorating daily. He will not dare, start something he can’t finish, and he won’t be able to finish anything in the Baltic’s, except to unite the world against him even further if he attempts to take them by force. More scare tactics by journalists that need to write something for their editors……

  51. You need to brush up on your grasp of the English language. And stop getting your information from a television show.

  52. Russia will never completely disappear off the political spectrum….however….heat up the metal and “form it” into a non-aggressive state by hammering the metal on the anvil. Quench the steel too quickly and it will shatter into something useless…heat it for too long and it will fail to be pliable…..and it may even burn down the shop.

  53. I know you have a gun….now you are on my neighbor’s front lawn with it drawn and tearing up the shrubs. My neighbor does not have a big gun and will be relatively safe by staying inside….your motives as to why you are doing what you’re doing are unclear. Your instability is highly evident and I don’t know when you might start shooting and let us hope not at my house. Yes I would come out on my porch with a shotgun, and let you know that I may shoot you if you get any crazier. You can “track” my pellets in your chest area. nuff’ said.

  54. And you Cheney Trump loving idiot would instead start a war in Iran, Russia, China & everywhere you feel threatened costing trillions of $$ & thousands of American lives to, wait hold on for what ? To pretend you are John Wayne … get a life stupido

  55. oh really, then i suppose the Iraq war never really happened…it was just some figment of imagination of a journalist trying to make some money and Saddam and Osama are well and alive….

  56. Honestly I read multiple news sources and take every word they say with a grain of salt. You have no first hand perspective so stop acting like you do. It’s easy to complain instead find solutions to your own problems.

  57. These are not beliefs…this was on news…of course you are fed with CNN and Fox garbage, so you wouldn’t know. Just Google Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan economic co-ooperation and their forgoing of the trade in USA dollars, which has made people in the White House very very upset recently.

  58. Russia was incorporating the former Soviet republics into a common economic union. Putin succeeded with Belarus and Kazakhstan, but someone did not want Ukraine to fall into the Russian zone, and interfered in the country, ousting the pro-Russian president who was going to ratify the economic treaty with Russia. Go do your homework before commenting.

  59. no impossible……the confederate army would rise up from the south….unfurl their old flag…..and kick some red/post soviet ass

  60. This article appears to be written by a child who has no understanding of global politics or the consequences of nuclear war, let alone the stressing factors that would drive either side to launch ICBM’s. The fact that the baltics could be invaded rather quickly is of little concern to the primary powers of NATO or Russia, they act as a buffer with little strategic advantage if a full conflict erupted. If Russia chooses to invade a NATO country it would truly be a world catastrophe, never mind the local confrontation. That’s all I have to say on the matter, thanks for posting your useless garbage.

  61. I live in USA and it is a crazy place to live in just like any other corrupt country. I own a Prius and Prius cars do not currently require smog tests, so for a long time I was happy, until recently I read the fine print in DMV renewal that they charge Prius and other hybrid car owners $20 for emissions abatement fee…so they collect that small amount for not getting a smog test done, which is not required. Corruption is rampant throughout the system.

  62. I agree with you, “the remaining part of the century would not be peaceful” because of greed for domination of other states. There is struggle for the super power status between USA, Russia and China and Russia is seen as an immediate threat to USA and all eyes and intimidation is focused on her through the watchdog NATO.I am always perturbed to see how the level of arm and military races are moving higher and higher everyday and ask myself what does man want? Are they human enough to consider peace as the most important ingredient for sustainable development or these states are using the ignorance of their citizens by developing hatred for each other through classified propaganda to justify wars? Are the elites foolish enough to agree with their war monger and aggressive leadership in perpetuating wars under the pretext of “foreign policies?” I think the Think Tankers should sit, think and find solutions to the present events of war world over.

  63. No we don’t all know the world is over populated and food can only go so far, it is simply constantly asserted and assumed without proof. In reality there is plenty of space and food, so much so that most American;s are obese and the government actually pays farmers to not farm and to destroy food so as to keep the prices of food artificially high. The problem of hunger in the world is not due to a lack of supply but rather a distribution problem and a political problem whereby governments control and restrict food as a means of maintaining political control.

  64. USA and Russia are aware of impending asteroid impact on earth, so in times of anarchy, they have to be prepared and USA wants to ensure that during the impending chaos, Russia is not sneaky and grabs land from Europe. The asteroid impact is coming soon in a couple of years and these two most powerful nations are getting prepared for chaos.

  65. The best thing to defeat Russia is simply to choke them out economically. US has plenty of ways to accomplish that believe me. Some of them a pretty nasty and will be used as a last resort. We are talking about getting them out completely out of the world banking system, an outright freezing of all the assets and so on. Russia is very dependent on the world banking system and their economy will have hard time functioning without access to funds.

  66. Russia right now has the advantage if we are speaking about Baltic region simply because there are more Russian troops then NATO troops. So if the war does break out at the beginning they will have the numbers advantage and possibly can invade all three Baltic states. But if NATO brings in enough troops eventually they will of course drive them out. The problem of NATO is that it is a military alliance of many countries which means that decisions will take time…

  67. Putin is far from brilliant leader… First of all, Russian economy is suffering now like never before since he became the president. IN 15 years since then it is still recourse dominated economy which means that they start losing billions once the price of gas and oil decreases. Secondly, he is stuck in Ukraine for real… He cannot just fold this war because the sheep and the hawks at home will not understand this and he will be replaced. At the same time he does not really have a reason nor the resources to invade Ukraine outright. Officially Russia does not have soldiers in Ukraine which is of course not true. IF he invades, his army will start loosing a lot more soldiers and he will have to explain this. Also the population in Ukraine further west is not friendly to Russia as it is in the east. He will have the resistance of the Ukrainians for real. Finally, Russia is losing billions every day because the price of oil is still low and business and investments leak out of the country. The only way to stop it is to became stable and trustworthy again an that is not happening any time soon:) The dude is not thinking ahead and just does whatever he can get away with right now… Meanwhile, he has done enough to go on the war tribunal someday…

  68. “Russian-speaking minorities account for about one-quarter of the population, … Putin said that all those people deserve his ‘protection’”
    Makes me wonder wouldn’t Obama make the same statement if quarter of the population of some country was American?
    Back in a day US invaded Grenada just over 4 American students!
    Even Canada was against that invasion!

  69. We all know the world is over populated and food can only go so far so a world war is near and debts get a zero balance and a fresh start that is how the big 3 clear the huge debts is world war after ww1 new currency after ww2 zero debt new currency ww3 will be zero debt new currency and debts start over with new currency

  70. This is exactly why Quebec wants to separate from Canada. They do not want to be “minorities” in their own country. Same thing with East Ukrainians in Ukraine.

  71. Do you really for one minute think that the greatest country in the history of this world is going to roll over for Vladimir Putin? Have you lost your mind?

  72. Clint, what the hell are you talking about? US had never faced strong opponents, not even germans during WW2. either way, there will be no winners…

  73. Germany was vastly outnumbered by the USSR.

    The USA is not outnumbered.

    While a war would be stupid, citing Germany in 1940 is not relevant.

  74. 1: this is an opinion piece, nothing more.
    2: any writing with this in it “Many experts agree” is automatically dropped to “bullshit” status.

  75. there is a lot of evidence that we the usa is the mystery Babylon that the bible says will be destroyed.We have strayed far from God so I believe God may destroy this country

  76. people need to stop reading this rubbish on the internet and watch the military channel and learn first hand why neither Nato or the U S what a war with Russia. and with Russia displaying they can at will shut down anything with electronics the F-22 faces a high risk of dropping right out of the sky, and people fail to remember a stealth bomber was shoot down in Iraqi which we’ll keep denying . we may have some of the best weapons but were not the only one’s

  77. China is being destroyed by its own pollution and is not viable country in its current state over the long term. Yet you say Asians can do better? USA controls and owns over 50 percent of the World food supply.. Oil Prices have dropped because of USA using its own resources. Ukraine came to the USA for help. It can put a Man on the moon today but the interest is not there, the goal is to put a Man on Mars. Current world event are consistent with your views. Russia’s and China’s economy went from better than USA to worse in a very short amount of time. while USA economy is improving.

  78. The media just loves writing about a possible war between Russia and NATO, or the U.S.A. and China. Give it a rest. Kim huge ass Kardashian stories are starting to look a lot better these days.

  79. Why do so many people have CANCER? Because too many nuclear (atomic bombs have been detonated in underground and underwater testing. Can you emagine what could happen to your silly minds…. if a real nuclear war starts? Why do you sillies need a war? Are you hungry, or you have no clothing? Explain sillies.

  80. There are things about Putin I don’t understand, such as why his economy folded so quickly.

    One hypothesis I propose is maybe Putin never had an economy in the traditional sense, but an “oil for food” scheme, a sort of a barter system, where proceeds from selling energy have kept his regime alive and lined the pockets of key people who basically embezzled the funds.

    However, there was no attempt to re-invest the cash into the economy or diversify the economy like in a Western industrialized country.

    Since this barter system amounted to basically a European aid for Putin, Russia’s economy went into a tailspin as soon as “the aid” was “withdrawn”. This helps explain Putin’s childish reaction where he throws a tantrum like a 6-year old, declares he doesn’t need Europeans anymore, and he announces China is his new sandbox buddy.

  81. Putin is nothing to tuck under a rug. He is a brilliant leader who has the support of his people. He plays the chess game of politics better than anyone can give credit. The best chance America has is to leave him the fluck alone. We are at a stage of a Resource War and he is holding all of the cards by way of Geography. America should focus on it’s own resources in it’t own backyard and find a way to support it’s people. War solves nothing. If our goal is to survive then we shouldn’t cost or lose lives to protect it…

  82. I Agree. All the wealth has been miss appropriated. The number one reason why there is such an uptick in anti-american opinion is not that America is seen as a trouble maker (that’s number 2) it is the loss of American prestige. It sounds strange but the reason why many Vietnamese for example forgave the atrocities done by America during the war was that people hoped for a better life and saw the “American dream” as the answer. Prestige is such a powerful weapon. The world followed America in spite of what it did because it was a symbol of prosperity.

    I work in Singapore and can say that most Asian businessmen don’t aspire to be an American anymore. People now talk about how dilapidated the infrastructure is, how dirty the amenities, the food is not good, the people unhealthy, the middle class almost non existent and technologically Japan, South Korea and China are better. Even for Australians, we no longer see any kinship anymore. One average Australian has net wealth equal to five average Americans. We don’t eat factory farmed meat, we don’t want Americas health care system, or low standard of education. America isn’t something we would want to follow anymore. The best way to make America great is not by pushing other competitors down – its by building America up.

  83. “nato-vs-russia-war-begin-anytime” … Talk it up.

    Things are not so black & white in reality. Those NATO alliances are not that strong because the US is losing its grip as the top dog. The US has utterly squandered all of its takings after WW2 and it must be painful for them to now sober up and have to pay the bill for its extravagant wasteful parties. Naturally America wont directly confront Russia or China because Americans are cowards – never wanting to fight a war where their own homes could be bombed. They will of course use only proxies (like Ukraine) and deploy their vassals (like Japan)… That’s not nearly enough.

    What Americans seem to miss is that large countries like Brazil, India, and Indonesia have abundant resources and their people have aspirations too. All are currently growing in their nationalism. Do Americans realise that the world laughs at how Hollywood movies claim that only an American can save the world from Alien invaders yet the US cant even put a man on the moon today – a feat they accomplished (using stolen German technology) in the 1950’s… In Asia prestige is very important and America is not so impressive these days. Asians now think they can do better …and they can!

    Even for close Anglo Christian allies America is a fading star. In the 1960’s through to the 1980’s the USA was once an economic powerhouse for countries like Australia, yet today the US ranks third rate, with economic trade equal to that of New Zealand (an Island with only 5 million people). You know the saying…Money talks and BS walks. So it’s time for the yanks to take a hike.

    Tomorrow we will see a new set of world banks emerge along with new systems, new energy supply, trade routes and growing consumer markets that simply dwarf that of the US. America is a fading flatulent old actor that has lost his looks and all his money. That last face lift makes the US look like the creepy Joker. They should have quit while they where ahead.

    I would not count NATO as being solid for the next decade. Personally, I’m keen to see what happens when Germany finally shakes off the US. Happy days!


  85. Russia hasn’t changed an inch of its evil political mentality and that’s why it is an enemy of the free world. Just one remark should be made – Russia is rotten, corrupted and collapsed enemy that poses itself as great power indeed being not. Soon the whole world will witness Russia’s shameful disaster. And it will be fair. Russia must be destroyed

  86. I could agree with that. No way does the US brass think the F-22s will change the course of any war between Russia and NATO. But it will provide political tidings and real intel on the detection capabilities of Russia.

  87. NOT ONE MENTION OF M.A.D. ! Mutually Assured Destruction, so how can this writer even suggest “Russia war could start today or tomorrow ?” More Soviet fear-mongering disinformation !

  88. I don’t think Russia and NATO would use nukes unless one side fell to the other and was facing boots on the ground in their home nations.

    I think Russia and NATO will keep raping nations and splitting them down the middle, like they have been doing for the last 60+ years.

  89. Russism [Rus: ??????] – variety of totalitarian, fascist ideology, symbiosis of principal doctrines of Nazism and Stalinism.

    The Russian Orthodox Church theological theory on Russians being the Chosen People serves as one of the bases of Russism.

    Russism has turned into ideology and practice of Russian authorities being based on the idea of superiority of “Russian Compatriots” and neocolonialism of soviet-imperial type as well as application of Russian Orthodoxy as moral doctrine.

    Russism uses an aggressive military and economic doctrine, an idea of preventive usage of nuclear weapons and many other instruments to archive a revenge in Cold War. Emphasis is also made on geo-economical instruments – primarily energy resources.

    Russism widely uses the propaganda myths of the `Great Patriotic War` [Rus: `??????? ????????????? ?????`] as a moral right to further violence in XXI century and denies responsibility for crimes against humanity during imperial and USSR times.

    Russism represents the mixture of imperialism, great power chauvinism, nostalgia for soviet past and religious traditionalism.

    Russism has much in common with fascist Nazism in terms of principles while speeches and politics of Putin are much similar to Hitler’s ideas.

    Russism ideology is based on illusions grounding acceptability of arbitrariness for the sake of fallaciously perceived interests of Russian society.

    Russism violates principles of international law and imposes on the world its own version of historical truth guided by perspectives and interests of Russia.

    The term has been used since 1990s, but it gained wide spread in 2008, after the Russian aggression on Georgia.

  90. I believe it is just the opposite. In other words, the better way of life of the people in the Baltics compared to that of the Russians in the Russian Federation leads to what Sociologists call “Relative Deprivation”, and desire to change status quo by any means. Furthermore, President Putin doesn’t need an “excuse” to take over the Baltics and Finland, but rather he sees it as simply correcting what President Putin has publicly called the “greatest mistake in history” (the dissolution of the USSR) ! Stay safe Polina !

  91. I understand the doubts. There’s quite a bit of myth (mostly propaganda) floating around about what they actually have. Research FAS and Jane’s for their modern TO&Es. These are politically neutral sites and will give the best available information (mostly less than a week out of date).

  92. NATO is a cold war relic that needs a reason to still exist, Russia has became a more modern country that needs to find a way to deal with old hate and propaganda. That being said I think the F-22s were sent more as a learning mission because America fears Russia will sell air defense missiles to Iran so their hoping Russia will track and at times target to get Intel on the systems.

  93. In Estonia and Latvia, Russian-speaking minorities account for about one-quarter of the population, and over 6 percent in Lithuania. Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all those people deserve his ‘protection’
    1. To call Russian-speaking people in Estonia and Latvia “minorities” is like calling French Canadians “minorities” in Canada.
    2. Obviously these people need protection, look what they do to Russian-speaking people in East Ukraine.

  94. I hope if war happens its that easy and we destroy them in minutes… I have doubts that its that easy but I hope you’re right.

  95. “But they have nukes too don’t they?”

    – How will they get them here?

    “if they didn’t we could of done that.”

    – We still can. :-)

  96. “Never , ever underestimate your opponent”

    – Estimation is unnecessary. We know what they have, and how they’re using it. The war was over a long time ago. Perhaps a more neutral source for TO&E information will help? May I suggest FAS or Jane’s?

    ” if you do you will get your”

    – Russia doesn’t have anything to retaliate with… so no, we are doing them great favors by not ending the war immediately.

  97. Start it today. Four strikes are all that’s necessary. Moscow, Murmansk, Vladivostok, and a little spot in Saratov Oblast. And then the war is over less than 20 minutes after it began.

  98. Frrrrrttt , excuse yourself …. truth is , with Russia actions , anything is possible , doing the Ostrich and sticking you head somewhere doesn’t change that ….

  99. We have crazy people in the highest echelons of government, finance, the MSM and the military. Thermonuclear WWIII will not serve America, we are being walked into humanity’s extinction. Fix the economy, reorganize the Fed, Tax and regulate Wall St., nationalize the TBTF financier facilities, get the bailout $trillions back and fund the redevelopment of North America, that can reverse the Greatest Depression upon us. Stop all matter and operations of WWIII. No other options exist and time is wasting.

  100. Keep posting your tripe,pro-Ukrainian whore! GLORY TO ROSSIYA GLORY TO PUTIN URA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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