Leaked Images Of The LG G4 Pro Emerge

Leaked Images Of The LG G4 Pro Emerge
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LG has a difficult job competing in the phablet marketplace with Apple and Samsung, but new information has come to light recently regarding an upcoming LG G4 Pro handset. According to the latest reports, the phablet in question, which is expected to be called either the LG G4 Pro or the LG G4 Note, will be unveiled in early October.

October release date

With Apple releasing the next iPhone in September, October 10 has been earmarked as the ideal date to unveil this LG device. The early suggestions about this important device release are that it will feature a plastic construction, removable battery and back-mounted buttons. No sooner had these rumors come to light, that the device was spotted on the database of China’s TENAA. This is effectively the regulatory equivalent of the FCC in the United States.

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Photographs have now been leaked of the smartphone, which has apparently been codenamed the LG-H968, displaying the forthcoming handset from four separate angles. The quality of these pictures is surprisingly good for leaked photographs, and would-be consumers of the LG G4 Pro are able to gain a decent impression of what this forthcoming high-end smartphone will look like from them. Although these images haven’t been officially confirmed as the LG G4 Pro / Note, this device does seem extremely likely to fit the bill.

Enhanced bezel

The front of the device features an enhanced bezel design that has already drawn praise from fans of LG devices. It is noticeable from the images that sensors prominent in previous LG devices have been moved beneath the display glass in the top-left corner of the device. To accommodate this change in design, the front-facing camera in the unit has been moved to the right-hand side of the device, in close proximity to what appears to be a wider speaker grill.

Although the LG G4 Pro may feature a plastic construction, the photographs also suggest that the Korean corporation has included a metallic frame with the device. However, one should exercise caution with regard to this particular aspect of the handset, as the photographs do not make this 100 percent explicit. It is notable that LG is skilled at imbuing its plastic devices with textures that mimic metallic appearance, so it would probably be wise for LG fans not to jump to any conclusions.

The rear of the device reveals that LG has produced what appears to be a removable hard-touch plastic cover, while the primary camera sensor is also present on the reverse of the handset. It seems that this sensor is flanked on either side like sentries by a laser autofocus unit and a dual-LED flash. This once more seems to indicate that LG will be delivering an outstanding photographic device when the LG G4 Pro is released.

There is also noticeable hardware beneath the camera. LG’s predilection for back-mounted hardware makes an unexpected appearance, but here the photographs are slightly unclear. There is a circular power button on the rear of the device, but it is difficult to tell from photographs alone whether this integrates a fingerprint scanner.

LG G4 Pro: Hardware specs not forthcoming

It is customary for leaks of this magnitude to feature hardware specifications in attendance, but it is notable that this particular leak does not offer anything of this nature. So we know nothing about the internal hardware or the size and / or resolution of the display as of yet. But with LG yet to achieve the kudos of Apple, or even for that matter East Asian native rival Samsung, there will unquestionably be huge pressure on the smartphone manufacturer to deliver something outstanding in terms of specifications.

According to recent reports emanating from Korea, the reason that LG has included a plastic body is that an all-metal construction would apparently clash with the user-replaceable battery that is included in the unit. This has become a major priority of the Korean corporation, and ensures that any plans for a metallic construction have been overridden completely.

LG is perhaps attempting to mark itself out distinctly from other manufacturers by offering user-replaceable batteries, as Samsung has recently opted for sealed cells even within the Galaxy 95 phablet. Certainly users enjoy flexibility within smartphones and phablets, and this could be a valuable feather in the cap of the LG G4 Pro.

Of course, the naming of this device has not been confirmed publicly at the time of writing, so assuming that it will be called the LG G4 Pro is somewhat presumptuous. There have been numerous changes to the plans of LG in recent months, with a metal-clad design mentioned strongly at one time. So both the G4 Pro and G4 Note monikers are plausible. But the plans of LG are at least slightly clearer now thanks to these leaked images.

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