LG G4 Pro To Be iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5 Beater

LG G4 Pro To Be iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5 Beater
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The LG G4 smartphone has already been released, but already reports are emerging that LG is about to release a successor. A rumor posted on a Chinese social networking site, Weibo, suggests that the Korean company is preparing to launch an updated Pro version of its well-received flagship device later this year.

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LG G4 Pro rumors multiply

This is not exactly a new rumor, as it had been suggested previously that LG was considering releasing an updated version of its flagship smartphone before the year was out. It was suggested that LG was disappointed with sales of the LG G4 device, and was looking to attract more consumers by providing an even more powerful device than the existing LG G4.

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It is worth bearing in mind that some publications consider last year’s LG G3 to be the standout smartphone of the year. This is no mean feat when up against the juggernauts of Apple & Samsung, but some reviewers felt that the LG G3 exceeded even the market-leading iPhone 6. This is a testimony to the quality of the LG range, yet the commercial success of the corporation has not yet matched this critical reputation.

In line with this issue, it was therefore suggested that LG would release a more powerful version of the LG G4 before the end of the year. And it seems increasingly possible that this will indeed come to fruition. The report in question is purporting to come from close to the LG supply chain, and it suggests that we could see an LG G4 Pro version of the smartphone released sometime late in Q3 or early Q4.

Camera upgrade

The leak in question suggests that the rear-facing camera in the LG G4 will be quite staggeringly increased. The 16-megapixel snapper included in the LG G4 is already noted as being one of the most powerful photographic devices in any smartphone available on the mass market. But the report suggests that LG will increase the rear-facing camera to 27-megapixels; certainly a huge shift if this rumor turns out to be correct.

Although other factors contribute to picture quality, such as sensor size, image processing software and aperture, such a massive megapixel rating would point to a potentially hugely powerful camera device. LG has previously released smartphones with a f/1.8 aperture, and if it is able to keep this specification and also nearly double the megapixel rating of the LG G4, then an incredible photographic device is in the offing.

It has also been suggested by some analysts that the particularly large pixel count could be motivated by adding a dual-camera setup. This would very much imitate the camera layout in the recent HTC One M8, which was unfortunately dropped in its successor. Producing such a device for the LG G4 would undoubtedly be a significant technical undertaking, but the Korean corporation might be looking to produce something truly outstanding that really makes jaws drop.

Chip upgrade

Aside from this massive camera improvement, it is also suggested that the LG G4 Pro will feature a massive chip upgrade. This is one area where the smartphone perhaps failed to compete with its most obvious Samsung Galaxy S6 rival. It’s hoped that by upgrading to Qualcomm’s latest 808 chip that the LG G4 will be able to compete with the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6.

LG must also consider the release of the iPhone 6s in the next few months. This latest Apple iPhone release will undoubtedly be significantly upgraded from previous iterations of the series, and the iPhone 6s has already been linked with a vast raft of new upgrades. There is little doubt that Apple will retain the lead in the smartphone marketplace with the iPhone 6s, and thus to distinguish itself from this iconic competitor, LG must produce something truly outstanding with the LG G4 Pro.


With this in mind, it is suggested that LG will increase the screen size of the device from 5.5-inches to 5.8-inches. This would make it significantly larger than the existing iPhone 6 plus, and considering that it is assumed that Apple will not increase the screen size in either of its forthcoming devices, this would ensure that LG has the edge in this department. Samsung has certainly placed a premium on the quality of displays in recent device releases, and improving the quality of the LG G4 screen would enable it to compete with its native Korean arrival.

A 5.8-inch display would mean that the LG G4 Pro was larger than the Galaxy Note 4, but it is not known what upgrade Samsung has in mind for this tablet range during 2015. Rumors have not particularly centred around screen size in relation to this tablet, but Samsung may choose to increase the screen size of the galaxy Note 5 in order to stay ahead of the competition.


The LG G4 is already considered to be an outstanding smartphone, with many obvious advantages over its most obvious smartphone rival, the Samsung Galaxy S6. LG G4 has a significantly larger screen than the Samsung device, and it produces higher resolution photographs from its front-facing camera. An 8-megapixel device is one of the most powerful in the mass-market smartphone niche.

Expandable storage and removable batteries which are included in the LG G4 range are both welcome assets to the device, and the micro-USB utilized by the LG G4 has also attractive particular praise. The laser autofocus and the color spectrum sensor which LG has included in the device have also been critically acclaimed, and this is certainly a device which has numerous advantages over some of its biggest rivals.

As LG now intends to upgrade the LG G4 Pro further still, by the end of the year LG may have a device on its hands which can truly challenge the best releases from Apple and Samsung.

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  1. They’re still buying Note 4s. Samsung’s swerve into iPhone Lite territory isn’t going to convince iPhone users to switch to Samsung, and it won’t make the Samsung faithful happy. I’m wondering if they’ll switch back to their old ways and retain the sleek design next year.

  2. It appears this article was written 3 months ago, in June 2015, but the LG G4 Pro is still not out yet, and it appears that when it is unveiled in about a month, it will be a Note-sized G4. 5.7 in screen, not 5.8, the camera will be 16 MP like the G4, with 3 GB RAM like the G4, and using the same slower Snapdragon 808, and not the 820 as wished. It may have a second screen, and better camera focusing, but that’s about it other than the 5.7 in screen that differs from a G4. And at least it will still have a microSD slot and a replaceable battery. So it’s essentially a Samsung Note 4 with a better camera.

  3. I think my note 4 will mark the end of having samsungs… every version of the note since they’ve been out but looking at the recent renders of the n5 it bores me. In taking away key features of which are the reason people by the note is simply a fail and just adds to samsungs desire to follow apple rather than lead.
    The g4 looks amazing for a great price. The pro is exciting me. I’m holding on to my note 4 to see what this offers.

  4. Really can’t fault my G4. The sharp and very bright curved display brings nothing but positive comment from friends and workmates.
    5.5″ is an ideal size, bigger is not better.
    Fingerprint scanner…no thanks. Just adds cost for no real benefit.
    Like to see LG employ Qualcomm’s soon to be released 820 octacore chip set and 4GB of DDR4 ram in the Pro version.
    Time will tell.

  5. Cause the G4 wasn’t any different than the G3 so
    most people didn’t notice. They need to change the design get more radical with every generation and not just a minor speed bump in specs to be worthy of an upgrade.

  6. I was ready to upgrade my Note 3 to a Note 5 later in the year but after reading this I may just jump ship. G4 Pro? If it eventuates to be all that is suggested I’m going to have a hard time deciding.

  7. The problem isn’t with the initial capacity of the battery. It is a problem with battery life that is typically significantly less than the life of the rest of the components in the phone. When my Samsung Galaxy S3 battery failed after two years, I just bought a new on on Amazon for about $20 and the phone was as good as new again. So farm my S4 battery is holding up well, but I don’t worry too much about it because I know it can easily be replaced.

  8. Great specs. I will jump the fence from Samsung to purchase the Pro. Love the note, but fixed battery and no expandable storage is the deal breaker for me. Samsung, if I wanted an iPhone, I would went to Apple.

  9. The note 5 already has a laptop extender ready, where you can insert the phone, and it will act as a regular laptop.

  10. I love the Jump Program. Sucks for you contracted souls. Owned a Galaxy S way back in the day. The damn thing sucked. Bought a G2 2yrs ago (best purchase i have ever made on a phone) and it was hands down the best device. Just bought my leather G4 and love it. The quality is unbelievably top notch. Now for my 2nd upgrade in October a G4 Pro. I love you T Mobile ? now where is my free 128 gb Micro SD card and spare LG Battery?

  11. Removable battery and expandable storage! Now, I’m interested! When Samsung so thoroughly copied the iPhone 6 with their S6 and dropped the removable battery and microSD card, they lost me as a future customer. What a stupid idea to remove the very features that differentiated them from the iPhone and made them better.

  12. Finally; LG’s approach caters to the customer interest. Our phones in the future. should be as powerful as PC’s for those of us on the go & need all their info in hand rather than a cloud.

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