is iOS 9 Slowing Down Your iPhone?

is iOS 9 Slowing Down Your iPhone?
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Apple’s attempt at improving its operating system seems to have met with minor glitches. The launch of iOS 9.0.1, immediately in the wake of its iOS 9 release is proof enough. A thorough perusal of the effect of iOS 9 on iPhone 5s, 5 and the earlier 4s versions indicate a general dip in the device performance.

Users who were eager to try out the operating system have revealed that the performance is not on par with their expectation. In fact, they claim that the device is slower after upgrading to iOS 9. No wonder, Apple has been fast to come up with the spruced up iOS 9.0.1.

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However, Apple contends that over 50 percent of its devices have been installed with iOS 9, which is undoubtedly the fastest ever iOS switch in Apple’s history. This is justifiable as other than the minor setbacks, the update is one of the smoothest to be executed.

A closer look at the effect of the latest shift in operating system from iOS 8.4.1 exposes a delayed boot time in both iPhone 5 and 4s, while iPhone 5s remained unaffected by the change. Switching apps or launching them for that matter is not easy with the new iOS.

Furthermore, to make matters worse, the camera performance has also dropped a bit. However, Siri’s performance seems to show a marked improvement. The virtual assistant shows a greater leap in action, when compared to the earlier iOS 8.4.1. Another redeeming feature of iOS 9 is users would have a great internet browsing experience. The Wi-Fi speed is quite impressive.

When iOS 8 was released back in 2014, the high storage space it demanded led many users to bid tearful farewell to their favorite photos, apps, and music solely for installing the update. However, that issue has been taken care of with iOS 9, which needs just around 1.5 GB space. It also provides good backup for smaller apps.

Newer versions are better taken with a pinch of salt, as the iOS 9 has proved. Users who are thinking of avoiding the update may well think twice, as not updating can make their devices prone to security risks and worse lack of support for the latest apps. With iOS 9.0.1 covering up most of the drawbacks of iOS 9, an update is definitely on the cards for users.

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