GoPro Inc Adds Trim-And-Share Tool To App And Cameras

GoPro Inc Adds Trim-And-Share Tool To App And Cameras
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GoPro has just made it a lot easier to create short video clips and share them with your friends. Until now, if you wanted to share a clip that is just a few seconds long, you would upload the entire video and point your friends to a time marker to watch that amazing moment. Or if you had a little more time, you would transfer the entire video to a PC or phone, find the best moment, edit it into a seconds-long short clip, and then finally upload the clip.

GoPro Trim+Share puts an end to all the hassles

Now the action camera maker has unveiled a new feature called Trim+Share that lets users create short clips of 5-, 15-, or 30-second clips right on your camera or GoPro app without having to transfer the video files to your computer.

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The new trimming feature makes cutting clips out of a lengthy video much easier. You just have to press the Trim icon in the playback mode, choose a 5-, 15-, or 30-second clip from any of your videos, and save it for sharing. You can select the best shot and upload it to Instagram, Vine or other sites within minutes.

The on-camera editing can be done on Hero4 Black with LCD BacPac, Hero+ LCD, and Hero4 Silver. Using these cameras, you can trim a video clip that is saved back onto the camera’s memory for sharing it later. The in-app trimming works with all WiFi-enabled GoPro cameras, allowing users to trim clips and save them on the phone or tablet’s camera roll.

Slick solves another major issue for GoPro users

The Trim+Share has solved a major problem for adventure enthusiasts. GoPro users had been demanding a quick and easy way to create short video clips for a long time. A couple of weeks ago, ValueWalk reported that a startup called Slick had solved another major problem for GoPro users. Along with the epic content, the cameras also capture all the bumps and shakes, producing a dizzying experience.

Slick has created a motorized GoPro stabilizer that takes all the shakes and bumps out of the footage, and makes it look more pro. Users simply have to put the GoPro camera on a Slick stabilizer and attach the stabilizer to a standard GoPro mount, drone, or helmet.

GoPro shares fell 6.39% to $43.62 at 10:13 AM EDT on Tuesday.

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