A Biotech Executive Makes How Much?

A Biotech Executive Makes How Much?

A Biotech Executive Makes How Much? by Adley Bowden, PitchBook Blog

Biotech companies have quietly—or not so quietly, depending on your focus—been doing phenomenally well over the last couple of years. According to data in the PitchBook Platform, 549 U.S. biotech companies have raised a total of $10.6 billion since January 1, 2013. On top of that, there have been 119 exits totaling $17.3 billion, 63 of which were IPOs.

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The activity and success seen in the venture-backed biotech space has trickled down to the compensation of the executive teams and scientists running these companies. While increases in tech company wages have been well publicized, the increases in biotech are equally interesting and important for any company looking to attract and retain talent (as well as investors active in the industry).

Here is a look at the current compensation levels for biotech CEOs, CFOs, chief medical officers and chief business officers split out by the total funding raised. This data comes from the Thelander–PitchBook 2015 Private Compensation Survey.

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Biotech CEO Compensation

Biotech CFO Compensation

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Biotech Chief Medical Officer Compensation

Biotech Executive

Biotech Chief Business Officer Compensation

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Understanding market compensation levels is critical for hiring and retaining the top talent required to reach success. Earlier this year, Thelander and PitchBook surveyed over 100 VC firms and 1,000 companies to gather the most comprehensive private company compensation data available.

For more compensation details on these positions and 150 others gathered from over 1,000 private companies across several industries, click here.

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