Windows 10 Installations Surpass 75 Million

Windows 10 Installations Surpass 75 Million
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Microsoft’s Windows 10 has received a thumbs up from users and tech experts alike. The skyrocketing adoption is proof that the new OS is set to be a grand success. On Wednesday, Microsoft’s VP of Marketing for Windows, Yusuf Mehdi announced on Twitter that Windows 10 now runs on 75 million devices worldwide. Microsoft launched its latest OS in July end.

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The magic of offering Windows 10 for free

More than 14 million PCs and tablets had upgraded to Windows 10 in the first 24 hours when the OS arrived last month. By comparison, it took the Redmond-based software giant six months to get Windows 8 on 100 million devices. Windows 7 had reached 90 million sales in eight months after its launch. It’s clear that strong numbers for Windows 10 are largely due to the free aspect.

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Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 as a free upgrade for genuine Windows 7 and 8.1 users in the first 12 months of launch. Mehdi also shared some interesting facts and figures about Windows 10 on Wednesday. He said more than 90,000 unique PC and tablet models have been upgraded to the new OS across 192 countries. IDC analyst Al Gillen said most of the Windows 10 installations are being done by users upgrading from Windows 8.

Windows Store on Windows 10 sees six times more app downloads

Mehdi highlighted that more than “122 years of gameplay” have been streamed from Xbox One to Windows 10 devices. Digital assistant Cortana has told over half a million jokes to users in response to “tell me a joke.” More importantly, Windows Store for Windows 10 has seen six times more app downloads per device compared to Windows 8.

It indicates that the much-publicized privacy issues had little impact on Windows 10 downloads. The new OS harvests and analyzes as much of your personal data as it possibly can, though there are ways to disable it. The new OS is also capable of identifying and disabling the counterfeit software, including pirated games.

Microsoft shares rose 1.17% to $43.21 in pre-market trading Thursday.

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