Will China Become The World’s Superpower?

Will China Become The World’s Superpower?
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There is no doubt that China is becoming a significant economic force in the world, but not all analysts share the view that it will become a major superpower. Opinions differ on the economic state of China, with some viewing the economic development of the nation as part of an inevitable assent of the nation to prominence on the world stage. However, some question the ability of China to realize such a position for several reasons.

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Is China world number one in GDP?

It is perhaps symptomatic of the uncertainty regarding China that there is not even an agreement on where its economy currently stands in comparison to the United States. A recent Fortune article suggests that China is the second largest economy in the world, but the International Monetary Fund actually disagrees with this verdict. The IMF has already reported that China has exceeded the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States, and thus should be regarded as the largest economy on the planet. But not all sources agree with this conviction.

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Regardless of this, it is still expected that China will exceed the GDP of the United States in the foreseeable future, even if one accepts for the sake of argument that this has not occurred at the time of writing. The new economic prominence of China has been predicted for many years, with the increasing power of the East Asian region predicted in seminal elite texts such as Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard”.

The assent of China was also famously predicted by the investment bank Goldman Sachs, in an economic paper entitled “Dreaming with BRICS”. The title of this paper of course refers to the BRICS power bloc of nations, of which China is an important part. Russia is another prominent member of this group, that intends to achieve a broader influence in international affairs, and particularly economics and finance.

This has been exemplified by the push of the BRICS nations to receive greater representation in global economic institutions. It has even been suggested that this power bloc will attempt to create its own central bank, in an attempt to circumnavigate the existing established institutions that have been dominated by an Anglo-American / EU-NATO consensus for many decades.

China faces economic pressures

Some suggest that the demographics in the contemporary global financial system strongly favor this potential assent to prominence of China. But there is certainly a counter arguments against this. It has been suggested by some analysts that the current Chinese president, Xi Jinping, faces pressure to stabilize the economy of the nation.

Thet level of debt in China has increased exponentially in recent years, and although it remains proportionately small compared to many Western nations, there is a strong suggestion that the rapid industrialization and economic growth of the country which has been achieved by rapidly increasing its external dent has now placed its economy in a position of relative vulnerability.

China must also look to liberalize its domestic policy. Until the Communist nation can achieve this, its influence over the rest of the world will remain necessarily limited. It is often asserted by observers that although China has become an economically significant nation, it economy remains very much centered around production, and is disproportionately reliant on the Western world as consumers in order to retain a position of economic significance. This would suggest that although China can become a production powerhouse, it will struggle to usurp the existing economic force that is the United States, simply manufacturing products for a Western marketplace.

The existing premiere of the nation finds himself in a situation where he must extoll the virtues of the one-party Communist state rhetorically, while are also advancing economic reforms to produce what is essentially a capitalistic system. Certainly this has been significantly successful so far, and China has undoubtedly gained a certain amount of global influence. The fact that recent fluctuations in its capital markets were felt significantly all over the world is indicative of this. But it should also be noted that these markets quickly rebounded, indicating that China’s reach is perhaps not as great as some assume.

China’s evolving multidimensional strength

While China’s economic rise cannot be reasonably denied, some believe that its ability to become a true global power will be diminished by the lack of plurality of vision that the nation has engaged in, which has undermined its multidimensional strength. China has unquestionably focused on economic and military development, and while both of these elements of a country undoubtedly play a major role in creating a superpower, other aspects of nation-building have been somewhat neglected.

China has overlooked such dimensions as science, education, governance, diplomacy, technology and ethos to a greater or lesser extent. Some believe that in order to be a true global power, it is necessary for a nation to reach an outstanding level in soft skills related to culture and normative values.

Certainly, China is a nation with absolutely vast potential. Aside from already possessing a huge economic output, there are numerous further demographic factors which suggest that China could become an even more important economic base in the foreseeable future. China has established the second-largest military in size and budget, possesses the world’s largest population by a considerable distance, is already in line to become the largest English speaking nation on the planet, and has produced such notable achievements as the largest hydroelectric dam and solar power plant, become the world’s largest exporter, holds the largest foreign exchange reserves, and is the second-largest recipient of foreign direct investment. It is also notably the largest folder of US treasuries.

The definition of a global power would be a country that can truly influence events on the world stage. It is debatable whether China has achieved this yet, and certainly the hierarchy of the nation seems to realize the importance of this itself; hence the demands for China to be embraced within global economic institutions. But at the moment the jury remains out on whether China can truly achieve this status, as the potential and ambitions of the nation remain in hiatus.

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  1. What will happen to China’s economy when the government can no longer
    push down the value of its’ currency? The
    cost of goods and labor will become more expensive followed by the loss of
    industry due to the increased costs. A
    country can only devalue its’ money for so long before the effects catch up
    with it. The main thing that sucks about
    this is that this will have a global effect not just a China effect.

  2. “China has its reason to do whatever it does in SCS”
    Why such blind faith ? Also, still waiting on your impeccable news sources.

  3. i said China is not above the law, if it’s found they broke it then action should be taken as it should in any instance of broken international law.

  4. …. funny how idiots like BiggDogg can’t even win a conversation without derogatory terms.

    That’s inbreeding for you. It screws up the mind.

  5. How many wars China involved since WWII?
    With Korean War, with Soviet Union, with India, with Vietnam. All four were involved borders…

    How many countries USA INVADED?

    Go google, then you know which country respects international law..

  6. First, go check google “nine dash line”, it will tell you when China claimed, patrolled, named.. Those were happened long before UNCLOS established.

    UNCLOS’s EEZ only applies to, by then, existing none disputed territory.

    The issues regarding South China Sea, It is either belongs to China ( if you may get facts from google “nine dash line” ) or in dispute. That means it has nothing to do with UNCLOS or its EEZ.

    Do some research then post you thoughts, thanks.

  7. China is not above international law period. If they break it they will pay the consequences. Also, which media do you get your unbiased “facts” from? Can’t wait to hear.

  8. http://blog.hiddenharmonies.org/2012/05/30/lets-talk-about-tiananmen-square-1989/
    sentimentalization is what western media all about, they love to add zeros on numbers and mass graves.
    I was 10 in Shanghai when Cultural Revolution kicked in high gear. Mao sacrificed the whole country for his power grabbing personal gain. Mao used same political strategy like Lenin in his early years fighting Chang Kai shek regime in Cultural Revolution by pinning the poor against better-offs.

    it was very sad for me to see Wall-street occupiers movement across America that I never thought it could happen to highly educated societies as ours. I went to China recently and asked cab drivers whether they hate the rich people and the answer is NO, they would like to be rich also one day by working hard and smart. To me that is a country with hopes and can advance. America is embarking on a very dangerous path when politicians utilize mob mentality to win votes, a perverted democracy.
    I often attack self-claimed 99% folks, when was last time he/she was hired by a poor person…..

  9. Good. A welcome surprise I didn’t think you’d actually do that.
    I tried submit a reply earlier, but disqus won’t let me post it for some reason, probably because it contains hyperlinks. Anyway, in attempting to compare the Tiananmen protests to the Cultural Revolution, you have the Cultural Revolution backwards. Mao Zedong was the architect of the CR, rather than it being an idea a bunch of students dreamed up on their own. The reason why so many students were involved is that Mao shut down the schools and ordered the students to wreak havok. It was orchestrated from the top down, not the bottom up. It all began in Mao’s mind, not the classroom or the streets.

    “Mao formally launched the Cultural Revolution at the Eleventh Plenum of the Eighth Central Committee in August 1966. He shut down China’s schools, and during the following months he encouraged Red Guards to attack all traditional values and “bourgeois” things and to test party officials by publicly criticizing them. Mao believed that this measure would be beneficial both for the young people and for the party cadres that they attacked.”

    -Encyclopedia Britannica
    “Cultural Revolution: Chinese political movement”
    Written by: Kenneth G. Lieberthal

    We all see China’s economic development, and it has lifted millions out of poverty. but it comes at a terrible price. Ghost cities, economic bubbles, and Beijing’s air quality are all a matter of public record, your own government’s estimates that 1/5 of China’s cropland is contaminated, according to a report by the ministries of Environmental Protection and Land and Resources. I’ve even seen pictures online of billboards set up, not as advertisement, but to remind city dwellers what a blue sky looks like. None of this is what a healthy society looks like.

  10. BETTER THAN YOURS.. ROFL.. they caught the AMERICAN SCUM.. Citadel for SHORT SELLING.. Better than your GOVERNMENT who is still trying to figure out how to raise interest RATES..LOL..

  11. you sound like Falun Gong followers who refuse to look at what China has achieved, only the bad things happened in the past which Chinese people have learned and will have to own them too!

    Tienanmen Square Incident, I was visiting family in Shanghai and saw how it got started in person. It resembled what happened in the streets at beginning of Cultural Revolution. Those students were sacrificed for the common good, a peaceful 25 years of economic boom lifting billion people out off poverty.

  12. China still has millions of peasants who aren’t even allowed to move freely in their own country. The poorest person in the U.S. has more freedom than that.
    You are a hypocrite, and so is your government.
    If they would show such ingratitude to someone as well known as Ai Weiwei then how little gratitude must they feel towrd someone like you, who only carries water for them on the Internet.

  13. If Ai Weiwei was not rich and famous, one body would give a rats asss to what he says. Any ruling party tries to snub dissident voices. What did IRS do to Tea Party members? which society are you living in that is free from corruptions, injustice and senseless killings?
    communist utopia appears pretty similar to what Jesus and the Bible teaches. Soviets and Chinese rulers tried but so far failed to get close to what they want people to believe what they are. I lived through those terrible years in China and my family fell victim to ” communist” regime. CCP committed lots of crimes to Chinese people and mistakes in governing in the past. Same did America that has had darkest history of mankind. would you use the past to deny the kind of human achievements of America and China who lifted millions out off poverty?
    Freedom is a birthright? …..tell it to inner city kids born to generation welfare single mothers! tell it to millions kids born in refugee camps around the world……. !
    Freedom is not birthright, but hope that keeps us going forward, working harder, learning from past wrongs and doing the right things for the future.

  14. How self-serving. Why don’t you go tell that to Ai Weiwei.
    Your rulers (masters really) used his creative mind to build Beijing’s beautiful Olympic Stadium to their own glory, and then once they had glorified themselves, they simply threw him away. They didn’t even have the decency to charge him with a crime let alone convict him. They just locked him up for years for thinking too freely.

    “But they had to, or else people would starve because…reasons!” according to you.

    Freedom is not a luxury, its your birthright. A birthright that you’ve happily traded away for thirty pieces of silver, some shiny beads, and a bowl of stew. Now you serve authoritarian plutocrats who actually have the gall to identify themselves as communists!*

    If you believe the propaganda you spread for them, then you are simply a fool. If you don’t believe it then you are something far worse.

    *(The real Chinese communists not only denied your people their freedom, but also caused 50 million of you to starve to death. Your beloved CCP is built on misery and lies.)

  15. It amazing that Americans, including this Steve muppet, think that outside of the US everyone is still living in the dark ages.

    Wakey wakey old man bigot redneck. It is the 21st century. I am surprised you know what a keyboard is.

  16. Your version of events above is hilarious. Go spend that 800 Yuan a month you make as a commie paid troll for China and get some facts. We have plenty in prison. You have none because you execute everyone for anything. LMFAO The truth is lies? LMFAO Uneducated maggot troll

  17. ALL RACES ARE RACISTS! LMFAO Maggot stupidity. Why would I shoot myself in the head if I am happy? If I made your salary of 800 Yuan a month I would shoot myself in the head. You paid trolls for the commie China make nothing. LMFAO Do not shoot yourself in the head. Just get an education so you can really blog with the best. LMFAO MAGGOT

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  19. Racists have no place on this earth. By your standard, you should be on Mars. One way ticket. With the lot of you animals. And castrated so you don’t reproduce.

    Women bend their feet? Are you saying it still happens, in this day and age? Grandpa. Not only are you a racist but you are as ignorant as the doorknob that birthed you. I bet you have never been out of your country. Like a lot of you muppet electorates that feel they are qualified to comment on global affairs.

  20. You just proved Mr. Paid Troll that I hit a nerve and am very right! I am racist and ethnocentric. Thats why the western people are in beauty magazines and covers, and the chinese work in restaurants and WEB TROLL CENTERS. You wear our clothes and copy us! We want nothing to do with your garbage, and our women do not want to bend their feet in half like yours do! GROSS STUPID MAGGOTS!

  21. freedoms….mmmm…… what a luxury and pricy commodity that human is willing to pay! for most, economic freedom is the foundation of all other freedoms. A nation of 1.5 billion population living in peace without hanger is freedom of high degree, don’t you agree?

  22. Who said anything about democracy? I’m talking about freedom. Leave it to an ignorant CCP control freak to confuse the two concepts.

    “Therefore, one who becomes a prince through the favour of the people ought to keep them friendly, and this he can easily do seeing they only ask not to be oppressed by him.”

    -Niccolò Machiavelli
    “The Prince” Chapter IX

  23. Oopsy. You are racist therefore bias so have no right to carrying on with a rational discussion.

    You do have a right to shoot yourself in the head though. Do everyone a favor will you…

  24. of course I wouldn’t switch places with our system with China, neither should we apply ours to China that has 5 times population of US to control. Pushing American democracy around the world with force has so far failed and we won’t see the end of it till another economic depression or loss of a major war.

  25. Oh please…spare me and everyone else your drivel. All people of each race are racist in the general sense— you included. To say otherwise is a lie. You are insulting on here to anyone who disagrees with a 3rd grade education paid troll such as yourself. Again, use your chinese name if your such a GREAT chinaman and not embarrassed of your own communist culture. You are a low-life maggot who makes in 1 month what I spend at lunch. I am a privacy advocate as you should be. If you want your racist, insulting, and bigoted comments showing, that’s your decision. I do not have to open mine–just like everyone else. So, go p hawk yourself maggot.

  26. To stop dumb@ss like China when they do stupied stuff like there doing to others. You and China just want the U.S. out of the way so your can concor the area. Your the dumb@ss for thinking we did not understand just what you commie’s are trying to do. Thats why you complain about the U.S. being there. If the U.S. was not there you would do the same thing Japan did. But the U.S. will not allow you to do that. So just keep crying or just get over it. Where staying there.

  27. I am not trying to make any predictions for the future, and I do not use the phrase; “based on a true story”, instead I have a disclaimer which would roll on screen at the start of the movie. My disclaimer states that; “this movie is not meant to appear to be a documentary…”, although I will admit that there are many details in my screenplay which can be taken as partial reality. I am offering 5% of the sale price to anyone who will be my connection with the proper person to purchase my screenplay.

  28. SURPRISE!!!

    Steve Parker is a racist.

    If you have any doubts, look up his history. Oh, wait. Like a coward hiding behind your keyboard he made it private.


    Yes, yes, yes. Talking about you if you are too lazy to type.

  29. china is the super power in the region of Asia, no doubt about it. USA of course watched china every moves to counter the balance.

  30. We obvious have different standpoints. But it did not stop us to have a civilized discussion. I wished more conversations like this, the truth will come out to benefit everybody.

  31. Some stabbings in China. But in general, it is safer to walk in any bad area in China than that in the US, especially women. Popular culture in the US glorifies violence as solutions.
    I have to admit that civil laws China is deficient and US’s culture more prone to violence as solutions and more violence.

  32. I don’t know, I do see a lot of reports of mass stabbings in China. I guess lack of access to handguns does at least alter the nature of the violent crime.

  33. Americans push their society’s injustice out in the open using their constitutional right to freedom of assembly and freedom of the press, and (eventually) deal with it to some extent. China just sweeps injustice and any inconvenient people under the rug through an unparalleled system of state censorship and arbitrary arrest and detention..

  34. I’ll refer you to recent events. When police in the US abuse their authority, people protest, the the media reports on it, officials resign, indictments are handed out against perpetrators, and cops are forced to wear body cameras to prevent further violence. In China, the protestors are arrested and their words are censored and nothing changes at all. Although the response has been flawed, the U.S. at least is making an attempt to fix the problem. Chinese authorities don’t even think police brutality IS a problem.

  35. I don’t know that. Well, are you certain the US or the Philippines do not do those things off camera or occasional exposed on camera? Check with riots in Baltimore..

  36. I’m not so arbitrary when it comes to forms of oppression. The only thing the CCP learned from 1989 was not to murder protesters on camera.

  37. When Chinese sailed 7 times over to SE Asia and Africa in the 15century as preeminent world power, it did not capture slaves and use them, or establish colonies. That was an invention of the West using slaves to produce goods for markets, like sugar, tobacco, etc. America can’t go to sleep knowing some one might steal the superpower crown. Like a mafia sleeps with a gun underneath the pillow. China co-existed with India and Iran in the ancient times for millennia . Both India and Iran were superpowers in their own rights. No problem.

  38. Wumao Carter: I told you it is a gray area in the aggregate. I was replying to
    “How can it be? China is fake, they don’t even use their Abacus they all use calculators now.” That is a gross underestimation of China. Do you agree?
    I never insisted China is #1 in all areas. This time in computer speed. They are ahead. The architecture is related to speed, that is how the chips are interconnected.
    On other areas such as software and modeling which are application dependent. I don’t have purview to that. You don’t either. But we will see the effect it has on weapon’s designs to come.

  39. The DNA in China do not slave a human being. Same trait applies to China’s future, it will never consider to bully other nations. It will never meddling other country’s internals. Therefore, superpower is only an American’s idea. It means

    nothing to other nations.

  40. Indian became the first president of BRICS bank based in Shanghai. India jointed SCO and AIIB bank led by China. What more do you want?

  41. Wumao Carter: You have not read all what I said. I give you two sides of every issue. I am saying China is in the gray which is between. Quote me what I said was wrong? You are a totally one sided. That is you and in accordance with your definition of Wumao troll.

  42. Your behavior is wumao behavior. Posting constantly and blindly of China’virtues without regard to China’s significantly large warts is a sign. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.. Well I am sorry but it most likely is a duck. If you can post realistically about where china really is at.. Good and bad.. Then. Waybe u r no wumao,. That is not what I see..

  43. Of course I did real wumao. It was nonsense so I was ignoring it. The ccp did learn from Tiananmen. It hasn’t happened again because freedoms have been stripped away completely from Chinese citizens so that ccp thugs now arrest and harrass anyone that says or acts counter to what xi and his millions of ccp thugs say. The Chinese have no freedom of religion, press, or speech, and are trudging down the same authoritarian road as nazi Germany did.. So many parallels it is scary. So Tiananmen cannot be repeated because people disappear or are locked up if they even think Tiananmen.
    What I find interesting in your comment is while you say the US is knee deep in ME . it is actually china that is now expanding its obligations and potential risk in the middle East. We shall see how that turns out. Since china has directly benefited from us actions I am glad to see them stepping up and taking some responsibility in world affairs.. But with responsibility comes sacrifice and always being the bad guy when action is taken ( you can never please everyone)

  44. Wumao Carter: Did you read what I said. You are drifting. China learned not to repeat incidences like Tiananmen. It never happened again. US never learned from Vietnam and now knee deep in ME.

  45. Let’s discuss Donald Trump if you dare. By the way anybody wishes to solicit my service. It would be $100 per post. F off if you can’t pay.

  46. Any educated chinese would never take a job as a troll for 800 a month like a poor guy from a poor family like you are. China has the web blocked for all chinese except the paid trolls. And yes, we do not listen to people with a 3rd grade education living in a communist country. Approaching 60 as a cardio transplant surgeon…i think i know more about my country than you. Go away and play with someone in your league. I am done. Best of luck. I hope you get a better job with better hours. Cheers. No need to reply.

  47. Another thing is that the Chinese does not have a religious background or believing in doctrines. Communism has China about 30 years from 1950 to 1980 under Mao comparing with a culture that is 5000 years. Deng said you don’t mind it is a white(communism) or black cat(capitalism) as long as it catches mouse. The Chinese are practical people. There have been plenty of revolutions and rebellions if the population does not like the regime or the leader the people just overthrow it. US is afraid of another superpower to challenge. The Chinese government is afraid its people.

  48. calling be troll cannot help your argument. Read what I said: I am saying 50% of Silicon valley founded by Asians.
    Those Asians in IVY League schools are mostly from the US, like beating your children pants off, not from China.
    You do not know the US as much as I do. You think I am from China posting this? You are giving too much credit to people from China.
    You better watch Donald Trump on Republican debate. He might be your idol.

  49. That could have happened in last century if China did not resist the Japanese invasion. That would create a superpower Japan instead of superpower China of course but what’s the problem then? Wasn’t your goal to create an Asian superpower?

  50. Timur! You as a paid troll in China allowed to drivel and spew opinions, also uneducated, are welcome to your opinion, but not your own facts. The chinese are being blocked for entrance exam cheating, getting caught paying others to take exams, lying in resumes, etc. And yes, we are american schools serving OUR people, not at the pleasure of the lying and cheating ignorant Chinese. Stating the truth and reality is not “talking ignorantly or being afraid when discovered.” Here is a solution…get educated in your own country. Problem solved. And 50 % of silicon valley is not owned by chinese nationals. Quit making stuff uo when you have a 3rd grade education and make 800 yuan a month to stay up all night and blog with the cool americans. You should be asleep. Cruddy job to blog on american daylight hours when you are in China ugly maggot. It is 3:54 pm in dallas texas. Go to bed china man troll.

  51. Do you know the population of the Chinese/Indians in the US and how much they have achieved. In silicon valley over 50% of the new companies founded by those Asians. In top schools, Ivy League schools they have to form quotas to prevent the Asians from getting above 20%. When you meet a second generation Chinese, most likely he is a professional.
    China still has a lot to catch up but there are certainly a lot of advances. It is not there yet. But people like you either talk ignorantly about China or just basically afraid when discovered otherwise.

  52. As said in politics, the power asserted is the power lost. It shows how insecure you are. I have heard that more and more lately.

  53. Did you invent the word “Wumao”? Or you just copied from another troll. Give me single evidence that China is using Wumao overseas other than internally? You really think they want to win an election in the US by swaying public opinions? The dumber the US for people like you to do the mis-calculation the more power to them. Ignorance helps them.
    As why I am creatively use your given name “Wumao Carter”, because it fits you well and rhymes. I suppose nobody else has given you that name other than me from my creativity.

  54. Thank you for sharing your insightful opinion, I always enjoy learning what other people believe as individuals, and your opinion is the type that I thrive on the most. However, I am merely taking advantage of the comment sections from articles about China and Japan for free advertising to sell my screenplay titled; “The Last President”. Also, I am not making any predictions for the future, and I do not use the phrase; “based on a true story”, just that a few vague details are for enticing the proper person. Please have a pleasant day.

  55. Lol. From somebody who replied to themselves. U are incorrect. Speed is no good without proper modeling. Which is architecture and programming.. The area where it lacks. Lightweight.

  56. You have 1.3 billion, the USA has 300 million. That is NOT a 3rd. That is a quarter or close to it. This SMALL 300 million population has invented EVERYTHING you use in your life today! This 300 million population has a GDP of 18 trillion vs. 6 trillion for your stupid country that has 1.3 billion. AND 700 million make if lucky $US 1.25 a day to live on GROSS MAGGOTS who build islands but do NOT feed their poor! IDIOT! You kill everyone in China that disagrees with the state! You have no need for prisons! You are number 1 for most graveyards from killing all people in your own country– you dictator loving communist bass TARDS. LMFAO at gross low class monkey living cheater in the Olympics, bad air and water, corrupt in jail politicians and people that are as weak as a noodle and cannot overthrow a maggot leader that is ruining China! We told the queen of England to stuff it and won! You cannot win out over 1 leader with 1.3 billion? LMFAO NOODLES FOR BRAINS! LMFAO AT THE TRASH TALK From a 800 yuan a month paid gross nasty maggot trashy troll!

  57. OK! Mr. Ching Chong (afraid to use your own Chinese name and use “Pete”an American one because your too embarrassed to use your real chinese name and know it is yucky and low class) I would like to see things from your PAID TROLL point of view…but I cannot get my head that far up my as (s) IDIOT MAGGOT. Please name the (50) huge battles we have had since WW II ended maggot trash 800 yuan a month garbage troll patrol!

  58. China has no intension to put its hats in the ring to compete on an American Idol being Superpower #1 or #2. It is a psychological issue that US has to address itself. China could care less.

  59. Wumao Carter: You still don’t get it. Re-read what I said about things in the gray.
    As far as speed is concern they may be number one. Other factors, you don’t know. As a whole it is in the gray. Why in the world people compete on speed of processing? It must have some merit.
    Parallel/pipeline processors are geared towards speed for a particular application, where you sacrifice general purpose flexibility. For certain applications, such as weapons, visual, nuclear simulations, weapons designs you need speed. You have to program for that application data and requirement. You are just used to work a on pc.

  60. Funny you don’t mention Vietnam in that list, I wonder why that would be?
    It seems the U.S. And China have that in common. I wonder how long China’s list would be if the had an Army designed to do more than slaughter its own people?

  61. We’re all the same species, in case you’ve forgotten, and currently Putin and Xi Jinping are allies. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

  62. Ah.. now I am a Wumao? You must be chinese to blatantly copy a term for paid Chinese posters and apply it to a non-Chinese lol. The Chinese patents you are so proud of have been proven time and again to be of poor quality and of dubious value. The Chinese government said “”Let China be the largest patent producer” and so it occurred. However, the vast majority of the patents are of awful quality, and most are copied. IT does no good to come out with huge quantities of poor quality patents. It just makes the Chinese look more desperate.
    What I am saying above is that the architecture of that particular computer is believed to be flawed… because it is difficult to program. (according to experts in the field who have studied it). What good is the worlds fastest computer if it is so difficult to program and to use? (kind of the same as the patent issue)

  63. US policies are conflicting as witnessed by US political in-fight during election year. Interesting all the terrorist groups US is fighting now were established by the US, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein. Taliban, ISIS…So does the US want stability or disorder, war or peace? You cannot get a straight answer. Some groups profit on China at peace with the US and other groups thrive on China at war with the US. There you have it.

  64. Wumao Charter: China don’t care to get into the conversation. It is a psychological problem that the Americans have work itself out.

  65. Dear Wumao Carter: I am saying there are more to a computer than chips alone. It is called architecture. You seem to agree with me.
    The Chinese produces more patents per year than the US. I am not saying because of this, China is better. It is multi-dimensional and an aggregate which is gray. Some area China is better and some Chinese are worse. I am debunking that China is always the worst. If that is the case, nobody should pay attention to China.

  66. China is completely overrated by everyone. Including this article. Parity measurements are silly. China’s true economy is 1/2 the size of the US economy at best, and is about to spiral into its minski moment with associated low or no growth. Nobody except china really believes they are growing at 7% lol

  67. How is what I said untrue wumao? Chips are intel… They are the heart of the computer. Also.. According to computer world it iscfast but almost unusable in practice due to our design of the algorithms to interact with the computer.. That part actually might be Chinese lol.
    China makes other peoples products… They do not own any of the intellectual property and continue to try to steal it because of a huge innovation deficit. That has not changed and if China really insists most of that manufacturing cab and will be moved elsewhere over time.

  68. China was the super power from few years back despite Western media mendacity in supporting as the USA financially and morally bankrupt State

  69. I hate to break it to you but the Chinese are not at all interested in becoming a superpower. If you have spent time in China or personally know Chinese people, they are just focused on improving their lives. The Chinese never enslaved anyone or colonized any country, don’t expect them to behave like Western barbarians.

  70. When talk about China, people have problems with scaling and balancing perspectives. It has 4 times the population than the US. People in the middle class there is bigger than the US population, though the other half still living in the country side without indoor plumbing. One billionaire is created every week, though the poorest still among the poorest in the world. Though it is stronger than its neighbors, it has shown restraints and not to kill to throw its weight around.

  71. It is just weird. You give China the “Superpower” crown. Then you tear it apart.
    Thank you very much. China does not want it. It has more important things to do.

  72. Not a bully internationally. Besides lets keep the score, how many US and China killed since 1989. China learned and US did not.

  73. So. How much US military or society is relying on Chinese products? How much US technology is based on the Chinese talents?
    If what you said is totally true, US should do it tomorrow and Obama does not need to spend $$$ to catch up with the Chinese.

  74. What the US is doing internally and internationally are two different behaviors. US can have the best country for its citizens, but behaves like a gangster internationally.

  75. Not really. How many countries in the world and how many China and US are associating and have problems with? India is joining Chinese SCO, AIIB, BRICS banks.

  76. The West is robbing all the nations in the world blind for the last few centuries. Now Africa, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world is slowly detaching themselves from Western financial banks like IMF and World Bank. U.S is turning itself to be become the shortest superpower of the world.

  77. US can’t even finished their wars in Middle East, and you think US can’t handle China Billions population when they have Russia & that crazy N Korea ready to return favor to China for defeating US allies during the Korean war.
    China is printing their own money, so don’t expect them to crash both in property & stock market. They barter trade with rest of Third world country by offering their Chinese Yuan in return for natural resources, and then sell them back finished goods to take back their Chinese yuans. China is robbing people blind.

  78. You are damn right! US, UK & Japan used to have massive tourists travelling all over the world, and they are super power. But US, UK & Japan all have Budget deficits spending for many years, unlike China is the richest of all. Money talks shizts walks.

  79. For China to become a superpower a major event most happen in the world such as a world war or a cataclysmic natural disaster. The only reason America become a world superpower was because of the Second world war. It shaped the world to favor itself, with Europe and Asia destroyed by the war they couldn’t fight for greater powers. A stack example is how the US shaped major financial institutions such as the world bank and IMF as well as making the US dollar the world reserve currency. For now and the foreseeable future, China will always be second to the US.

  80. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $2.5 million.

  81. So stupid and misinformed, i am not going to say more. But an 800 yuan a month troll has the brain of an amoeba. Go away and make your quota posting in a land that bans web use by its citizens

  82. AGAIN. The US has been in over 50 conflicts of its own design since WW2. China, 2 to 5.

    Yes, keep LMFAO but when you open your eyes to the facts then you stop being a frikken donkey for the rest of your life …

  83. Yes, we all know that so what is your point?

    My point is that the US has been in more conflicts than anyone else since WW2. I am replying to the OP suggesting that China is a bully.

    Stay on topic.

  84. Geniuses and boy scouts? More like troublemaker and warmonger. Tell us what has U.S done for the world peace… Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghan.

  85. With a population less than 1/3 of China or even India, America is a lawless land where people are thrown into the jails without parole. For those prisoners, it’s better to be dead than alive as they will never experience what is being free of oppression.

  86. What makes you believe China is bullying????

    Right or wrong, China has its reason to do whatever it does in SCS. It is so shameful USA claims neutral but acts differently. It is even more shameful it was USA battle ships took Chinese officials to reclaim SCS from Japanese after WWII. Plus No one had objected Chinese nine dash line prior the discovery of oil.

    SO, from Chinese point of view, right or wrong, it has right to reclaim SCS. That is very reasonable. If China had reclaimed INDIA OCEAN, and had done what it has done in SCS, then I will agree with you BULLY.

    SO before you put your POV in, better do your research rather than polluted by American Media.
    American never believe international or justice, only National Interests. That is US GOV, and its many no brain trashes.

  87. The World will go back to the dinosaur if China become the superpower or leaders, China steal, cheat, lie, deceive,pollute pepe, pupu just everywhere that will turn the world in to a public toilet just as stink as how the greedy red communists smell.

  88. Indeed, they wouldn’t fill the role of world’s superpower as poorly as the U.S. has. They would be much much worse.

  89. VORACIOUS FILTHY FETUS EATER NAZItsina, READ this FIRSt, commie SWINES of PIG Xi Jinpingpong !!!!!!!

    There are 607 MILLION PEOPLE in NAZIchina who DO NOT HAVE TOILETS !!!


    ” Spot news stories on booming economies and think pieces on population growth—that’s what a quick Web search for “China” or “I_ _ _ a” will get you. But according to data compiled by the World Health Organization/UNICEF’s Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation, the two nations should probably be known for something else as well: Of the handful of countries whose residents have the least access to toilets, I_ _ _ a and CHINA RANK first and SECOND.

    An eye-popping 818 million people in I_ _ _ a and 607 MILLION PEOPLE in CHINA don’t have the kind of sanitation facilities (a toilet connected to a septic tank or sewer system) that most Americans take for granted. People from these two countries constitute about half of the 2.5 billion citizens around the world who practice open defecation—yes, that means going No. 2 in fields or on the street. ”

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    An eye-popping 818 million people in I_ _ _ a and 607 MILLION PEOPLE in CHINA don’t have the kind of sanitation facilities (a toilet connected to a septic tank or sewer system) that most Americans take for granted. People from these two countries constitute about half of the 2.5 billion citizens around the world who practice open defecation—yes, that means going No. 2 in fields or on the street. ”

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  91. The U.S. embargoed oil and scrap metal to Japan to punish them for their invasion of China “Pete.” Pearl Harbor was their payback for that. During the WW2, Americans backed the Chinese government financially and militarily against the Japanese invasion. If it were not for the U.S. and the other Allied Powers, Xi Jinping might be speaking Japanese right now.
    Is that an example of “bullying?”

  92. These communist SWINES are a CURSE to humanity !!!
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    ATHEIST NAZItsina, LEAVE the WPS, commie PIGS !!!!

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    ” Spot news stories on booming economies and think pieces on population growth—that’s what a quick Web search for “China” or “I_ _ _ a” will get you. But according to data compiled by the World Health Organization/UNICEF’s Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation, the two nations should probably be known for something else as well: Of the handful of countries whose residents have the least access to toilets, I_ _ _ a and CHINA RANK first and SECOND.

    An eye-popping 818 million people in I_ _ _ a and 607 MILLION PEOPLE in CHINA don’t have the kind of sanitation facilities (a toilet connected to a septic tank or sewer system) that most Americans take for granted. People from these two countries constitute about half of the 2.5 billion citizens around the world who practice open defecation—yes, that means going No. 2 in fields or on the street. ”

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  94. Dumb@ss the U.S. has been in the SCS and the surrounding area for many, many years before that. What other crap can you come up with. We have been watching China for years. In and out of your country.

  95. Built with US chips, US Servers, US technology, and US software.. In reality not really Chinese if you take this into account.

  96. Just name one thing you don’t like about china. Or name something they have done or doing you think is wrong. You won’t. Because you will be killed by your gov. I dislike that my gov went to Iraq. It was a wrong move. We should have found the people who were responsible for 9/11. We should have let the country’s in the middle east kill each other. Then dumb@ss like you would have been blaming the U.S. for not doing nothing to help the common people from the killers. My country has messed up a lot. I can say that but you and your commie friends just say the U.S. is bad with out acknowledging the wrongs China has done. That makes you a very single minded person and country. No one country or person can grow without admitting there faults and learning from them. But I’m sure your reply to me will only be about how bad the U.S. is. I’m sure your not man enough to speak out against China.

  97. There are things about the U.S. and its government that suck, certainly. But they are geniuses and boy scouts compared to the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Example. I’m allowed to say the U.S. government sucks and remain a free man. Not so in China.

  98. Well diplomatic failure is one thing China surpasses the U.S. at. China has managed to p/o all of its maritime neighbors and even periodically invades India. They couldn’t do much worse if they were trying to start a war.

  99. U.S topped every nation in the world combined by the number of Americans sentenced to prisons. American hacked and spied on every people in the world including world leaders like Chancellor Merkel, President Susilo and his spouse and millions others. America built hundreds of military bases around the world illegally, with the evil intention to kill millions in this world.

    How much more can you babble on with your lies.

  100. Will China Become The World’s Superpower?????It already is,it has been for years the only reason the US could use their farcical title is because all the other nations are wimps but now there are two new very tough kids in town, the tough US bully is nothing to them, and besides there are now many others that laugh at the US and rightly so.

  101. Timur! This is because every country wants to do what it wants, period. This will NOT stop until we have another BIG war and all the punks that are causing trouble are leveled. The world will be quiet again.

  102. China still has a long way to go to become a bully. They haven’t succeeded yet, and even if they do, they are just uninhabited islands, not whole continents.

  103. Remember also in the world, China is the top trading partner exceeding almost 150 nations as compared to U.S trading partners with less than 50 nations. U.S excelled in killing Pinoy, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Serbs, Hawaiians, Panamanians, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Indonesians, Chinese, Syrians and many more millions.

  104. You’d better do your home work, at present, U.S. needs China more than China needs U.S. market, the situation has been changed, most American even don’t
    know yet ! Last year, China’s export to U.S. was only 16.99% of total China’s export. The current china’ domestic market is no smaller than U.S. market. China’s export to Africa is 2 – 3 times more than U.S. export to Africa. China is moving away from cheap products, in the process of economic upgrade. And of course, china still export to Europe and etc. China will go with Silk Road Project, careless about TPP.

  105. U.S has no moral compass to lead the world. It’s a cold blooded animal who never stop killing innocent people around the world to feed its thirst of blood and lust of power.

  106. Everyone says that before they come back to reality. It’s just like China’s never ending equity bubble before it turned into a crash.

  107. your 401K is riding on Fortune 500 enjoying record profits in China. Sure they can pull back and see their stocks wiped out while Germany, France and Australia would fill the vacancy.

    USA, no.1 importer, no.2 exporter trading significantly with China, no.1 exporter, no.2 importer, if China dies so will USA! see the reason why Pentagon, spokesman of military industry, barks but no bites in South China Sea?????

  108. Since WW2, the US has been part of an aggressive LAND invasion of some kind. Over fifty in total.

    China … Tibet, Vietnam. A handfull.

    And you chicken littles are whining about an area which has no people living on it? The seas??

    SO what is your definition of a country bullying another country then ….. ?

  109. What is the definition of a superpower? Social? Economical? Militaristic?

    The US has all three but losing on the economical side.

    China only has economics at the moment. Social/moral rights and the military will get better but money is more important for now.

  110. They started militarising when the US stuck its nose into Asia.

    Case in point. When the US did the first flyover over the SCS THEN China moved weapons to the disputed islands. Can’t deny that.

  111. You hit the nail right on the head. Chinese culture is like Ying and Yang interacting, dynamic transitional. That is a hybrid life system.

  112. They don’t need to antagonize the U.S. to be the Germany of Asia. Their economic power alone is sufficient for that. No, the CCP still wants to conquer Taiwan and possibly Japan (or at least humiliate them in battle). For that they need a Navy, which is precisely what they are building.

  113. but remember one and only one thing Communist government and very capitalistic really free market economy and very small regulations ,means their government practically keep hands of people economical activity ( Street market including food) and lets call this type of system HYBRID ,You don’t think Hybrid technology is good for cars why not for social system untill human kind find something better ( slavery,feudalism,capitalism,litlle experiment by soviets with communist utopia ,but fortunately is over and now hybrid and then something new

  114. And they’re building military bases in international waters why exactly? If all they wanted was regional hegemony, they had that already. No need for them to pick fights with their neighbors at all.

  115. Unlike the US, I don’t foresee China making an attempt to have a global military presence, but an economic one instead. China seems more intent on regional hegemony than global domination. China has risen to the status of superpower for its region on numerous occasions, this will just be another phase.

  116. They’re a superpower because tourists? All righty then. If only the U.S. The UK and Japan could send tourists, then the could be super powerful too!

  117. They’re human, fallible, and currently have an absolutely horrendous system of government. China will no doubt exist 1,000 years from now as a culture and a people. The CCP on the other hand will be a historical footnote, remembered only for failure. China will not be a global superpower under their watch.

  118. TruthOMG you’re opinions are far from the truth.I suggest you go read some history books objectively (at least try) and see the world again. I can’t believe people why so many people are ignorant at this day and age. Eating dogs. What is wrong with that? Americans eat the most animal flesh in the world and I dont hear people around the world to say stop. Human fetuses. Yeah, America sells this for $100 each in the 21st century and Im high balling it. What is your point. Do you follow recent history much? Look in the mirror and do some deep reflection before you decide to hit the keyboard next time.

  119. I concur what you said. I think the major reason the Chinese culture is an inclusive culture, a big melting pot, races, nations, religions are dividing people like in the middle east for example.

  120. The way the economist do calculations are off the reality . They do it on what all is in one pot with out taking in the people in general
    to me Greece is better then China i do not care if the nation i live in is 1/2/3/4 the type of living that i have that counts

  121. China is already super power. Every where you go around the world, people are welcoming the Chinese Tourists, because they are the only major tourist groups that spent money. China state companies are all over the world in constructions & mining business while US is spending money at home with China credit.

  122. do You understand what I sad China does not building nation only civilisation this is why China exist 5000 years like superpower ( only last 100-125 years their role in the world stage fall , war with british ,civil war after WWII etc ) but since 1980 the country started rising and so far continue and all the carts in their hands ( population,youth, strong ethic work,community and solidarity ) and remember only one thing chinese man and woman don”t work to live only live to work and this thing make big difference between us and them ,and all this ancient powers witch just built the nation disappear from the world stage ( Greece is the best sample )

  123. Only the US can’t sleep at night worrying about China being superpower, and watch who is up and who is down. Xi’s goal is to build China in par with the living standards of the US in 35 years. China had been superpower in around 10 times in history. The Chinese like to call themselves Tang or Han people, Not Yuan or Ching which had the biggest territories and the most militarily aggressive. Culture is more lasting: the culture of Tang and Han affected them till this day.

  124. China is sick down to its core from the very beginning of time. They bring chaos even to their own land changing dynasty one after another killing each other for power. I can’t imagine the world dominated economically and militarily by China who eats dog and human fetus. XD

  125. Now that they have embraced capitalism is it no longer “IF’. They will be the world’s next superpower. Hopefully they will not fill the role as poorly as the US has. It is doubtful that they will mortgage the future of their country to buy weapons and prowl the world looking for someone to attack.

  126. It is not about will. It is now. Thanks to greedy capitalists for giving away European and American developed Technology to the Chinese for free. This Technology took over 100 years to develop

  127. Who would want to be a superpower, when a superpower’s military eats up half if not more of their gdp. Besides there are other types warfare equally damaging, such as economic wars which is cheaper and just as effective ie. make your opponent poorer and watch them kill themselves.

    short and winning.. all those loses are not going to disappear to nothingness.. E=MC^2 basic math.. put something in get same amount out.. depends on who is willing to buy at what price.. when it drops someone is buying or selling.. and always going to be making MONEY.. Stocks are like GAMBLING.. and the US STOCK MARKET IS DUE FOR A MAJOR CORRECTION.. and when it does the USA will HAVE to FOLD.. SOUND FAMILIAR.. Basically IDIOTS WHO BELIEVE THESE FINANCIAL IDIOTS WILL EVENTUALLY GET SOMETHING RIGHT.. LIKE A WEATHER MAN PREDICTING THERE WILL BE SNOW on CHRISTMAS DAY on EASTER ISLAND… YEP KEEP TALKING ABOUT DOOM AND WHEN IT HAPPENS THEY ARE RIGHT.. they have been reporting China’s economic DOOM for almost 2 years now.. and I STILL A VERY STABLE CHINESE ECONOMY…

  129. Italy and Greece were also superpowers once. Would anyone argue that they will be again anytime soon? Times change, and so do societies. The only relevant information is the answer to this question: “Is China healthy enough and strong enough to rule the world in THIS century?”

  130. And don’t forget to check out the follow up piece: When Pigs Fly.
    Pro tip: their stock market crash is merely a symptom of more fundamental problems.

  131. neither the u.s. nor other countries that manufacture in china are going to leave. it’s too costly to start from zero again. china is expanding all over the globe and is rich in cash, especially dollars. they will become a superpower without firing a shot. most of the world is fed up with the lack of a coherent u.s. foreign policy and the machinations of the world bank. the remimbi is set to become a global currency and when that happens the third world countries will turn to china for loans and the dollar will diminish in value and the u.s will have even less influence than it has now. amazzingly it’s only taken 15 yrs. for the u.s. to become almost irrelevant and I don’t think the next election will fix the problems.

  132. I am angry at the US administration. They are too slow to act. Also the US leaders are soo Fqin stupid. I hate that. Did you know the US holds all the Ace of Spades on the Economy?? Did you know that without the US China is nothing more than a poor asian country?? Do you know that the companies that moved their factory to China is making the PLA CCP more powerful?? The US spent money on an Army in the middle east that is not even prepared to defend their country? Did you know that the US send money to Pakistan and the Pakistanis are buying Chinese equipment and the US equipments sent to Pakistan is being reversed engineered by the Chinese?? Hell they even hid Bin Laden during the start of Afghan war and hid him in Pakistan since the beginning?? They are still giving money to an economically powerful south Korea? Did you know that are not even willing to give high end defense tools to countries that are real allies as opposed to the large amounts of Military gear lost to ISIS in Iraq?? Barack Obama did not put half mast of the US flag when those guiys got gunned down at the recruiting station? Did you know that BArack played golf rather than help out those guys in Bengazi?? GRRRRRRRRRRR

  133. China is NOT the world’s superpower. USA made China by giving all USA jobs. Now China is biting back USA.

    If USA companies pulls out from China, China will be back where it was – 3rd world country masquerading as a second world. So, No, China can not be a superpower.

  134. Apparently, Christopher Morris believes that ‘assent’ means the same as ‘ascent’ since he used assent, not once but thrice.

  135. China was superpower and going to be superpower ,in 1815 China was the biggest economy 30% world GDP (now around 15%) means mowing to their place ,China never ever build the nation ,only civilisation ( in china can exist different socio-economic systems even each province can have own economic system) China”s civilisation exist so far aprox.5000 years ,when others long time ago disappear from history / Egipt,Greece, Roman empire ,Mongolian ,Soviets etc / but China still exist and growing again to the place witch is reserve for them

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