U.S. Public Believes Iran Got More From Deal [POLL]

U.S. Public Believes Iran Got More From Deal [POLL]
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A new poll reveals that Tehran managed to take more positives from the recent nuclear deal than the P5+1 nations.

The telephone poll was carried out by Monmouth University, and researchers asked 1,203 adults from around the United States for their opinion. Other polls have revealed a general split on the deal, but this latest poll suggests that a majority of people in the U.S. believe Iran came out a winner, writes Nick Gass for Politico.

Poll reveals split in U.S. opinion on deal

Respondents were asked whether the U.S. or Iran got the better deal, and 41% said Iran gained more. Only 14% of respondents said that the U.S. stood to benefit more than Iran.

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Around 67% of those who self-identified as Republicans said Iran gained more than the U.S., compared to just 23% of Democrats. 23% of respondents claimed both sides stood to benefit mutually.

Uncertainty reigns regarding the approval of the deal by Congress; 41% of respondents said they were unsure whether it should be approved. 27% said the deal should be approved, compared to 32% who believe it should be rejected.

“The public is not convinced that Congress should reject the plan, but they can’t shake their nagging doubts that Iran has the upper hand here,” said Monmouth polling director Patrick Murray in a press release.

Possible future benefits for Iran

The deal could have serious geopolitical ramifications. Assuming Iran fulfills its side of the bargain, the country stands to receive a significant financial windfall as economic sanctions are lifted.

In addition to a huge new market for consumer goods, world oil markets look set to be flooded with Iranian crude as the country restarts its exports. While Iran will benefit from its entrance into world markets, other energy exporters such as Russia may suffer due to a prolonged period of depressed prices.

Russia is highly reliant on energy exports to balance its budget, and the economy is currently contracting due to low oil prices and economic sanctions imposed by the United States and the EU. Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed for a deal to be reached with Iran, and there may be a long term gain for Russia despite a short period of economic pain.

Russia and China dominate the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, to which Iran has applied for membership. Now that a deal has been signed, its application will be seriously considered, and the possible accession of Iran would add to the groupings economic clout.

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