Snapchat Update Includes Travel Mode And More Emojis

Snapchat Update Includes Travel Mode And More Emojis
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The popular photo sharing app Snapchat was recently updated for iOS and Android. The update includes the ability to add more emojis and a travel mode that enables users to save reduce their data usage. When the latter is enabled, features like Snaps, Stories, and Discovery content will load only if users tap on the feature. Snapchat has been a notorious data hog, especially since the Discover feature was added earlier this year.

How users can activate travel mode

In order for users to activate travel mode, they must tap the app’s icon located at the top of the camera, then locate Settings, open Manage Additional Services, and turn it on. This mode is ideal for users who want to avoid roaming charges, and it should prove to be quite popular among those with small data plans as most of Snapchat’s users are teenagers and young adults who are on a budget.

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Although users may have to wait longer to view images that have not preloaded, it’s not much of a price to pay compared to paying more money for data usage.

Snapchat (and other social apps) want to help users save data

Snapchat’s data-saving mode is similar to previous attempts from Facebook and other messaging apps. Many companies are making their apps smaller to improve efficiency and consume less data. Facebook is a prime example thanks to the Android app Facebook Lite.

Emoji fans will appreciate the ability to add a string of emojis to the new Sticker Picker feature. The Snapchat update also includes the ability to export and download profile photos. The profile GIF is the one piece of Snapchat content that actually counts as a user profile.

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