Windows 8.1 Users’ Non-Lumias Can Use Lumia Camera App [REPORT]

Windows 8.1 Users’ Non-Lumias Can Use Lumia Camera App [REPORT]
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Windows 8.1 device owners can now install the Lumia camera app on their non-Lumia devices. The app, which was exclusively for Lumia device owners until now, was installed and is apparently working fine on a BLU Win HD LTE, says a report from Windows Central.

Rich Capture missing

Though the app is working on non-Lumia devices, there is a catch. Lumia Camera’s latest version, 5.x, comes with an interesting feature called Rich Capture, which is not available on version 4.x, which is used by non-Lumia devices.

Rich Capture is the best feature on Lumia Camera 5.x and is exclusively available on a few of the Lumia devices, such the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL. Users get access to HDR (High Dynamic Range), Dynamic Flash and Dynamic Exposure with the help of the Rich Capture feature, allowing them to take photos and edit them for the best exposure settings.

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Even with the Rich Capture feature missing from version 4.x, the Lumia Camera app is still a nice app for non-Lumia devices. It allows users to manually change brightness, shutter speed, ISO, focus and white balance. These settings can be used by Microsoft Lumia or non-Lumia users, or they could simply use the auto mode of the camera.

Microsoft Windows 10 offers a better camera app for non-Lumia devices

Users of non-Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 devices from BLU, HTC, LG or Samsung will become even happier with the release of Windows 10 Mobile because the Windows 10 camera app has a lot in common with Lumia Camera 5 with HDR and more. Interested users can install the Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile preview until they get their hands on the official release of Windows 10 Mobile. However, the HTC ONE (M8) for Windows is the only non-Lumia device currently supported, says the report.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL on Oct. 19 at an event in New York, according rumors on Sunday. The company could also unveil the Surface Pro 4 tablet and Microsoft Band 2 at the same event.

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