Joe’s Jeans Develops Skinny Jeans With iPhone Charger


Technology meets fashion as one high-end denim brand created a pair of jeans designed with an iPhone 6 charger in the pocket. Joe’s Jeans introduced a new pair of skinny jeans for women dubbed #Hello, and it comes in four wash options: Aria, Cecily, Kalia, and Regan.  The innovative charging technology features a hidden USB cord which connects to a portable battery pack, and the iPhone fits in the back pocket to recharge when not in use. Of course, its advised that #Hello Jeans owners remove the cable and battery pack before throwing the pants in the washing machine.

Joe’s Jeans gets tech-friendly for the iPhone

The jeans retail for $189, and the separate battery pack costs an extra $49. The jeans can charge the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6, but the pockets don’t accommodate the larger iPhone 6 Plus. The only downside with the #Hello jeans is that charging limits prevent Apple smartphone owners from charging their devices up to 100%. The iPhone 5/iPhone 5S charges up to 85%, and the iPhone 6 charges up to 70%.

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According to Hayley Wilbur for Mashable, “Joe’s is not the first company to create pants with the iPhone in mind. I/O Denim jeans were designed with a pocket on the left leg, between the knee and the hip along the seam. While the #Hello jeans only work with an iPhone, the I/O line supposedly fit smartphones with a screen 4.8 inches or smaller, including Samsung’s Galaxy S devices.”

Fashion accommodates technology

Many other tech companies have tried to create stylish ways to wear chargers. In 2014, the XOO Belt debuted as the first leather belt with a buckle that can charge smartphones. Nokia even previously teamed up with a fashion designer to make a similar pair of pants with a wireless charger, but the jeans have yet to go on sale.

The #Hello jean is currently available for pre-order but won’t ship until later this month.