Is U.S. Ready For War Against Russia?

Is U.S. Ready For War Against Russia?
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While a report indicates that Moscow is preparing for a war against Washington, the U.S. military has done a check-up of its capabilities to wage a sustained battle against Russia. And well, the results of the check-up don’t bode well for America.

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The U.S. has conducted a number of secret military drills over the summer, the result of which left defense officials and military forces worried that the county is not prepared for a sustained war against Russia, according to two defense officials.

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In particular, the U.S. military attributes its unpreparedness to wage a war against Russia to the 15 years of counter terrorism warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan. The wars have depleted U.S. forces’ ability to maintain logistics and troops levels in case Russian President Vladimir Putin orders its forces to attack a NATO ally, the officials noted.

“Could we probably beat the Russians today [in a sustained battle]? Sure, but it would take everything we had,” one defense official told The Daily Beast. “What we are saying is that we are not as ready as we want to be.”

A secret exercises under the codename ‘TTX’ (tabletop exercise) revealed that the counter terrorism warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan brought down the U.S. forces’ ability to maintain a fight, according to the officials.

Is U.S. capable to respond to Russia’s military attacks?

There has been an increasing number of top U.S. military officials calling Russia an ‘existential’ and the biggest threat to the U.S.

However, “[U.S. President Barack] Obama has failed to give a firm answer to Putin. He would rather let Europe tremble with fear, while the American economy doesn’t suffer from Russian counter-sanctions,” Ivan Nikiforov, Russian military expert, told ValueWalk. “While the George W. Bush administration needed to go to war to raise the prestige of the government, Obama dismisses a war against Russia as untimely.”

“With such an uncertain attitude toward Russia, the U.S. risks to find itself in a situation where it would have to decide to help or not to help its NATO allies in case of an invasion by Mr Putin. The main reason why Russian President would invade a NATO member is to see how the U.S. responds,” Nikiforov said.

But does the U.S. have what it takes to give a robust and powerful response? Not all officials in the Pentagon agree that it does, but what everyone agrees on is that Russia has nearly 4,000 nuclear weapons, the world’s third largest military budget and Putin, who is notorious for his unpredictability and growing appetite for gaining more territories.

What are U.S. aircraft and nuclear problems?

And while it’s not all that catastrophically bad with the U.S. military, problems exist – and there are many of them. For example, in case of a sudden military attack from Russia on American soil, the U.S. military wouldn’t have much time to withdraw its best-trained fighter pilots from other conflict zones to counter the attack.

Besides, there is a severe problem with maintenance abilities of U.S. fighter jets. The same thing goes for surveillance drones – they would have to be drawn from other parts of the world.

And the thing is that the U.S. cannot even draw its jets, drones and other advanced military equipment from other conflict zones to prepare for a possible Russian invasion, as the U.S. would risk losing its dominant positions in those conflict zones.

“Against an adversary like Russia, we can’t take the kind of air dominance we’ve had in conflicts since 9/11 for granted,” a defense official told The Daily Beast. “Any conflict of significant magnitude against an adversary like Russia means we’d need to commit airmen and resources that are now operating in other parts of the world at a rate that minimizes their ability to train for that kind of fight.”

He also added that while the U.S. would be able to provide the airpower sufficient to prevail in air, the current state of U.S. air forces “definitely doesn’t make that a sure bet.”

As for the nuclear capabilities of the U.S., it’s not that premium-class either. In the book titled ‘Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety’, American historian Eric Schlosser wrote that U.S. main nuclear bomber has not been replaced nor modernized since the ‘60s, while the main land-based missile, which is still in the nuclear arsenal today, should have been replaced in the early ‘80s.

Army Gen tells the truth about the state of U.S. military

The outgoing Chief of Staff of the Army, Army Gen Raymond Odierno, has recently told the media that NATO’s recent military drills conducted in Europe revealed many challenges in case NATO would have to respond to Russia’s aggression with military means.

“One of the thing we learned is the logistical challenges we have in Eastern Europe. For example, Eastern Europe has a different gauge railroad than Western Europe [where U.S. has traditionally trained] does so moving supplies is a more difficult. So we are learning great lessons like that,” Odierno said at his last briefing.

Odierno also warned that only a third of U.S. army brigades are capable to sustain a military conflict against Russia. He added that he does not believe the government will be able to increase those numbers to at least 60 percent for the next few years.

According to U.S. officials, the number of U.S. troops deployed to Europe is around 31,000 with some extra troops that have been deployed after Russia had invaded Ukraine.

As a comparison, during the coldest period of the Cold War, there were nearly 250,000 U.S. troops stationed in Europe.

Odierno also said it’s “dangerous” if the Congress enacts the across-the-board budget cuts, which would decrease the number of U.S. soldiers from 450,000 to 420,000, making it the smallest U.S. ground force since the end of World War 2.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Continue drinking and eating your brainwashed, blind, naive notions and thoughts that the government would never turn on its own citizenry.

    Unless, of course, you’re only a dis and misinformation agent, and, new world order provocateur and supporter and promoter.

    You’re a blind, brainwashed, naive, obedient, new world order little pawn, aren’t you, Andy?!

    That being the case, how dare you fly the American Flag as your profile pick, you traitor and Oath Breaker.

    You know the punishment for TREASON.

    TOO MANY have broken their Oath, and, are traitors.

    I have you pinned down VERY good, don’t I?!

  2. this is garbage, one US sub has enough nuclear missiles to destroy all of russia. We have 60 of them btw, and the b2 stealth bomber is not old like russias old junk bombers. Polina, you are spreading lies and propaganda, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. I guess they send you a weapons count every month ? WMD’s… You must be Don ” Bush “….. Keep a lookin, by got they gota be there . Hump.

  4. “Putin, who is notorious for his unpredictability and growing appetite for gaining more territories.. .”

    Tikhonova, the amazing brainless parrot has memorized the morning NATO spin doctor report! the reality is, Putin merely preempted a possible and eventual NATO take over of Crimea. Wouldn’t the US do the same if Mexico turned Russian Client state and was planning to annex Puerto Rico?

  5. “The main reason why Russian President would invade a Nato member is to see how the US would respond..”

    Sometimes I wonder if writers like Tikhonova are all there mentally. This ridiculous comment could not have come from a sane, mentally balanced person. Why, for God’s sake, would Putin risk a major conflagration with the US and her Nato alliance just to ” see how the US would respond”? This unbelievably stupid writer must have compiled this incomprehensible article while sitting on her toilet for morning ablutions ..Can’t we have at least a few serious writers on this site?

  6. War is destruction, only the innocence suffer, many dead, weeping, for what, just because few people decide the fate of whole the world. Believe god, Believe in Peace, Believe that every human being has the right to live.

  7. you may not want to talk Nukes but thats damn well what they are gonna hit us with MORON , and those are aircraft i posted about and Boria class subs , that carry 24 ballistic sub launched missiles

  8. you idiot what i stated above were air craft you moron , Boria class subs , submarines they don’t carry conventional weapons and that will be what they hit us with , NUKES

  9. Polina should know that America has the experience and Technology to win just any war! Few nations have the combat experience America has……

  10. An incredibly foolish article. The idea of Russia invading the US is as stupid as the idea of the US invading Russia. I am all for keeping a strong military but this kind of inept article is an insult.

  11. Withdrawll all but 10 % of security training forces.Broker a deal between former British controlled Arab sates to ask Britain to come in again.Rebuild and re-stock American divisions and operation forces.

  12. Paranoia! The only way to characterize the speech of American generals and politicians. Do not remember what someone serious and responsible similar people in the leadership of Russia talked seriously about the war with anyone.
    Certainly this is the rhetoric of the American generals and politicians relapse of the cold war! One question, Why do we need this war in the modern world? Only the generals and politicians

  13. This is Russia controlling their media. Like this chick writing she’s probably held at gun point while she is writing this. Who knows I will bet my marbles that Polina Tikhonova was a Russian mail-ordered bride in the US and she got deported now she’s pissed. Isn’t that right Polina-I’ll buy you for a buck if that’s what it takes for you to stop writing mad-stuff. Hey Hey….

  14. That is probably a true statement. Lol. I used to live in northern virginia with all of the wealthy, whiney crybabies! The way they live is absurd.

  15. The more i read about Russia’s war againdt Germany in tge second world war…and the hiding they got, tge casualties, the torelance with which tgey faced that grim and mortal adversary, the more i doubt the willingness of US to engage in a similar war of attrition. We are talking years of deprivation, millions of casualties here people.

  16. About 55 years, I know. I used to work on research on them on the Mojave Desert.

    Yes, we carpet bombed Cambodia and Laos, a couple of fourth rate nations. Even that, we lost 17 B-52s to surface to air missiles. China and Russia are no fourth rate nations. They have surface-to-air, air-to-air, plus much much bigger ones,…

    I think at the rate we are going, we will see these stuffs in action soon. B-52s are way too slow for today’s warfare. China is way ahead of us in this area. They have WU-14s at mach 10. And in a few years, they will have much more devastating weapons. They are NOT slowing their weapon development, either.

  17. No, we didn’t defeat Afghanistan, and we didn’t defeat Iraq. It’s a new kind of war. Saddam Hussein ordered his military to hide. The militia we fought against in Iraq were angry young men who fought against our invasion, and Shiite militia with no connection to Saddam Hussein. Today’s ISIS is yesterday’s Saddam Hussein’s army. The men in command of ISIS are Saddam Hussein’s officer corp. That is why ISIS is so successful.

    Of course, Afghans were free when Alexander the Great invaded, and could not contain. Russia can’t do it either. America had the same experience. Afghans would rather grow poppies, and sell opium to live freely than be subjected to Western inhumanity.

  18. Dude… Surface to air missiles have been around for a long time, and that’s never stopped us from carpet bombing anyone. That’s why they send in electronic warfare planes to disrupt radar, then strike eagles to take out the SAM’s, then the bombers to hit the strategic targets. You don’t just send the bombers in first.

  19. Its official Don is a complete idiot with no knowledge whatsoever. OMG USA nukes might be the biggest but there is enough of them to destroy all of Russia and cover it in fallout for many years. Cant believe this fools thinks they will still be able to produce farms with oxen. wow what a delusional fool.

  20. What war with Russia . This not 1950’s,1960 0r 1970. No ground war with U S ,stupid war weenies . Will be nuke war ,EU will be gone . Russia and the U S will be gone. How many of the 8, 000 nuke missiles can we shoot down from Russia and how many U S missiles can Russia shoot down.Let say 80% shot down ,that leaves 4,000 missiles got thru .2000,Russian 2000 US. That is enough to poison the world with radioactivity. The mutants will live .So stop with stupid B S ,war with Russia . Get a life get a real job.

  21. Who cares how big there nukes are. You almost talk like just because theirs are bigger that its makes the US ones non effective. Does not matter its not like Russia would send two big ones and we send one small one. Hell there be enough sent by both sides to finish both countries off numerous times and neither country can shoot them all out of the air.

  22. Hmm a Russian journalist writing about how America would perform. Too funny, Both countries would suffer greatly fighting against each other. Oh and for you troll pigs out there chanting death to America. Go for it. IF Europe and especially America are taken out which wont happen good luck with the world economy. It would take decades to even remotely start recovering. If nukes are involved well then everybody can kiss their butts goodbye. Don’t give me this first strike BS because each side will get enough nukes off to finish off both countries numerous times.

  23. The Soviet victory at Stalingrad was the turning point in Europe but the US victory at Midway was the turning point in the Pacific. It was mainly the Soviets who defeated Germany but mainly the US who defeated Japan.

  24. Yes, because Putin is pushing the DPR line. :P

    He took back the illegally-held-by-Ukraine-since-SSR Crimea, and everyone thinks Russia is headed for Berlin.

  25. I wouldn’t even call her a writer. I mean this with no offense, but majority of her articles are written in a manner that seems immature, and un-factual.

  26. Dennis, you can’t point at harsh weather every time Russians won the war. Turks, Poles, French, German, Sweeds, etc. they all had it in Russia. Weather is just an element here, not the pivot point. Today’s Russian conventional military capabilities are far outmatch everything they had in last two decades. No country in Europe, or even all European countries combined are match to Russians – that’s a fact ignored only by fools.

  27. As soon as Putin acts, we need to react, and he will hold back. China and Russia di that in the past. If we show the sign of fear, they will keep moving forward. What we are doing now is good, but both political parties have to stop blaming and accusing each other

  28. Everyone listens, you guys need to see who ever wrote this article is a warmonger or not able to analyze and comprehend the facts on the ground of our present world. Russia is not seeking any war with the USA and Putin is not an evil man like this article claimed. Russia has no need for new territory this can be seen clearly during the war with Georgia. Russia is seeking his interest as a powerful nation that is it. USA foreign policies are a disaster to the world economy and the world harmony as a whole. We need balance in everything we do and I think in the world affairs today we have lost this balance, proof of this can be seen in the no reason wars conducted by the USA. The aggression on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria make us american citizens unsafe in most part of the world today. We need a new plan, new policy in place to see the world as it is not as how we think it was many years past . Russia is no threat to the USA nor is China. The secret of change is to focus all of our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. The USA has yet to do so. We have spent a lot of our energy on fighting the old. Our army forces have been engaged in a lot of conflict since i have been born and we claimed to be in peace time, really; have we ever been at peace?, I cannot believe such nonsense. We are always at war with another nation rather cold or hot and rather boots on the ground or not, special forces mission here and there or not we are always at war. I want peace, real peace for this Nation. So that we can focus all our energy on building our family, our educational system, our economy and rebuild this country. Thus, so we can become the USA our forefathers wanted us to be. USA wake up and see the truth, everyone cannot be an enemy if it is so then what that says about our nation of today.

  29. For your information, the United States did defeat Iraq and Afghanistan (their standing army/forces). Saddam was overthrown in 3 weeks and went into hiding for several years before being captured. Afghanistan, the Taliban were defeated and fled into the mountains. What failed was the occupation and willingness to try to change people who do not want to change.

    I agree that Russia is not any of those third world countries, but if I recall, Russia also had issues with Afghanistan in the 1980’s. They tried, they failed. Just like the US, too bad the government didn’t learn from Russia’s mistake.

  30. In the Military, There is always what they called ” TOP SECRET”. And of course they don’t give this information to the media.

  31. Sorry buckterp, but it really was 98%, go on Google, they have a lot information about the Crimea referendum. There were several hundreds Western observers in the time of referendum, they proved it and it’s very well documented in all Western media.

  32. She is not Russian, she represents the Ukrainian propaganda who wants to put the US and Russia on the edge of WW3. I hope it will never happened, the US and Russian Administration aren’t so stupid to fight each to other.

  33. You are dirty and sick person. Only you in this correspondence allow to use the dirty, vulgar language. This is the face of new Ukrainian nation.

  34. No matter what the press says and the general’s behind our military, The united states would kick the crap out of Russia it may take some time but there is no way they can win unless there is nuclear bombs planted across the United States, And we all know that we just let about anyone here in the US, They may have a nuclear bomb panted in every major city across our great nation. Set one off and then hold us hostage as we did in Japan surrender or we will drop another nuclear bomb. Putin you could have been a hero and now just a zero, You could have united the world instead you are nothing but a piece of crap.

  35. What is insane is that we think we can attack Russia without consequences. No, Russia and Russians do not think they can win. They think they can survive as a nation, although most individuals will not. We think we can win.

  36. if only each nations focused on nation development and nation building without anything and not even a word of war in the mind, surely these big nations help small nations building hopes. Stop the war please. Writers: please be responsible, avoid igniting war.

  37. The US entered to WW2 and opened the 2-nd front only in 1944, when Russians get Nazis away from Russia and Poland and almost entered Germany. US & UK helped Russia mostly with war supplies, including food, steel, machinery, etc.

  38. And who told you someone living on the penny for trolling is an educated person? All it takes for the job is spreading the nonsense they’re told to in the media.

  39. Could you tell exactly – who killed the Kremlin cold blooded killer? Did he killed 350,000 Japanese? Or 200,000 Vietnamese? Or 150,000 Iraqies?

  40. Polina, is a writer, and has credentials to prove it . She is however not an expert in the readiness and capabilities of the United States armed forces.

  41. Yeah Chris, Trying to find anything remotely intelligent to read on the internet is a rare find. They’ll hire anyone who will work for nothing, just like everywhere in Amerca. Yesterday I could not spel Journalzt, now I Is one…….

  42. For this moment, US is not ready for war against Russia but within 5 to 10 years, it is possible that US is capable to conduct war since it will have very distractions.

  43. Sorry, but your entire rant is just wrong..The US has the most advance nuke defense program in the world and besides the fact that we have more allies with Nukes Isreal, Pakistan, and the few we hid in S. Korea…that will help take out Russia and China and we know for a fact we will have to deal with N Korea aka WWIII…The fact that we have more allies and better defense will be the difference in war involving nukes

  44. You do realize that your evidence that the U.S. Navy lied in their report about the Su-24 Black Sea incident is an article written by state run Rossíyskaya Gazeta, don’t you RETKGB? No agenda there huh? Next time you want to spout what you believe are facts, make sure you know your sources.

  45. The Chinese people are ignorant and uneducated. They can be easily misled. That is why I said no election in China. They can be bought easily.

  46. ?? So Napoleon and Hitler also thought “Is U.S. Ready For War Against Russia?” Way to express a complete, coherent thought there vlad.

  47. This article is built on bad or poorly researched information, for instance the U.S. is going to unveil it’s new stealth bomber this year. I won’t even go into the fact that the B-2 is a bomber designed after 1960 or how misleading calling a B-52 a 60’s bomber is with all the systems upgrades. However, I guess that’s what I should expect when this subject is critiqued by someone named Tikhonova.

  48. Yeah, she specializes in anti-Russian yellow journalism. She’s a Russian-educated, Russian, Ukrainian, English speaking Ukrainian. Part of the “Hearts and Minds” propaganda crew.

  49. An attack on a NATO Ally, then the US would not have to fight Russia alone.
    Germany vold attack, zem, unt, Der Wehrmacht, vold make Knackwurst, out of zem.

  50. Aaron Are you an idiot. Check it out the Russians spend 80b and we spend 560b. That’s 7 times you moron. We spend more then the next 13 countries combined. The premise of my comment was how can they possibly pose a threat and if in fact they do what the hell are we getting for all that money. You moron if you can’t reply intelligently to a comment then stay the hell out of my conversations.

  51. Joe. The Russians defeated the Germans because of hitlers arrogance. Today’s war capabities won’t be determined by weather as has been the case before. Russian military capabities beyond nuclear are just short of a joke.

  52. Polina’s yet another fear-mongering article about Russia. No, the US is NOT ready. Do what Mr. Turtle does, kids! Duck and cover!

  53. Tough call. Russia has a bunch of boomers and a ton of birds. Not to mention that Putin left the sandbox a long time ago, he dont play games.

  54. I joined when I was 18. Young and dumb. Took me a while to see the full reality but now that I do I proudly express my beliefs. America is a sham and its military is full of sheep who have been herded by the shephard to do their dirty work.

  55. The people aren’t evil at all. The people here are like most people in every country on Earth. We care about our children, our well being, and everything else normal people care about.

  56. If you ask the people, I suspect few would want war. So who is it that leads us into war? If those in government who so easily decide we go to war had children on the front lines, would they be so quick to fight?

  57. I don’t find it all that noble to shoot down a commercial airliner, then deny it, send troops to invade another country (Ukraine), then deny it, completely take another’s territory, then deny it…and then burn all it’s food for political reasons while people(Russians) are starving. I personally know a few Russians that moved to the US a few years ago, they said they hated Russia, which is why they left.

  58. Where are you getting your information? Not everybody in the US lives in a city you know. Many, especially outside the cities, still have horses, old farm machines, plows, etc. Many of us live well without relying on the city or government. We’ll be no better or worst off than Russia if SHTF.

  59. IMHO, The mentality of these people does, and should, come into question when they make comments such as “While the George W. Bush administration needed to go to war to raise the prestige of the government, Obama dismisses a war against Russia as untimely.” Really? They seem to have no problem with GWB’s “need” (?) to lead the nation into an unjust and illegal war that has had an enormous cost in treasure and blood, so as to “raise the prestige of the government”, just that Mr Obama sees a war with the Russians as “untimely”?

  60. Your Russian is showing (?? ?????). America has farmers too, lots of them, maybe more. Sure, people in the city would rough it, but this would happen anywhere. Not all Americans are soft, try some that live far away from the cities, who produce their own food, water, etc. There are more like this than you think, media only focuses on the larger cities, but people on the outside who don’t rely on Government, will likely be just fine.

  61. Congratulations Don you have provided the only intelligent comment on this read. Any sort of conflict would set off all these idiots and doom is the result.

  62. Oddly enough, the US is also not prepared to handle a tsunami in Kansas or polar bear attacks in Florida and either is more likely than a war with Russia. Where does value walk find these delusional alarmists?

  63. Another troll like you paid enough to afford a meal today because of verbal aggression. Because of poverty or you being a terrorist you masturbate yourself and get aroused and have a sexual climax over your freedom to threaten people by provoking war. You are a cyber coward that hides behind your PC in cyber space and make verbal threats to the entire world. No one wins in a war a**hole. Millions will die. instead of using a bogus name if you got balls tell us who you are and what evil country or god you represent.

  64. You’re an idiot. There are plenty of us in the US that are not like that, and tell me what countries’ peoples are not brainwashed to some degree? I have lived in 4 countries, so tell me, please.

  65. There is NO need for “WAR” per se! This guy is out of the World events? Many types of hostile action exists right now..considered “WAR”. What TYPE of war is he talking about? He wants 250K soldiers back to Europe so we can face 250K Russians? Why down we go back to Gettysburg and just line up and start shooting each other??

  66. Question here is Not USA ready for War against Russia the Question is Who dumb Person who Wrote this article The person who wrote this article is provoking War wants war so badly Of Cousre USA ready but will no fight against Russia because USA knows whats in stake here war will no happen one way or other Two Countries no stupid to fighting each other

  67. Oh!!! Americans are brainwashed from birth to death.
    Americans are pawns, puppets, clowns, and jokers,
    over-rated, overpaid, oversexed and over there!!!!

  68. No, the B-52s have no place in today’s war. Russia and China have too many air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. The B-52s wouldn’t stand a chance against their missiles.

  69. No need to attack. Russia and China will sit on the sideline and watch us catch gnat flies around the world and waste our energy away.

  70. COMPLETELY ridiculous article! This writer definitely has an anti-Russian/Putin agenda even though she graduated from a Russian university. I suspect she is Ukrainian due to the fact she is fluent in the language, so that probably explains the slant.

    Regardless, it is ludicrous to assume that Putin would want to “invade” NATO for any reason, or the US which the author laughably asserts. Russian moves in Ukraine were reactive measures against the covert actions by EU and US entities to secure a proxy on Russia’s southwestern border, which would deny Russia the use of the Black Sea ports. Putin couldn’t let that happen for Russia’s national security, plain and simple. Russia does not have the logistical means or political interest in meaningless military conquest. To use the recent Ukraine conflict as an example of “Russian aggression” is to be ignorant of the long and complex interconnected history of the Russian and Ukrainian people, who some say are not separate people at all.

  71. COMPLETELY ridiculous article! This writer definitely has an anti-Russian/Putin agenda even though she graduated from a Russian university. I suspect she is Ukrainian due to the fact she is fluent in the language, so that probably explains the slant.

    Regardless, it is ludicrous to assume that Putin would want to “invade” NATO for any reason, or the US which the author laughably asserts. Russian moves in Ukraine were reactive measures against the covert actions by EU and US entities to secure a proxy on Russia’s southwestern border, which would deny Russia the use of the Black Sea ports. Putin couldn’t let that happen for Russia’s national security, plain and simple. Russia does not have the logistical means or political interest in meaningless military conquest. To use the recent Ukraine conflict as an example of “Russian aggression” is to be ignorant of the long and complex interconnected history of the Russian and Ukrainian people, who some say are not separate people at all.

  72. A war between Russia and USA means chances are the survivors if any will need find another Planet to live on. Anyone who believes the world will be better place lives in fantasyland.

    The World:
    ” It has been, literally, the most blood thirsty, brutalizing system ever imposed on this planet. That is not civilization. That’s the great lie – is that it represents civilization. That’s the great lie. Or if it does represent civilization, and that’s truly what civilization is, then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.”

  73. They need the oil and natural gas that is there. They need to ship most of what they import through there. Why is it that everyone who doesn’t have a wet dream every night about blowing Obama calles everyone who disagrees with them a troll? Am I not entitled to an opinion if it disagrees with yours. Pervert!

  74. Unfortunately we would turn on each other also. If the power went off and the police went home to protect their families we would have a full scale race war in 2 days. No way martial law could be in place fast enough to stop it, and probably the military would also go home to protect their families.

  75. I DON’T think anyone Truly knows just how Hideous a WORLD WAR using Nuclear Weapons would be. It won’t be a video game; and IT WILL NOT be a self contained CIA political war like Vietnam was. It WILL be COMPLETE and THOROUGH Destruction for the United States as a society and nation. ( Im looking at this scenario through American eyes ) Infastructure: GONE. Travel : GONE. Food : GONE Shelter For Millions: GONE Medical Infastructure: GONE. IF you survive the Initial Blasts from Multiple Nuclear Explosions; and IF you survive the Radiation Fallout from those explosions; where do you get the Food; from a country destroyed that runs on a Just In Time System?

  76. The US has been fighting 3rd world countries for a long time, like fighting your sister and now you think taking on gang members is a good idea. First off a big thing for the military is bombing. Russian air defenses are no push over. US/NATO pilots will be worried if their next flight will be their last. Also the airfield they will be taking off from will be under attack.

    “America has been exercising for a decade or more.” Against countries who have no air forces, no Navy, no cruise missiles, no satellites, no ammo that can shoot through NATO vests. It’s going to blow minds when 2 or 3 NATO jets are blown out of the sky a day. Check this out, this is the difference between fighting the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS:

    “As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device
    disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information
    transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the
    all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up – or about to be – with
    the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down,
    as turning off the TV set with the remote control.”

  77. Russia most certainly DOES NOT have “twice the number of nukes”, where the H E L L you pick that up from, S H I T H E A D…..

  78. Russia most certainly DOES NOT have “twice the number of nukes”, where the hêlll you pick that up from, Shììthêad…..

  79. Russia most certainly DOES NOT have “twice the number of nukes”, where the hëlll you pick that up from, Shìthead…..

  80. Russia most certainly DOES NOT have “twice the number of nukes”, where the hêll you pick that up from, Shìthead…..

  81. Russia most certainly DOES NOT have “twice the number of nukes”, where the hêll you pick that up from, Dùmbâss…

  82. Don, you need to back that up, buddy. You have no idea the amount of radiation that would be released. I’m surprised that an educated person would/could make such a claim.

  83. There was far more radiation from that nuclear power plant near Kiev than there would be from a full nuclear exchange. But Kiev is still a populated city and wildlife has returned to the devastated areas. True, radiation will kill many people. People will get cancer and die at age 50. This has no effect on the survival of Russia and only a small effect of the US population.

  84. I don’t think anyone would believe USA is not ready for war..all they have to do is look back and they’ll know that war is all America do… exercise is participating in real war, America has been exercising for a decade or more….talking about hardened warriors, that’s America for you and I hope no one dares try ’cause you are in for a rude awakening !

  85. You are an idiot. Russia has twice the number of nukes that we do and theirs are larger. Proxy wars have a way of getting out of control.

  86. Sorry, but neither Russia nor China are our natural enemies. If we would butt out of the Ukraine, we would stop scaring the crap out of Putin and Russia. If we would let China develop the South China Sea and secure the sea lanes they need to survive, they would not be our enemies either.

  87. Because the damage from a nuclear explosion covers only a limited area. Even a very large nuclear explosion would only destroy a 30 mile radius. Take a map of Russia and the USA and cover it with 500 30 mile radius pseudo explosions. You will see that a very substantial part of the Eastern USA would be destroyed. Moscow and a few other major cities would be destroyed. But there would be parts of the USA in the Rockies and Alaska that would be unaffected and the vast majority of Siberia would be unaffected. Keep in mind that any nuclear exchange with Russia would also affect China and half of our arsenal would have to be spent on China. Probably only 20% of the Russian population would die, and perhaps 50% of the Chinese. But we take not only the Russian nukes but the Chinese as well. And we are a much smaller nation, area-wise. Probably between 50-70% of the US population would be dead in 2 days.

    Russia can survive without its cities. Farmers would plow the land using oxen or horses. They would heat their homes with wood. They would also have 12 kids per family and the population would recover in 50 years.

    The US cannot use similar survival techniques. Farmers do not have draft horses and no one remembers how to plow with oxen. There are no old fashioned farm machines, single bottom walking plows, for example. We are not a rural population anymore. In the USA a small city of 30,000 would not be nuked but almost all 30,000 of those people would be dead within a year because they cannot subsistence farm as Russians could. In Russia a similar city of 30,000 would have problems, and perhaps a few thousand of the elderly would die. But the great majority would still be alive a year later.

    Finally, what do you think those people in that USA city of 30,000 would do? They have no food. Their homes have no electricity and no heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. They will leave and go into the rural areas and kill most of the people in the rural areas before they are all killed by the rural people. We will have a race war to top it off. So if 30% of the US population survives the nuclear exchange, only 5% will still be alive a year later, mainly because we have killed each other.

  88. And you think the US is just sitting there and not monitoring Russia…you must be crazy to think that and what about the bases the US has all over the world,they would hit Russia from just about anywhere and the US still has better and more powerful weapons than Russia! Nuclear is all Putin has to brag about ,he knows he can’t win a conventional war against the US but doubt he will use any as he is all talk. He launches you better believe the US will hit back… and harder !!!

  89. Russia and China know they could not prevail against a vastly superior US Military. Such a conflict would not happen…we will continue seeing smaller regional conflicts fought mainly by proxy.

  90. No, Zack, you are NOT. Your previous posts are highly critical of our military, so for you to be a member of said military would be…even too stupid for YOU.

  91. You are atypical hypocrite american. You retarded are always talking about peace and freedom and democracy and yet you have enemies everywhere!!! The United States and your lapdogs the british are the real AXIS OF EVIL!!!!

  92. I agree man, the main stream media is backing the sorry azz Obama administration…. They don’t want history to show the first black president Obama was the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States of America, the media is allowing our country to be distroyed, but guess what…..their kids and grandkids will suffer from this, and if I was president I would prosecute all media stations that lied and not told the American people the truth about what is going on…..damn look at hillery clinton best example, clear as the damn sky is blue, she is a crook,,,,, whiped cleaned her server, deleted emails….omg, you would have to be from Mars to believe she is a honest and trustworthy person….if that thing ever became president, friends our country is gone….Russia will invade, and China, and Isis ,God knows who else….

  93. Zack, I can certainly understand why YOU would have a problem with authority and censorship, as you have such great freedom in Russ…oops…never mind

  94. Do not compare US misplaced invasions of Vietnam and Middle East with a righteous war that America will fight if Russia invades US or US ally.

  95. The myth that Russians are noble and generous people who love the stranger is not supported by the facts on Russian streets. Even during Stalin, Russian streets were run by brutal gangs.

  96. The solution for US military is blatantly simple: end Iraq, Afghanistan and ISIS wars now. Let the shia-sunni Islamo-savages slaughter each other if they want. US has only two key strategic opponents: Russia and China. And if Iran creates problems – wack them hard.

  97. ?? ????? Except that Russia and Russians can survive a nuclear exchange. We can’t. Not because of the nuclear damage which is overestimated, but because we are a fragile society and the survivors would kill each other fighting over scraps of food.

  98. I think this country is just a bit sick of war right now..Christ ..12yrs into Iraq and Afghanistan. And the media trying to get us into another war..

  99. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein

  100. LOL, um, TEN YEARS to secure Baghdad? 3 BILLION in air conditioning, $175,000 worth of X Boxes, $23 BILLION left laying on the ground. If the United States Volunteers want to get their asses thoroughly kicked, then start messing with Russia but until then I suggest you go back to the trailer parks you all volunteered from.

  101. Never said they weren’t old. They are much older than the pilots flying them today. Useless? No. Stop thinking Iraq, street fighting, and start thinking global armed conflict, and a potential land war with Russia. Strategic bombing still has a place in both conventional and nuclear warfare.

  102. Why would the U.S. be ready for war with Russia?
    And why we Russians should be ready for war with the U.S.?
    Yeah…we are all ready for nuclear war.
    All the discussions about a possibility of conventional war are senseless.
    Any direct RU-US confrontation will almost instantly evolve into WW3.
    I strongly believe that discussing this sick scenario moves us closer to mutual destruction.

  103. Every time the wind blows I hear a different comment on this. One day the Media says it is, the next day it isn’t ….if someone farts a comment they post it..on our readiness. Truth be…if we are not, then we should really fire someone for not being ready. ….and get Trump in office immediately… now!

  104. Every time the wind blows I heard a different comment on this. One day the Media says it is, the next day it isn’t ….if someone farts a comment they post it..on our readiness. Truth be…if we are not, the we should really hand someone for not being ready. ….and get Trump in office immediately… now!

  105. What have you come up with apart from mindless and obedient repetition of Uncle Sam’s servile media’s propaganda and whatever that gibberish is?

  106. It seems Uncle Sam is leaning on the American media outlets. Have you noticed how Yahoo! and Google “news” are all from the same servile sources these days. If they don’t kowtow to Uncle Sam and the Saudis, they don’t appear.

  107. You can always tell the brain washed Mercans by their reliance on mindless repetition of talking points and catch phrases. It would be easy to write software to filter you out since you mindlessly repeat the same script.

  108. You mean the spirit that caused the US to lose every war it has fought in since the Korean War (except against the mighty militaries of Panama and Grenada) despite outspending the rest of the world on the military? The US won in WW 2 because the troops had something to fight and die for. Today, they have the war profiteers, neocon chicken hawks and servile media.

  109. The American MSM is like the Ministry of Truth in Geroge Orwell’s “1984”. Along with Hollywood, its goal is to dumb the population down. I remember after 9-11, they came out with the baby-talk that it was because of Americans’ “wealth and freedom”, like it had nothing to do with Clinton’s starving over half a million Arab children to death.

  110. Exactly. The most evil country on this Earth is America. Not so much the people, but the government that controls them. Sad reality.

  111. You could also mention Clinton’s starving over half a million Iraq preschoolers to death for political reasons. (If that’s not terrorism, what is.) Albright did not deny it. She said it was “worth it”.

  112. You mean like the thousands of anti-Russia articles written by US authors? But it doesn’t count if America does it because…”Blah Freedom”…right?

  113. You mean like America does with all this Ferguson, Confederate flag, illegal immigration, blah blah to distract our attention away from the fact that we are 19 trillion in debt, have a failing economy, etc? And America also wants the arctic…along with Canada, Britain, Finland, etc.

    Take those glasses off.

  114. (laugh) Lisa dear, what is your real (Russian) name?…Why not use it? Pooty-Poot ADMITTED that Russia had invaded Crimea…Jesus HIMSELF could not win an election with 98% of the vote…its always funny when authoritarian governments try to have an election, because they have NO idea as to what a legitimate result should be.For example, a leader winning 70% of a vote is doing VERY well, but a leader who gets 80% or 90% is clearly stealing the election…

  115. Says who? ruSSian fascist troll paul?
    ti yge sosal xyi y putlera segodnay?
    esli net to poidi i stan v ochered . 2 pidarasa JAKE and lisa yge sosyt!

  116. ASS!
    We are NOT talking NUCLEAR weapons!!! Once they are used, we are ALL finished!! Are you SOOOO stupid that you don’t realize this?

  117. ONE country has paid Internet trolls doing nothing but posting propaganda…
    ONE country is the LEAST trusted in the world…
    ONE nation is the least popular…
    ONE nation burns food on tv because it thinks it makes them tough (whole world LAUGHS at you!)
    ONE nation had ALL its friends leave it to join NATO as soon as they could
    ONE nation spent FIVE times what it should’ve cost to put on a Winter Olympics, due to corruption
    ONE nation wants to remind the world of its nuclear weapons (as if we could ever forget?)
    ONE nation embarrassed itself by creating a fake “conversation” among “CIA agents” about the downed airliner
    ONE nation doesn’t realize it is GAME OVER in 50 years once the oil/gas run out
    ONE nation claims it is a “superpower”, yet has almost NO modern roads, and is afraid of its own citizens


  118. Bam Bam Bam!, Punch line : “Since the wars begins in the minds of men, it is the minds of men that peace must be constructed.”UNSECO constitution.

  119. They tested their nuclear armed planes coming closer to U.S. Now they need a reason to go to war and U.S. is creating a reason for them.

  120. Washington, D.C.
    POTUS and his cabinet, and Congress.
    Vietnam War
    The mess in the Middle East.
    South China Sea.
    more on the way.

  121. If they drop a nuclear with nuclear arm planes, you will not have enough time to even pee before everything is wiped out with fire.

  122. Crimea is independent republic, it had a referendum and 98% of people voted to join Russia, nobody invaded them, you seems to watch to much propaganda

  123. Russia has already tested their capabilities coming ~200 miles away from Alaska, closer to U.S.. Now, they have probably tested going to NY as well without anybody knowing travel across north pole. U.S. needs to know when the car turns what tree that it eats.

  124. B-52s are old, obsolete, and slow. No match for air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. Bombers are WWII weapon, useless in today’s war.

  125. War is always kill the poor, not the rich. Because of they are poor, because of they are weak, because of they have to depend on the order of authority, they die first fighting. They commit sinful actions.

  126. Oh!!!! come on!!!! face reality!!!!
    We cannot defeat Vietnam.
    We cannot defeat Afghanistan!!!
    We cannot defeat Iraq!!!!!
    We have not completely swept away all the fires we started around the world.
    And we have planted seeds for more fires in Ukraine and the South China Sea.
    And now, you’re talking about defeating Russia?????
    Russia is NOT Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq!!!!!
    I think we’ll be lucky if we get out of a war against Russia and in one piece!!!!!!

  127. We forget that the US, Russia and China were allies in WW2 against Germany and Japan. Nobody will win, war with them is a bad idea for all.

  128. The US has the weakest Leadership in the history of this country and Russia/China know it. They will attack before the Obamanation leaves office. Obama is trying very very hard to wreck this Country before he leaves and our Legislative Bodies plus the MSM are giving him a Free Pass.

  129. the united states better keep a jauniced eye on the kremlin because the cold blooded killer who stays there is the one and only person on the planet who has his eye on starting world war three

  130. 1. bases are for the most part in NATO territory
    2. russia has invaded Georgia and Ukraine are those not 2 countries
    3. at least were helping (if only slightly) vs terrorists
    4. yes we help secure freedom of navigation does Russia or china the other “superpowers”
    5. i like how if the people want a more democratic gov it is US puppet that caused a coup however when Russia sends troops to secure a referendum in Crimea it was completely legit
    6. we support freedom fighters that shitty countries like Russia or Syria call terrorists
    7. well this one i cant argue i know we only befriend them for their resources and cheap labor

  131. rah, Rah, rah, rah! Support the troops!!!!

    You went there first, invaded them, killed thousands of them, they fought back and now you get upset they fought back and killed some of you.
    And you find nothing wrong with this picture.

    As George Carlin put it; “There are some sick mfers”.

  132. Rah, rah, rah! Support the troops!!!!

    You went there first, invaded them, killed thousands of them, they fought back and now you get upset they fought back and killed some of you.
    And you find nothing wrong with this picture.

    As George Carlin put it; “There are some sick mfers”.

  133. Rah, rah, rah! Support the troops!!!!

    You went there first, invaded them, killed thousands of them, they fought back and now you get upset they fought back and killed some of you.
    And you find nothing wrong with this picture.

    As George Carlin put it; “There are some sick mfers”.

  134. Where have you been , Russia Developed the Boria class boomers , 24 missiles with 10 independently targeted war heads , with a 5000 mile range , and a brand new propulsion system the likes of a jet engine under water , in aircraft they have the TU 50 the Su 50 the new thrust vectoring Mig 29 , the su47 to name a few , all able to blow the useless piece of junk the F22 right out of the sky and renders most of our air assets extinct

  135. All propaganda and agenda of the new world order, and the global elite. In order for them to establish completely their new world order, they have to destroy the U.S. and our Constitution. That’s precisely the reason why mr. obola was “selected,” NOT elected, but, “selected” to be POTUS, because the powers that be knew he would bring the U.S. to her knees economically, morally, and militarily, faster than anyone else, and, would shred the Constitution the fastest.

    It’s ALL orchestrated, happening on purpose, by design, for the new world order.

    Research, people, research, I implore and challenge you.

    Know the REAL enemy and threat. Let’s go after the global elite, illuminati, and, the globalists.

    They’re the REAL threat and enemy to and of the world, and humanity.

    BOTH sides of major wars have been funded for centuries, until the goals of the new world order for that time were complete, and, were met.

    This will be the same case here, when the U.S. and Russia go to war with each other, which will be World War 3.

  136. The only REAL question is IF we would have the WILL to fight back. If yes, we’d clean their clock. If no, (I’m afraid this is the current answer under owebama) the answer is no.

  137. ?????? ?????, ???? ?????? ?? ????? ???????? ?????, ?? ????? ???????? ??????????????? ? ??????????? ? ???????? ????? ? ???? ?????? ? ??????????? ??????, ??? ?? ????? ??????? Subs, ??????? ????? devistate ????? ??????, ???? ??????, ?? ?? ????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ? ?? ????? ????? ????????, ????? ??? ?? 50, ?? ?? ????? ???????? Anex ???????? ????? ? ?? ????? ?????????? ??????? ? manng ???? ???????? ????, ?? ?? ????? ???????? ????????? ?????, ????? ???????? ????????????? ??????, ????? ????????? ???, ?? ? ???? ???????? ????????? ? ????? ? ?? ????, ?? ?????? ??????? ????? ???, ? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ??????, ?? ??????, ????? plundge ??? ? ?????? Nuklear, ????? ?? ???, ?????? ???, ??? ?????, ??? ???? ???????????? ????????? ???, ???? ???????? ????? ??????, ?? ??????????? ???? ??? ???????????? ???? ???????????? ?????????????, ??????????? ? ???? ?????? ? ???? ?????????? ?? ???????? ???????????? ?????? ? ????, ? ?????? ???? ????????? totting ?????????? ????? ???????? ?????? ????????? ????? ????????? ???????? ??????? penealty ??? ?????? ?????????? ?????, ????? ? ???? ????? ?? ? ????? ?????????

  138. ”Schlosser wrote that U.S. main nuclear bomber has not been replaced nor modernized since the ‘60s”… This is 100% false information. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress has undergone MULTIPLE modernizations over the years, the latest of which, the B-52H. It still flies farther, faster, and carries a heavier payload than it’s Russian prop driven counterpart, the Tupolev TU-95 ”Bear”. Russia couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

  139. The media and the powers that be know that Russians and Vladimir Putin reads these articles.This is why we are getting headlines like ”
    U.S. capable to respond to Russia’s military attacks?”…They are all
    hoping that Putin will start to believes this garbage and start a war with
    the west….Why?…


  141. One country has bases all over the world.

    One country has invaded 2 countries in the past 15 years.

    One country is actively bombing several others with drones, jets, etc.

    One country has naval ships in every part of the world thousands of miles from its shore.

    One country tried to get a puppet installed in Ukraine.

    One country financial and militarily backs more terrorists than anyone else.

    One country, while criticizing others for human rights, is best friends with the likes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, China, etc.

    Hint: It isn’t Russia.

    Wake up people. Take those red, white, and blue glasses off and see reality. USA is the aggressor here and always has been.

  142. The media and the powers that be know that Vladimir Putin reads these articles.This is why we are getting headlines like ”
    Is U.S. capable to respond to Russia’s military attacks?”…They are all hoping that Putin we start to believes this garbage and start a war with the west….Why?…

  143. “?????? – ????? ?????????, ?? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?? ???? ??????? ???????.
    ??????? ???????? ??? ?????? ?????????? ????????? ??????, ? ??????? ???? ??????? ????? ? ??? ????????? ?? ???????.
    ??? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ??????????? ? ?????? ? ??? ???? ?????? ???????? ? ??? ???? ???…”
    ?.?.????? (1882-1954) , ??????? ???????.

    Vot eto tvoya strana rysko-fashistkoe bidlo!

  144. RuSSia is a Fascist state!!!

    Putin is a Hitler of 21 century!

    FSB is a Gestapo!

    RuSSian trolls here – Gebels propaganda!

    All together its called “Russian World” or Rashism!

    The fight with Fascism,

    Communism and Rashism must never stop until they all completely destroyed!!!

  145. Russism [Rus: ??????] – variety of totalitarian, fascist ideology, symbiosis of principal doctrines of Nazism and Stalinism.

    The Russian Orthodox Church theological theory on Russians being the Chosen People serves as one of the bases of Russism.

    Russism has turned into ideology and practice of Russian authorities being based on the idea of superiority of “Russian Compatriots” and neocolonialism of soviet-imperial type as well as application of Russian Orthodoxy as moral doctrine.

    Russism uses an aggressive military and economic doctrine, an idea of preventive usage of nuclear weapons and many other instruments to archive a revenge in Cold War. Emphasis is also made on geo-economical instruments – primarily energy resources.

    Russism widely uses the propaganda myths of the `Great Patriotic War` [Rus: `??????? ????????????? ?????`] as a moral right to further violence in XXI century and denies responsibility for crimes against humanity during imperial and USSR times.

    Russism represents the mixture of imperialism, great power chauvinism, nostalgia for soviet past and religious traditionalism.

    Russism has much in common with fascist Nazism in terms of principles while speeches and politics of Putin are much similar to Hitler’s ideas.

    Russism ideology is based on illusions grounding acceptability of arbitrariness for the sake of fallaciously perceived interests of Russian society.

    Russism violates principles of international law and imposes on the world its own version of historical truth guided by perspectives and interests of Russia.

    The term has been used since 1990s, but it gained wide spread in 2008, after the Russian aggression on Georgia.

  146. With the start of fantasy football and many new shows on tv: NO…. With the threat of just one tactical nukes frying all of the electricity in the USA, no refrigeration, no computers, most cars undriveable, no electricity whatsoever: NO. And the Draft? Let’s be serious. If you won’t be dead in the nuke blast, you will be from the radiation, if not from the radiation, you will be from hunger or lack of proper shelter, it doesn’t matter how many Millions of Russians we can kill, that won’t help you when your dead.

  147. I wish the US and Russia were friends and did not have these issues. It is not very pleasant for the citizens of either country to have to worry about being disintegrated 24 hour per day by nuclear weapons. What a great way for children to grow up! It was really terrifying to me, as a young teenager, when I learned about nuclear weapons, their destructive power, and how many, both the US and Russia had at the time. There were more than 10,000 nukes owned by both sides then and I felt completely doomed and helpless as a child. This has definately had a negative psycological effect on me. If it ever happens, we better hope that we are near the epicenter of a blast and don’t survive, because life after something like this happening would be the worst possible existence you could imagine. If Russia, China, and the US were real friends, they could do so many positive things in this world together, including the elimination of world hunger, disease, and terrorism. It would have such a quick and positive effect on the whole world. We could make great progress on research, space exploration, and even lift 3rd world countries out of poverty and help them become trading partners, improving the livelihood of all people in this world. There is soo much hate in this world and leaders only seem to care about themselves and their friends that help them get into power. There is a lot of corruption on both sides and I am disappointed at the maturity of the leaders of both countries. All people in this world need to love and care about each other regardless of nationality, race or religion. I am a Christian, and this is what Jesus told us to do! Every religion that I have read about believes very similarly about caring about and loving one another. Regardless of the political positions that people take, I care about and love the Russian people just as I do all other people, as God has instructed me to do so.

    And just so eveyone knows, I am not a hippie activist. I am a former Regan era infantry soldier. (3rd US Infantry – TOG) Have a great day my friends! PEACE!

  148. its economy is run by oligarchs. Though the leader is one of the oligarchs, he fears that he will can be deposed if Western countries (as what happened in Ukraine) sponsor a regime change. The economy is shrinking. Its currency has lost more than 20% of its purchasing power in the last 8 months. It’s selling its natural resources (the patrimony of its people) for a pittance to its Asian neighbor (whose friendship is based on the non-ethics of a predatory business firm). The backlog of its defense articles acquisition (tanks, plane and ships) stretches to 8 years. It brags about a “5th gen fighter” that for the last 3 years have not yet completed its testing. The quality of its manufacturing capability has declined. Some if its planes are crashing due to lack of reliable spare parts. Against the U.S. Global Prompt Strike, its only deterrence is that it will respond (if attacked with USGPS) with a nuclear strike. It only has 6(!) early warning satellite (EWS) and of this number, only 2 are really operable.

    And this article is asking whether the US is ready for a war with “a Russia” that is currently so messed up politically, economically, and socially? Come on, are you for real??!

  149. You must get your “history” from Hollywood. General Winter would fight for the USA if the latter was attacked as well but the US govt. still outspends the rest of the world on “defense”.

  150. You clearly have all the hallmarks of those who have been brain washed by the servile American media. Using the newspeak of calling anyone who stands up to the thugs in Washington “bad guys” and assuming anyone who can think for themselves are Russian. At the end of the Cold War, the Warsaw Pact disbanded while NATO expanded eastwards in clear violation of the undertaking James Baker made with Gorbachev in return for the USSR agreeing to the reunification of Germany. This also involved NATO’s cowardly bombing campaign against Serbia, in support of the narco-terrorist KLA, Clinton’s starving over half a million Iraqi kids to death, Bush’s gratuitous invasion and occupation of Iraq and Turkey and American politicians calling for imposing “regime change” in Syria. Then NATO and Soros bankrolled the coup against the democratically elected president of Ukraine to replace him with one of their puppets. Anyone who is not brain washed can see that NATO are the aggressors.


  152. Well war with Russia will fulfill Book of Revelation prophesy- “The 7 Headed Beast or Anti-Christ will rain nuclear fire on Earth.” but I’m inclined to believe the Beast of the Bible is Obama and not Putin. Russia has a very small war with a neighbor that is full of Russian people living in Ukraine. There is no reason for Obama to turn the war in Ukeland into a world war. And the Bible suggests the Anti-Christ will be affiliated with the Revised Roman Empire aka the European Union so there is no way that Putin is the Anti-Christ- Even though the Great False Church of CBN calls it that way.

  153. Prior to WW 2, the US spent less than 2% of its GDP on the military and defeated the axis powers in 4 years. Today, it spends more than 4% of its GDP on the military and the only wars it has won since the Korean War were against Panama and Grenada. The difference is that, in WW 2, the US was fighting a defensive war. It was a war worth killing and dying for. The wars it has fought since the Korean War have been gratuitous wars of aggression to line the pockets of war profiteers and to gratify the power hungry govt. They were not worth the killing and dying. The friction with Russia is due to NATO wanting to keep the Cold War going so the NATO officials could keep their jobs. Not worth killing ad dying for.

  154. Ever since Pooty-Poot invaded Crimea (” no we didn’t”…”oh, yes we did…sorry!”) he has had a number of provocative actions in Europe, all designed to take his citizens’ attention away from the fact that Russia has squandered its resources the past 20 years on nonsense like corruption-laden World Cup & Olympics. And now, he wants most of the Arctic? Pooty-Poot is a joke!!

  155. Stop talking about War with Russia, China whomever, this is depressing can we just live in peace and talk about looking forward to retirement and enjoying ourselves with Family/ Friends here in America instead of WW3 please.

  156. Every country in the world will take sides and Russia will have plenty on their side. Groups like ISIS, Al Qaida and the Taliban will drop their own Islamic war to join one side or the other. And here’s the clincher the Ukraine may overnight end up on Russia’s side of the fence; they are after all a Russian speaking people and most of the people living in Ukraine have Russian family and friends.

  157. in the 80s,while the cold war was still very much alive,i read as a small kid with fascination of US military supremacy,where there was a doctrine of some kind by a general,is it genral zumwalt of whoever,about US having to go to and sustain 3 wars all at once.tht time i think US had more than 11 carrier battle groups,2 battleship groups n etc…but now….all was left 11 battle groups which cant even sustain 1 war in middle east region…..

  158. if we do going a real war with russia i’m afraid that china might take advantage on both countries. we all know that china is a greedy sneaky and like to take advantage of others in the dark. they had always been waiting for a chance to become the top country in the world. they will wait til both countries especially the US to become weaker after fighting w/ russia, the china will fight us from behind

  159. You should be talking about the U. S. being ready for peace with Russia.. Obviously you don’t care for your own life, but most of us have children and maybe grandchildren that we would like to see live out their lives, even if it is in this screwed-up world.

  160. And we do not want war between Europe and Russia – none of us is actually interested. Can the US please leave us in peace?

  161. ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ??? ??? ? ??????, ?????-???? ???? ?? ?????. ?? ???-?????? ??????, ??? ?? ?????-?? ???? ??????????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ????????? ???????? ? ??????????????. ? ????, ??? ??? ????????, ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ? ??????? ?????? ??? ? ????? ????? ??????????? ????????.

  162. You are right, of course. Maybe in 20 years it’ll be all drones, all the time. But right now, taking and holding land means boots and guns.

  163. Perhaps. But then again, it’s telling which country is actively taking land from others. You can wrap it up any way you like, but Russia is the bad guy in this little tale. How’s the summer in Moscow anyway?

  164. Oh really? Would you like the list of countries who have whupped the Russians in just the last few centuries? It is long and rather embarrassing. The Russians have always had the good sense to give up before their homeland got touched, and the 2 times that someone decided to go after Russia’s central territory, General Winter decided to show up. Although if the Americans ever did decide to attack (which will never happen), you better believe they’ll be bringing their coats.

  165. Wow you people are dumb. Your the very people that keep “The Enquirer” in business. Of course we are downsizing our Army, the future of warfare is unmanned vehicles and aircraft, this requires LESS Men. Duh.
    Our military budget was a record high this year, and our military is stronger than EVER.

  166. Wow your dumb, it’s called modernization moron. The future of warfare does not include men on the ground or in the air. Our defense budget was a record high this year.

  167. If you need war, then do it right now because if not, those people who trained before are already retired and need a new breed again to start all over again & again!

  168. All we need is a couple of Taliban and they will destroy Russia the same way they did in Afghanistan. Why Puto Putin want War with USA? Just let me know when WW3 start and i will stop paying my bills…..

  169. ? ??? ?????? ????? ??????? ???????? ??????????, ??? ? ????????? ?????? ????. ?????? ??????? ?? ?????????? ?????? ????????? ?? ???. ?????? ??? ?????????? ???? ??????? ????, ? ??? ????? ? ? ??????? ??????? ?????? ??????, ? ????????? ? ?????? ? ? ??????. ? ?????? ???????????? ???????? ????? ??????????? ????????? ?????? ?? ??????? ??????. ? ???? ?????? ??? ? ?????? ????????? ????????? ????????????? ? ?????? ?????????, ? ?????, ? ?????, ? ?????. ????????? ?? ????? ????????? ??? ? ?? ????????? ? ??????, ?????? ??????? ??????????? ???? ?? ??????????? ??????????? ????????????. ? ??? ????? ? ??? ????? ????????????? ??? ?????? ?? ???????????? ?????????. ?????? ?? ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ?????? ????? ??????? ???? ? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ???????????? ????????? ???. ?? ???? ????????????? ???????? ? ??????? ?????? ?? ???????? ? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????.

  170. um..ok..where to start. 1st, if we did go to war with Russia i’m fairly sure anti-terrorism operations in the middle east and harrassing the Chinese to protect Taiwan would take a VERY distant second place and those airmen would be moved to the Russia combat zone immediately. 2nd, Russia has old soviet subs but little to no truly modern navy to speak of, that would put them at a HUGE disadvantage and assure they will get stomped in anything but a purely land-locked conventional conflict. 3rd, our military as a whole is much more advanced than Russia’s even with there recent modernization efforts 4th, our fleet of super-carriers allows the United States to project force conventionally in a way Russia frankly can’t. And lastly and most importantly, were Russia to attack the US mainland directly, something even the Soviet Union was never stupid enough to realistically contemplate, the result would be global thermo-nuclear war which would render the point of the article moot because assuming anyone survived, they wouldn’t be using modern technology anymore anyway.

  171. I admire all the confidence of nut jobs who proclaim “sure, we can beat Russia”. These would be the very same people waving Russian flags in Washington when Russian troops enter our capital. Here is a news flash for you morons: Europe is home to 700+ million people. They are perfectly capable to defend themselves from 140 million Russians. GET U.S. Troops back home! They have no business on Russian border.

  172. This isa good news. If US cosiders its army weak, it will not start a new aggressive war. US generals are conscious that Russia is a big and strong country, and they will not dare to attack it, like Serbia, or Libya.

  173. I really do not understand why we would announce our weaknesses if in reality it was to provoke the other side to make a move!! I would like to believe that because we have been involved in military action in all parts of the world, under all kinds of conditions for more than a century, that we have the most modern experienced armed forces in the art of warfare.

  174. russia has the 3rd largest military budget in the world and we still spend 7 times what they spend. where is all that money going? we have fought a couple of wars and been involved in a couple of other military interventions and you tell me we aren’t capable of handling the russians. if that is the case then we need to fire some people

  175. This article is written as if Russia is closing in on NATO’s borders and not the other way around. It’s also a telling argument when you think which of the two countries has military bases all over the world and which one has none.

  176. Sorry Folks, but we’re not ready for war. We’re not trained like we were 40-50 years ago and the U.S. Military lacks self-disclipine and the motivation to get the job done. The volunteer army is a disaster. The exceptioln is, our Marines and Special Forces are trained and ready. NCO’s of the Marines and Special Foirces, are outstanding leaders, are physically fit and are highly motivated to complete the mission. On the other hand, our regular army takes too much time off, isn’t very well trained, lacks leadership, motivation and attention to detail. I can take you on almost any regular army base where support troops are stationed and find cigarette butts and trash all over the place. What kind of TRAINED army is that? We need to rebuild our army. We can do that by reinstating the military draft and by puting a boot in a few places to get results. A pampered, untrained army can be a threat to our national security.

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