iPhone 6S Camera Will Take Perfect Selfies

iPhone 6S Camera Will Take Perfect Selfies
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As Apple continues preparation for the release of the iPhone 6s, one of the largest areas of speculation remains the camera included in the device. Apple has a traditional tendency to be wary of making hardware upgrades until they are absolutely necessary, which makes rumors related to the forthcoming iPhone 6s even more intriguing.

iPhone 6S: Revolutionary tech mooted

Reports have suggested for some time that Apple has been working on some outstanding camera technology behind the scenes. Early leaks from close to the Apple supply chain indicated that Apple was working on some particularly revolutionary devices, not least a unique periscope design. It was also supported by some sources that Apple intended to release an iPhone with a professional standard DSLR snapper in the foreseeable future.

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However, speculation related to both of these suggestions has dampened down recently, with the likelihood that Apple views these developments as very much part of its long-term future. Both of these camera innovations were linked with a revolutionary iPhone 7, and it seems that the next generation iPhone will instead branded 6s, indicating that it is something of an upgrade of the existing iPhone 6.

So as speculation begins to move away from these ideas, analysts have seemingly settled on a different camera quotient. It was KGI Securities’ infamous Apple follower Ming-Chi Kuo who first suggested that Apple would increase the megapixel rating in the iPhone 6s by 50 percent. And this has since become cemented as a common theme among all Apple analysts, with 9to5Mac once again confirming this impression this week.

iPhone 6S Camera Will Take Perfect Selfies

4K video introduced

The Apple-focused publication indicates that the next iPhone from Apple will indeed possess an improved camera, and that a 12-megapixel image sensor should be expected by iPhone fans. It is also suggested that the camera in question will have the capabilities of shooting 4K video, as the new display technology continues to become increasingly prominent and mainstream.

Indeed, editor Mark Gurman, who has a pretty strong record on reporting on pre-iPhone release stories, has suggested that Apple will strongly push the 4K video recording capabilities of the iPhone when it is released. This is certainly a significant step forward over the existing iPhone series, and will enable purchasers of the device to view video in four times the existing resolution that the smartphone allows.

The inclusion of 4K video recording in the iPhone series is very much in line with Apple’s overall ethos in its existing product range. The corporation is moving towards producing ever higher resolution displays in its other products, with the 5K iMac considered by many to be the best ever desktop computer.

With 4K resolution now seemingly being included in the iPhone range, there will also be speculation that Apple could include this feature in the forthcoming Apple TV series. This has been due for an update for some time, and analysts are already suggesting that Apple could indeed unveil this device alongside the two iPhone models.

Front-facing camera to be improved

In addition to the improved main camera, it has also been reported that the iPhone 6s will feature an improved front-facing FaceTime camera. Considering the popularity of social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, the selfie-producing capabilities of smartphones are becoming increasingly important, as manufacturers realise that this is a potentially fertile niche. Apple has apparently improved the front-facing camera in the iPhone 6s with this market in mind, with the device delivering better quality video calls as well.

The next generation Apple iPhone devices are set to be unveiled on September 9 in San Francisco. Apple has already sent out invitations to a public event to be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. It is notable that this venue has a seating capacity of 7,000, significantly larger than previous locations for iPhone unveiling events. This suggests that Apple will be making an even bigger deal out of the iPhone 6s than is usually the case with its flagship smartphone.

This is consistent with reports that Apple will produce even more iPhone units when the iPhone 6s is released than it was able to manufacture last year with the iPhone 6. Leaks from close to the Apple supply chain have suggested that Apple will manufacture 90 million iPhone 6s units before the end of 2015, more than it managed to sell last year with the iPhone 6.

As Apple’s share price has fallen significantly in recent weeks on the back of concerns about the Chinese economy, Apple will be intending to use its iconic iPhone series to get the stock moving back in the right direction. Tens of millions of dollars have been wiped off the market capitalization of Apple, with this figure falling significantly below the $700 billion mark that it set for the first time last year. When Apple traversed the $700 billion market cap figure, it became the first corporation in recorded business history to do so.

iPhone 6c delayed

Aside from the release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple was also strongly rumored to be releasing an iPhone 6c alongside them. This smaller 4-inch smartphone was intended to provide an affordable alternative to the iPhone 6s range. But increasingly reports are suggesting that the iPhone 6c will instead be delayed until next year.

Although Apple is expected to significantly increase the camera resolution in the iPhone 6s, this isn’t the only major innovation linked with the next generation smartphone. It is widely expected by analysts that Apple will migrate its Force Touch technology to the iPhone 6s, and there could also be a revolutionary form of aluminum used in the device to guard against bending. Other suggested specs would see Apple doubling the RAM memory, and including a quad HD resolution screen in the phablet-sized variant.

If all of the reports on the iPhone 6s come to fruition then this should be an outstanding device when it releases later in September. This is very much the expected release date for the iPhone 6s, following on from its September 9 unveiling, and it is also widely anticipated that Apple will freeze the price of the iPhone range in order to attract yet more customers.

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