Apple Inc. iPad Mini 4 May Be As Slim As iPad Air 2 [REPORT]

Apple Inc. iPad Mini 4 May Be As Slim As iPad Air 2 [REPORT]
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Thin is in. The upcoming iPad Mini 4 may feature the same slim design as the iPad Air 2.  OnLeaks recently shared leaked images of a purported budget-friendly Apple tablet that measures just 0.24 inches in height. The current iPad Mini 3 measures 0.29 inches in height and features a few minor updates including a TouchID fingerprint sensor. Many were disappointed by the lack of upgrades with the current iPad Mini, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the tech giant decided to up its game with a revamped version.

Apple may give the iPad Mini 4 a solid update

The iPad Mini 4 will reportedly come with better cameras, a new processor, 2GB of RAM, anti-reflective coating, and laminated display. Other rumors speculate the device may feature the same specs seen on iPad Air 2, and may mean it will run on an A8 processor. Apple usually incorporates an A9 processor for the iPad.

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There is no word on when we can expect the next budget iPad, but some speculate it may arrive in September during the annual Apple iPhone event. The tech giant may also unveil the new iPad Mini 4 even later in the year. Apple tends to unveil iPads in October, and it is highly unlikely the tech company will change the schedule any time soon.

Apple may launch new iPads later this year

Previous rumors also indicated Apple may launch a larger iPad Pro tablet for businesses and organizations by the end of the year. The larger tablet is rumored to boast a 12.9-inch display, 2GB RAM, Touch ID, and USB 3.0. It could also come with Ultra HD display and better stereo audio experience complete with microphones placed at the top and bottom edges of the device. The iPad Pro may look similar to the iPad Air 2 with a thinner chassis and bezels. Apple could even roll out a new line of tablets including the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro at the same event.

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