Apple Inc. To Launch iMac With Faster Processor, Better Display

Apple Inc. To Launch iMac With Faster Processor, Better Display
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Apple may be gearing up to roll out a new line of updated iMacs. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple will soon unveil a refreshed iMac lineup with features like faster Intel processors and better displays. Kuo also speculates that the computer’s improved display will be the big selling point.

Apple has yet to update the entire iMac lineup

Although the Cupertino tech company started rolling out a few updated 27-inch iMacs with Retina displays late last year, the remainder of the lineup has yet to receive updates. The last time Apple updated the other iMacs was in 2013 when it waited for Intel to roll out a new desktop processor.

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Kuo explained, “We believe Apple will introduce new iMac models in 3Q15, which are expected to have key selling points such as more powerful processors and much better display quality. We predict the panel will use a LED phosphor material called KSF to notably boost color saturation.”

He failed to mention if Apple plans on upgrading the 21.5-inch iMac to a Retina 5K display. Apple previously updated the 27-inch version with Retina displays but not the smaller version.

Kuo has high hopes for Apple’s iMac sales

Kuo also speculates there will be strong growth in iMac sales. He suggested that a second quarter inventory draw-down, the purported iMac lineup, and back-to-school promotions will lift iMac sales during the current quarter. Such sales could even double quarter over quarter, reaching the 1 million unit mark. The third quarter is usually the strongest quarter of the year for iMac sales.

Right now, Apple has yet to confirm Kuo’s predictions. Chris Smith for BGR suggested Apple may be waiting for Intel’s updated processors before upgrading the computers. Having access to Intel’s Skylake and Broadwell processors will enable the tech giant to update the entire iMac lineup.

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