Ukraine Teaches U.S. What It Takes To Fight Russia

Ukraine Teaches U.S. What It Takes To Fight Russia
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If the United States ever thought that fighting (and defeating) Russia was easy, Ukraine offers a glimpse into what it takes to fight Moscow. Ukrainians have endured artillery bombardment that the U.S. hasn’t seen since the second World War. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Europe, said Ukrainians have taught a lot to the U.S. forces about what it takes to fight Russia.

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Ukraine’s troops ‘have done stuff we’ve never seen’

The American 173rd Airborne Brigade is training the Ukrainian National Guard outside Lviv. Speaking of the Ukrainian troops, Hodges said, “All of these guys are veterans.” He told reporters that he was talking to the U.S. officers who had been with the Ukrainians to know the ground reality. The U.S. officers were like, “Wow, these guys, they’ve done stuff we’ve never seen, [never] been exposed to that level of violence. So we’ve actually learned a lot from them.”

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The U.S. forces are learning about the nature of the next war. Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in Ukraine, which is hard to believe after a plethora of evidence. Moscow is engaged in a ‘hybrid war,’ combining conventional and guerrilla strategies. Russia provides arms to separatists, and sends its troops without insignia.

What the U.S. forces haven’t faced for years are high-intensity tactics like jamming, massed artillery, and tanks. Russia has also been providing separatists with small arms, artillery rockets, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and everything in between, said Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges.

How Ukraine uses the counter-mortar radar

Though the U.S. is still exploring the possibility of providing lethal arms to Ukraine, it has provided Kiev a counter-mortar radar that detects incoming rounds and figures out where they are coming from. Hodges said the Ukrainians were using these radars in ways the U.S. never realized possible. Ukraine’s tactics with these radars have been so successful that Russia is now trying to destroy them.

While the U.S. Army’s electronic warfare is limited to short-range jammers, Russia has taken electronic warfare to a whole new level with intercepting, jamming, and deceiving radio communications and radars. These systems were deployed in Crimea, said Hodges.

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  1. Who’s “upset,” clueless? I’m perfectly comfortable with my positions. Looks like you’re the one obsessed and hysterical.

  2. Why are you so upset Pete? I am just stating the truth, that you are a gleaming, pathetic coward. Do your nuts swell? What’s with your subterfuge now? You asked me to say it more and I am just accommodating. So, now matter how much you try and slither out of the original call-out. I will say it once again…you are a pethtic troll coward.

  3. Say it some more. Say it a thousand times. It must make your nuts swell. It does nothing to me other than to confirm you’re a regime toady and idiot. Who you trying to convince with your childish name-calling? Me..,or you?

  4. Nah, I don’t think you really “got it.” You’re a Russian/Putin fanboy and you need to stop and become productive. Stop posting stupid stuff on forums and do something to change what you don’t agree with.

  5. Why would I feel better knowing you’re a coward? Actually it makes me feel sad for humanity when I see pathetic minds like yours.

  6. Everwhere I look I find your type gheorghhe. First, show me any article that points out the CIA trolls. Second, google, “russian media trolls” and you will find thousands of articles. Case-n-point.

  7. Thanks to Ukrainian government artillery and Ukraine’s now almost non-existent air force. The separatists took much of Ukraine’s Eastern territory without resorting to using heavy artillery and air strikes. Porky is responsible for introducing heavy weapons into this conflict.

  8. Krim and donetsk are ukrainian land. Ukraine has a right to defend their land. Russian shills were there 10 years prior to the war pushing propaganda regarding joining russia.. It’s like if america would send thousands of organised ppl to canada, pay for their activity there and have them push the idea of joining usa for about 10 years.. What would that result in?? They did it for years while stealing trillions from ukraine in gas money. These regions also have russian tv. For a reason.. Now ppl in lugansk and donetsk waking up, as they have been raped, stolen from, murdered, and so on by russian soldiers. Ppl there been used as a shield by russians. Krim on another hand discriminating REAL natives of krim – tatars. Several killed, many went to prison. Locals there have no food, prices high on last produce they’ve got in stores, local well water starting to collect salt from the sea and is undrinkable now.. funny why suddenly that took place after russia took over – now they can SELL water to ppl of Krim for 10 times of money.. You ppl here in us think you know something after listening to alex jones or rense.. get off their propaganda and use your own brain. Alex and rense are liars and shills. Its funny but currently mainstream media tells more truth about ukraine than “truther” field..

  9. I did not realize cell phones were in wide use before 1991. And yes, I had to stand in line as a kid, but never for bread. But I am glad millions of homeless in Russia don’t have to stand in line.
    Solzhenitsyn claimed 66 million on one occasion, 110 million on another. Not that anyone would believe Solzhenitsyn.

  10. I did not realize cell phones were in wide use before 1991. And yes, I had to stand in line as a kid, but never for bread.
    Solzhenitsyn claimed 66 million on one occasion, 110 million on another. Not that anyone would trust Solzhenitsyn…

  11. 30 million killed and if you have a cell phone and don’t stand in line for bread –then you have moved passed the standard of living in the Communism in the old USSR.

  12. Yeah? How many??? A hundred? A thousand?
    The downfall of USSR caused 300,000 deaths from wars alone. It does not include the millions of deaths from demographic decline and social problems.
    “sucked” is a relative term – post-communism sucked even worse.
    “30 million” – why not 30 trillion? It’s not like anybody gonna question these numbers. “No matter what anybody says about Russia, it’s true!” – Will Rogers.

  13. The standard of living sucked under COMMUNISM–and Communism killed 30 million people.
    That is why they wanted to change it in 1991.

    Remember the Berlin Wall–how many families died trying to get out of that wretched place.

  14. I love busting St. Petersburg Russian trolls that pretend to be anything but St. Petersburg Russian trolls.
    You are just to stupid to realize that you are an idiot. :o)

  15. More Russian TV bulls**t
    The Ukrainian people chose their president not the USA.
    I have no problem going to war with Russia.
    Most of Russia’s nuclear delivery systems are obsolete.
    The US military is 3 times larger than Russia’s in all areas.
    The US nuclear armed Submarine fleet that is in the Artic, North Atlantic, Baltic Sea and Black Sea are 5 to 10 minutes of Striking Western Russia were its population center and major cities are.
    The US would take a few hits but nothing as devastating as Russia will receive.

  16. Yea right Boris.
    You recognize the address and the building in my avatar where you work at.

  17. And who got to decide to give what land to whom??? There was a referendum in 1991 where the majority voted to keep USSR. A bunch of politicians got together and disbanded it anyway. Imagine a bunch of US state governors getting together and disbanding USA – this is what happened to the Soviet Union.
    The borders have always been a problem for 25 years – just look at all the conflicts: Armenia, Moldova, etc. – some 300,000 people killed, how’s that for “mass murder”
    “corruption and mismanagement, mass murder and imprisonment” – blah, blah! When the standard of living gets back to what it was under communism, then we talk.

  18. Its obvious to everyone–Well if that is the case then why do they fight against the Russians at all.

    Look you seem like a naive person. So let me but it in perspective.
    Russia for 25 years gave up control of the lands -CRIMEA, Donetsk/Luhansk after the USSR collapsed due to corruption and mismanagement, mass murder and imprisonment of political prisoners.

    Now you want to take back the land and you say the people there want to go back. But if someone gave land –25 years ago and then came to you after you had built your house on it, raised your children on it, and promised it to your grandchildren and said–We want our land back and we are going to kill you and your family to and take it from you–Would you packup all your belongings, tell your kids and grandkids that their inheritance is gone and walk away–or would you resist them.

    For 25 years the borders have been where they are at–and Ukraine and Russia got along, the Putin decides that it’s not good enough so he invades the Ukraine. Now you want to say-well the Ukraine deserved it because it’s people really want to be ruled by Russia.

  19. Sorry,dude…,I don’t speak………whatever that is you’re speaking (“Savushkina” ?). If it’s a smear, it went right past me. So, no points for you.

  20. It’s hard not to pay attention to willful ignorance, especially when it’s plastered all over the page in such a proud, bombastic fashion.

  21. which is precisely the problem with the current situation: the present-day borders were drawn by Stalin, and have no bearing on the actual ethnic composition of these countries.

  22. These “neighbors” are artificial entities whose borders were drawn by Stalin and do not represent ethnic realities on the ground. They are former Soviet “republics” that became “nations” by accident of history. Even so, they got their independence from Moscow without a shot.
    It’s obvious to everyone that Crimea never wanted to be part of Ukraine, and Donetsk/Luhansk don’t either.

  23. Russia is not stopped the wars. She is in state of permanent wars: Chechnya, Karabah, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine. Guess she will stop the wars only when she will stay without resources in region, circled by Moscovia, and Russia will be populated with Chinese. Putin already delivered to China 50 000 acres of Amur’s region.

  24. Ask this Obama. He is now in his native country Kenia. And recently promised to give to new President of Nigeria billion dollars to fight Boko Haram. In Nigeria they used appointed the new elections right after the next robbery of National bank, that used happen every year. So, all money US taxpayers gives them they organized to transfer to pockets of robbers the National Bank.

  25. Stupid repeating about purging thief former president of Ukraine Yanukovich reminds about gramophone record of old forgotten song – attempt of cheating the world with refrain by paid trolls, who don’t trust in BS they forced to be involved.

  26. Sovorov wrote that before WW2 Stalin had 10 times more tanks than Hitler. If Hitler would not attack Russia on 21 June 1941, the couple of weeks later Stalin would attack Europe with this power. Putin’s behavior is the same this time – to win that, who will attack first. At first Russia disarmed the army of Ukraine according Memorandum of 1994. According that Memorandum Ukraine delivered her 2000 nuk warheads of soviet epochs to Russia and after that Russia attacked defenseless Ukraine. Who disarmed Ukraine? Dishonest Ukrainian post soviet army officials, who were ready to serve to devil for his plate of borshch.

  27. In continental Ukraine there were registered 1.38 million refugee from east and Crimea. In Russia they say 0.5 million. so, check it out correctly. Russian propaganda used Hitler’s methods – thru dirt as mach as you can – something will stick there.

  28. Interesting Comment from George:

    Comrade Roger Olsen on propaganda duty today, da!

    I guess now that Russians use half their wages to pay for
    groceries, combined with Pootang cutting salaries for goverment employees by
    10%, it should be no surprise Russian paid trolls like comrade Roger Olsen are
    online 24/7.

    Fight the Putin/KGB/FSB propagandists by copying/pasting
    this comment to warn readers!

    3 Ways to quickly spot a Putin/KGB/FSB propaganda troll on

    # 1) Simple names like Justin, Joe, Olga, etc. (usually
    Western names) that post lengthy explanations contrary to the real story (they
    post unsupported conspiracy theories; see ‘RT news’ for examples) and do their
    best to imitate being Americans or Europeans rather than admit to being Russian

    # 2) Bashing countries like USA, Ukraine, E.U. in their
    posts and blaming them for the worlds problems to divert attention away from
    Putin/Russian misbehavior.

    # 3) Please view other comments made by these trolls by
    clicking their name/avatar and see that they ONLY comment on stories discussing
    Russia/Ukraine and notice their post account (hundreds to thousands of
    comments! more than the average reader).

    The above points are part of the tactics, techniques, and
    procedures followed by these paid Putin commentators known as the “30
    Ruble Army”. Putin and the FSB (KGB) created and ordered the propaganda
    apparatus to form a stronger internet army to diminish the negative outlook of
    Putin’s actions and combat all the horrible things that country does that are
    now being exposed by the AP and other media outlets.

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    Be aware that the trolls will respond to this message with
    deflection tactics and counter-troll accusations (they are too stupid to
    realize not responding is the best solution, but they don’t understand the
    Western mindset)

    What do you think about all this staff, folks?

  29. Great American optimism. How many times Americans did mistakes regarding commies? in 1918 Great campaign in support of Russian revolution – millions Americans sent humanitarian aid to Russia. Did commies remember that? …. in 1992 – the same. Does Putin remember about that?…. Illusion regarding commies will never fade. Greeks now decided that left Tsipras will solve problem with payment of astronomic debt. HA-HA-HA!!!!

  30. That is what Russia has been doing –invading its neighbors and doing what it wants.
    Now you want to say –We are being treated unfairly–just because we attack and take over our neighbors lands–you should not be mean to us.

  31. I don’t think Obozo would be able to rally Americans to fight outside their home towns–but American soldiers will fight for about 90 days or so before the press decides that it’s in their interest to either politically support them or to destroy the political party that sent them–Since Obozo is a democrat the press will support his decision and try their best to rally the popular support needed to fight a war anywhere he chooses.

  32. You are such a long winded bulls**t St. Petersburg Russian troll assuming a superiority that you don’t have. You are all mouth. Tsarina Putin likes that. :o)

  33. I hope you realize that in that novel-length reply you (A) basically said nothing, and (B) did not refute a single thing I wrote other than to simply deny them with no corroborating evidence in your defense. I dare you to take your post and pick out ANY one subject you just commented on and see if I can’t take it apart. Are you up for that challenge, hot shot?

  34. Wow, more complete BS. I’m sure you feel you’re besting me by posting novel-long treatises, but I assure you…,this is just more incomplete information, half-truths, innuendo, baseless accusations, and assertions which are just plain wrong. I dare you to take any ONE of these assertions and put it up for debate, and I will skewer you. I don’t have time to debunk a book, but I sure can go at them one at a time. Are you game, hot-shot?

  35. The problem of ” discussing ” ANYTHING objectively with a Russian troll , is the eternal hurdle
    for them , to face the truth , look at things OBJECTIVELY , and refrain from twisting ” facts ” .
    You ” qualify ” on all here accounts ! There is also the inherent factor of the inbred Russian envy and suspicion , leading to the old but constant refrain , that anything Ukrainians do , in order to distance themselves from Russia as far as possible ; MUST be ” someone else’s idea !
    In the 1800 ‘s it was Austria , in the 1900’s it was Poland in 2000’s it was Germany and now it’s America and the West ! Why can’t you russkis , simply accept , that NO ONE has to tell the Ukrainians to get away from Russia as far as possible ! That it is the UKRAINIANS themselves that DON”T want you ,that it is their OWN idea ! Putin has put the idiotic idea into your minds , of hating America , NOT because America ” orchestrated the Kyiv coup ” , or the ” CIA was killing
    Ukrainians on the Maidan ” , or Nuland ” gave ” Ukraine 5 $ billion dollars to stage a ” coup ” by
    the ” Nazis “, Putin , wants you to HATE America and the West , because he NEEDS you to
    feel that you are THREATHENED by them AND their values ! Also he is AFRAID , that if you realize , that it WAS Ukraine herself, that rose up and kicked out that pro Russian , scumbag , Yanukovych , you russkis , might find the guts and brains to do it to him !
    Because of your slave like nature and heritage ( contrary to Ukraine , Moscovia-” Russia” , has NEVER been free OR democratic ; forever held , in the merciless grip of a some kind
    of tyrant , as in : a khan , a czar, a ” komissar ” , or a dictator , just like TODAY ! ) you Russians , must labor under an enormous DIS advantage , since never being actually free and independent , you are never able to think for yourselves , and are never able to express your selves , without fear , you can never UNDERSTAND the courage , morality an spirit of people that value FREEDOM above ALL else !
    I pity you !
    Thank You God , for NOT making me a moskal’ !

  36. Now you’re resorting to ad hominems? You definitely sound like many of my fellow Americans. You eat too much processed food and watch too much pornography. It has clouded your brain. You think Caitlyn Jenner is an exemplar of heroism and womanhood. America is in a sorry state these days.

  37. Sure pete
    Russia is innocent of invading Ukraine and Georgia, threatening any that will stand in its way of reconquering the former slave states of the ussr. Russian TV says so.
    I agree that you act stupid and being willfully uniformed but what the hell you get paid $1.85 an hour 12 hours a day 2 days on and 2 days off to be an idiot.
    What else would a St. Petersburg Russian troll say. Invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea is a good thing to Russian turds like you.
    You work at the worst propaganda mill that there is.
    Take a look at my avatar. Of course you recognize 55 Savushkina. The 4 story building where you work for Internet Research.
    It is located in a shoddy neighborhood in north central St. Petersburg Russia.
    INTERNET RESEARCH was started by MKHAIL BYSTRO a former KGB Colonel and friend of Vladimir Putin.
    The current Executive Director is MIKHAIL BURCHIK.
    INTERNET RESEARCH is owned by a holding company called CONCORD.
    CONCORD is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a butt buddy and personal chef of VLADIMIR PUTIN.
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN owns a very nice restaurant and also runs around with the Billionaire owners of the Russian Military Industrial Complex.
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN also has another company called FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY that posts fake news stories to spread Lies and RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA in as many world news organizations as it can. FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY is in the same 4 story building as INTERNET RESEARCH at 55 SAVUSHKINA.
    MIKHAIL BURCHIK really gets annoyed when EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN is mentioned on the world wide comments sections on the internet.
    INTERNET RESEARCH and FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY are supposed to be a secret as is EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN being the money man behind CONCORD. Ask MIKHAIL BURCHIK about EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN you Russian dimwit. :o)

  38. And once again you attempt an insult and supply nothing of substance to refute. Typical liberal- assumes all non-liberals are automatically right-wingers lol.

  39. Uh huh. And every bit of your information is nothing more than half-truths, incomplete, cherry-picked, inconsequential, or just flat out wrong. But, you go right ahead and believe all that ridiculous anti-Russian swill which you can find being regurgitated by CNN, FOX, the NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, WALL STREET JOURNAL, WEEKLY STANDARD, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, HERITAGE FOUNDATION, PNAC, NATIONAL INTEREST, and every other Neocon propaganda mill. But, going through life acting stupid and staying willfully uninformed is pretty wasteful, if you ask me.

  40. Not only can you not read my name properly (it’s MANGUM, not ‘Magnum”), but let’s both visit this supposed “enormous stupidity” I’m supposedly cursed with.

    I guess you better talk slower because for a minute I thought you actually wrote “Russia invaded the Ukraine.” And, for the life of me I must be losing my eyesight because I could have sworn you also wrote Russia “invaded and annexed part of a SOVEREIGN Ukraine.” Of course, Russia did not such thing, and any informed person knows this. And we know this because there is no proof of such things. Had Russia actually “invaded” the Ukraine, the entire world would know about it because there would be all kinds of evidence of such an invasion.

    Just looking at the Georgian attack and invasion of South Ossetia gives one a good example of what a Russian “invasion” might look like. Though Russia was not “invading” but RESPONDING to an invasion by pro-US forces (Georgia is in bed with the US, btw), you can clearly see how Russia responds when it does so with military force. Thousands of Russian ground forces including Tanks, APC’s, Trucks, Jeeps, Mobile Support facilities, et al, all being protected by massive air cover which includes fighters, reconnaissance aircraft, and helicopter gunships. And all this captured on film, and on satellite data, out in the open, broad daylight, no doubt about who it is and what is going on.
    Can you please show me the pictures, satellite data, or anything else which shows a similar sight in the Ukraine, because for the life of me I’ve seen NOTHING of the sort to justify a “Russian Invasion” of the Ukraine. And, if there was an invasion, WHERE ARE THE RUSSIAN TROOPS!” I see US TROOPS flooding into the Ukraine, along with an illicit stash of US-taxpayer funded WEAPONS, but no “Russians.’ What gives, dude?

    I also think you’re referencing the Russian annexation of the CRIMEA, not the Ukraine. But, that’s only partially true. You see, the people of the Crimea [watching the US-engineered coup oust the duly-elected leader of the Ukraine replacing him with a verifiable US stooge whose dangerously anti-Russian extremist support – which includes the Neo-Nazi ‘Right Sektor’ – began a systematic oppression and attack of the ethnic-Russian minority in the Eastern Ukraine] saw that they were also being targeted for these attacks. To protect themselves from what their ethnic brethren were experiencing, the people of the Crimea voted to return to the Russia Federation, at which time – and ONLY then – did Russia annex the Crimea. I might also remind you that the Russians have had a naval base at Sevastopol since 1783, and both the Crimea and Ukraine have been part of Russia in one form or another since Catherine the Great.

    That Victoria Nuland WAS dispatched to the Ukraine – along with perennial trouble-maker John McCain – to engineer a coup to oust its duly elected leader MIGHT be up for question had we not had the intercepted cell-phone call by Nuland to Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt who were caught red handed plotting the overthrow. Such evidence is not even debatable, and neither Nuland or Pyatt dispute the authenticity of the evidence which convicts them of plotting ‘regime change’ in the Ukraine (something the always-meddling US has a rich and demonstrable history of committing elsewhere).

    As John Adams once stated while defending British troops accused of starting the ‘Boston Massacre,’ “FACTS are STUBBORN THINGS. And whatever our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of FACTS and EVIDENCE.”

    You would do well to study the FACTS and EVIDENCE of what you claim before you claim them, else you will continue to look as ignorant of the world around you as you do now.

  41. Barancy, I wish I had a dollar for every idiot Right Winger like yourself who has said absolutely nothing of any substance and then comes up with your dittoheaded line….

    ‘You managed to avoid refuting anything i said.’

    Idiots always think that they have said something profound with their little know nothings and get in a huff when people simply ignore them.

  42. Evegeny and Mikhail sound like a couple of swell guys, but I have never heard of them before. I am just a corn-fed American boy, born and raised.

  43. Russia is a 3rd world country with a 2nd rate military.
    China is quietly buying central Asia at Russia’s great displeasure.
    There is no pipeline to China to sell gas to China yet. Hell it hasn’t even been started.
    China isn’t giving Russia billions of dollars to help Russia pull out of the severe recession it has slid into. China could care less.
    Russia stole a large part of Southern Siberia from China at the end of WW II and the Chinese haven’t forgot it. They will get it back.
    If you mean the “stupid actions” that the USA and the west are standing up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and trying to bully the Baltic nations, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, etc. that is to damned bad.
    Vladimir Putin has misjudged Europe and the USA and is paying for it with Russian lives and treasure.
    Russia can’t afford the war Putin has started in East Ukraine.
    Russia’s best military units have been decimated in East Ukraine.
    Russia and China together can’t defeat the USA. China knows that.
    Both countries militaries combined don’t have the advanced military technology to do it.
    China’s real strength is its army.
    Russia’s outdated military technology can’t do it either. Hell Russia’s planes are falling out of the sky on a regular basis.
    St. Petersburg Russian trolls want to use China as a big stick. China will only do what is good for China. you fool.

  44. The only thing about you , that’s ” Magnum ” , about you , is your enormous stupidity !
    Instead of comparing apples to apples , you compare apples to russkis !
    Let me explain veeery slooowly , so you are able to follow ; Russia INVADED Ukraine !
    Russia , aggressively and UNLAWFULLY invaded and annexed part of SOVEREIGN Ukraine !
    The ridiculous ” theories ” ( fantasies ) of covert U.S. , C.I.A. , orchestrating a ” coup ” in Ukraine and ” subverting ” the ” legal ” government , along with Putin’s lies , that only russki sheeple and fools like you , can believe , of Nuland and ” her ” $ 5 billion are just that ; Putin’s fantasies !
    Your ” analogy ” , is worthless , because it’s cockeyed ;
    The Example should be ; What if it were ; MEXICO not Russia , trying to usurp and separate , say California , under the pretext of ” protecting and saving ” the Spanish speakers !
    Because THAT is exactly what Russia is doing to part of Eastern Ukraine !
    What do you think the U.S reaction to the above scenario would/should be ?

  45. You know we can look up your other posts right? Americans don’t say mind it like that. So I name thee Troll assed Monkey licker sooka! Lol

  46. You – of course – don’t know what you’re talking about. Best to not comment any further on things you know nothing about. That is, unless you want to look more stupid than you do now. Just sayin’

  47. Yes, ‘vitrohon,’ you’re right. It WAS the “evil” American government (I’d define it as STUPID American government, myself) which dispatched Nuland to spend 5 BILLION to engineer the coup which ousted the duly-elected leader, Yanukovych,’ and replace him with a US-stooge (Poroshenko) who is supported by dangerously anti-Russian goons with ancestral ties to Nazism. Add to this lurid mix a US Weapons Package along with “advisers” to be placed in the hands of the unhinged Poroshenko who has provocatively vowed “total war” with Russia, and you have a cocktail which very well could ignite WWIII. Therefore, are you prepared to go to war with Russia over the UKRAINE, of all places!?

    And tell me, ‘Vitrohon,’ since you seem so upset that I out the US for meddling in affairs which are none of its business, explain to me and our readers where the US gets the right to go into any nation and engineer the overthrow of its leaders? Show me where that is allowed in any of our laws, or international law.

    And if that is too difficult a task for you, then turn the tables around and imagine Mexico being usurped in the same fashion by Russia, or China. Would the US be upset by such an act? Would YOU be upset? Thanks to these completely unnecessary and provocative actions by the US, we are now being dragged by the NEOCONS into a new ‘Cold War’ which very well could spill over into a World War which would not only involve Russia, but China. And such a war would most assuredly go nuclear. And you cheer for THAT!?

  48. Actually, NO…,Russia doesn’t have “more to worry about China than the US,” ‘staysr.’ In fact, the stupid actions of the US has actually pushed Russia into China’s arms. As a result of the US’s terrible foreign policy towards Russia, China and Russia are now working closer together than ever before, and now the US has a Russia/China pact to worry about, and it only has itself to blame.

  49. I am pro US, mind it, and I am concerned on how their supremacy is being fueled by debt, such spending rate cannot go on forever. For every dollar that the US has, it owes almost 2 dollars to Chinese banks and something else to private banks. China owes virtually zero. Grim, isn’t it?

  50. Exactly. Since all of your sources pulled their number out of air-they are not facts. I can do math, your sources can’t. Is there a specific reason why your sources predate opening of Soviets archives? Is there a specific reason why in those tables the keyword is always “estimate”? Stalin killed some people, including my grandfather. But not nearly as many as most claim. Some of them were innocent, some guilty. Some were incarcerated, in Gulag, as my other grandfather was. But it doesn’t make your sources more right. They are not facts- they are a trend.

  51. There is no sense to dispute with trolls. Impossible to convince them in anything because of they knows the truth and hiding one they just play game. To start disputing with them means to be involved in this stupid game they offer. Just inform the world about this Putin’s phenomenon is enough to warn people to keep an eyes open. Trolls are doing the job, paid job sending comments and articles. Putin is very open handed to pay for this job. But The world is enough educated to detect trolls now. Their opinion is certainly calculated and predicted. I just don’t want waste my time.

  52. My congratulation TROLL. Nice to see your confession and great care to be understood well. Yes! Money, Money! – The reason you was here was money of course! Something wrong has happened in Putin’s kingdom, so he suddenly cut the wages for promoting the BS he presented as Russian policy and puppets surrounded him.

  53. Trick, weak, kick brick – I like it. Almost poetry. And proof – trolls are human. They just do Putin’s job for money! No sense to dispute with them. There is impossible to convince them in anything. It is wasting time to do it! Thanks God the world has common sense to see who is who. Despite of the activity of kecs considered themselves thick trolls.

  54. Bulls**t
    You have never been to the US Boris. :o)
    You work for MIKHAIL BURCHIK who works for EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN.
    A very good friend of VLADIMR PUTIN.
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN is PUTIN’s personal chef.
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  55. You just can’t stand the fact that Russia has more to worry about with China than the US.
    Where is all of the money Russia was supposed to get from China ?

  56. MIKHAIL BURCHIK won’t forgive you. EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN signs his paycheck and will not like having his name EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN mentioned.
    What do you think of the picture in my avatar ? 55 Savushkina in St. Petersburg Russia where you work.

  57. There was no propaganda bill passed in 2013.
    What outfit did you serve in in Vietnam and where ? What years ?
    You are a St. Petersburg Russian troll that works at 55 Savushkina in a shoddy neighborhood in north central St. Petersburg.
    The picture in my avatar is the 4 story building you work in. You work for $1.80 an hour for a 12 hour day. 2 days on 2 days off. When you get fired and you will you will be owed at least a weeks wages probably 2 weeks.
    Former troll Lyudmila Savchuk successfully sued Internet Research for wages owed and was aawarded 10,000 rubles.
    The company you work for is called Internet Research. It was started by a former KGB Colonel Mkhail Bystro.
    Internet research is owned by a holding company called CONCORD.
    CONCORD is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a close friend of Vladimir Putin who owns a restaurant and claims to be Putin’s personal chef.
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN travels with the billionaire owners of Russia’s military industrial complex.
    Your boss is MIKHAIL BURCHIK the executive Director of Internet Research.
    Burchik gets very annoyed when EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN is mentioned on world wide comment forums and you will be fired for contributing to a conversation about EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN.
    Ask BURCHIK what he thinks. Remember
    !!!!! EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN !!!!!

  58. Yea olga and you get paid $1.85 an hour to spread Russian lies and disinformation.
    America didn’t have anything with the Ukrainian people rising up and kicking Putin’s lapdog Yanukovych out of office. You fool.

  59. Again. After the fascist putsch in 23 february 2014 Ukraine fell under the hill of fascist traitors. The people from Crimea and Novorossia have the right to defend themselves. As simply as that. A mew unified Ukraine may be done after all the Ukrainians free from the puppets Poroshenko, Turchinov, Lyashko and others ejusdem farinae.

  60. Yeah , yeah , I know ; it was the ” evil ” American government that paid all those Ukrainians off to kick out the pro russian scumbag Yanukovich ! Actually Nuland brought all that money with her in her purse , all $ FIVE BILLION !
    Why don’t you and Mateusz , get married since you like each other so much .
    The good news is , that you could NOT reproduce , to make more morons like
    you !

  61. A Russian undercover journalist , recently exposed this ” new ” way of creating employment in Rasha !
    This is how The Malignant Dwarf ” fights ” unemployment in Rasha ; His cook , employs thousands of trolls ,
    along with other troll factories , who do their lying for a ” living ” !
    A Russian undercover journalist , recently exposed this ” new ” way of creating employment in Rasha !

  62. I’m almost certain that you are one of Obama’s Trolls. Ever since he passed the Propaganda bill in 2013 the Internet is full of pro- f… the US citizen and the rest of the World. Well, to me passing a law that gives the Government, the media and all government workers the right to lie , cheat and steal from the citizens is – Treasonous – so go back to your Handler and tell him — this Nam vet doesn’t live there anymore because of your types and your taste for destroying the once great America. Spacibo Shoepa

  63. There’s almost 9000 of them !
    who went back in body bags , as ” Cargo 200 ” , killed by those ” cowardly Ukrainians !
    There’s almost 9000 of them !

  64. Just because some professor guestimates something, it doesn’t make it fact. Here are facts. Population of Soviet Union in 1922 -145 million, population of Soviet Union in 1952-185 million. In 30 years of Stalins rein population increased 27%. That is taking in account 18-20 million Soviet losses to Germans, and high mortality rate during and after war, and low birth rates because of those killed during war majority were of child bearing age. Population of USA, for comparison had increased by 41%. And USA only lost 450 000 men in WW2, USA also didn’t have all the problems with high mortality and low birth rates associated with war that Soviet Union had. So population growth in USA and Soviet Union are comparable during those years. If in fact Stalin had killed 65 million, which is almost half of country’s population in beginning of his rule, then population of Soviet Union would have shrunk by about 30% instead of growing by 27%.

  65. The Czechoslovakians were well prepared to fight in 1938. well entrenched in Sudetenland and with one of the best equipped motorized armies in the world. But of course they couldn’t fight Germany alone. You are quite right there.
    As for Poland, well I do very much like Poles as people, but historically they suffered both the voracious appetite for empire building and startling lack of organizational capability to achieve it, as well as poor geopolitical disposition, wedged between Germany and Russia. The only position for country in that situation would be to play buffer state and go against the stronger in order to make leverage, but not if that side is too strong. This is precicesley what Poles DIDN’T DO through history. Their consistent strategy was to lean on far away western allies (Napoleon, France and Britain, and now NATO), get overconfident and consequently beaten to a pulp when those allies decide they have more pressing concerns and that dying for Poles is not really in their best interest at the moment. I mean, how many times you have to repeat the same lesson before you interiorase it?

    As for moralism, there is no place for it in Europe, everybody here f ed their neighbors and have been f ed in turn by them at one point, so it’s really distasteful to go about it. I mean, you point out partitions of Poland, but Polish commonwealth didn’t acquire all those lands which were partitioned thought history by exactly peaceful means. No, they get some by natural development, some by diplomatic means and good expanse by sword and lance. And it’s ok, they won it in war, they lost it in war. No place for moralism there.That’s just the way world function.

    If anything Poles tend to be rather forgetful about the scale of subjugation (if not outright ethnocide) Germans subjected them, in some areas even long before the Partitions, and especially during WWII. They fuss about Katyn (serious crime obviously) in which c.20.000 Polish officers were killed, but they conveniently gloss over c.3.000.000 ethnic Polish (mostly) civilians killed by Germans. Why? Because Germans own the country right now and it is politically convenient to apostrophe certain victims but forget others. That is something I find rather disguising.

  66. You have a point that Poland was wrong in joining the partition of Czechoslovakia in 1938. Of course blame also rests with Britain and France who refused to honor their defense treaty with the Czechs. The 1938 German military was a pale shadow of the war machine that invaded Poland in 1939. The Luftwaffe was just getting the Me-109 and there were many accidents where pilots forgot to lower the landing gear when coming in to land. The German army was just beginning to build up and not all formations had finished training. If the British and French had honored the treaty, Germany would have been hard pressed to fight the Czechs to the East and Britain/France to the west. By giving in, the Allies ensured that the Germans had their military strengthened with Czech tanks, trucks and some of the best artillery made by Skoda.

    BTW: How much of that eastern pre-war Poland (Belarus and Ukraine) was in fact part of Poland prior to the partition of 1772? Also, considering that Poland had been taken over by Russia from 1795 to 1918, and attempts to free themselves in 1830 and 1863 were met by brutal repression, why would the Poles have any warm feelings for the Russians. They jumped at the first chance to leave the Warsaw Pact and join NATO.

    BTW: In 1941 the Germans were welcomed as liberators from Soviet oppression by Ukrainians, Estonians, Lithuanians, and Latvians. If the Germans had not been burdened by policy of genocide towards non-Aryan people, there might have been a repeat of Imperial Germany against the Russians in World war I.

  67. I love it how you just completely identify yourself with the US government’s militaristic foreign policy. And you probably are a big enough nitwit to actually then believe that somehow you are antigovernment even as you suck up to it whole hog. You Right Wing morons are as dumb as they come, Barancy.

  68. The are pics of a BUK SAM launcher seen on “rebel” controlled territory the day before the downing of MH17. There are dozens of eyewitnesses (even from “rebel” supporters) that saw a SAM being launched shortly before the time of the crash. There are pics of the contrail in “rebel” controlled territory from a missile launch, time date stamped just before the crash. There is a pic of a BUK SAM launcher seen leaving “rebel” controlled territory with one missile missing, shortly after the crash. There are intercepted telephone conversations of “rebel” leaders discussing the fact that they shot down a civilian airliner and Twitter posts of the same thing by former “rebel” fighter/leader Igor Gerschkin. OK. There is the evidence against the “rebels.” Let’s now hear your evidence against Ukrainian fascists and the CIA.

  69. They may had bad blood, but that doesn’t excuse Poles from participating in dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, and when tables got turned on them next year they cried bloody murder.

    BTW most of eastern pre-war Poland (today’s western Belarus and Ukraine) were won in chaotic war in 1921. and ethnically not even remotely Polish, a fact which Poland tried to remedy by forced polonisation, persecution of orthodox church etc. exactly the same policies they fought against when being part of Russian empire. Not to mention that Poles engaged in aggressive anti-USSR politics between wars, so why should Moscow had any warm feelings for them?
    Soviets invaded Poland as you said in September 17. when Warsaw was already besieged and Polish government decided to leave country. It was obvious that war would end in a matter of weeks at most. So who in their right mind would let Germans march all the way to the eastern border if they could stop them couple of hundred of kilometers westward. And most of the people living in that area considered Red Army as sort of liberators from Polish oppression (just like Ruthenians and western Ukrainians were among the most driven members of Red Army during the ’21.war with Poland, settling old scores, which they would do again in WWII).

  70. Venezuela? They are in no shape to counter anything. Maduro will be lucjy if there isn’t a revolution in the next 12 months.
    Iran is becoming a problem but, they can be put back where they belong with a new president.
    China is testing the whole region and many nations are upset with them. They need to tread carefully as should the u.s. halt trade with them, it would inconvenience the u.s. but, it would devestate china. Unemployment and unrest would soon follow. Putin &
    Russia dream of the days of russian empire but, they are a shell of what they once were.

  71. Yes Poland did take part in partitioning Czechoslovakia and as for preventing the Soviet military crossing their territory, the was a lot of bad blood between the USSR and Poland dating back to the Russo-Polish War of 1919-20 and they did not trust the Soviets. For good reason, considering that the Soviets invaded with between 466,516 to 800,000 troops on September 17, 1939 while the Poles were trying to fight the Germans. But the Polish soldiers, sailors, and airmen who managed to avoid being captured by the Germans and Soviets continued to fight as distinct units under first the French and then the British after June 1940.

    As for the number of ethnic Russians serving in the Waffen SS, you are probably right as there were over 30,000 Russians fighting in defense of Berlin in 1945.

    As for Stalin, see my post below.

  72. In case you didn’t read far enough, here is a repost of where I got my information:

    Actually, according to “The Holocaust: Non-Jewish Victims ” by Terese
    Schwartz, from 1933 to 1945, the Germans murdered around 11 million
    people. Of those, 6 million were Polish citizens and the rest came
    from other countries including Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia,
    Holland, France, and also Germany. This figure includes Jews and other
    groups that were targeted by the German regime.

    On the other
    hand, from 1924-1953, according to historian Roy Medevev in “Argumenti i
    Faki”, The Soviet government was responsible for 20 million deaths.
    According to R.J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus of the University of
    Hawaii, the death toll of 20 million is too low and in fact around 43
    million were killed by the Stalin regime during Stalin’s time as leader
    of the USSR.

    So, the Germans kill any where between 11 million to
    20 million, depending on your source, compared to Stalin’s 20 million to
    43 million. The Soviets killed between 9 to 23 million more people
    than the Germans. Based on the facts, I would say Stalin was the master
    of killings. Of course, he had more time to accomplish the task.

    I just gave you my sources, where are yours?

  73. The actual number of ethnic Russians serving in SS was higher then that, but never mind.
    Poland helped Germany in aggression against Czechoslovakia in 1938. taking a grab of the territory they liked just like Germans did, and before that prevented Soviet initiative to militarily defend Czechoslovakia, so they can hardly be considered innocent victims. BTW several hundred thousand ethnic Poles served in Wehrmacht, some were simply mobilized at the end of the war, but many voluntarily declared themselves as Germans to get a preferential treatment.
    As for Stalin, you are pulling the numbers out of thin air. You might as well added a zero or two at the end, you know, in order to make it even more shocking.

  74. Actually, vitrohon, it was the US Government. And right now, ‘Mateusz’ is one-up on you in brain matter.
    Here’s some friendly advice, clueless. Don’t comment in public on things you demonstrably know nothing about unless you want to make yourself look more stupid than you do now.

  75. Your comment, Sraysr, is what I would expect any common drunk, lying passed out on the sawdust floor of some red-neck honky tonk outside of Oklahoma City with Toby Keith’s ‘Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue’ blaring out of the juke box. Congratulations. Don’t ever try being a foreign policy expert.

  76. “Appease Russia” !? For doing…WHAT, exactly? Where is this “aggressive imperialism and revanchism” you speak of? The only nation I know of which has done (is doing) this is the always-meddling US. When did Russia commit any “unprovoked attack on its neighbor?” Would you care to give me ONE example of ANY of this nonsense you’re spouting?

  77. I agree I have met Americans in many Latin and Asian countries.
    You on the other hand are an obvious St. Petersburg Russian troll.
    Your DD 214 says you were awarded which awards.
    Telling all of us that you were awarded only ribbons tells real vets that you don’t have a clue about what you are lying about. :o)

  78. You can’t possibly be so stupid to think that all Americans only live in America – can you ? DD 214 – says I was awarded all ribbons + 2 other medals I’ve met Americanos in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Germany , Poland, Ukraine and yes 1 in Crimea ! Spasibo

  79. Oh, you forgot to mention , how you russkis , WON the war in Afganistan !
    Oh, you forgot to mention , how you russkis , WON the war in Afganistan !

  80. There , you see , you just PROVED the difference yourself , you moron !
    There , you see , you just PROVED the difference yourself , you moron !

  81. ” Galichina ” is , you maggot !
    By the way , I don’t know where ” sraysr ” is from , but I am from Halychyna , I have no idea , where
    ” Galichina ” is , you maggot !

  82. No basements , huh ? This must be shocking news to Texicans , who won’t know where to hide , during the next tornado !
    By the way troll , you know jack about Texas ! Reading russki comic books isn’t the same as being there !
    No basements , huh ? This must be shocking news to Texicans , who won’t know where to hide , during the next tornado !

  83. This ” Alex ” above , is an impostor ! In reality he is a lying , russki troll , who under MY name , keeps posting his usual
    russki trollski bull#$%t !
    I will expose him every time !

  84. Babyn Yar and ” Ukrainian quislings ” . But in reality , you are just ; you are a harmful , ignorant troll !
    Ukraine does NOT need to ” forge a new ” identity ” ; Ukraine’s ” identity ” is over a THOUSAND years old . How old is yours ?
    The Ukrainian volunteer Division ” Halychyna ” , was formed by UKRAINIANS to fight ONLY the Russians , NOT anybody else !
    How does that compare with ROA ( Russka Osvoboditelnaya Armiya ) that was formed OF RUSSIANS BY the GERMANS , to fight anywhere and ANYBODY , the Nazis tell them to ! This Army had 900,000 men !
    In 1939 ,Russia , signed an agreement with Hitler’s Nazi Germany , The Non Aggression Pact and became Hitler’s ally , partner and collaborator !
    Ukraine NEVER signed ANY AGREEMENT or TREATY with Nazi Germany !
    As for Babyn Yar , your russki pals filled your empty head with more lies , trying to hide the REAL story behind it ;
    Babyn Yar did NOT get it’s infamous start in1942 , it got it’s black mark in the 1930’s , when the Russian commnists ,
    executed thousands and THOUSANDS of Ukrainian clergy , academicians , teachers , poets , musicians and
    writers in order to destroy the Ukrainian ” intelligencia ” . That is besides many more thousands of regular , ethnic Ukrainians , as ” wragy naroda ” ( enemies of the state ) !
    Do yourself a favor , stop talking like a lying russki troll ( which I don’t think you are ) , find an independent source , and find out more about these matters you will become a better man and you’ll sleep better !

  85. fool, the average american is a debt slave, if the whole world was to drop the dollar as a reserve currency, America would descend into chaos

  86. It seems that comments exposing russki trolls are mangled and distorted and sometimes simply cut off ! At first,
    I thought it was just mine , but then I noticed that with other anti troll postings , The ” troll ” postings are just fine .
    Curious , isn’t it ?

  87. for you !
    president , down to the little old lady selling flowers on the street !
    Being a troll is a ” profession ” , in Russia , it’s like being a doctor . Some are actually paid MORE than doctors !
    One of the largest troll factories , is run by Putin’s cook ! Not long ago a young , woman journalist , joined one of those
    ” factories ” , under cover and wrote an expose of her experiences ! After that nothing more has been her of her since . That’s ” Russian ” democracy ” for you !

  88. What do I think of this “staff”
    “I’ve find the activity”
    We trolls seem to be speaking better English than you. This is flattering.
    On the other hand, smlslk got two honorable mentions on your list, but I got left out. I feel unappreciated.

  89. Actually the Soviet Union was the big supporter for Saddam Hussein since he came to power. That’s why, if you look at the Iraqi tanks, you see numbers of T-55s, T-62s, and T-72Ms with some leftover T-34/85s. The most numerous aircraft flown by the Iraqi Air force were Mig-21 variants, following by smaller numbers of Mig-23s, Mig-25s, Tu-22s, and Mig-29s. The chemical warfare gear used by the Iraqi soldiers in the Iran Iraq War were also made in the Soviet Union. Finally the FROG-7 and SCUD-B rockets used to deliver high explosive and chemical payloads were also made in the USSR. The United States supplied intel to the Iraqis in their war against Iran since we hated the Iranians even more since the hostage crisis of 1979.

  90. April 20, 1978, Korean Air Lines Flight 902, a Boeing 707 is shot down by a Sukhoi Su-15 fighter near Murmansk. 2 passengers died and the rest fortunately survived an emergency landing.

    September 1, 1983, Korean Air Lines Flight 007, a Boeing 747, was shot down by a Su-15TM fighter over the Pacific Ocean, killing all 269 passengers and crew and nearly starting World War III.

    Second Chechen War (1999 to 2008): Anywhere between 50,000 to 80,000 military and civilians were killed by Russian invaders and also without a huge outcry from the Western World since West felt that Chechnya was part of Russia’s sphere.

    Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989): 850,000 to 1,500,000 civilians killed during the Soviet invasion and occupation. At least in this case, the west supplied the Afghans with Stinger surface to air missiles that heavily contributed to the 451 aircraft (333 helicopters) lost by the Soviet military. And it was entirely with pleasure that America was able to return the favor to the Soviets for their support of North Vietnam and North Korea.

  91. Ahh, back to the Ukrainian fascist accusation. Where are your facts backing up your statement that the CIA was behind it and do you even know what a fascist really is? That’s like me calling all Russians Bolsheviks or Communists.

  92. Actually, according to “The Holocaust: Non-Jewish Victims ” by Terese Schwartz, from 1933 to 1945, the Germans murdered around 11 million people. Of those, 6 million were Polish citizens and the rest came from other countries including Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France, and also Germany. This figure includes Jews and other groups that were targeted by the German regime.

    On the other hand, from 1924-1953, according to historian Roy Medevev in “Argumenti i Faki”, The Soviet government was responsible for 20 million deaths. According to R.J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus of the University of Hawaii, the death toll of 20 million is too low and in fact around 43 million were killed by the Stalin regime during Stalin’s time as leader of the USSR.

    So, the Germans kill any where between 11 million to 20 million, depending on your source, compared to Stalin’s 20 million to 43 million. The Soviets killed between 9 to 23 million more people than the Germans. Based on the facts, I would say Stalin was the master of killings. Of course, he had more time to accomplish the task.

    I just gave you my sources, where are yours?

  93. There is no question that the current leader of Chechnya is a thug. He’s an old clan leader that Putin put in his position only because he’s the only one that can control a violent and combative population, and his tactics would be reprehensible in any more civilized society.
    However, I was visiting my wife’s family in Karbadino-balkaria when the Beslan school invasion happened. It makes it easy to know which side I’m on.

  94. Zhukov had already defeated the Japanese in Manchuria before you even went to war with Japan. You only entered the war against Hitler because he had previously declared war on the USA.

  95. Looks like U.S and West supports Ukrainians with their delusions..Now Russian delusions on the other hand will never ever happen…EVER!

  96. Yeah the Russians are everywhere online posting to topics and attempting to influence the public. They did this in the Soviet Union days with Letters to the Editor of newspapers and other fifth column activities. They have little impact and failed back then and they will fail now. It’s just another waste of Russian taxpayer money with no real results. Maybe someday they will standard guage their railway system or build an interstate highway system and at least try to catch up with the West.

  97. While I agree fighting a conventional war in Europe against a well armed force like the Russians would be different than fighting an asymetric war in the middle-east.

    The fact remains–Nato has a large group of combat veterans and has been preparing for war against Russia since the 1950s.

    And of course “men will die” probably by the tens of thousands. along with hundreds of thousands of civilians (providing it does not escalate) after all it’s a modern war in Europe between some of the most powerful militaries in the world.

    But that goes without saying. if Russia does not pay a heavy price for taking territory then the cost will be even higher when we have to stop them in the future.

    Or we could just let them over run the next country and the next and the next.
    Saying to ourselves-but some of us will die if we interfere.
    I realize that sounds cruel but most people seem to be willing to trade their lives and their futures for a few more years of peace hoping something will happen that will change the enemies willingness to risk their soldier’s lives.

    Best case scenario: the sanctions continue to cripple the russian economy.
    Nato continues to support the Ukrainians with military aid and the cost to Putin becomes to high to risk losing his soldiers for little gains.

    I pray that happens.

  98. If you make more than $20 000 a day, then I suggest you donate $ 19 000 to the 45 MILLION of impoverished Americans a day. Still will be living like a king, right?

  99. US is very
    smart, they think they can ignite trouble spots around the globe from the safety
    of their homeland. According to a Russian official, American had the fortune of
    not having to fight a single war in their own soil like the Chinese and Russian
    went through during WW II (70 million perished). They have never had the bitter
    taste of war like waking up next morning to find their house up in smoke. The
    security of US is actually pretty delicate. American may be ‘cow boys’ but they
    are the most scary of war. Just look at what happened when the Japanese
    submarine sailed to the California coast and set off some ‘balloons’, which
    exploded in the sky and caused a little forest fire, but that was more than
    enough to scare the hell out of the American. Shockingly unbelievable!

  100. So Novye Aldy was justified in your mind. Interesting. Tell me again how many of those killed were terrorists or combatants? Of course you must be very proud when you consider that putting down a “Islamist terrorist government” included 20,000 to 50,000 children. Excuse me, General Kazantsev did clarify that children only included those up to age 10. The rest could be considered combatants.

    Independent you think. So how does independent work when your country has no international border separating it from another, has no passport (other than Russian), no embassies, no currency, no military?

    It just has a thug who reports to his boss in Moscow. Kadyrov would not have been elected had there been no Russian ballot stuffing or intimidation using Russian troops. In all reality he is just like his boss Putin. Well, Putin may know which fork to use and appears more sophisticated than Kadyro, but these good friends are the same when you strip Putin’s veneer off.

  101. Don’t forget the Soviet role in helping their German allies to eliminate Poland in September 1939 by invading and then murdering any Polish civilian or military leader that fell into their hands.

    Don’t forget that Russians also served in the Waffen SS including:
    29th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS RONA (1st Russian)
    30th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Belorussian)
    36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS

    25,000 Russian soldiers
    23,000 Cossacks
    12,000 Turkic
    70,000 Azerbaijans
    2,000-4,000 Armenians.

    During his reign, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 56 to 62 million people. Compared to him Hitler was a rank amateur.

  102. Thanks, I actually enjoy studying history and World War 2 is one of my favorite historical periods for study. I also like building models from that period and when I work on a model tank, aircraft, or ship, I like to learn all I can about the subject from who used it and how it was used. I just finished up a KV-220 tank. A one of a kind prototype that ended up being used in the fighting for Leningrad, when the Soviets threw anything with a gun into stopping the German advance.

  103. alex
    St. Petersburg Russian troll alert,
    You work at the building in my avatar 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia for Internet Research a Russian troll factory which was started by Mkhail Bystro an old military buddy of Vladimir Putin.
    The executive director there is Mikhail Burchik.
    Internet Research is owned by a holding company called CONCORD that is owned by EVGENY PRIGOZHIN a very close friend of Vladimir Putin.
    EVGENY PRIGOZHIN owns a restaurant in Moscow and runs around with the crooked billionaires that own the Russian military industrial complex.
    Putin and PRIGOZHIN do not want his name EVGENY PRIGOZHIN associated with the Russian troll factories in St. Petersburg Russia.
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN has another troll factory called Federal News Agency in the same building. FNA is responsible to plant false stories in the News papers and on TV which they do.

  104. Born in Dallas, raised in Irving, and then back to close by the SMU area of Dallas, and then got the hell out of there as fast as I could to points more sane than dead end Right Winger Texas….

    And where might you be from, Tim?

  105. One gets so tired of neo fascists that can only engage in making ad hominem and unfounded accusations that somebody or hte other is supposedly a Russian government agent. Do you think that this sort of bul makes you look like you are anything other than just a dumb thug? If so, then you are wrong

  106. What is the point, Moron, of posting in a foreign language on an English language website? Do you always do this type of

  107. Sing all of us a sad Russian song aronovich. That is the only thing Russians do well. Blubber and whine.
    It isn’t Russia’s choice to attack neighbors and steal their land which is what Vladimir Putin has done.

  108. When your supposed friends sneak in behind you and attack you, Sure the Russians took Crimea.
    It is Eastern Ukraine where the Ukrainians are kicking Russian butts.
    Truck loads of Russian bodies are being sent back to Russia every week. The Ukrainians have decimated many of Russia’s best airborne units.
    Moral in the army is low, soldiers are resigning and deserting every week, and Russia can’t afford the war in Ukraine.
    Russia’s airplanes are falling out of the skies on a weekly basis. Russian barracks are falling in killing many soldiers simply because Russia doesn’t have the money to keep the buildings in good repair.
    Russia’s military is a hollow shell.
    How do you like the picture in my avatar of your work place at 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia ?

  109. So, just WHY would “kicking Russia’s butt” be advantageous for anyone? Just so you know, that’s the kind of response I would expect from some drunk, lying on the sawdust floor of some red-neck honky tonk outside of Oklahoma City with Toby Keith’s ‘Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue’ blaring in the background.

  110. Yep… out right lies from ruSSian fascist troll Alex K.
    All the fascists are in in Moscow.
    Putler is a number 1 NAZI criminal personally responsible for the civilian deaths in E Ukraine.
    Yep Alex you are fascist ruSSian troll spreading the lies and ruSSian fascist propaganda.
    Yep ruSSia is a fascist state indeed.

  111. sergay
    The Russian winter won the battles against Bonaparte and Hitler. Not Russian soldiers.
    The Poles kicked Russia’s butt and occupied Moscow in 1610.
    Things that took place in history do not have anything to do with today.
    Russia’s military is obsolete.
    Russia has 845,000 military personnel.
    The US has 2,400,000 military personnel. Highly trained and better equipped.
    Russians today are weak, drug addicted and alcoholic. The men have homosexual tendencies. That is why Russian birth rates are less than what it takes to maintain its population and the women come to the US to find real men.
    What do you think of the picture of your work place at 55 Savushkina in my avatar sergay ?
    You work at Internet Research which was started by an old buddy of Vladimir Putin a former KGB Colonel Mkhail Bystro. I wonder how Putin and Bystro met ?
    Your Executive Director is Mikhail Burchik.
    Internet Research is owned by a holding company called CONCORD.
    CONCORD is owned by EVGENY PRIGOZHIN a very close butt buddy of Vladimir Putin.
    EVGENY PRIGOZHIN owns a plush Restaurant in Moscow and runs around with the billionaire owners of the military industrial complex. Hmmm what a coincidence.
    Vladimir Putin would be very upset if he found out his trolls are talking about EVGENY PRIGOZHIN.
    PRIGOZHIN will be all over your boss Mikhail Burchik and Burchik will probably fire you. :o)
    Dasvidanyia Khuilo.

  112. Hahahaha… nice answer. Obviously with a declining population, Russia isn’t the “viril nation” it aspires to be, no matter how many shirtless selfies Putin posts.

  113. If America wanted a ground war with Russia it would start it and win it.
    Russia’s military is obsolete. Russia’s planes are falling out of the sky because they are obsolete.
    Russia’s army is 99% draftees. Poorly trained and Worthless. Its best troops are being chewed up in east Ukraine. Truck loads of Russian bodies being shipped back to Russia in trucks. Putin made it a law that you can’t talk about dead Russian soldiers.
    Russia has a navy if you want to call it that. Only 50 ships that can float. Russia had 3 nuke capable subs and 1 burned up in port.
    Russia is a mouse that roars.

  114. Marines in Vietnam were cowards, I’m air force with 19th TASS, we were the one that called in airstrikes when you cowards radioed that you were being overrun by VC, which was usually everytime, if not for airstrikes there would have been 558,000 deaths instead of 58,000. the Marines were a bunch big mouth punks, we use to kick their butts in the off-base clubs, when they mouthed off about air force getting the best girls because they did not want to be with the uncivilized ignorant barbarian jarheads. Iraq, you did not fight anybody, if the Iraq freedom fighters had been VC, you would not be here whining on this blog right now. You got medals for Iraq, that sissyfied garbage, I would never except a medal for killing women and children, which is what you did in Iraq. You are a genocidal psychopath, you should be hunted down just like the Nazi’s were hunted and hung.

  115. Except their own (optimistic) pre-war intelligence assessments concluded that Germany could not win a war against the Soviets NO MATTER WHAT. Even if they chased the Red Army all the way to Siberia, there was neither a reason for the Russians to stop fighting, nor an accurate picture of what a “victory” would look like. Source: “Inside Hitler’s High Command” by Geoffrey Megargee.
    Ah, if only Germans read their own intelligence assessments…
    You can go back to John Wayne movies now.

  116. And? Russian soldiers have been volunteering since day one, it still is nowhere near proof that their regular forces have crossed into Ukraine.

    The ‘separatists’ they are “supporting” have been low on weapons and vehicles since day one. Russian tank numbers in Ukraine are far under 50, and many modifications on them could have been performed by NAF. The fighters themselves don’t believe Russia is supporting them, that tells you about something….

  117. The US military is 3 times what Russia has. Russia’s military is falling apart. Russia can’t even defeat Ukraine. All Russia does is murder Ukrainian civilians and watch its planes fall out of the air.

  118. So if you hate NATO, hate the US, hate capitalism and love Russia and love communism why are you American, American, American and not Russian, Russian, Russian?

  119. Peace of S**t
    Russia invaded Ukraine and stole Crimea.
    Internet Research St. Petersburg Russian trolls just don’t want people telling the truth about Russians murdering Ukrainians.
    Does Mikhail Burchik sign your pay check or EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN ? The good friend of Vladimir Putin that owns CONCORD that owns Internet Research.
    What do you think of my Avatar that pictures 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia where you work for Internet Research ?
    There are spies every where POS. There are pictures of you trolls going to and from work several hundred of you. I don’t know which one you are or I would post it. :o)

  120. GC
    You don’t see anything but the daily talk sheets you are given at the beginning of your 12 hour work shift at Internet Research at 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia.

  121. Ukrainians are not cowards, when it is to attack unarmed protesters. They killed courageously 50 unarmed protesters and burned them alive on 2nd of May 2014 in Odessa. They courageously have beaten almost all members of parliament, using clubs. They killed courageously 30 public workers, artists, MP, journalists, and reported suicide for all of them. They shoot down courageously MH-17 and killed 298 unarmed passengers, except some children armed with plastic toy arms. Ukrainians gave up to Russia courageously Crimea, without fighting. Ukrainians are cowards only when they have to fight armed opponents, and this comes very rare.

  122. GC
    You are not a Vietnam Vet.
    You are a St. Petersburg Russian troll that works for $1.90 an hour for a 12 hour day. 2 days on and 2 days off.
    You work in the building pictured in my avatar at 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia. The company you work for is called Internet Research which is owned by a holding company called CONCORD that is owned by
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a butt buddy of Vladimir Putin. Ask your boss Mikhail Burchik if he wants you to talk about EVGENY PRIGOZHIN ?
    A little research will tell all.
    2 former trolls Marat Burkhard and Lyudmila Savchuk have told all about the inner workings of Internet Research.

  123. I don’t have to google a dam thing. Do you even know what a catapult is? Have you ever done anything in your life that you didn’t need google for? Do you even know what that ski jump ramp on the front of that thing is? Fk’n pisslicker.

  124. What are you talking about ? Russia took Crimea, crown jewel of Ukraine and Black Sea, without one dead.
    Shame Ukrainians Shame on Ukrainians to give up Crimea without fighting. Even 15 000 Ukrainian soldiers switched side and joined Russian army, from total of 18 000. They refused to join new Kiev army, due to lack of knowledge of foreign language, Ukrainian.

  125. Have your seen Dragon capsules or the C100? We have over 300 Million people from everywhere on earth and still have a GDP over 50 thousand a year and spend more on defense than the next three countries combined. I make more in a day than an average Russian makes in a month. Lol

  126. nato
    You are a 20 something that works at 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia.
    If you will look at my avatar you will see a picture of the 4 story soviet era building where you work at Internet Research a company owned by CONCORD which is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a butt buddy of Vladimir Puitin. PRIGOZHIN owns a restaurant in Moscow and travels with Russia’s military industrial owners also buddy’s of Putin. Putin doesn’t want PRIGOZHIN’s name mentioned it really upsets him.

  127. You are deadly wrong. Bulgaria banned South stream, Russia will ban access to space to US. US was beaten by Taliban and lost status of world power, and is now at level of local power like Uzbekistan.

  128. bla bla
    What do you think of the picture in my avatar ?
    It is 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia where you work at Internet Research a troll factory owned by CONCORD which is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a butt buddy of Vladimir Putin who doesn’t want PRIGOZHIN’s name mentioned..

  129. If the Germans weren’t fighting a two front war and were only focused on the eastern front with Russia, they most assuredly would have sacked Moscow and beaten the Russians.

  130. Saddam Hussein was pushed by US to war against Iran that lasted from 1980 to 1988. Incentive was Kuwait. US helped Saddam by all means, and helped him to kill more than 500 000 Iranians. US lately betrayed its ally. When used Saddam was discarded to rash. This is a destiny of all US allies.

  131. In March 2015 Germanwing airliner crashed in Alps. After two days the reason for crash was explained and published.
    After one year the reason for crash of MH-17 was not published and explained. All investigation is declared as a secret and nothing will be published. List of suspected was made by US before crash, and US is waiting time to mature to make it public. One year of investigation was necessary to hide out real executors, and create fake facts.
    There are many proven facts that clearly indicate Ukraine and its terrorists were responsible for killing 298 people on board. In addition to this huge number of killed, Ukrainian fascist from Kiev and their US helpers killed 50 000 Ukrainians. It is interesting that killing in Ukraine 298 foreigners, most Dutch, produced huge outcry of western world, but killing of 50 000 Ukrainians was met with silence, even, I would say with some level of pleasure.

  132. And Internet Research where you and your buddy’s work is owned by CONCORD which is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN, a butt buddy of Vladimir Putin. PRIGOZHIN owns a restaurant and also hangs out with the Russian military industrial complex owners. EVGENY PRIGOZHIN travels in the power circles of Moscow and doesn’t like having his name bandied about on the internet. Think about it slavco. Ask your boss Mikahail Burchik if he wants EVGENY PRIGOZHIN’S name mentioned.
    Do you recognize the building in my avatar ? It is 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia where you work.

  133. The median income in the USA is $58,000.00
    Please cite your references that say 4 million Americans leave the US a year. Russian propaganda not accepted.
    Does EVGENY PRIGOZHIN sign your pay check or Mikhail Burchik the Executive Director of Internet Research ? PPRIGOZHIN is a butt buddy of Vladimir Putin that owns CONCORD the holding company that owns Internet Research where you work for $1.90 an hour for a 12 hour day, 2 days on and 2 days off. If you last a year which most St. Petersburg Russian trolls do not you will make what ? $7,000 a year. :o)
    If you didn’t know that EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN is your main boss you do know now. If you don’t believe me ask you boss Mikhail Burchik. :o)
    Do you recognize the building in my avatar ? That is 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia where you work phil. There are also photographs of the many, many different trolls that work there but I don’t know which one you are. :o)
    If you didn’t know that EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN is your main boss you do know now. If you don’t believe me ask you boss Mikhail Burchik. :o)

  134. @Nick. You are sick. You use troll trick. You brain is weak, stupidity thick. Your head kick brick. With your empty head go under bed, stay in dark and don t bark.

  135. I think more, and more Americans are hoping for the same thing..Lets hope that the destruction of Russia, and the others comes sooner rather then later..BTW our Military doesn’t loss wars, our Government does. When we are all in on a war, no rules, no concern about casualties, we dont loss. Never have. Never will.

  136. lol I guess that during your ESL/Poopin propaganda classes the little nuances of the English language didn’t get taught?..I suspect everyone else(English as a primary/first language) understood what was meant, but you my little tool get an F..ok F+ trying is worth an extra point..

  137. The US military saw plenty of heavy artillery strikes during Korea..Something the article missed…and During Vietnam (Battle of Khe Sanh would be a good example)..


  138. Thats not an answer to my question now is it..and I suspect it will go unanswered.
    and “we” declared war on Germany when they invaded Poland..UK&Western Allies..Russia on the other hand, played be-itch to Germany until Germany turned on them..So lets give Germany a pass for that. It was a great help in the long run.

  139. tell it to Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Nikolaev, Krivoi Rog. We did not know back then who was Russian and who was Ukrainian and not that we even cared. It is maggots like u from Galichina that were traitors from the beginning. Now you are making your last and final push to rip us apart.

  140. The only paid shills are the lying St. Petersburg Russian trolls like romeo and his Russian buddy’s at Internet Research at 55 Savushkina in a shoddy neighborhood in North Central St. Petersburg Russia. 55 Savushkina is a 4 story soviet era building.
    romeo works in a small room lined with rows of black computers with 2 other trolls as a team. They each have at least 6 different accounts that they post under. They get paid $1.90 an hour for a 12 hour day.
    Internet Research was started by a former KGB Colonel named Mkhail Bystro a butt buddy of Vladimir Putin. Internet Research is owned by a holding company called CONCORD which is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a restaurant owner who is also a butt buddy of Vladimir Putin.
    EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN also hangs out with the Russian military industry owners.
    Does EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN sign your pay check or Mikhail Burchik the Executive Director of Internet Research to be a lying Russian troll ?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  141. The only amateurs in the Russian attack on Ukraine are Russian soldiers.
    Russian bodies are going back to Russia by the truck loads. That is why Putin passed a law that makes it illegal to talk about Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine.

  142. Yea St. Petersburg Russian trolls like you get paid $1.90 an hour for a 12 hour day.
    Does EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN sign your paycheck or his lackey Mikhail Burchik sign it ?
    You know of PRIGOZHIN, he owns the holding company called Concord that owns Internet Research that has hired you to be a lying idiot St. Petersburg Russian troll.

  143. I’ve find the activity of pro-Russian trolls watching comments for this article. They love Putin and his style of life.

    Referring this theme Interesting Comment has George:

    Comrade Roger Olsen on propaganda duty today, da!

    I guess now that Russians use half their wages to pay for
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    # 2) Bashing countries like USA, Ukraine, E.U. in their
    posts and blaming them for the worlds problems to divert attention away from
    Putin/Russian misbehavior.

    # 3) Please view other comments made by these trolls by
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  144. Hi reality check. You said that same thing as reality check….you are so busted fat chinesr troll maggot. Tour too stupid to know what you just did to out yourself. 800 yuan a month to troll. Lmfao. Tou wish you made my surgeon pay maggot. And btw, there are no basements in Texas. That would be for the northerners. We have rock, no basements. Idiot.

  145. Russia isn’t a contender as a world power anymore. Probably wont ever be again. If it wasn’t for their Nukes they would be Bulgaria.

  146. You should welcome a nuclear blast. I would if I had to eat beet soup everyday! LMFAO MAGGOT Go blast a bomb weak noodle! LMFAO We are dropping the bomb! AWWWWWW We are dropping the bomb! YIPES DO IT DO IT! MAGGOTS

  147. Yo PM – I just don’t see Pres. Putin going into another country and eliminating a government like the Americans do in these times. Actually I like Poroshenko a little – I wish he would dump Nuland and the State Dept and just go 1 on 1 with Putin. But Ukraine is poorer than a rat and they need funding . This Ukraine plan has been in effect for decades because as you know – Ukraine is rich with farmland and most of the people are pretty laid back. Januk was an idiot – he had one of the finest prospects in Europe but instead started stealing from everyone. This was a major – major screw-up. American immigration policy is going to bite them in the aso because they let in over 100 million more people than should be and they didn’t pick the #1 draft choices – they took peasants. America isn’t America anymore – there is no Honor- no respect for the legal common people and domestic problems/economics are catastrophic. Putin is right in not wanting to let the Wests’ immoral and domestic ills into his society. He’s not perfect but at least he is a Russian.

  148. All year long ongoing debates about who is to blame for the crash of the Boeing 777-200ER . There are 298 people in all. But there are many proven facts that clearly indicate. Russia and it`s terrorists are responsible for the biggest airplane crash of 21st century. Shame on Russia…R.I.P to all the victims of the aircrush…

  149. You want the truth, go to Donbas and see for yourself. See if there are any regular Russian soldiers there. Oh, and say hi the Texas group fighting with the rebels. There are many American volunteers now fighting on the side of the rebels. Your distorted view of Russia is a tribute to your cold war era propagandized “education”. I agree that China is a bigger threat simply because of intent. If Russia wanted part of ukraine it would go like Crimea. You should visit there too. Otherwise you don’t know what reality is. Anyone can put anything on the internet. It is best to see first hand. Make a special visit to Gorlovka, then Slovyansk. Only then will you know the truth.

  150. Russians brainwashed in 24years to believe they are separate nation, so called Ukrainians are made to fight their brothers. Both sides speak mostly Russian, have common history and culture. what a f# disgust. Separatists are in Kiev. Separatists are the ones that tore one nation apart 24 years ago.

  151. PHIL,
    Just because you work for minimum wage does not mean that people that went to school do not make a decent wage in America. As for myself I did not go to higher education, but I still make over 150K a year. Sorry you live under your mother in the basement.

  152. Your history knowledge is good, I’ll give you that. As I understand it, the Poles imprisoned all of the Ukrainian leadership in Auschwitz (yes, THAT one) where most were executed or died of mistreatment. Then they put the entire Ukrainian population on trains and moved them West to repopulate the former German lands granted to Poland by the Soviets. Notice, there aren’t too many ethnic Ukrainians living on the Polish side of the border…
    Of course, had Stalin done something like that, it would be denounced as “communist genocide”

  153. it’s $10/hour going to $15/hour is some places – and your Russia says what? hahahah
    McDonald’s workers in USA make double your deceitful disgusting job as liars in US news forums.

  154. Most people make at least 100K??? The minimum wage in US is $7.25/hour The average wage is as I recall about $25,000/year Have you even been to the hellhole called America? Do you know why 4 million americans leave their country each year and then are classified in the US as “missing persons”?

  155. Russia and the US are just fighting for the bone of global domination. Ukraine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Middle east are just proxy scenarios where they to try to undermine each other without using direct conventional or nuclear war. This foolishness is taking us down the road to WW3. Soon every country will have to weight consequences pick a side, and pray (or hope?) the decision was the right one. Just don’t expect much more respect to your civil and human rights from Russia and China, than what you have now.

  156. Ukrainian Insurgent Army was not suppressed by the Polish Communists until 1948. The Ukrainians continued to fight against the Soviets after that and were not completely suppressed by the NKVD until 1956. And that is without any outside aid.

  157. you , because you are neither smart enough , or BRAVE enough to question it !
    a.) The IMF did NOT ” pay ” Ukraine to ” start a war with Russia …” The money was LOANED to Ukraine ,
    to use to rebuild the economy and the infrastructure , after they were ruined by that pro Russian scumbag
    thief and criminal ; Yanukovich , and his ” helper ” Putin !
    b.) Only a complete moron , or a desperate russki troll , would call the events in Mukachevo , an attempt to
    start a war with ; Hungary ! What on earth would be the purpose in that ?
    c.) Rather than look for Kyiv’s ” Nazis ” look at YOUR Russia, you have been Nazis since 1939 , when you signed
    the Agreement with Hitler !
    d.) The reason ” the russian public , doesn’t know about the war with Ukraine ” , is because , just like you , they
    are a herd of ; confused , frightened , slave like , sheep , who believe ANYTHING your little ” emperor ” tells
    you , because you are neither smart enough , or BRAVE enough to question it !

  158. What’s your REAL , russki name , Ivan ? russki post like you and expect people to believe that you are actually someone called ” Romeo ” . Lying and obscenities, are something , only you russkis , learn from the cradle !
    What’s your REAL , russki name , Ivan ?

  159. Hush Child: You are not correct our government has run fragment testing on the bombs used to down the jet, and guess who signature comes back from testing Yes “RUSSIA’S” We know a lot from proof not just idle B.S. like you are spewing. I am part of the American public and I know a lot, we also have trajectory movements coming from Russia’s airspace. Yes we Americans know the truth, and we are going to stop Russia from probing and entering our airspace if Russia does not abandon this, intrusive action we will start shooting Russia’s invading aircraft out of the sky. flying with no responders turned on, Russia is overblowing everything if we wanted to take Russia out we could have done that many years ago so don’t spew your BS. about America wanting to invade Russia, We don’t want Russia frozen tundra what the hell do we need with it? think I’ll to Florida for a little sun bath.

  160. @ highlanderge ; Yeah troll ; just keep calling Ukrainians ” cowardly ” , while they keep sending more body bags with dead ” vacationers ” and ” volunteers ” ! We ALL are sure to believe you !

  161. Yes, like they did in Chechnya. Chechnya had been independent for almost two years, with Russia’s
    blessing. Its a troublesome and expensive region and they were happy to be rid if it, but it became a terrorist Muslim state and was exporting terrorists throughout Russia. Google “Beslan”. It’s near my wife’s family home and it was pretty ugly.
    At least when they put down an Islamist terrorist government they were chasing real terrorists who were killing real people and not fictional WMDs.

  162. Feel free to hate me. being hated by fools is always a honor. I would suggest you do two things. First, to make certain that you are hating the right person, Google me. I’m not only American, but in some circles, a well known American.

    Second, despite your logical limitations, at least occasionally think about the topics at hand and try to make logical or relevant comments instead of obsessing about who said them.

  163. “Russia has taken electronic warfare to a whole new level with
    intercepting, jamming, and deceiving radio communications and radars.” – there is nothing new about any of that…

  164. Are you guys being ironic? Accusing the Ukrainian regime of being bloodthirsty so that you can advocate a slaughter?

    As for the OP; his logic is that if a nation is invaded then it has a responsibility to hand over its territory to avoid bloodshed. Then he’s happy. Laws be damned, rights be damned, sovereignty be damned.

  165. ? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?????? ???????, ?????. ? ??? ??? ??????????????, ? ??? ??? ?? ??????, ? ????? ???? ?????? ????, ? ?? ??? ????? ??????, ??????? ??????????.

  166. Sure, let’s appease Russia. A state hell bent on a policy of aggressive imperialism and revanchism that has executed an unprovoked attack on its neighbour. Yet, somehow, you seem to think that Russia’s actions are our responsibility. How did that appeasement thing work out with Hitler?

  167. No one has to pay Americans for saying the truth. We don’t need the money. Most people make at least 100K a year. But all your lying will not change one person in NATO. RUSSIA IS ON A DOWNWORD PATH, and NOTHING CAN SAVE YOU.

  168. …and how would you know all that? Much of what you know about Russia, or the rest of the world for that matter, is shaped by the US media. The rest is shaped by Hollywood. Even your vocabulary sounds like propaganda – “thuggish, primping, testosterone addled boor” – nice work they’ve done on your brain.
    Crimeans loved Russia enough. And so do East Ukrainians, but the Kiev junta is massacring them to prevent that.

  169. If the US is such a dominating force let them attack Russia, China, Iran right now, I pray that they do, I really pray that they will make a foolish mistake like that. Those Pentagon generals no better than some armchair chickenhawk, they would not dare attack them period. I want them to attack them, I love to watch empires fall in utter defeat.

  170. You are so much correct. Blood thirsty, thieving and criminal Washington’s freaks, will brake their yellow rotten and bloody fangs over Russia. The evil U.S. empire is indeed falling apart.

  171. Haha, how would you, schmuck know who shot down Malaysian aircraft over Ukraine? You are lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s shill, who spews anti Russia BS fairy tales and purposely misleading propaganda here every single day in order to deceive American public.

  172. Aren’t you the idiot who compared present day Russia to fascist Italy under Mussolini saying they were basically about the same? The US is an infinitely more corporate dictatorship society than Russia is though, GS. Neither one is fascist in the ’30s sense though, despite you claiming that Russia is. You should live in the US and see what your capitalist paradise is really like. It is not a very pretty picture, and the US sits on top of other capitalist counties in an even more miserable and dominated state.

  173. It seems to me that you are fascist, having in mind last sentence. Dude, communism has fallen 25 years ago! Democracy, one of the most often used words in the USA and Western Europe, means “rule of people”. However, it turns out that in 21st Century it means “rule of the USA”. The USA have done so many stupid things in the last three decades. They created Al-Quaida, Bin Laden, supported mujahedeens in Afghanistan and Bosnia, attacked Serbia, occupied Irak and Afghanistan, sparked chaos in the Middle East with Arab Spring, attacked Syria, supported Syrian opposition – aka ISIS, prepared and supported several Orange revolutions and organized coup in Ukraine. I would say that the USA government is part of problem, rather then part of solution.
    And I want to clearly distinguish between US government and US people, because I have quite a few very good American friends and I have very positive opinion on American people.

  174. i
    Well the US sent amateur troops to train amateur Ukrainians to use weapons, now the cowardly Ukrainian’s are going to teach the US troops how to run like the dickens when the Russians come looking for them as they have been.

  175. I got the impresion that many writers here are americans. And still you are talking only sh ##t abouth US. And if US do something wrong (they do and have been doing) it is not allowed to criticise Russia? Where is the logic? My doctor tells me I am fat, but he is more fat, so that is no problem. Stupidos! The fact is this: There is a war i east Ukraine. Who can stop it? Putin can. Does he? No. In my eyes it means he is quilty of murder, of more than 6000 people! Russia are so “afraid” of US. Why? Are they afraid US will take Russia? It is nor possible, Russia is just to big. And it have been tried before, besides Russia will surely ansver with nukes. It is said that Russia have a group in St.Petersburg working full time to spread propaganda on internet. Maybe not all the americans here are americans? I am not american, and I am not a big fan of the US. But when so many people are sitting with the tomb in mouth and whining, I will say America deserves better.

  176. ty psie moskiewski bardzo dobrze rozumiesz i rosyjski i j?zyk si?y

    oraz gorza?y, wódka i syfilis wam ostatki szarych komórek zlasowa?y :)

  177. And how are these Vodka drunks even defending their invasion of Ukraine with their Russian troops? And to say America started it? That makes no sense. Either Putin really has a stronghold on your internet access or you guys are just really dumb.

  178. Haha at these Russians trolls spouting Putin propaganda. It’s impossible for 99% of the public to like their leader, yet Russia always does (along with every communist community). And let’s not forget who shot down the passenger plane filled with innocent civilians that had nothing to do with either side. It was Russia. You deserve another Chernobyl to happen, but in the middle of Moscow with hopefully Putin looking down into the reactor.

  179. it seems you had one too many drinks. I guess once you get over your hang over you might remember the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact…..

  180. former? yes – but by force – because the Bolsheviks did not give choice – either collective farm or a bullet in the head

    USSR – it was the same evil and Russia

    Russia is a bandit wild country

  181. The truth of he matter is that we are not Putin paid, but many of you morons are actually Pentagon paid in one form or the other. You accuse us of being what you in fact are. Whores.

  182. You neo fascists today are just like the Old South’s Klan. You respond with ‘Russian Russian Russian’ to everybody who opposes your Far Right agenda, while the Klan used to respond ‘N##ger Lover! N##ger Lover! Ni###ger Lover!’ in almost identical manner.

  183. I don’t know what is Russia waiting for. Why can’t they just eliminate this American Puppet in Kiev, this Proshit guy, then peace will return to Ukraine. the world see old people; women and children being slaughtered everyday by these American terrorists who are bound to destabilize the world, sticking their long noses in every business. America like guns that’s why they are dying from guns. even yesterday four of their marines were killed by Mohammad who they brought to US sometimes back as a baby after they killed his entire family during Gulf war. The empire is falling, Great mystery Babylon is falling!

  184. The US Press stil drumming for WW III – oh so much fun to come – especially when taking into account the new russian nuclear doctrine (by the way Russias reaction to these moronic Americans who believe war with Russia is somehow cool and necessary – because of freedom and bla). 100 million fried Russians plus 100 millon fried Americans plus 200 million fried Europeans sound like an acceptable price to be paid – if you have an MBA in finance.

  185. Oh, bullshit. What fails with your stupid comparison is that Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, et al have never been part of the same country alongside the US. Georgia and Ukraine though were once part of the same country as Russia was part of. The US is by far the biggest imperialist threat to the rest of the world, and Russia can’t even begin to compete in that category.

  186. You are the typical vulgar neo fascist one finds today in much of the world. Sad stuff if you neo Nazi thugs ever begin to grow much more in strength…..

  187. *Senator Obama disarmed the Ukraine military in Donetsk

    so much for independent state))
    does anybody still believe in independent Ukraine?

  188. Well General Hodges, I am an X Nam vet living in Crimea and I am wondering what this place will look like if the Americans had tried to take the Crimea after your gov in Kyiv had voted to abandon the Russian Fleets lease. After reading about Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the rest of the middle east, I don’t think it is in the best interest of any country to invite the US in because the past { in my lifetime } shows more negative that positive – Russians are not your enemy and you know it – and since I’m still alive – I’m assuming the US people are not Russias enemy. So, in the end Russia taking Crimea was the for the best because there was no war. Russia it seems to me – does not want the domestic ills that the west has to offer – America is a mess domestically but keeps pushing the Military to fight the World. For Nothing except money and Power – pretty sick policy General.

  189. Both sides are using the situation to justify what they want to do anyway. Russia really wanted Crimea (or rather its base back) and the rest is fallout since Russia can’t exactly leave the rebels they triggered to “go hang” but doesn’t want Ukraine. So the long stalemate where the west “helps” out the rather poor country. If Russia took over Ukraine then they would have to forgive the debts too – and they can keep Ukraine impoverished as a buffer forever.

    The US has plenty of high tech capability as well, we just haven’t needed it in the asymmetrical warfare we have been engaged in for the last decade. The thing about jammers is they are never very hard to find. If they get too annoying then a few wild weasels go in and there are a few less jammers in the world. We have them too, and we have equipment designed to work in that environment. (frequency hopping) The big advantage we have is the same as we had in WW2, barring a major nuclear exchange we are not fighting on our territory.

    Russia’s ability to project power (like China’s) is minimal. If they can’t drive there they can’t do that much. Since Russia is primarily a mechanized force there isn’t enough air and sealift to deploy them in significant numbers.

  190. Well yeah… that’s true. Russians are hard to love… Putin does come off as a thuggish, primping, testosterone addled boor. Biggest problem for our former allies against fascism is that, unlike the USA, Russia has no soft power. They aren’t cool… Americans are not cool either, but they got cool things, live cool lives and have a cool president (at least the rest of the world thinks so…) Nobody loves Russians, not even Ukrainians or Belarussians, who are practically the same thing. Well Serbians love Russians, but that is a special case… Most people don’t love Americans either, but they love America and that moi tovarishi, makes all the difference…

  191. Well, wtf, being a resident in Crimea and having Ukraine air force friends there – previously of course. I asked them about their situation. They had thought the Russian navy and marines were there brothers. They couldn’t see the real international picture about to start. They didn’t have any arms or armament – Senator Obama disarmed the Ukraine military in Donetsk in 2005- you can look it up. Russia could not take the chance of the “New US backed Gov” in Kyiv to invade Crimea after that new Gov terminated the Russian Fleet Agreement. Actually the US was looking to take the Crimea and make into a huge base – as an X soldier-US , its quite easy to see. So, it was better that Russia took back Crimea because if there had been a fight here – it would have looked like another – Stalingrad ! Spacibo

  192. Well, what a useful piece of information. Let’s learn how to FIGHT RUSSIA instead of embracing her in PEACE and bringing her into the Western fold.

  193. This July Ukraine is expected to declare default/bankruptsy. Its foreign debt is equal to budget (about 130 billions).
    The last business which feeds Junta is receiving subsidies from IMF (USA) and Germany as payment for “war with Russia”.
    Also, last week they tried to start more one war – with Hungary (conflict in the West, in Mukachevo).
    I think it would be more correct to say that USA are trying to unleash war between Europen NATO members and Russia using Kievs nazists Junta as a tool. But it seems all US efforts are in vain, the only result – default of Ukraine. Russian public even doesnt know that “Russia is in state of war with Ukraine”, Russias think that there is some civil conflict in East Ukraine and natsis Junta is oppressing civil population using army (it is forbidden by ukrainian constitution – to use army in civil conflict without official declaration of war)

  194. What’s so wrong with him speaking critically of his home land? Is being critical of your government a foreign concept to you? Sheesh, for once in your life, put down the vodka.

  195. How can you say such things about city you were born and grew up in? Do you have mental dosorder or what, my friend? Its like saying bad things about your mother, foe example. I live in Moscow by the way

  196. Since I see the russian state as a fascist one, the answer is easy: beneficial for all those who do not want to live in a swinish russian way. I was born and grew up in moscow, btw. Fortunately, I got out of there.

  197. Yeah, because the Swedes, the French and the Germans were not a lesson enough, they need the Ukrainians to teach them about what it’s like to fight the Russians. :D

  198. “Well, whatever has been learned, is always useful, inasmuch as learning is a beneficial practice.” Benefiacial for whom? Fascists and terrorists are also learning. Does it make the world any better or happier?

  199. Well, whatever has been learned, is always useful, inasmuch as learning is a beneficial practice. And as for “fascism” – learn the meaning of the big words before using them and parading your ignorance around for all to see. The inventor of the “fascism” concept Benito Mussolini [and who would know better than him?] described it as “everything for the state, everything with the state, everything through the state, nothing without the state” – which fits your effing russia to a “t”.

  200. The only thing Ukraine is teaching is how to fight with with too few modern weapons and with a over many years neglected army against a much stronger and better equipped army! The US has none of those so the “lesson” is of no real value!

  201. “Ukrainians have endured artillery bombardment that the U.S. hasn’t seen since the second World War. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Europe, said Ukrainians have taught a lot to the U.S. forces about what it takes to fight Russia.”

    The above is bravado BS, but the US never fights an industrialized foe rather it terrorizes small remote countries that possess resources it desires to steal for its multi-national corporations. That is fascism.

  202. Ukraine is a na zi state that US backs and is using as a proxy to bombard ethnic Russian civilians in East UKR- women, children, elderly, disabled- it’s genocide. Who is Value Walk? This is US gov’t stooge propaganda and dangerous war mongering

  203. Vicas has deap Interest? hahahahahhahahahahahah Vikas is a Russian Trol…….no one sense will write this kind of article……You know propaganda has it limits …. Vikas if you will continue as that you will have more supporters to Putine in USA then in Russia!!!!!

  204. Without the allies in WWII, Russia would have kept marching West, until it reached the Atlantic and had all of Europe under its control.
    The “allies” stormed Normandy less than a year before the V-E Day.

  205. Just a tip here R-O-D-G-E-R, but Americans do not spell your first name like that. In the US you spell like R-O-G-E-R. Just a helpful hint….

  206. Neither Russia nor Ukraine “loves communist dictators” anymore.
    The country that “loves communist dictators” is the US (China, Vietnam)
    US also loves fundamentalist Islamic sheikdoms (Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf characters)
    Plus a few secular dictatorships (Egypt, Singapore)

  207. Don’t know, but what I do know is I can buy bottled water for 99 cents or about 1 billion Rubles at the current exchange rate…….

  208. How wrong you are my friend. I am retired Marine and served three combat tours in Iraq and one in the southern Philippines. If you are a Vietnam vet, I bet you and your fellow airmen have PTSD from the time the AC went out in your doorm rooms in Saigon…..

  209. Meanwhile the “brave” Ukrainian Army keeps shelling residential arias in DNR and LNR. Sorry, nowadays it’s called fighting the Russian troops, for some strange reason those “troops” are staffed with Ukrainian kids playing outside their homes and schools.

  210. We are not talking wars, since politics plays a bigger a role in the outcome of a war as the battles themselves. We are talking about training armies to win BATTLES and no one can say the US military is not the best at winning on the battlefield. There is a huge difference between the two. The military can win every battle, but the politicians will still lose the war. The US decimated the 3rd largest army in the world, equipped with modern Soviet equipment in less than 5 days in 1991. The US won every major battle in Vietnam, to the point the North Vietnamese had a saying thet men were born in the North to die in the South. What was the last modern military the Russian Army has faced? Afghanistan did not have a modern conventional army. The Chechans did not have a modern conventional army. Please name one. The Iraq army the US faced in Iraqi Freedom was still far more advanced than anything the Russians have faced since WW II and the US roled over them in a matter of weeks.

  211. “If the United States ever thought that fighting (and defeating) Russia was easy”

    I believe that has to be one of the stupidest statements in modern history,

  212. Yep…
    The russians proved their missle prowess when they were able to shoot down that “nuclear armed”, heavily civilian-fortified MH17 passenger jet with their BUK missle system !

  213. “And I would not think Putin would be able to rally the russian people to fight very far from their borders.”
    Would Obama be able to rally the American people to die very far from their borders?

  214. We supplied them the weapons (the only “advanced” weapon was the Stinger MANPAD), but the Afghans were the ones who fought and won the battles. According to your theory, the USSR did not beat the Germans in WW II battles since the US is the one who provided them weapons via the Lend-Lease program…..

  215. The Gay Nation? Lol. Wow, your comment is beyond ignorant. Gay people are just now getting their rights to marry and it is 2015, the U.S isn’t even close to being a “gay nation” and wouldn’t that require all people or a majority of people to be homosexual too? I think Scarlet’s question of whether or not you’re stupid is a great one. And sorry that our nation accepts people, regardless of their sexual orientation, where as, you Russians persecute. I don’t even support homosexuality, but at least I don’t judge the people themselves. Putin should fire you, you suck at trolling.

  216. “The U.S. forces are learning about the nature of the next war.” Wow! Finally the US media admits everything happening in Ukraine is just preparation for the next planned in advance war against Russia.

  217. Suteki73 the US has not won a war since WWII, and it took Nuclear weapons to do that, because they new the Japanese would fight to the last man. There is two exceptions with the Glorius victory’s achieved in Grenada and Panama. My hunting party could have taken those minor nuisances. You are not ex-military, just one of those armchair chicken-hawks. I’m a Vietnam Vet, I have more fighting ability in my Left Big Toe.

  218. Very true Suteki, a lot of people seem to confuse military failure with political failure. It’s the U.S politicians who tend to mess everything up, or they break promises because they are afraid of getting voted out of their political position. The U.S military does its job well.

    In Vietnam, the NVA and Vietcong were on the verge of surrendering, an NVA general even admitted it. But because of the national protests, politicians decided to withdraw our troops, we weren’t losing, we’re winning. We actually managed to force them into a ceasefire before we left, but after the last of the U.S troops left Vietnam, they attacked, and we didn’t go back to help the South Vietnamese.

    In the North Korean War, we pushed the North Koreans all the way to the Yalu River, but when China stepped in with over 1 million fresh and well rested troops, along with the support of Russia, our extremely outnumbered and exhausted troops got pushed all the way behind Seoul, but during the retreat we were still fighting and tearing the Chinese up, then when reinforcements arrived, we pushed the Chinese, North Koreans and Russians, back north, above the DMZ. The casualties they sustained dwarfed ours. We only began discussing a ceasefire for Korea not because we’re losing, but because, again, politicians did not want to be voted out of office, another reason was that politicians were sort of losing control of MacArthur, he wanted to annihilate the communists, but he would have ignited World War III in trying to do so. So they relieved him of command and ended the war.

    The war in Iraq, not much to say on this one, we annihilated Saddam’s forces and removed him from power within three weeks.

    Al-Qaeda, we decimated them, killed their leader, now they’re not very active anymore.

  219. They can’t invade Ukraine. The sheep in Russia are being fed a story that Ukraine is going through a civil war. Even with 90% approval rating for putler most don’t support the war against Ukraine. In the back of the mind PaRussians realize that they are fighting a losing battle.

  220. In this country there’s constant anti-Russian propaganda day in and day out in the news media, it’s been like that for years. Our government’s aimed is to maintained a foe so it can justify it’s actions both domestic, and abroad. In today’s world Russia is the only country that can/will challenge the US imposition, the rest will do as told or they will be pay the consequences!

  221. Yes my son was over there in the marines. His whole company spent more time on air strikes and playing xbox than anything else. Biggest killer of troops was IEDs. Not bullets. So one on one was not often unless in a town. And all the while no artillery flyinh and landing on them at the same time. Different in ukraine. Shelling continuously, they have jammers, so most of our tech is useless. They know how to knock drones down. Another block and have missles that can knock down a f-35. Totally different rype of war. And mini nukes if we want to go big.

    This is why israel won’t attack iran. They end up with a big war and possible anilation of all israeli. Even we would have a rough time and thousands dead. Iran is not irag a push over. Ukraine would be like viet nam. A nightmare for the US. If it wasn’t we would already be fighting there. Our guys are not trained for it at all. Men will die.

  222. And we have? Let’s see, we beat up on iraq, afghanistan, serbia, somalia, and a little bit in syria (after they were softened by isis). So wtf is your point? When the gloves come off the only thing for sure is there will be a lot of dead soldiers, and probably a hell of a lot of dead civis, including men, women, and children, on both sides of the nuclear divide.

  223. Russia could probably take Ukraine–48 hours might be giving them something but within two weeks or so—Russia needs to maintain some sort of deniability in the conflict so they don’t risk the rest of Europe Arming up. Once Russian troops enter Ukraine in force all the world will see them as the aggressor and begin preparing for war.
    The Russian economy would be in shambles for another generation.

  224. It’s all coming out, the US involvement in Ukraine is not only training, but at the front with Ukrainian units. Then you hear the naïve in this country think otherwise, cause the listened to US government sponsored propaganda!


    accept they prisoners who claim they are russian.

    Historically Russia would push with heavy armor backed by warplanes and artillery.
    Unless they wanted to avoid being labeled as the aggressor who attacked a neighboring country.
    Instead they send in forces to conduct raids and support “separatist” which gives them plausible deniability in front of the rest of the world. Which is traditionally how

  226. Well for the last ten years we have been waging asymetrical warfare and kicking in doors at night while dealing with suicide bombers and snipers.

    I would not say that is ideal training for fighting a large war in Europe but that is what we were doing “training to fight a large war in Europe” before we starting the asymetrical stuff in the middle-east.

    Russia has a good military but I would not bet on it against European and US military tactics and equipment.
    And I would not think Putin would be able to rally the russian people to fight very far from their borders.

  227. We know Russia can beat Ukraine, probably within a few weeks, if she wanted to. But Russia cannot beat NATO, or the U.S alone for that matter. So Russia is trying to be discreet about the take-over of Ukraine, hence the difficulty and lack of progress.

  228. The Afghani’s were only able to defeat Russia because of the United States of America, you do know that right? We supplied them with advanced weapons, and we trained thousands of them. No nation is going to teach the U.S how to defeat Russia, we have the strategists, and obviously the weaponry, to do that on our own.

  229. If we fight the Russians, the way we fought the NVA then the Russians would be destroyed..Vietnam was lost at home(and because we shouldn’t have been there), not on the battlefield…I am starting to hope we find out.

  230. New aircraft can not see troops. No infrared. And russia has missiles capable of knocking down what we have. And if you read the article you would know they have jammers! I don’t have to go to the pentagon. I’m married to a Col. Who now works ICE since he retired.

  231. The Ukraine already has a Government there slick. They are teaching them how to fight, which regardless how you veiw US military campaigns in the past, the US military knows how to fight and win battles. It is the politicians that screw up the aftermath…..

  232. So are you saying that we shouldn’t have intervened in WW2? That the atrocity’s Hitler committed should have gone unchecked? Being pacifistic in the face of blatant aggression. It’s ok with you? Have you learned nothing?

  233. So Cathy are you saying that modern military aircraft are less effective then 1940’s aircraft in Europe, and the Pacific..or Vietnam Jungles in the 60s-70s? that they are ineffective in densely packed forests(with all the modern radar, and sensors..etc.)? Cathy the Patton of the 2015!! Taking the short yellow bus to the Pentagon..Go Cathy!!

  234. EVERYONE! Stop being so critical of the Putin paid trolls here. They have a job to do and a vodka habit to support. Let them write the non-fact based comments so they can get paid…..

  235. What BS! If Russia really wanted to invade Ukraine, they could have done it overnight. But what Russia wants is a breakaway eastern Ukraine that is pro-Russian. You can call it a buffer zone that Russia wants to defend against NATO expansionism

  236. Dude, let me tell you something. Once I got done laughing at your comment and your failed attempt to appear you are American I started to write a response with the list of holes in your statement. Then I realized you’re probably just a poor Russian sitting at a internet cafe in Moscow being paid 5 Rubles per comment by Putin. I understand times are tough and you probably have kids to feed or a vodka habit to support. Keep at it tiger, I won’t hate on you…..

  237. Well first of all–the 20% were stuck in hostile territory and escorted out by separatist backed by Russian troops.
    so of course they did not fire a shot –they would all be dead and their government had not decided to put up a fight over Crimea so they needed orders from their political leaders.

    Second-Crimea was formerly part of Russia and was only given to the Ukraine after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1992. The majority of the people speak Russian, their culture is Russian, so becoming part of Russia was just redrawing a line on the map for them.

    Kind of like when Nazi Germany “took back” the SUDENTLAND at the start of WWII–no shots were fired there either.

    Now–the other part of UKRAINE that the “Separatist” wanted to claim was less than 50% culturally Russian so when Russian spetnaz and intel people started the uprising they were met with more resistance.


  238. Actually, carriers are still the best means of projecting power both at sea and on land and have been since World War 2. In effect, the aircraft carrier occupies the same place that the dreadnought battleship did back in the early 20th century. The modern attack carrier like the Nimitz class can carry out a variety of missions including anti-submarine, anti-shipping, and land attacks. The only carriers that have a primary invasion mission is the America class LHA and Wasp class LHD multi-purpose amphibious assault ships.

    The Soviet Union planned on building two Kuznetsov class carriers followed by two nuclear powered aircraft carriers. Of the our ships, only Kuznetsov was commissioned. The others were victims of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Kuznetsov class “Riga” was sold to the Chinese and the nuclear powered “Ulyanovsk” was scrapped on the stocks with 20% completion in 1992. Russia was trying to build a carrier navy but ran out of money.

  239. Maybe you should get a new map comrade. The USSR is no more and the last time I checked Donbas was in UKRAINE. So what you’re saying is the Ukrainian Army invaded its own territory? That is illogical. That is like saying I broke into my own house with my keys to the front door. Seeing that English is your second language I will give you an A for effort though…..

  240. Continued Russian threats
    toward western Europe and the US will only cause the Russian economy more harm
    as economic sanctions will only be extended and increased. Combined with
    the falling oil prices, which the US and its allies are more than willing to
    continue to drive lower by continuing high levels of production, it is only a
    matter of time before the Putin administration implodes He will be unable
    to continue the invasion in Ukraine as the drain and damage the Russian economy
    is unsustainable, but if he were to withdraw from Ukraine and cede it to
    western Europe he will lose his backing in Russia. The only possible
    option he has is to look for allies in the world to support Russia financially/politically and China is the only country in the position to do that. However, I’m pretty
    sure the Chinese would stick it to Putin by making any alliance/support totally
    lopsided in favor of Chinese objectives. Is Russia willing to relinquish
    its sphere of influence in the east to China for support in Ukraine? I
    doubt it. Putin is stuck….

  241. because they don’t want Ukraine. At least not in the current situation. They just want to keep Ukraine as a buffer nation against the USA and NATO.

  242. Oh yes. Everyone loves communist dictators that do not allow civil rights. You are OUT of sink with the Russians I talked to on my visit a few weeks ago. You are a paid troll who does not even believe the garbage you post.

  243. If you want to see how the United States would have fought Russia, just look at Operation Desert Storm in 1991. The tactics used by the United States were those designed for the North German Plain in the event of a Soviet attack through the Fulda Gap. The M1s were taking out T-72s before the Iraqis even knew the Americans were present. Of course, those were T-72M export versions and not the T-72Bs used by the Russians but it did show the value of highly trained soldiers and superior leadership. The Iraqi T-72Ms were even being taken out by 1960s vintage M-60A1s manned by Marine tankers.

  244. Here is a question. Russia ‘assisted’ Crimea within a week of Maidan riots. Some Russian military ‘advisers’ from Moscow together with high-ranking Russian military in Crimea met with high-ranking Ukraine military stationed in Crimea. Not a single rifle shot was fired, much less a Grad rocket. 80% of the Ukraine navy immediately switched sides, they are Russian sailors now. The other 20% were given protected safe passage out of Crimea. Crimea became part of Russia.

    What did Ukraine forces do? Attack Crimea where there were Russians? No, Kiev attacked Ukrainian citizens living in Donbass area. Here is the question: Why did the Ukraine forces not attack Crimea?

  245. Really? And the North Vietnamese weren’t supplied with state of the art USSR SA-2 high altitude SAM’s andMiG’s? So based off your comment I’m guessing you were in Vietnam, otherwise “you don’t and can’t know.”. You wouldn’t be talking out the side of your neck, like one of Putin’spuppet internet trolls would you? With the Ruble falling like Hind helicopter in Afghanistan, you better hurry up and collect your paycheck while you can still buy a cup of coffee with it……

  246. Then how would you explain the photographs of wrecked T-72B2s taken in Ukraine. The T-72B2, with extra armor on turret and Relikt reactive armor, was never exported and only used by the Russian Army. And before you ask, I can tell the difference between a T-72M export version and the T-72B (Which the US Army called the Super Dolly Parton on account of the extra turret armor). The Ukrainian Army has T-64s which have a smaller road wheel than the T-72.

  247. The Russians haven’t really won any wars on their own. Their strategy has always been to retreat and allow their population to get decimated until winter sets in and then counter attack. Without the allies in WWII Russia would have have fallen to the Germans who they had already signed a treaty to split up Eastern Europe with. Russian can’t even keep their airforce operational, five crashes in the last month.

  248. Ukraine is fighting some farmers with outdated equipment & firearms, the fact that losses have been so heavy tells something about their ‘experience’. Historically Russian Armed Forces have pushed quickly & with brute force, much like the US Armed Forces…

    Just for everyone’s knowledge; NAF is not a single group of “rebels”, it is a modge podge of many different battalions, all of which are ordered by a group leader or, simply directed by themselves… There are Ossetians, Cossacks, Donbass residents etc, but there is no direct Russian force. The only evidence of Russian armies being in Ukraine is some picture of a large-tent with rusty tanks sitting out front. Aka, it is NAF.

  249. we lose, our troops would not know what to do in a forest.they are used to sitting back and ordering aircraft strikes. and playing on xboxes while they wait.

  250. this is why training for desert warfare will never create a force that can work on the ground outside of a desert. put them a area with trees and americans will lose many men. in desert us troops rely on aircraft too much. it won’t help in a forested area.

  251. But can Russia hold the Ukraine? The last time, the Soviets were not able to completely suppress the Ukrainians until well into the 1950s. You can pretty much guarantee that any Russian occupation force will face partisans being armed by the Poles and other eastern European countries to keep Russia tied up for years.

  252. If it was easy the Russians would already be in Kiev. It isn’t! The Russians know they are in a conflict with no good end result and are trying to figure a way out. Putin, just like Bush in Irag went in without an endgame, now he’s trying to figure a way out that saves face.

  253. Considering that the previous Ukrainian leadership had allowed the Military to stagnate with a lack of funding and training, it’s a wonder that they were able to offer any resistance to the “Little Green Men”. What stopped the separatists dead in their tracks was the vast number of untrained volunteers. Just like the French “Levee en Mass” of the French Revolution which managed to stop the invasions of France by the British, Austrians, Prussians, Spanish, Piedmontese, and Dutch armies in 1793.

  254. actually the ukrop army invaded Donbas. Get your “facts” straight or SFU. Better yet, go to Donbas and tell us who is doing what to whom. If you dare. Whats that? sounds like chicken.

  255. the afghans were supplied with early us shoulder fired missiles. Until then it was not unlike Viet nam. Warlords paid off units to strike here and not there and so on. If you weren’t there you don’t and can’t know. Has there been a ukrop action that was successful? Hardly. SO what else have you got punk? Never been to Donbas either I’m sure and seen what goes on from day to day. Just another pindos punk.

  256. Actually, Russia has one aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov, which was launched in 1990. However, due to ongoing technical problems, she often has an ocean going tug sailing with her group to tow her back to port. The one sold to India was the Kiev-class carrier “Admiral Gorshkov” that was sold to India in 2004 and was scheduled to be turned over to India in 2008 as a full aircraft carrier. However, due to cost overruns and technical issues, India did not finally commission her until 2013.

  257. And the Russians do? When was the last time the Russians faced a modern military, let alone one that is more advanced and better trained/equipped than theirs? WW II?

  258. I believe it is safe to say the Russians have not gone up against anything like the US since WW2. It’s easy to beat up on small eastern European nations that half the people are children of your occupation after WW2. See how well Russia reacts to having a full blown professional military all over them… They’re already having to force their men to go to Ukraine.. How are they going to act when going there is a death sentence..?

  259. The Ukrainians were fighting modern weaponry with few weapons of their own. When a President with guts is elected the Ukrainians will get the weapons they need. If Russia starts a full scale invasion they will be met by German, British, French and American weaponry and soldiers and be soundly defeated. Russia knows this and that is why they keep threatening to use their nukes. If they were confident they could defeat the west with conventional forces then they would not keep saying, “we have nukes, we have nukes, we have nukes.

  260. How is the weather in Moscow? Hopefully the temperature is higher than the price of oil…… After the Iranian oil hits the market, Russia won’t be able to afford bullets for their Kalashnikovs, let alone SAM’s to shoot down commercial airliners.

  261. None of what you wrote is true, absolutely none of it. Not only have Russian Soldiers been captured in Ukraine, they have been spotted, photographed and even had their families back home complain about it. I understand your obviously Pro Russian but to flat out lie and make up nonsense clearly indicates the False Reality you CHOOSE to live in. If Ukranian Forces have not Won any Battles, please explain why Russian Separatists were unable Mariupol? For a a short period of time, Russian Sepearatists controlled it, then on June 14 of last year it was taken back by Ukranian Forces. This complicated the connections to areas Russia was hoping to succeed in. Russia failed miserably at acheiving their goal, confirming their lack of intellect, a poor country taking on so much more New Population increased its own poverty. Trust me Pal, The World laughs at Russia and their “Tactics” Russia needs to invest in Fighter Aircraft that does not crash every other week. Lets be honest here, China is twice the threat to the United States than Russia ever will be…..

  262. If you are defending your “countrymen”, why are you in another country? The Ukranians did not attack or threaten Russia. The ethnic Russians are Ukranian citizens, not Russian citizens, so your whole “countrymen” argument is invalid. Like HITLER, Putin started a conflict along ethnic lines, and using it as an excuse to expand Russias borders.

  263. Ukraine is very right.

    The name of the game is : HOW to WIN.
    I went to civil court today still looking for answer HOW at cheapest price to pay.

  264. The article wasn’t about learning how to defeat the Americans. The headline statement was the Ukranians teaching the US how to defeat the RUSSIANS. Why ask someone who has not defeated the Russians. If you want to know how to defeat them ask someomne who has, the Afghani’s. A little defensive eh, comrade?

  265. Hey folks…..please get ahandle on who REALLY is the villain here:
    Masking Tragedy in Ukraine


    It is no secret that Barack Obama is
    one of the supreme illusionists of modern times. The disconnect between his
    words and his deeds is so profound as to be almost sublime, far surpassing the
    crude obfuscations of the Bush-Cheney gang. Their projections of unreality were
    more transparent, and in any case were merely designed to put a little lipstick
    on the pig of policies they were openly pushing (militarism, tax cuts for the
    rich, etc.). Indeed, the Bushists delivered their lines like bored performers
    at the end of a long run, not caring whether they were believed or not — just
    as long as they got what they wanted.

    But Obama has taken all this to
    another level. He is a consummate performer, striving to “inhabit” the role and
    mouthing his lines as if they make sense and convey emotional truth. He is not
    just gilding his open agenda with some slap-dash lies; posing as a
    compassionate, progressive, anti-elitist peacemaker, he is masking a hidden
    agenda with a vast array of artifice, expending enormous effort to generate an
    alternate world that does not exist.

    Take his astonishing attack on
    Vladimir Putin for “interfering” in Ukraine. That Obama could make this charge
    with a straight face — days after his own agents had been exposed (in the
    infamous “F the EU” tape) nakedly interfering in Ukraine, trying to
    overthrow a democratically elected government and place their own favorites in
    charge — was brazen enough. But in accusing Putin of doing exactly what the
    Americans were doing in Ukraine, Obama also fabricated yet another alternate

    Obama unilaterally declared that
    Ukraine should overturn the results of the 2010 election (which most observers
    said was generally “fair and free” — more so than elections in, say, the US,
    where losing candidates are sometimes wont to take power anyway, and where
    whole states dispossess or actively discourage millions of free citizens from
    voting). Instead, the Ukrainians should install an unelected “transitional
    government” in Kiev. Why? Because, says Obama, now channeling all Ukrainians in
    his own person, “the people obviously have a very different view and vision for
    their country” from the government they democratically elected.” And what is
    their vision, according to Obama the Ukrainian Avatar? To enjoy “freedom of
    speech, freedom of assembly, fair and free elections.” Something you might
    think they had enjoyed by having free elections 2010, and exercising freedom of
    speech and assembly to such a degree that a vast opposition force has occupied
    much of the central government district for months.

    Now, this is not a defense of
    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s government. It is, by all accounts, a
    highly corrupt enterprise given to insider deals for well-connected elites who
    influence government policy for their own benefit. (I guess this might be a
    reason for overthrowing a democratically elected government with an armed
    uprising supported by foreign countries, but I would be careful about espousing
    this as a general rule if I were an American president.) But the reality in
    Ukraine is complex. Opposition forces have a legitimate beef against a corrupt
    and heavy-handed government. The Kremlin is obviously trying to manipulate
    events in Ukraine, just as the US is doing. Ukraine is polarized along several
    different lines — political, ethnic, historical, religious, linguistic — but
    these lines are not clear-cut, and often intersect, intermingle, are in flux.
    Many look to the West as a model, even a saviour, although the EU deal that
    Yanukovych turned down, precipitating the uprising, actually offered Ukraine
    little other than Greek-style financial servitude, while the Kremlin, at least,
    proffered cash on the barrelhead. The opposition itself is not a monolith of
    moral rectitude; one of its driving forces is an ultra-nationalist faction that
    spouts vile anti-Semitic rhetoric.

    And the fact is, not a single one of
    the Western governments now denouncing Ukraine for its repression would have
    tolerated a similar situation. Try to imagine thousands of Tea Partiers, say,
    having declared that the elected government of Barack Obama was too corrupt and
    illegitimate to stand, setting up an armed camp in the middle of Washington,
    occupying the Treasury Building and Justice Department for months on end, while
    meeting with Chinese and Russian leaders, who then begin demanding a
    ‘transitional government’ be installed in the White House. What would be the
    government’s reaction? There is no doubt that it would make even Yanukovych’s
    brutal assault this week look like a Sunday School picnic.

    So the situation in Ukraine is
    many-sided, complex, filled with ambiguity, change, nuance and chaos. But one
    thing that is not happening in Ukraine is Barack Obama’s fantasy that
    the entire Ukrainian people is rising to rid themselves of a tyrant so they can
    hold fair and free elections. They had such elections in 2010; and if the
    entire Ukrainian people now want to get rid of their president, there are free
    elections scheduled for 2015. It is likely that Yanukovych’s corrupt and
    maladroit performance in office — not least his reaction to the protest
    movement — would have guaranteed his peaceful defeat at the ballot box next year.
    But it is also likely that these elections will not be held now. One way or
    another, Yanukovych will be forced from
    office by the violent chaos that he, and some opposition factions, and the
    machinations of Moscow and Washington have together produced. In any case,
    there is almost certainly more needless suffering in store for ordinary

    This is the reality, and tragedy, of
    the situation. But in the artfully hallucinated world of Barack Obama – a
    fantasy-land in which the entire American political and media elite also live –
    none of this matters. All that matters is the real agenda: advancing the
    dominance of a brutal ruling class through manipulation, militarism, and
    deception, whenever the opportunity arises.

  266. Putin has no world-conquering and genocidal agenda. To want to protect your countrymen is not evil. Hitler ate every day too, does that make everyone who eats Hitler?

  267. It’s because the Russian soldiers were being dressed as Ukrainian rebels. It’s like a cheat code in the video game where the Ukrainian rebels seemed to be endless. The reality is that the numbers of Ukrainian rebels fighting the government is just an illusion. If the U.S. troops dressed up as Ukrainian soldiers, it would be the Ukrainian soldiers that would be winning.

  268. No, they are not fighting Russians, but if we keep arming them and helping them kill more Ukrainians, they may have to fight Russian peacekeepers someday. The Russians have history of preventing slaughter almost as consistent as our history of encouraging and causing it.

  269. I’ve read a lot of the comments here. The problem is…. Americans and Russians are not enemies.It seems like many politicians would like to make us enemies . But we’re not natural foes.We seem to be a lot alike in many ways.Oh well my two cents.

  270. There is a 1950s film where the radars were shown to spot for artillery. To say that the radars are now used to spot for artillery would mean ignorance of the person that trained the U.S. troops. The radars were adapted for mortars because the recent enemies of the U.S. had mortars and not cannons.

  271. Cornholsky I say, Cornholsky, I suggest we ask Saddam Hussein, best I remember he was fully supplied with Russian war materials and advisers.

  272. Because they are ethnic Russians. Same reason Hitler took in refugees from Czechoclovakia. They were ethnic Germans and later used to justify his invasion of Czechoclovakia in 1938. Putin = Hitler….

  273. Yup.. Gestapo starts with Right Sector, Tornado, Azov, Kiev 1 freedom fighters fascists battalions that are fighting and killing shelling civilians in East Ukraine committing war crimes and marching with flames like Party Svoboda in teh middle of Kiev just like fascists did in 1939. Now tell me my little Ukrainian buddy.. which part of it is untrue?

  274. There are over 1 million Ukrainian refugees in Russia. If Russia truly fighting Ukrainians, why would they let Ukrainians into Russia?

    Russia could take over the entire Ukraine in matter of one week if they choose to, but they prefer East Ukrainian Rebels to stand up against fascist Kievans. That’s What They Did Exactly, Fascist Kievans surrendered more than 20 times to the eastern Rebels, why ? Because when Russian mighty army is behind you, you will never be defeated.

  275. The US military for 6 years as a cryptologist breaking Russian coded messages. Russia never built a carrier because they couldn’t figure out how to design a catapult. They also never figured out how to seal their reactors to keep from irradiating the crew. That was one of the most common transmissions reactor problems. The other was hull problems. So ha ha ha ha to you too Ivan.

  276. Technically there has been very little bombing. When the Ukraine tried that their airplanes were shot down. Most of the civilians have been killed by Ukrainian artillery.

  277. “Ukraine Teaches U.S. What It Takes To Fight Russia”

    You mean what it takes to bomb your own civilians. The U.S. already knows how to do that.

  278. Yeah, well wake Up Americans. I don’t think we have enough guys and gals who are Up To being able to Stop an Enemy who is much closer to being Equal in Armament and Ability, especially while keeping The Situation Limited. It’s a Scary Situation!!!

  279. Sorry…but, from here (USA), your “rebels” area of power looks like an apocalyptic scene…right after a nuke hit them. It’s not fun or something to take in derision! You must think about the poor people there caught in that apocalyptic fight! They will never have their houses and jobs back! And neither the Ukrainians their dear soldiers who lost their lives in that fight! For both sides, the scare of war trauma must be immense and beyond comprehension by our Western discernment! Poor people, they never deserved such a fate! And a few million displaced from their homes…who gives a damn about those traumatized people?

  280. Kutasyk…wake up from your fantasy…see reality. Already now Russia’s Glonass navigating system is more accurate than US GPS and employs only 24 satellites while US uses 32.

  281. Helloo…Steven, with all do respect for your Christian name and (I assume) U.S. citizenship, I believe “kutasyk” is correct. You ought to consider what Stalin’s grandson has to say about the russian dictatorship: “he [putin] is a brainless leader heading a government of thieves and tricksters”. Is it now possible that Stalin’s grandson knows something the Western leaders do not? Also, why that dictatorship is talking more about its nukes rather than its “conventional” modern arsenal–if they even have one? And, please do not forget what the elder General defector described in his book titled “Disinformation” (presented on Glenn Beck TV show in 2014): Russian government has transformed into “a dictatorship spy state”–the first such “dictatorship spy state” in human history! Many of the Western leaders are not reading this elder General’s book, and therefore you see most of them groping in the dark. Anyone can get it at: for as little as $10.00 Such a sorry state of affairs in the world, we have never seen in 50 years! It would take a Donald Trump to get his big broom and start cleaning house here and also in NATO. There’s so much incompetence, it cannot be described in words! You want to hear a “sample”? A little country the size of Miami metropolitan area, has some $300 Billion debt, and fails still! And then, goes to a master super duper in kremlin, and comes back with fantastic ideas to “milk” NATO nations of more than $50 Billion! That’s incompetence grand scale in the NATO leadership! You’ll never see such fantastic scruples of a NATO nation anywhere in the world! A little country, to get away with so much dough!

  282. Scarlet, are you really that stupid, US is always on the bad side because it and its people are all homosexuals.. the mother of immorality in the world, the GAY NATION.

  283. Can’t Stop Laughing , this is funny .. Why wont they use that information to flight the pro -Russia rebels and take back their industrial land , the Heart Ok Kiev ….. Puting For Life <3

  284. This Vikas Shukla idiot should probably switch to value investor, except that maybe because he keeps writing stupidities on the Ukraine front he is without a job and decides to write fantasy.
    What is amazing is that he promotes himself as a value investor and writes fiction.

  285. This is stupid: “fighting Russia”. Some rebels supported by Russia fight against regular Ukraine army. Maybe some instructors and few people were sent there as well. Should regular Russian army invade Ukraine than the phrase “fighting Russia” would make sense. Then they will be using x1000 strength == for real.

  286. “Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Europe, said Ukrainians have taught a lot to the U.S. forces about what it takes to fight Russia.”…………did you not read before commenting?

  287. ukraine attacking russia no not at all don’t lie ukrainian attack their own citizen nazi regime kiling own people ,shame ,ma father was fight with the ukrainian nazi 1946-1948

  288. The US is now training them from their experience in the Middle East, where they created Jeffersonian democracies, stable governments with no terrorists. LMFAO.

  289. Yeah probably haven’t seen that level of violence considering how often bombing countries and using drones.

    Not much ground combat and that is different obviously

  290. Ukraine is not fighting Russia but attacking its OWN PEOPLE and killing many civilians in a civil war! I support the east’s fight to secede, and be free of “Ukraine!” Shame on the US for supporting the bad guys.

  291. do not joke yourself with one modern piece of artillery and say 15 slave units you have a complete battery of accurate artillery
    at the cost of one computerized cannon and 15 manual units. this is the soviet way of thinking like in the parade see two modern tanks and the rest with covers you assumed the cover are the same

  292. I don’t know who wrote this article, but Russian military is a joke, their artillery systems do not have any precision modern weapon systems do and this is why they can only fight countries like Ukraine. The US military would wipe Russia off Ukraine in a matter of couple of hours if not for politicians preventing this from happening. All of those things like “you have no idea what it is to fight Russians” is irrelevant, since Western military have evolved while Russian is behind as much as 50 years.

  293. In any and every class I have ever taught! One thing you learn as a teacher is that you learn from your “students.” We may know how we think the hardware “should” be used, so some clever person comes up with a way to use it differently. The Ukranians are having to solve real-world combat problems. Why would it be surprising that they have come up with clever applications of technology? U.S. soldiers have done that famously well on battlefields over time and around the world–but we don’t have the only clever soldiers in the world.

  294. What’s going on in Ukraine is nothing like what a war with Russia would be like. Apparently, a middle school teen could be a reporter these days.

  295. Showing us? Are you mental disabled? The US is now training and arming Ukraine.

    Tell me, on what planet is the group doing the training, being taught by the ones being trained?

  296. If the Ukrainians are such great fighters why have they lost every major engagement in this war since the Rebels/Russians received their own heavy weapons last summer?

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