Russia’s Foreign Ministry: We Are Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons

Russia’s Foreign Ministry: We Are Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons
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Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Russia would use nuclear weapons only to defend itself and its allies, adding that the Russian military doctrine does not pose any threat to the world.

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Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs outlined two cases, in which Russian would use its nuclear force.

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“According to our doctrine, the Russian Federation, like before, reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in two cases: as a response to the use of nuclear or other types of weapons of mass destruction against Russia and (or) its allies, and in case of an act of aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the existence of Russian nation is threatened,” said the Director of the Foreign Ministry Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, Mikhail Ulyanov.

“These are pretty adequate conditions of strictly defensive nature. They do not pose any threat to the external world and are a mere warning to the potential aggressor, if there will be one,” Ulyanov added, as quoted by Interfax.

It is important to note that Russia adopted the new military doctrine at the end of 2014. According to the document, the very first danger for Russia is the expansion of NATO. The document also said that Russia reserves the right to protect its citizens around the world. The doctrine was then interpreted in the West as Russia’s strengthening of ‘nuclear rhetoric’.

Russia: We Can Disable NATO Satellites and Long-Range Arms

Meanwhile, Russia claims it has a super weapon that disables NATO satellites and long-range arms.

Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) is developing an exclusively new radio-electronic warfare system, which is able to suppress cruise missile guidance systems and other precision-guided weapons as well as other radio-electronic equipment of satellites.

“The system will target the enemy’s deck-based, tactical, long-range and strategic aircraft, electronic means and suppress foreign military satellites’ radio-electronic equipment,” KRET deputy chief Yuri Mayevsky told ITAR-TASS.

According to Mayevsky, the system will be located on ground, aircraft and naval carriers. However, “it will not be based on satellites as this is prohibited by international rules and we comply with this rule,” Mayevsky added.

The KRET deputy chief’s advisor, Vladimir Mikheyev said that the integrated multifunctional warfare system with naval and space-based systems will work in line with anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense. The new technology “will fully suppress communications, navigation and target location, and the use of high-precision weapons,” Mikheyev said.

“The system will be used to fight against cruise missiles and suppress satellite radiolocation systems. It will pretty much turn off any weapon of the enemy,” he added.

According to Mikheyev, the ground component of the system will go through trials in the nearest future. “Ground tests are now going on in workshops,” he said. “At the end of the year, the system’s component will leave the factory gates for trials at testing ranges.”

NATO prepares for the war against Russia

Amid multiple signs of the upcoming war in Ukraine, NATO and Kyiv are building up their military cooperation in case of war against Russia. However, Russia is busy doing the same, according to The Newsweek.

Meanwhile, Russia does not limit itself exclusively with Ukraine. Moscow has already threatened the world with its nuclear weapons and had its warplanes fly around NATO and the U.S. ships in the Black Sea.

Russia has also deployed its missile Iskander complexes in both Crimea, which was annexed from Ukraine in 2014, and Kaliningrad. The Kremlin also ordered to station a significant amount of forces along Russia’s borders to block access to the country as well as carried out massive military drills in the Arctic and continues conducting intelligence operations aimed against the U.S. and Europe.

However, Russia’s aggressive moves have not been left unnoticed. NATO has been strengthening its forces in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe by sending its warships into the Black sea, carrying out several military drills and increasing its rapid response forces up to 40,000 soldiers.

The U.S. has promised to aid the rapid response forces of NATO with its aerial vehicles, fuel refilling aerial vehicles as well as systems of intelligence and surveillance. NATO is also set to station its tanks, Bradley combat vehicles and self-propelled howitzers in six NATO member states neighboring with Russia.

In response, Russia claims that such NATO moves present ‘unneeded provocation’ and may trigger a some kind of military response from Russia. However, such allegations are irresponsible. Russia is the one who triggered the tensions by its groundless aggression against Ukraine and constant threats against the West.

The West is not willing to protect itself against Russia

As the intensity of Russia’s threats is continuing to grow, NATO must raise the stakes. The Alliance must deploy its permanent contingent of forces in the Baltic and Black seas with its ground, anti-aircraft and naval defense units as well as well-trained intelligence people to counter Russia’s information aggression.

Europe has no other option. By invading Ukraine, Russia made a war in Europe possible and increased the possibility of the beginning of war with NATO.

Russia’s aggression threatens the European security as a whole. Amid the current circumstances, there is no alternative to creating and deploying powerful and effective conventional forces in order to protect the Baltic states and Eastern Europe from Russia’s aggression. This kind of deployment is the only reliable guarantee that Europe will be able to maintain peace and Moscow will never be able to realize its imperious ambitions in the region. Without the effective conventional forces, the West risks to strengthen the ego of the Russian government and its paranoid belief that the West is weak.

By cooperating with one another, Europe and the U.S. are able to support Ukraine and its neighbors, who are unfortunate to be neighboring with Russia, and prevent further aggression by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In reality, what it means is that the West must spend a significant amount of money and train a vast number of soldiers. And unfortunately, the West is not willing to invest so much into building a solid protection against Russia.

However, the West must be reminded that peace cannot be maintained by itself.

Source: Interfax (Translation).

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. MAD no longer applied? Really? You know this because you were brief by the Pentagon? Only the week threaten Nuke strikes (NK,RUS)

  2. Dogs of
    war and men of hate

    With no cause, we
    don’t discriminate

    Discovery is to be

    Our currency is
    flesh and bone

    Hell opened up and
    put on sale

    Gather ’round and

    For hard cash, we will
    lie and deceive

    Even our masters
    don’t know the web we weave


    One world, it’s a

    One world, and we
    will smash it down

    One world, one

    transfers, long distance calls,

    Hollow laughter in
    marble halls

    Steps have been taken,
    a silent uproar

    Has unleashed the
    dogs of war

    You can’t stop what
    has begun

    Signed, sealed,
    they deliver oblivion

    We all have a dark
    side, to say the least

    And dealing in
    death is the nature of the beast

    dogs of war don’t negotiate

    The dogs of war won’t

    They will take and
    you will give,

    And you must die so
    that they may live

    You can knock at
    any door,

    But wherever you
    go, you know they’ve been there before

    Well winners can
    lose and things can get strained

    But whatever you
    change, you know the dogs remain.

  3. Same crap from….50′..60…70′.80s…the bolony…of communism and democratic….rUSiA….this equal to… KOSHER NOSTRA….

  4. Never gonna happen. If Russia or China puts ALL their confidence in the Nuclear assets for all these belligerence, especially coming from Russia and the show of strength by China, they are dead on their butts. Having Nuclear munition is NOT THE SAME THING AS ever deploying it successfully against America or NATO or ISRAEL.

    Russia should pull out of Ukraine immediately and stop all these belligerence.


  5. I think the US will just disappear from the face of earth any moment. Ancient Babylon lasted for only 86 years.The powerful Persian Empire lasted 208 years,
    while mighty Rome ruled for nine centuries. The United States of America is 238 years old and counting. Every nation’s days are numbered.

  6. If NATO or the US couldn’t defeat the Taliban, how would they Defeat Russia? confused blood sucking creatures who think they are entitled to ruling the whole damn world just like Adolf Hitler tried to do, is exactly what is America doing now.

  7. he all bark. his new armor stalls in the street during a parade and his miraculous MiGs are still having trouble taking off. Too much rust and no trained pilots I guess. The nukes are his ONLY ace in the hole and judging by the performance of their “new” armor and their old tech jets…….id say he’d be lucky if those missile even launched safely. He knows it as well as us. Move the 7th fleet to the black sea. Park troops, armor and radar on ALL his borders. His will do nothing. Bet your last ruble on it.

  8. all this brought to you from the same clown that touts the new Russian armor, only to have it stall, in the middle of the road, in its unveiling, and the same clown that cant seem to mass produce fighter jets with 1970s technology without having them (still) crash and burn on takeoff? Yeah….he’d be lucky if his nukes didn’t explode on their launchers when activated. Mass the troops on his border. Place radars on his border. Reposition the 7th fleet to the black sea. Putin will do nothing. Bet on it.

  9. Russia acts like a superpower and their statements regarding the nuclear weapons and the way they are going to use them are highly inappropriate. Actually they sound like a threat to the Western World. But the more they talk, the more people throughout the world will think that Russians are bluffing. Or maybe it is a wishful thinking ?

  10. Apparently there is also a super volcano is Russia.
    I have no doubt that both the Russians and Chinese would have no problem resorting to nuclear war. I have no doubt they would have no problem pre-emptively striking the US and/or NATO. I have no doubt that the moment they truly believe they can win WWIII they will strike.

  11. Guess the Doomsday Preppers are going to be the intelligent ones after all! But we still have time to dig holes, deep ones though!!! Lol

  12. And how do we pay for what we did, The United States for what Atrocities and far greater damage that our Government committed in Iraq and Afghanistan where we invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of Civilians and destroyed Villages, Businesses and destroyed most of their infrastructure to where people had to drink from broken water pipes sticking out of the ground and millions had to Flee to other countries, That’s okay Huh? Every one has to pay but us, Well we are going to pay, Its called Karma and I for one hope that we experience the same kind of Misery and Death as the Iraqi and Afghan. People felt. So many people here are so Arrogant and Smug they believe nothing can happen to us, Well we are slowly destroying ourselves from the inside out but WW3 will finish us for good. Bad for us but Good for the Planet!

  13. “Russia’s Foreign Ministry: We Are Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons” – tell
    this to Russians upon heads of which will fall responded nuck’s warheads. What
    he said is sounds like “We are ready to turn the Earth into the radioactive
    ash”. Do they will trust this idiot that he is able to defend them from responded strike? Are they ready to die for ambitions of amoral Kremlin mandarins? Explanation like “we are ready to use nucks to defend themselves sounds childish at least” – everybody understand that nobody will use nucks on their own territory and nucks exists for
    attack use only.

  14. As an India (asian) joining the US military in the near future, I can fully assert that I will be fighting along side the US and NATO if the situation arises.Fighting on the other side makes no sense. YEARS of alliances that defeated the worst twice cannot be easy forgotten. If my parents’ countrymen decide otherwise, I will have no problem continuing as I decided

  15. The US may need to react little more aggressively than they intend to, like shooting down any Russian warplane flying dangerously close to their installations and fleet stationed around the Black Sea, this would actually signal the US’ combat readiness against any Russian onslaught. Putin would think again more cautiously this time about his perceptions of a weak US and its West allies. And yes the US owes the Ukrainian state an act of aggression against Russia more than mere talks that have failed to yield the desired results.

  16. ???????? Russia has an important role to play in world history today than neither America nor Europe can. Putin has been doing an excellent job of it so far.USA acting as the world police trying to fix the world when it can’t fix issues back at their country,yet they keep playing with fire. RUSSIA is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning usa and eu into a radioactive ash desert. usa needs to pull back before things get really ugly. One thing is for sure they ate not there for Ukraine they don’t need Ucraine it is only a pretext as always.

  17. The problem is very simple.

    ????Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano
    could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there.
    Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of
    the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be
    catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears.

    ????Another vulnerable area of ??the United States from
    the geophysical point of view, is the San Andreas fault – 1300 kilometers
    between the Pacific and North American plates … a detonation of a nuclear
    weapon there can trigger catastrophic events like a coast-scale tsunami which
    can completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States.

  18. Does Russia realize that we have dozens of weapons that they haven’t even heard about? Remarks like what Russia is making just makes us double down on our own innovation. Necessity is the mother of invention.

  19. The U.S. had a treaty with Ukraine that if anyone invaded them it would be like if they invaded the United States. Well we can see our word is meaningless since we did nothing.

  20. Polina (author of the artcile) did not disapointed with title again.. Russians actually said we are to use nukes?? Or did they say
    “These are pretty adequate conditions of strictly defensive nature. They do not pose any threat to the external world and are a mere warning to the potential aggressor, if there will be one,” Ulyanov added

  21. Russia’s actions are isolating the country. And if this continues, Russia will be blocked on all of the world’s social networks – Twitter, Facebook and Google. This will be at the level of Northern Korea.

  22. Russians will have to pay reparation for what they did in the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Thousands of lives lost, infrastructure destroyed. The whole life of a peaceful country has been spoiled by its neighbor, who swore to protect it in exchange for relinquishing nuclear weapons.

  23. Pay attention to situations brewing in East Asia where China is being singled out by Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, and other anti-Chinese states, in Europe Russia singled out by NATO while Iran is singled out by Saudi, Israel, Egypt and its coalition… So pay attention, if ever WWW3 happens you know who will be burn to the ground.

  24. Space based EMP weapon are not outlawed by international treaty. Only nuclear weapons are. They being a weapon of mass destruction. Both conventional and EMP (energy directed weapons) can be based in space. The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 dealt with only placing “weapons of mass destruction” into space. Neither conventional or EMP weapons are “mass destruction weapons”.

    Just like the Russian used the Skyval rocket torpedo, that should have been banned by the CTR agreement of 1992. But a loophole in the agreement allowed to the Russian to both develop it and export it to China and Iran. The Skyval rocket torpedo was designed to carry nuclear warheads….and the CTRs covered the Russian export and develop of nuclear device delivery systems. But the Russian continued the Skyval program and exported the technology to Iran and have actually sold the Skyval to China. Russia used a loophole in the agreement to continue the rocket torpedo program.

    The loophole has come back to roost, so to speak. Or what goes around comes around. The US leads in advanced EMP weapon technology and we are going to base them…any darn place that we want too. That includes space.

  25. And you think India is willing to risk war with the West? Remember India and China are great rivals and India will never fight side-by-side with the greedy Chinese if WWWIII happens. Please.

  26. The Russia Federation , China, India, Iran,Syria all formed an Alliance against NATO this can get ugly WW3 around the corner Warning pay attention

  27. Russia and China formed an alliance which includes India and Iran this can be a Recipe of World War 3 just a warning

  28. With humanity gone all the warring religions priests and mullahs will also perish. The end of homo sapiens. Wait for the birth of another creature which will rule the planet again after 100,000 years of the Armageddon.

  29. This is the reason why Baltic and Nordic states are gearing up and joining NATO everytime you Russian trolls try to make rhetorical threats with your nukes! What the… Drop the vague and stupid intimidation language because we know you’re the most scared freaks to even use those nukes! US and NATO never threatens anyone but are ever ready to launch theirs in retaliation. So drop the cheap walk.

  30. What about the US warship in Black Sea which was mock raided by an SU 24.
    What happened to the Aegis missile system and anti air craft missiles.
    As you go you can reach some points

  31. War with Russia by NATO ,is stupid. Biological warfare is also part of this war.Get NATO out of their and back to parade duty.

  32. Do you have Allies or Subjugates?

    Man it’s never ending with these damn Russians….

    This Fukd up world knows you have nuclear weapons and can concluded if you have them you’ll use them at some juncture.. Now tell us all who you are and what you want since you’re trying so damn hard to hold the world hostage with your constant threats. All because you’re just so misunderstood! But I’m concluding you have no clue who you are and what you want… You’re a bunch of thugs and criminals who hold their own citizens captive/subjugate.

  33. Its a new world order for Journalist to print opinions contra to their hypothetical oath of balanced reporting, half truth, insinuations and finger pointing what happened to true journalism I wonder, Lets us all look at the cause What really caused the Ukraine Crisis? Are we to allow the Assassination at Sarajevo style to wage war against each other, I think we are better than that lets address the really issues, Diplomacy, in diplomacy everybody wins. I once ready a poem of a French soldier who refused to fight in the war on the basis that he did not have anything against the said foe but if they give him the gun he will shoot his landlord for he has some issues to settle with him. Who is the real enemy hear, In my view its reports like these that create fanatic, The heading implies that Russia will use its nuclear weapons irresponsible as opposed to the rules of engagement

  34. Right now the RUSSIAN strategic grain reserve contains only enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the approximately 143 million people in RUSSIA. How long do you think that is going to last? Now is the time to get ready. Now is the time to prepare. The RUSSIAN economy is collapsing and incredibly hard times are coming. Will you be able to survive when it happens? If anyone can save us from total destruction and idiocy it is the US.

  35. China never fought a war in Chechnya dmb idjit. well, if you are referring to the Russians, they won that war. Putin is even friend with the Chechnyan leader. But still, I don’t care about Chechnya since we hate moosies

  36. so I’m the terrorist? For Pete sake, we are just here in our own country minding our own business then these fat idiotic Americans are telling us that we are not allowed to construct islands on our territory? that’s BS. You and your people are the terrorist meddling in other countries affairs. You know what my grandpa kicked your btts before back in Vietnam and Korea. Now it’s our generation time that will kicked your fat gay behinds.

  37. Help me accept the lies of the Western propaganda? no thanks. You are the one who needs to see a shrink you are delusional. However, I don’t think you can afford one with your burger flipping job. So just continue bending over for your boss

  38. which countries? those attackers are Saudi Arabia citizens, I have not heard any news that the US ever attacked the Kingdom why not because your presidents are bowing to the Sultan of Saudi. US are just a paid muscle of the Saudi King. Russia is entitled to get their lost territories. Like China is entitled to get theirs (Taiwan, Spratlys, Senkaku ).

  39. “Russia: We Can Disable NATO Satellites and Long-Range Arms
    Meanwhile, Russia claims it has a super weapon that disables NATO satellites and long-range arms.”
    Then why the threat to use nuclear weapons “if threatened” ?

  40. It’s called an Electromagnetic Pulse Generator! And yes, it is a confirmed reality and can do exactly as they said! American military is extremely concerned about any Countries who have developed this very piece of equipment! Why we have developed one yet, is beyond me?! We have the technology, we can build one!

  41. Thank God?! Someone who understands the reality of any outcome involving the ridiculously huge nuclear weapons of today!! All of these idiots seem to think this is a humorous subject?! Why?! I have know idea?! I don’t think this is funny at all!! The seriously bad thing about this is, Russia is going to use them against the USA!!! And so will a few other countries if they get the chance!! CONCERNEDJOE

  42. “Former Soviet Union”? I will give you Russia, the land of Putinography, but the rest are running to the West and begging NATO membership. You know why? BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE LED BY A CRAZY KGB FASCIST NUT CASE, AND YOU PEOPLE HAVE BECOME HIS FIRE BREATHING HORNED SHEEPLE MINIONS!!

  43. Do you know how stupid you sound??? you must be an American, with your grade 2 edjumacation,and your probably an inbred hillbilly.

  44. Hey Bobby, can you make sure you hit all the big cities here in the US. Every one of them needs to be wiped clean so we can start again. They are all, more of a stinking cess pool than even you can imagine. Again, thanks for doubling up on them. If I don’t get a chance to thank you after.

  45. ding ding your a communist agitator that hangs around these sites with your crap propaganda. Ding ding if you remember 9/11 we were attacked and many of the players in that attack came from these countries. Now why did Russia attack Crimea, did Moscow get overrun by Crimean’s. Lastly America is helping people all over the globe with disaster relief and supplying the hungry.

  46. Boastful talk, but how will it be backed up? The Russian economy is 10% the size of America’s. America’s conventional military might is many times larger than Russia, and we can match you nuke for nuke. So how exactly will Russia win?

    Oil will remain low (thanks to American ingenuity in shale) and that is basically all Russia’s got. What else does Russia produce that the world wants? It doesn’t take much brains to produce natural resources. And now, there appears to be plenty of alternate supplies.

    Until Russia learns to live as a respectable and law-abiding nation, the world won’t have any respect for Russia. We’ll move on without you.

  47. That is so stupid, if you don’t want the dollar that not a problem for us, we can live fine without Russia’s goods and services. And Ron no one is threatening Russia that’s another stupid comment, you know better but your so full of propaganda there’s no use in arguing just live with your new money, we don’t need you, good luck.

  48. Yes, America is ready for Cold War 2. The first one didn’t end badly for the West, did it?

    The rest of your Putin propaganda isn’t worth note.

  49. Lots of usual rhetoric from Russia. How about they stop crashing their own planes on “routine patrols,” then I’ll take this more seriously.

  50. I just love American propaganda approach to facts – if anybody in Russia or former Soviet Union speak up against Western propaganda with REAL facts, it is O.K. to disregard them and their opinions by simply calling them Russian Commies but if some nameless libertarian communist say a word that makes Russian / pro Russian forces look bad, all of a sudden his words become a “convincing arguments”.
    I personally see this as a ultimate hypocrisy of a “Free press”.

  51. The USA started this new cold war, and have been pondering a “nuclear preemptive first strike” on Russia for months. The Russians are just getting fed up with the constant provocations, that’s all. Get Nato to STOP ITS UNLAWFUL EXPANSION EASTWARDS, stop the stupid sanctions policy and you’ll see how fast it will all calm down. Russia is only defending herself. It threatens no one and only wants to be left in peace.

  52. Problem solved simply !! ???????????
    ????Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano
    could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there.
    Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of
    the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be
    catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears.

    ????Another vulnerable area of ??the United States from
    the geophysical point of view, is the San Andreas fault – 1300 kilometers
    between the Pacific and North American plates … a detonation of a nuclear
    weapon there can trigger catastrophic events like a coast-scale tsunami which
    can completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States.

  53. That disease is what we “sane” people call sanity. That SHOULD scare you. Don’t want to lose your comfy room and yummy meds, do you?

  54. Virulently Anti-American: 81 Percent Of Russians Now View The United States Negatively. Russians view the United States much more unfavorably today than they did during the end of the Cold War era. As you will read about below, an astounding 81 percent of all Russians now view the United States negatively, and only 13 percent have a positive opinion of this country. In all of the years when Russians have been surveyed on their attitudes toward the US, they havenever been this negative.But of course Americans generally do not view the Russian people unfavorably. So why is this happening? Well, it all comes down to the actions of the Obama administration. The Russian people are convinced that US
    organizations organized, funded and armed the rebels that violently overthrew
    the democratically-elected Ukrainian government. And once it was overthrown,
    the Obama administration immediately recognized the rebels as the legitimate
    government of Ukraine. And now most Russians are convinced that the US
    government is trying to promote a similar revolution inside Russia. In recent
    years, the Russian people have become increasingly nationalistic, and at this
    point they view US meddling in their affairs as a direct threat to their way of
    life. Even while most Americans are extremely apathetic about what is going on over in Russia, an increasingly large chunk of the Russian population is angry enough to go to war.
    Anti-American sentiment inside Russia has grown so strong that even the mainstream media is starting to report on it. For example, the following quote comes from a recent article in the Washington Post …

  55. Right now the U.S. strategic grain reserve contains only enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the approximately 300 million people in the United States. How long do you think that is going to last? Now is the time to get ready. Now is the time to prepare. The United States economy is going to collapse and incredibly hard times are coming. Will you be able to survive when it happens? If anyone can save us from total destruction and idiocy it is Russia.

  56. Right now the
    U.S. strategic grain reserve contains only enough wheat to make half a loaf of
    bread for each of the approximately 300 million people in the United States.

    How long do you think that is going to last?

    Now is the time to get ready.

    Now is the time to prepare.

    The United States economy is going to collapse
    and incredibly hard times are coming.

    Will you be able to survive when it happens?

  57. Are you ready for Cold War II? US is a bastion of idiocy.
    In my opinion the Yankee murderer is nowhere better illustrated than in the hideous Madeleine Albright and her infamous observation that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children under five, caused directly and deliberately by US/UK imposed sanctions, were a price that
    was ‘..worth it’. Or by that other horror, Hillary Clinton, celebrating
    Gaddaffi’s death by buggery with a knife (you just know that US ‘Special
    Forces’ must have been on the spot)by uttering ‘We came, we saw-he died”, with that brutish inhumanity that hundreds of millions have suffered under for centuries.

  58. Russia is not Zimbabwe, Iraq, or Yemen. It’s not Grenada or Haiti.
    Russia is not going to be intimidated by a chest-beating schoolyard bully.
    This can only end badly for the U.S.????????????
    Russian President Vladimir Putin: “I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia.” ????????????

  59. It was then but after we had thrown the God away along with His 10 Commandments, the plans had changed their course & karma ( the consequences) must be paid in full.

  60. More saber rattling.. They consume so much vodka, they may just launch the missiles. I’m afraid Obama won’t lift a finger to retaliate. His allegiance is to his Muslim and Communist friends.

  61. First – who is Tikhonova, the teacher in the kindergarten or paid to say white lie propaganda …? All world already know by now who was the “aggressor” ( in covert operation to get Russia on its knees). I feel sorry for U, Polina – for coming back to kindergarten …

  62. We need to just Nuke Russia now and end it for them. I am sick and damn tired of the threats. Kill em all! Send every damn nuke we have an get rid of that damn country once and for all.

  63. Well OUR gods, the gods and goddesses of the proto Germanic indo-Europeans, Teutons and Nordic peoples promised that NONE shall survive the Ragnarok in Midgardr. Existence itself is to succumb to the same entropy which gives us our wonderful universe’s bastions of energy, potential, and life. Mercifully, there’s no sign that such times have yet come.

  64. If only Putin had a monopoly on nuclear weapons then perhaps we would have taken his boasts seriously. Too bad the world is not made according to Putin’s wishes.

  65. MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. Gone would be entire northern hemisphere as well as middle east, Koreas, China. The lucky ones would go first, quickly. The remaining people would die a horrible death in southern hemisphere. The willingness to cause a global thermonuclear war is a death warrant for all of humanity.

  66. Gilbert? Did you do anything about 911? No! It was Reagan who lied to us and really did negotiate with terrorists (Iran/Contra). Now all hell owns nukes. You go blame the blacks. Just remember that I know you and your “kind” are dangerous. And oh! By the way! There’s no way in hell that I’ll spend eternity with your patheticass, or your “kind.”

  67. There’s a huge contingent of Russians who immigrated to the US following he fall of the USSR. I guess this new doctrine means that Russia could fire off a few nukes if a Russian or two are arrested here. This policy leaves the possible use of nuclear weapons ‘wide open’.

  68. @Bill— Who is invading and Bombing more sovereign Country than U.S.A? U.S.A is the Terrorist of the world but point the fingers on others and calls everyone else terrorist.

  69. True! Why don’t we get an independent with common sense who is not rich and caters to only the rich corporate gangsters and banks? Where is another Abraham Lincoln type character.

  70. True and China is only being buddies to give the beggar Putin a few billion for all their natural gas they need. If Putin starts a war, China will not support him. China has too much to loose economically because U.S. alone imports one fifth of their exports not to speak of European countries as well.

  71. Like I have said before, it is not a choice of Russia, and for that matter, it would be the last choice of China. The choice has to be decided very hard by US.

  72. The media wants to get everyone’s attention so they make more money so they are full of a bunch of hype to waste our time and get us angry and provoke us to become anti Russian or anti American.

  73. Per capita of U.S. (PPP) for 2014: $54,597

    Per capita GDP (PPP) of Russia for 2014: $24,805

    IMF figures (statistics from other institutions display a very similar, very unsurprising, gulf between the two).

  74. will he use nuclear missiles to defend any russians anywhere in the world that are not being persecuted and free as birds but he wants to control them?

  75. you are a waste of time. No one can reason with you. You have the mentality of a dog. I admit I am foolish for trying to want and help you become a moral individual to think as a civilized human, but I realized no one can change a dog into a human being. Good luck bark bark! Now that I know you understand. It means F**k you.

  76. who said they would attack russia. last I heard from the impartial media, puta was threatening every country with nuclear missiles.

  77. Sounds like you have turrets syndrome. All you do is spew out bad words to people in your comment and have no use of an intelligence to debate and express a rational opinion based on logic. Like a snake you can’t reason. If you go near it, it just bites or like a dog it just barks just a bunch of meaningless jibberish. I will say it again. You are a cyber coward who hasn’t the balls to make such nasty comments to someone’s face. You hide behind your computer

  78. you can only flip your brain because you are flipped out and your name dingding fits your comments…. A “DINGALING!” An idiomatic word meaning crazy, nut, whacko, idiot etc. What do you think happened to Russian rocket recently trying to send a satellite into orbit? It didn’t get off the launch pad idiot!

  79. It was the Muslim terrorists in the name of their evil God that is not the true Allah that killed over 4000 people on 911 in New York City just out of hatred and religious, ethnic prejudice, and discrimination. Muslims are evil people. what about the Muslim terrorists parading as American Citizens that dismembered and killed many in the Boston bombing. what about 75,000 woman, children, civilian Syrian citizens who were murdered by Syrian Islamic government. Do you call that an act of goodness. You are a brainwashed idiot. People like you we don’t want in America. You are a terrorist that acts like a coward spewing out all this Anti American crap because you hide behind your computer in cyber space. If you have any balls, you would also tell us the truth of who you are as a terrorist. I am an American that wants unity, health, prosperity and freedom of religion for the entire world not violence. If you evil mentality are trying to burn down this earth then the civilized world must fight against you. You and others are trying to play God and destroy what the civilized world took thousands of years to create. Now I revealed who I am and what country I come from. Have you got the balls to send me a message and admit who you are? If not you must be ashamed of who you really are. Then pray to Allah and give up your sinful mentality because at least you would have a conscience and there is hope for your soul to be restored eventually in a moral sense.

  80. You should listen to Mikes’ comment dingding and grow up. A nuclear war is not a computer war game where the winner and looser gets up and walks away unharmed. Both sides loose in a nuke war. Do you want to die from radiation poisoned air that will circulate the earth? I don’t choose to die in an untimely manner. If I die from natural causes that’s one thing no one can change, but when Poopin is the cause, he must be stopped even if it means retaliating with nukes. In a conventional war he isn’t winning in Ukraine and you and other a**holes believe he has a powerful military force behind him. If I were the Russian people and he wanted to start a nuke war, I would quit even if they arrested me for treason or going AWOL. They would have to build a lot of prisons to house them and would have no time or means to threaten the world. I care about the Russian people not Putin and his madmen.

  81. LOL…another sissy with an overwhelming need to keep their m(a)ngina damp and stinkey !
    I’m almost impressed.
    Key word : Almost.

  82. True and most of it is tundra and a place you reside as a ghost or after hell freezes over. It’s a place of purgatory. In Siberia the natives there are full of women prostitutes, heroin addicts and a plague of HIV because Russian government destroyed their Native culture attempting modernization when they naturally lived off the land

  83. The USA has enough nuclear arms to pave Russia over in glass several times over, and Russia has the same.

    But, I am amused at whiny little btches like you who think that the Russians have -any- sort of chance in a conventional war against the USA. Russian military technology is still stuck in the 80s.

  84. You are not a representative of what the Russian people want. You are as a crazy as Putin if you believe that the Russian PEOPLE ARE HAPPY WITH HIS POOR LEADERSHIP. You say no problem. It will be a problem for Russia when a couple of nukes penetrates their defense with radioactive fallout destroying thousands of lives, not to speak of millions of deaths as a direct result. Putin is a barking dog and liar full of threats he will not carry out. He will promote a revolution in Russia by the people when he starts a nuclear war that will destroy them as well. Putin forgot about Chernobyl which was just a reactor and the severe consequences.

  85. But Our God, the God of Christians, Muslims and Jews has promised us that we will be the only survivors of the coming Armageddon. !

  86. And it was Barak Insane Obama the Biblical Anti-Christ that put nuclear missiles in Western Europe and aimed at Russia about 6 months or so ago. Obuma acted first.

  87. Bob Barker will not be responding. We have turned off his computer, and returned him to his padded cell. Medication time.

  88. “A weapon that will disable our radio and satellite transmissions” that’s what happened in the movie “Fail Safe”. And president Henry Fonda I think it was agreed to nuke NY in return for the mistaken destruction of Moscow.

  89. Awww, don’t stop with the “You will all burn”, Goober …..your 99 virgins awaits.
    Or is the “Amerikan wet dream’ ?

  90. Russia is like a barking dog. Have you ever see a threatening dog barking as it is running away from you? That’s Putin and his cronies and not the RUSSIAN PEOPLE. THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE ARE WEAK IN THEIR PASSION TO OPPOSE THEIR GOVERNMENT, BECAUSE OF A POOR ECONOMY PROVOKED BY PUTIN. It is not the Russian peoples’ fault. Why doesn’t someone who has a terminal illness execute Putin and the world would be free from this tyrannical madman. It has already been revealed that he has a mental illness. Why the hell doesn’t his cronies put him down or ask him to follow communist tradition and commit suicide? My question is when he comes to the end of his incumbency will the people re elect him or would Putin have the election rigged in his favor to be nominated? The clock is ticking and if Putin decides in his madness to start a nuclear war China should try and put him in his place, because he will upset the world economy worse than it is now. We don’t need a mad rabid dog like Putin to further destabilize the world.

  91. I’ve spoken the truth, it is for you to accept it. Russia will die, and so will the world. No matter the spin you put on your story, no matter how you try to convince yourself. If Russia dares launch, game over.

  92. LOL….hey, if telling yourself that keeps your m(a)ngina all damp and stinky…..keep on keeping on.

    Perhaps one day, with enough repetition – you might even begin to believe it yourself.

    But for those of us better educated and less inbred ?

    Meh…..not so much.

  93. lol…there is no more ‘center of population’ than the east coast of the United States…2/3rd of the terrorist population squats there.
    give it a whirl.

  94. It would take a lot more missiles to turn Russia to glass than it would be to turn Amerika to a glass landscape………..Russia is twice the land mass, and has 1/3 more nuclear warheads….and a better missile defense shield.

    Give it a whirl.

  95. The Chinese stock market is a in a crashing phase as well as their housing market. So your comment holds no water and is groundless. The U.S. is still the richest country and you are full of opinionated speculation about a future for China being the richest but it hasn’t taken place as of yet. Live in reality. If Russia told you that you were a ass you would probably believe them. Their verbal attack on U.S. stating they could disable satellites and our missile launches could very well be lies. If they are not, we also have tricks up our sleeves that they don’t know about. We could tell tem we have the means to disable their disabling devices. This is all war rhetoric. Russia could be using scare tactics to try and get their way. Threatening the use of nukes is insane because it will affect Russian environment with the fall out affecting the entire world through atmospheric wind. My question is: Is Russia crazy enough to use nukes and provoke a world wide nuclear war. We would probably get a few nukes in to Russia. They are not invulnerable. Here they are the ones invading a free country Ukraine and they are pointing the finger at Europe and U.S. stating they will use nukes to defend themselves and their allies. If we said the same about them invading our ally Ukraine we would be in a nuclear war; however, we are not crazy to make such threats. Why doesn’t Putin and Obama have a one on one fist fight, no martial arts, and whoever kicks the others’ ass wins the war. All Obama has to do is punch Putin in the balls, if he has any, and drop him like a fly to face international humiliation as a loser he is. I had been in Russia. As soon as you go outside Moscow the economic conditions are terrible. So don’t make comments anti American that Russia and China are so better off than America. We are going through a crisis now but even those in poverty are better off than those in China or Russia. I live in China and I know from experience.

  96. About time…one can only hope and pray that Russia lets fly with every one of it’s 5800 nuclear missiles in the near future

    It’s time, and PAST time terrorist Amerika is removed as a threat to the world community.

    If not one blade of grass survives, not one cockroach burrowed 20 yards underground survives, not one flying creature roams the sky anywhere on the planet…it will STILL be a worthwhile endeavor. Sometimes grand and extravagant sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

    Sometimes – as in this case – the ends DO justify the means !

  97. According to this article, we should surrender now before Putin orders a nuclear strike against us. A lot of prapaganda is being spit out by this author. She is trying to convince us that Putin has a lot of power and that we should listen and fall in line with him or else. Why do we allow Russian authors writing articles in the USA Press. We got enough problems with our own Press.

  98. I must have missed the part about the Japanese caring about hurting American Citizens in Hawaii. As a side-note, every Russian I’ve ever met didn’t like the thought of dying. It had something to do with growing up impoverished in communism, but what would they know…

  99. The only reason the U.S. has had problems with the countries it has engaged is due to our damn need to stick to rules of engagement. If it were not for that, there would be wastelands were all the country’s we’ve engaged now stand. So tell your masters, who aren’t afraid of dying, to launch a strike and see what it gets you, you filthy little cnt.

  100. Isacc, your statement is about as logical as England annexing the United States, as we were once under British rule and our primary language happens to be English. I strongly question your statement of “Russia is just helping the pro-Russian factions with food and basic necessities but have not send any troops as the Jewish controlled news media tells us.”, in the same sense that the government also denied being in Crimea prior to annexing (in your mind, recovering what they gave away) it. Lastly, how do you know it was only $ 5,000,000,000.00? :) Perhaps this price tag would’ve been a bit higher if Yanukovych wouldn’t have embezzled so much of his citizen’s money.

  101. dingding WHAT happen when you fought in chechnya you got your but kick . And you will get more of lt from the ISLAMIC countries around you in due TIME just wait and see.THE WOODMAN

  102. ALL the other conflicts were not DECLARE WARS . YOU know only FOOLS do STUPID things . So if they will STARTED it we will SEND them right BACK and the HUMAN race will be no MORE . THE Earth will become 1 nuclear fireball .You no all the NUCLEAR POWER plants that are around the WORLD would all have a MELT DOWN . Which would spew RADIOACTIVE for 1000 years or more.THE WOODMAN

  103. It’s good that Russians are not afraid to die, with Putin at the helm. Using even a limited nuclear attack will result in the complete destruction of Mother Russia. If that is what you seek, then let your missiles fly. No one wins if nukes start flying.

    Those of us in the West are not seeking such a war, but we don’t back down to Russian arrogance and illegal behavior. Stomp your feet and make threats all you want, we will stand up against you when you bully your neighbors and illegally take sovereign territory. We will stand with Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania … and if you make the mistake of attacking them, even if trying again to use your “little green men”. We are ready.

    Russia already encompasses the largest land mass of any single country in the world. Keep your bloody hands off the rest.

  104. not a Russian.Warmonger killer US is the cancer to the rest of the world and deserve to die.Hope, Russia put US out of it’s misery.

  105. not Russian.just someone who isn’t brainwashed and brain-dead like you Americans.Go watch BBC.

  106. just like millions the us killed in their war madness and they still want to throw more countries into chaos and start other wars cause why the f uck not.

  107. Go Us give it all you got with your comments against Russia,a far greater and more powerful nation than the crumbling bankrupted US.
    China Overtakes US As World’s Largest Economy – Business Insider

  108. All nuclear powers say they are ready to use nukes to defend themselves and allies. So what! If he has anything more than that to say let him say it. Otherwise he is not saying anything worth listening to and there are other more important news topics to read and discuss. Does he even know football season is about 2 months away!

  109. Russians are not afraid to die, not like the Americans,only nation who cowardly nuked Japan and killed hundreds of thousand of non combatants,the only way the US won that war,and after Japan the US has no won a single war tsc tsc.

  110. whoa, wait for a second let me remind you who are going around weak countries and making trouble? Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine yes the bully fat Americans. These nasty people wants death and destruction to other countries. Americans are evil people

  111. DING DING your call sign confirms your response, gays seem to be able to call out other gays. Get on topic your man baby poopin is a danger to you and the world. Now thats a big problem, he’s try to gain ground of other countries, and using proxy soldiers and his so called soldiers on vacation wanting to fight for mother russian. LOL

  112. You can use them any time you like. Just remember one thing “MAD” Mutually Assured Destruction. What you do will be visited on you ten fold. Are you really ready, are your citizens ready, Are your citizens ready to loose home and family. Stop with the threats you already know that American will strike preemptively.
    Russia you seem to take things for granted. You are the one invading other countries. You are the one flying nuke carrying Soviet planes. Do you really think that the United States does not have communications? You are really stupid.

  113. the one who are crying like a gay baby are the American war hawks. You people are like homosexuals who is having a gay fight. grow up

  114. Putin can be such a baby literally, from dirty diapers to throwing a fit. Lets be real, if you want to melt everything man has made and developed than lets get it on, if not shut your Russian mouth and act like a mature diplomat. Hearing your tactical narrative day after day is getting juvenile at best. Be a man Mr.Poopin dig your way out of this corner you’ve created, make peace and lets start living together.

  115. Save it troll, everyone knows the Slavic Hitler Dwarf threatens anyone stupid enough not to smell weakness in the Toilet Empire I Moscow.

  116. What a Stupid Fascist Troll! He thinks the West doesn’t know about all the Mass Murders the Toilet state commits against innocent people.

  117. While you Russian Trolls were playing with yourselves counting your warheads, the West suspended a total weapon above your head! You will only have nano seconds to put your head between your legs to Kiss your Az Goodbye!

  118. another russophobic journalist — and this one is from Ukraine.
    What’s amazing, her article is at the top of the list in Yahoo — brainwashing must go on.
    I can’t believe someone would pay money for these articles. scarier the title – bigger the paycheck.

  119. Putin,is unarguably,the most hopelessly idiotic useless alife leader in the world today.Some are planning to make the world a better place he is planning macabre,atrocities,pogrom and genocidal antecedent to the entire world. There is the Breath of life who owns and control the universe,and its not controlled by or with nukes.

  120. Typical Russian bluster and saber-rattling to keep the Pentagon wonks dithering and wringing their hands. But remember that the US made a disarmament deal with the Russians and reduced our nuke numbers, while Russia claimed to but who really knows or verified it? If this keeps up we will eventually have REAL glow-in-the-dark kids running about.

  121. I expect that WW3 will happen within five years. Ukranians, Russians, British, Americans and the North Koreans will all be at it.

  122. If the US tried to launch a nuclear missile, it will explode on their faces like what happened to their space rocket ship. lol the fat Americans can only flip burgers

  123. he may be ex KGB but any body who is not scared of death is a liar and that what a bully is a lair. Even the KGB blinks a lot. Even the communist manifesto requires something to rule afterwards

  124. Russia aggressive moves?. You have to be kidding Polina Tikhonova. At this very moment Russia have not done any illicit, illegal or aggressive move against any one in the whole world. The annexation of Crimea has a long history and their citizens voted in a referendum to be part of mother Russia 90% of the Crimean people speak Russian and are descendants of Russian citizens. For what its happening in Ukraine. There is no more hypocrisy than Victoria Noland and the US government who spent 5 billion dollars to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine and place this puppets who are tearing the country alive. Russia is just helping the pro-Russian factions with food and basic necessities but have not send any troops as the Jewish controlled news media tells us.
    Polina. I think you are a paid shill, a stooge of the Judaic Khazarian Mafia who have ruled this world with injustices, crimes, genocides, death, starvation and never ending wars.

  125. This is getting ridiculous. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds a press conference laying out clearly that Russia is NOT going to attack anyone with nuclear missiles and Valuewalk manages to twist it around with a misleading headline that makes it look like Russia is threatening nuclear attack. The author admits in one paragraph that Russia did NOT say that they would use nukes to protect Russians overseas, such as in Ukraine and Georgia, and then in the next paragraph admits that “The doctrine was then interpreted in the West” to mean something Russia never said.
    Virtually everything in this article that the author identifies as “aggressive” is just Russia make certain that it can defend itself against attack by the world’s biggest bully – us.
    “Moscow has already threatened the world with its nuclear weapons” No it hasn’t. Read the article. Russia has said for the umpteenth time that is will not use nuclear weapons unless attacked. That is identical to the US policy and not a threat to anyone who is not intending to attack them.
    In a world where most media is biased, this rag sets new lows. Compared to the authors valuewalk chooses to print, Pravda was the angel of truth.

  126. MAD no longer applies. With todays modern technology it is possible for a country to preemptively strike, knocking out all the oppositions radar, satellites and return capabilities. China and Russia are aggressively working on that technology as we speak and when they have they will rule the world and America will be fried. The only hope we have is to pre-emptively strike NOW while we are still stronger than they are. If we wait till they improve their technology then we are dead meat. The Russians and the Chinese have NO PROBLEM blowing the rest of the world up,

  127. I wonder what does Russia think that NATO will do in response to it’s using nuclear weapons ? Does it think that it could win such a war ? When considering such questions I can’t help but conclude that Russia’s leaders are thinking and talking like a bunch of damn fools .

  128. Nuclear weapons are no longer a deterrence for peace. For the last 25 years none in the Western world could of imagine facing a Russia that is not afraid to pull the trigger.

  129. “…to defend itself and its allies”. I’m assuming, everything between Germany and Alaska is considered by Russia “an ally” or “some kind of Russian brother”. Especially Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, the Baltics, Poland, Finland and Belarus.

  130. I know Russia has no such super weapons capable of disabling nato and US weapons..if they did they’d have done it already, millions of us would be dead and the rest of us would be goose-stepping into gulags all over the no-longer free world.

  131. We haven’t used the MAD paradigm since the sixties. We’ve been planning a counter-force nuclear strategy for some time now.

  132. Every single comenter here is a ruSSian fascists troll.

    Outright lies and ruSSian fashist propaganda!

    Do I have to say more?


    ruSSian fascists army illegally occupying Ukrainian Cremia peninsula and parts of E.Ukraine

    ruSSian fascists dictator putler is personally responsible for the civila deaths in E Ukraine and Crimea.

    NAZI dictator putler must be brought to Hague intrenational tribunal for war criminals to face charges of genocide against russian, ukrainian, chechen, georgian,, moldovian people.

  133. This is the kind of threat you use, when you DO NOT HAVE a defensive weapon like the NEUTRON BOMB that POTUS Ronald Reagan had to DETER an invasion of the NATO nations by Russian forces or their allies!

  134. I hope they know that the US have a nuke policy also and it’s called M.A.D. Well if they launch their Nukes then that’s the end for man kind.

  135. We know what they have…they know we know what they have and what they are and are not capable of! This is why Snowden was allowed in Russia…they wanted to know what we know!

  136. well, there were multiple shots, and even casualty, but in general I agree – some bank robberies had more fatalities than taking over Crimea.

  137. It’s the circus part of bread and circuses. The nationalists are baying for blood now having seen the success of the Crimean conquest and hyped by the warfare-not-warfare in the Donbass. They want more goodies and aren’t shy about saying so, throw out a brand new ‘game changer’ weapons system expecting it’ll shut them up for a few days and pray to god the nationalists don’t want a live-combat demonstration.

  138. Russia modified its position at the end of 2014 to specifically include NATO, but this policy has remained the same for many years. The policy was originally developed in response to China’s conventional military build up. Russia has been saying for many years that it will not maintain a conventional army to defend Russia from conventional attack. Too expensive. Instead, if a country wants to invade Russia, Russia will use nuclear weapons. Of course, if Russia is attacked by WMDs, it will also use nuclear weapons. Certainly less crazy than the US first strike doctrine. First strike is what the world must avoid to survive, and that is US policy. US first strike in response to anything – didn’t get its way in Ukraine, didn’t get its way in South China Sea.

  139. i dont no where you russian trolls are getting your crap from but we could be in your back door so fast it would make your head spine off you ever heard of alaska it is knocking on your door convencenal or nuke dosent matter it has nothing to do with policeing the world you are threating the united states and all our allies we the usa havent made any threats against russia or any one jus the agressers

  140. @jackassreborn- Why dont you do all of US a big favor and put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. I know you wont because you and most other russians talk big but are just a bunch of p______s. I hope everyone had a great 4th!!

  141. Sounds like a lot of maskirovka to me. Russia is in an economic shambles and cannot follow through on all their boasts about new weapons systems and secret weapons. Many of their officials and businessmen are persona non grata all across Europe and the U.S. and this smacks of misdirection or bluff to confuse the West. Who knows what will happen, but to come out and say nuclear weapons will be used is a tad, well, insane. Russia must have more internal problems than we thought.

  142. I don’t believe headline matches Russia’s doctrine…

    “We Are Ready To Use” vs. 1. “as a response to the use of nuclear or other types of weapons of mass destruction against Russia” and 2. “in case of an act of aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the existence of Russian nation is threatened”.

    I believe any country is then “ready to use nuclear weapons”. US is the only one who ever mulled using tactical nukes as preemptive action.

  143. “We Are Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons””Moscow has already threatened the world with its nuclear weapons”
    Ex Russian Polina is screaming. Everybody must build concrete bunker in the backyard. BTW, Ulyanov added “These are pretty adequate conditions of strictly defensive nature. They
    do not pose any threat to the external world and are a mere warning to
    the potential aggressor, if there will be one.” So don’t mess up, don’t be aggressor, will not win war with Russia.. Very reasonable. But ex Russian Polina became very good at western style of journalism, so heading screams: “They Are Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons !!!”

  144. “when it can’t fix issues back at their country”
    The same can be said of any country out there seeking to have influence beyond it’s borders, Russia included. Thing is, much of eastern Europe would prefer America to be their guardian, warts and all.

  145. Just gotta love these highly informative, non-biased and technically accurate articles regarding Russia and its intentions of global conquest…

  146. LOL, Russia can jam low power GPS and Communications systems. BFD, even Iran, North Korea can do that.

    Only disturbed despots brag about using nuclear weapons, especailly against a superior opponent.

  147. The grim reality is that Russia is a poor nation where oligarchs rule instead of the law. Take for instance the new russian law on media. It is forcing the swedish company MTG to sell its subsidiary CTC media to a friend of Putin at a huge discount. This is just robbery. Small shareholders of CTC media are suffering huge losses too. So you can understand why Russia is an undeveloped country: it is a country of robber barons. Few capital enters in Russia. Its stock exchange has the cheapest valuation in the all world. Because nobody trust investing there.
    Western countries like Sweden might rightly retaliate against Russia implementing similar measures against energy companies, for instance.
    The propaganda around the combat readiness of Russia is just that: propaganda to be used to make forget the grim economic reality.

  148. You should be prying for the
    US to stay fully committed in security of Europe. America is the only hope not
    only for Ukraine but and rest of her world.

  149. Exactly. Just look at all the comments from the morons in here that never even read the article let alone understood the words.

  150. You are an idiot! Do you always cherry pick history to fit your own narrow minded agenda? Stupid TROLLS!

    Also, if that idiot launched nukes then everyone else will do as well.

  151. They’ll go nuclear in the event of ‘aggression against Russia’, they’re also the ones who can’t quite define where the boundaries of Russia end and those of Europe begin. Does an Estonian living and/or working in Narva count as trespassing?

  152. They’re probably trying to convince the rest of the world that they might just be crazy enough to do it, so we’d better stop crossing them in pursuit of their interests. At the very least, they want enough voters in western democracies concerned that they might follow through on the threat and putting pressure on their governments to avoid angering Russia.

  153. And the US is the only country capable of wiping Russia and its allies off the map and has been since the 50s back when it was peace though superior firepower instead of mutual destruction as it became later when the soviets caught up in the late 60s early 70s.

  154. The only people who talk more BS than Putin and the Russian government, are the Russian trolls in the comments section of every article.

    I’ll let both of them in on a little a secret. You’re not fooling anyone. No one is afraid of you.

  155. Well, If he nuked US, He would do a big favor to this planet earth by eradicating the killers and warmonger us.

  156. Hmm, He isn’t just talk.He recently took Crimea and Ukraine will be next.Also, He is a former KGB agent aka not afraid of death so he might actually use those nukes if us keep pushing him and surrounding his borders.

  157. The US have been threatening Iran and other oil rich nations. Jeb Bush made the threat to Russia when he visited Germany so why not be on alert. All the nations of the world are on alert from a possible attack by the US GOP lawmakers.

  158. and what makes makes you think that Russia doesn’t own the same thing or can counter it..

  159. “These are pretty adequate conditions of strictly defensive nature. They do not pose any threat to the external world and are a mere warning to the potential aggressor, if there will be one,” …

    Yet about a year ago they dared anyone to go against “nuclear Russia”?

  160. USA acting as the world police trying to fix the world when it can’t fix issues back at their country,yet they keep playing with fire. RUSSIA is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning usa and eu into a radioactive ash desert. usa needs to pull back before things get really ugly. One thing is for sure they ate not there for Ukraine they don’t need
    Ucraine it is only a pretext as always.

  161. Remember how Crimea was taken? Without a single shot. If Russia is going to do anything it would be swift and lethal, in terms of effectivness and not fatalities ofc :)

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