Philae Lander Finds Building Blocks Of Life On Comet-67P

Philae Lander Finds Building Blocks Of Life On Comet-67P

The European Space Agency (ESA)’s comet lander Philae is still lost. But the washing machine-sized probe had collected plenty of data in just 60 hours of landing on the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November last year. Images and data about composition, structure and properties of the distant comet have “amazed” scientists.

Philae finds 16 organic molecules

Researchers at DLR German Aerospace Center said that Philae has found as many as 16 organic molecules on Comet 67P. Surprisingly, four of these molecules – acetone, methyl isocyanate, acetamide, and propionaldehyde – were never known to exist on comets. The lander also found plenty of carbon dioxide and benzene.

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