Microsoft Corporation Unveils New Machine Teaching Project

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Microsoft is working on the idea of teaching a machine how to learn new things. The software giant joins a number of other firms who have been working on artificial intelligence that allows a machine to “learn” more than just its original programming. Microsoft is adding the new twist of recruiting lay people to help with “machine teaching”

Machine learning is very helpful

Machine learning could revolutionize the way we live and work. For example, a chef could tell guide a computer how to develop some recipes, while a doctor could use the learning software to search medical records to help diagnose a patient.

The technology giant is searching for people to help teach the system about natural human language The project is still in a very early stage, but it is already being used in an invitation-only beta testing, and is designed to provide many examples of natural language so that the system is eventually able to fully understand all the complexities.

Machine learning tools have proven to be a huge boon for building personalized computing experiences. For example, machine learning makes it possible to keep your inbox free from spam, and it also enables a smart phone to keep track of your personal preferences.

“Machine learning has proved so useful that it’s created a supply and demand problem: There just aren’t enough people with machine learning expertise to do all the projects businesses and organizations want,” Allison Linn wrote in a blog post at Next at Microsoft.

How Microsoft got the idea of machine testing

Microsoft Research has brought together the Machine Teaching Group, which includes human resources skilled in human-computer interaction, visualization and other methods, under Patrice Simard, according to the blog post. Microsoft says it is aiming to democratize machine learning with this new tool.

There is no information currently available on how this machine learning will eventually be used in Microsoft’s various applications. However, it is already being used as a part of the Language Understanding Intelligent Service, Microsoft Research’s new tool that comes with the Project Oxford suite.

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