Many Netflix Users Ready To Cut The Cord

Many Netflix Users Ready To Cut The Cord

Netflix users who also subscribe to pay-TV are thinking of scrapping their pay-TV, found a new survey. The findings further heat up the already hot debate of Netflix taking over traditional pay-television models.

More users planning to end pay-TV subscriptions

CutCableToday, which conducted the survey, concluded that 67% of Netflix users also subscribe to pay-TV, and around 9% of them plan to completely cut the cord soon. Another 16% of the users said they could end their cable or satellite services in the next 12 months.

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It is noted that only 1% of users were found to be unsatisfied with Netflix’s service, while 92% of the respondents were satisfied. The survey also found that the majority of Netflix users also have another streaming service; for instance, 47% also have a subscription to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The survey, which brought out an interesting mix of TV and Netflix viewership, considered 829 random users and was conducted in early June.

Netflix no more a supplemental service?

Definitely Netflix was not the first company to offer online streaming, but it changed the viewing habits of users who are now starting to prefer streaming content rather than watching television. Now Netflix is no more a complementary service, with subscribers cutting their pay-TV cords in herds. And the recent survey corroborates this fact.

The growing user base of Netflix is clearly having a deep impact on the pay-TV industry, as there is an increasing number of people who are cutting their cable connections and switching to Netflix. With TV packages not standing to up to the mark and high prices for channels, users are opting out and turning to streaming services. Netflix undoubtedly is on the top among the streaming sites, and in North America during peak hours, the streaming firm alone generates more than one-third of all internet traffic.

Televisions giants are now also taking Netflix seriously with names like HBO and ESPN already launching their own streaming plans exclusive of pay-TV packages, and other networks are signing onto Sling TV, which offers a streaming-only live TV service.

However, based on the survey numbers, one can also see that the majority of Netflix users still subscribe to traditional television models. This line of thinking suggests that Netflix, which started as a supplemental service has still not become the replacement for pay-television, and is still primarily being used as an alternative.

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