Lead Gov’t Attorney in Fannie Mae Cases Leaves DOJ

The government filed for an extension of time yesterday. One of the primary reasons they gave:

In this regard, we also note that Gregg M. Schwind, one of the Government’s primary attorneys in this case, left the Department of Justice on July 10, 1015.

Government filing

This sucks for the government. Having the guy who has lead your defense up until this point leave just as things are heating up cannot be described as anything other than a serious blow.  Schwind had lead the defence team and been the primary attorney presenting that defence before various judges in these cases.

While the government may say he was “one of the” primary attorney’s, make no mistake, he is the primary contact and is leading this thing for them. Every email from plaintiffs is sent to him, he is the one pleading the government’s case before Sweeney, in Iowa and before Lamberth. No, Schwind was not “one of the attorney’s” ……he was “the attorney”.

One can only speculate as to why but this is a bit like your team’s head coach up and quitting halfway through the season. It’s gotta make you wonder


Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae

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