Kremlin Worried By Russian Fighters Returning From Ukraine

Kremlin Worried By Russian Fighters Returning From Ukraine
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A number of Russians who went to fight in Ukraine are returning to Russia, where they oppose the government of Vladimir Putin.

Some of the activists, who organized protests against Putin in 2011 and 2012, are part of the Russian opposition’s right wing. Their political beliefs took them from the streets of Moscow to eastern Ukraine, where they defended the ethnic Russian population against the Ukrainian army, writes Courtney Weaver for The Financial Times.

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Anti-Putin Russian nationalists returning from conflict in Ukraine

Although they agree with the Kremlin that the conflict in Ukraine is about defending ethnic Russians, the activists are still opposed to Putin’s government. One fighter, Oleg Melnikov, called Putin “ineffective and corrupt.”

Many of these fighters are now returning to Russia, and causing a headache for authorities. As Melnikov puts it, “all the people who travel to Donetsk to help the rebels they don’t necessarily support the Russian authorities — and now these people have military experience,” he said.

So far these volunteer fighters have received little coverage in the media, but there are scores of them, and many are returning home as the fighting in Ukraine dies down. Russia is not necessarily happy to have them back and has tightened security along the border with Ukraine.

Security stepped up to prevent development of anti-Putin force

Border guards are carefully checking vehicles for smuggled weapons, and Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports that 40 firearms, 6,000 rounds of ammunition and 200 grenades have been confiscated from smugglers.

Although the Border Guard Service denies that the border is subject to special measures, Alexander Verkhovsky, at Moscow’s Sova Centre think-tank, says that militants returning from Ukraine are being carefully watched. “We don’t know what the authorities are thinking. But I think law enforcement see [some of the returning fighters] as a problem. They are likely under close observation,” he said.

Another fighter, Andrei Ragulin, emphasized that he and Melnikov are in a minority of fighters who have such anti-Putin views. He says that they number in the hundreds, rather than thousands.

Melnikov plans to return to Russia, claiming that a “hard winter” was on its way for Russia, and former volunteer fighters could have an important role to play in developments.

“I think these people will let themselves be known at a certain moment when some big government decisions are being taken — through protests, resembling Maidan,” he said, in reference to the volunteer fighters. “As Maidan showed, a revolution comes not from 100,000 people standing around, but 1,000 radicals taking action.”

U.S. training Ukrainian troops, Russia sends bombers to Crimea

Not only are the pro-Russian rebels losing volunteer fighters back to Russia, they may soon face more Ukrainian troops that have received combat training from the U.S. Army. According to Reuters, the training is designed to shore up Ukrainian security given recent territorial losses to Russia.

Among those losses were the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow is apparently rearming with Tupolev Tu-22M3 long-range bombers, according to the BBC. The Kremlin apparently wishes to counteract the threat of proposed U.S. missile deployments in Romania and Poland, but many analysts have questioned whether the bombers will strengthen the Russian forces in the Crimea.

Others argue that stationing the bombers on the peninsula will allow Russia to project its power at times of international tension, and the Kremlin’s control of Crimea allows it to destroy any target in the Black Sea.

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  1. Real facts:
    1. Russia provides weapons to terrorists in Lugansk and Donetsk.
    2. Russia provides “volunteers” with military background to fight for Lugansk and Donetsk.
    3. Russia spreads propaganda via RT and government-controlled channels.
    4. Russia fits all fourteen defining characteristics of fascism by Dr. Lawrence Britt.
    5. Russian trained officers are responsible for shooting down MH17.
    6. Putin is in power since 1999. That’s sixteen years in power!
    7. Russian state is totally corrupted. It is as corrupted as Nigeria.
    8. Russia is not doing well economically.
    9. Russia promotes neo-Nazism. There was a neo-Nazi forum in St.Pete’s.
    10.Putin stated that Goebbels was a very talented man.

    Is that enough?

  2. That`s right!!55 shavushkina street in st-petersburg is from where they post that crap too!! 100 % agree with you on the flip side of their making…they will pay for their crimes!! “same goes for right sector” what a bunch of thugs,eh?

  3. None. Please use real facts. mounting frames and fragments of words from a propaganda show it is not smart. For example

    This is fascism – call to kill, or the burning of people. All examples from you are similar – if Hitler had two legs and a mustache that other people with two legs and a mustache is also a Hitler. Nu smeshno.

  4. It’s just a real primitive example of the Ukrainian TV.
    If desired, both Obama and Khomeini and others can do the installation. Surprising Tymoshenko sits and expresses outrage Putin’s policies. I recall how she proposed to destroy the inhabitants of Donbass in Ukraine by nuclear weapons.
    I think you agree with Timoshenko.

  5. I have been to Crimea more times than you have, trust me. I am NOT going to Crimea any time soon. It is an occupied territory. Stop lying. Everything you write is a big lie. It shows.

  6. Well, when you get a chance move to Kryme – I retired here and travel to Anapa, Sochii – Black Sea places – things are fine there – the tourists are bursting and I have no problems – I’m Alaskan and was a bush pilot and Homesteader for 35 years — Nam Vet too-nothing scares me anymore – I’m old and not intimidated by much — I used to fish with the old Russian Alaskans in Homer in the 70s – their families were there for hundreds of years – my family still lives in Vasilli AK – or Wasilla/ Knik area – Sorry you think this place is unstable — try living in America – especially after being in AK for 40 years – Ha! – Sonny

  7. Your words are really propaganda. Incredible your desire to insult, humiliate, destroy the Russian shows your wretchedness.

  8. Everyone who has a different point of view, all them have Kremlin money? You foolish man. Because you’re afraid of the truth.

  9. To all who commented: I want to thank you all very much for standing up to pro-Kremlin trolls. I hope they got the message: people are not buying their senseless propaganda. If they believe everything they say on Russian TV, it does not mean the rest of the world will.

    Thank you one more time.

  10. Garry, I live in Russia, in case you didn’t know. I don’t need to verify. Stop lying please. I know more about Russia than you ever will. Russia is the most unpredictable country in the Universe. ’nuff said.

  11. Have you ever heard of “russcism”? Yes, we are going to tell you about Hitler.
    1. Read Hitler’s speech from September 1st, 1939.
    2. Read Putin’s speech on annexation of Crimea.
    3. Try to find the difference, if you can.
    Yes, Sergey, we are going to tell you about Hitler.

  12. Jeaniasimard, Sergey and other pro-Kremlin guys are paid trolls. Don’t take them seriously. They will get what they deserve one of these days.

  13. your english is not that good,but,i get what your saying!! P.s don`t confuse your and my. So,i did look at YOUR brothers of the R.S terrorists and im not impressed . DaaaHHH!

  14. Complete amateurish disinformation. Basically a
    stupid attempt to discredit Russia. This garbage only reflects the desperation
    the west faces after its bankrupt policy towards Russia and China. The person
    writing this post is morally irresponsible, knowingly spreading pure nonsense.??? ??? ?? ?????? ??????
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  15. Call the Embassy – verify- don’t be lazy – get off the couch. Its stable where I live – a bit troublesome with the US, EU, UA sanctions but…-is it stable in America these days? I love reading about Trump telling it like it is – its about time ! How is the year #13 going with- all 3 wars in the Middle east? How is it living with 100 million more people now living in America? And currency is related to the sanctions and manipulations of countries and their leaders to gang up on one country – especially in Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.

  16. You Have fun expressing anger and hatred, it’s philosophically.
    Consider: Will be a sane person to write about your education and IQ on the Internet )))))
    You do not have enough IQ, because writing another meaningless information.

  17. My I.Q. is 134, and I have a Ph.D. So I am very sorry to disappoint you about my level of intelligence. I wish I were stupid like you, Sergey. My life would be so much easier. There is no hate or anger in my speech, I am just entertaining myself. Basically, I am having fun.

  18. Fred Cassidy

    Both my grandfather fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. One of them took Berlin with Soviet troops. You’re going to tell me about Hitler?

  19. Both my grandfather fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. One of them
    took Berlin with Soviet troops. You’re going to tell me about Hitler?

  20. Both my grandfather fought against Hitler’s Nazi. One of them
    took Berlin with Soviet troops. You’re going to tell me about Hitler?

  21. Both my grandfather fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. One of them took Berlin with Soviet troops. You’re going to tell me about Hitler?

  22. In your words, only anger and hatred. You can just be rude and insulting because in fact there is nothing to say. It is truly a sign of great stupidity.

  23. Fred Cassidy

    Both my grandfathers were at war with Nazi Germany Hitler, one of them took Berlin with Soviet troops. You’ll tell me about Hitler?

  24. US rescues his power and the dollar. Do not speak for all Ukrainians. Russian living in Ukraine 10-million, they have no voice can be killed by your logic. Ukrainian Nazis burned people in Odessa. US is silent and does not save them. I personally do not believe in the United States when they talk about human rights to life, to his own opinion. US uses human differences in their interests.

  25. Good.i hope returning troops and thugs start trouble in Russia.I hope Russia pay a big price for invading their Ukrainian brothers.I know Ukraine won`t forget what Russia did to them when they invaded and took a big chunk of it for keeps.And after that trolls keep saying Russia never invaded???Wow,what a bunch of idiots to believe this B.S

  26. Sergey, I don’t hate Russian people. I just hate dumb people, whether they are Russian or not. And you happen to be one of them.

  27. Obama’s tutor was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist party member. He taught that moron everything about the glorious Bolshevik Revolution.

  28. Nice try Troll. Your Putinazi leaders will reward you with a kopek or two. Your stupid attempt to spin the real facts is obvious. Russia is the failed state and close to collapse. And there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, Right???

  29. you are not a God, but God only knows what will happen.
    People know what it was. many wars and blood under the US flag, the last 20 years

  30. No, you don’t live in Crimea, don’t even lie. If Russia is so stable, why ruble jumps up all the time? If Russia is so stable, why do they have revolutions every 70 years? If Russia is so stable, why do they constantly have troubles?

  31. Vladimir Putin needs to bring an end to this conflict as soon as possible, I agree. Russia is a failed state. At least half of its people are drinking vodka on a daily basis, and the western third (especially St. Petersburg, Voronezh and Perm) is dominated by neoN@zees. The goons who currently control Moscow are hand-picked by Putler himself.

    I know they pay you, but did you really have to stoop so low?

  32. A big piece of Russia probably SHOULD go to China. The people of Far East are mostly ethnic Chinese. They don’t want to Be a part of Russia. Then there is a piece that should go Japan. There is a huge piece that should go to Germany. Let’s see… A piece that belongs to Georgia, a piece that should be independent – Chechnya, a huge piece of Finland (Karelia). Russia should be reduced by 1/3 at least.

  33. That’s absolutely wrong. I am an ethnic Russian, but politically I am a Ukrainian. There are a lot of people like me in Ukraine. Leave us alone.

  34. Not another paid Russian troll….
    1. Do you even know what Russians are doing now to tatars in Crimea (if you do not know, tatars were in Crimea many thousands of years before Russians)? Tatar people are being tortured and killed on a DAILY basis! They do not allow the Tatar leader to come into Russia (he went on a all-Tatar conference and they did not allow him to come back). They take down Tatar flags, Russians close Tatar buildings.
    2. Do you know what Russians do to Ukrainians in Crimea? They do not allow their kids to learn Ukrainian. Only Russian-speaking schools remain. They do not allow them to keep Ukrainian citizenship.
    3. Do you know who Russians put in charge of Crimea? A former gangster by the nickname “Goblin”. His gang used to extort money and kill people!
    4. Do you know what kind of people are on Goblin’s government team? His former gang members, who were extorting money from businesses.

    So please get your head out of your butt and start thinking. Although, judging by your senseless ramblings, you cannot do it. You are just too far gone.

  35. Vladimir Putin needs to bring an end to this conflict as soon as possible. Ukraine is a failed state. At least half of its people are not even interested in speaking Ukrainian, and the western third of the country is dominated by neoN@zees. The goons who currently control Kiev are propped up by American and Western European neocons, globalists bankers, and Wall Street and City of London hustlers; the same kind of people who financed the rise of Communism and of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. A strong and united Russia is good for stability in the world. At least wo thirds of Ukraine, all of Belarus, and most of Kazakhstan should be reabsorbed into a revived Russian Empire. The American Taxpayers have no vital national interests in the regions which I have mentioned. Let us make a greater effort to be masters in our own house. We do not need to be involved in this Ukrainian conflict. We gain nothing except added debt if we stick our noses into this old manure pile. It truly stinks!

  36. A big piece of Ukraine probably SHOULD go to Russia. The people in the eastern Ukraine are mostly ethnic Russians. They don’t want to BE a part of Ukraine.

  37. Did you ever REALLY look at the state of Russia prior to Putin? You are so ridiculously uninformed, like most Westerners, believing without verifiying…. But you’ll believe anything that makes you think you are good and right even if it’s pure BS.

  38. Gee, you’re a regular geopolitical genius; good thing you’re not the president. First I’d like to remind everyone that Russia played a big part on getting Iran to agree on a nuclear program that would make the world a little safer,see the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. President Obama said as much.

    Your case against Russia as an aggressor in Ukraine is bogus. You didn’t see the Naxis in the Maidan, Kiev?, the origin of the ‘peoples’s revolution’? You don’t know of the Massacre of Odessa? You completely eat up the MSM line of fiction and you’re a victim of your own fallacy. Didn’t West Virginia leave Virginia to stay in the Union, during the Civil War? So the separation is not unique, in this case Crimea didn’t want to go nazi. Now we have Naxis calling the shots in the Ukraine, the army is busy killing its own people; what self respecting Ukrainian, a Russian speaking Ukrainian, is going to support naxi power in Kiev? You do know bout WWII? The Crimea was always Russian since Catherine the Great and so, decided to go back to Russia and naxi Kiev enslaves Ukraine to the IMF, a problem that’s getting worse as a default is coming. The plan to wrest Ukraine from the Russian Customs Union isn’t going to work out and now it’s all Russia’s fault? Worse we, the United States ought to invest US troop deployments and missiles. No!

  39. Do you think that bashing Obama or Hillary is a sign of the news media’s objectivity or conservative bias? Do you ever watch Faux, I mean Fox News?

  40. In a typical year the Fed earned $90.5B. Of this, $1.6B was paid out in dividends, mostly to banks who were stockholders. The remaining $88B was remitted back to the US Treasury. While the US Treasury doesn’t technically own shares in the Federal Reserve the Fed is required to remit its profits at the end of the year back to the Federal Government. As you can see, remittance often dwarfs any dividends paid back to the banks. In other words, the US Treasury is the recipient of most of the Fed’s profits.

    Please explain how the federal reserve is “foreign controlled.”

  41. Pitiful comments from tom and none……the ignorance is just pouring out of their keyboards. That U.S. education sure didn’t help, or the constant Fox boob tube watching didn’t help either!! Hanging on ever word emitted from the mouth of college dropout Sean Hannity can be hazardous to your IQs fellas.

    Do any of you know what the privately owned and foreign controlled central banks are all about in the EU and the U.S.? How would you like to?

    I’ll give you a hint they print money out of thin air and lend it to those governments, as well as other folks at interest. In any other line of work that would be considered counterfeiting!! How would you like to print money up on a monthly basis to pay off your credit card statement? That my friends is the best analogy I can think of!! Wake up, that’s why the BRICs arrangement has arisen, and that’s why Russia has a bulls-eye on its butt….it has nothing to do with Ukraine, or any leader being a thug or about democracy, which the U.S. doesn’t even have anymore……
    Russians have been in Crimea and the east continuously for
    well over 300 years, since they beat the Ottoman Turks!!! The folks that
    conduct international business and trade want a stable currency that maintains its value as the international standard…which the petro dollar isn’t anymore, as it is depreciating as we speak!! It’s all about having a stable monetary arrangement out there. The Federal government/Treasury needs to flat-out nationalize the Federal Reserve Banks and issue currency itself with oversight from Congress. To allow the privately owned and foreign controlled Federal Reserve Banks to continue to operate for profit and without any Federal oversight/audits is flat-out suicidal and the system will end up collapsing in the near future, as this type of financial system creates more and more accumulated interest to the point where there is so much more interest and debt
    in circulation than money with which to pay off that debt/interest and any
    profits/money made by the general public has to be used to pay off the debt/interest, instead of reinvesting to create new technologies, jobs, etc.

  42. How nice it would be to see Putin get his pathetic little head lopped off like a common criminal. He IS absolutely corrupt and ineffective. Maybe someone can feed him a little dose of polonium like his buddy operative did to Alexander Litvinenko in the U.K.

  43. I agree. I was born and raised in Russia and and left 17 years ago to marry an American man, and when I did my life and the lives of my then 3 year old twin daughters went from nothing to a “real life. Now “our twin daughters” consider themselves American and have NO desire to ever visit Russia again since all of my family has relocated here including our parents. Our parents have NEVER been as happy as they are now living here in the US and will tell anyone Putin is evil and Russia is crumbling down.

  44. I have been going to Poland since 1986 I saw for myself what the fruitloops in Moscow did to that country and now I see how that country has blossomed under freedom and away from Moscow. Now that country is taking in upon themselves to arm their military so they’ll never be under the control of another maniac from Moscow.

  45. Do you know how many lives were saved by those bombs. Were you involved in WW II in the Pacific to know the brutality that went on by the Japanese and not just against the aliied army but against the people of all the islands they took over? Where do you think the VC were hiding if not inside the villages of the people they didn’t care about anyway. What was the reason for the bombing in Yugoslavia? Do you even remember? Who was responsible for the bombing of flight 103? What country did Hussein take over before NATO took him out? We all know who prints rubles and kills his own people and has now brought down the economic situation in his own country.

  46. You’re nuts, the city I live in Ukraine is 52% Russian and they certainly don’t want anything to do with having Moscow’s thumb over them. The only reason Russian troops are in the east is to destabilize the country. And the only Nazi in the region sits in Moscow.

  47. Garry, you are out of your mind. Russia stable? Where do you get that from? My future wife lives there and it’s anything but stable. it’s not a wonder she has finally chose to leave her country. She’s watched what is happening now before and there is no end to the Russian people being put down by their corrupt government.

  48. The sanctions are not against innocent children and citizens. The problem the Russian people is caused by their corrupt government. The sanctions are keeping money out of the pockets of their oligarchs and oil companies.

  49. Gee….I sure hope the same thing doesn’t happen in the US. Veterans living under bridges, not eating well, veterans admin care, a joke and in shambles. Cops killing people, with complete impunity, beating people down, just because they can, rightwingers and their racism, teaching their brethren to go into churches and kill black people, all is tearing the US apart…..something has to give. A lot of veterans, are having a hard time with “Mom, Pop and Apple Pies”, these days.

  50. Russia’s annexation of Crimea was a mistake. Even though Russia is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, they had a lively economy going with Ukraine, and Europe. Conflicts are not solved by war anymore, they are waged with money. It cost both countries billions of dollars they did not have. Now, Putin has put 100,000 people out of work, with a stroke of his pen. The proletariat, much similar to the one that threw down the Tsars, and the USSR, and the middle class will decide. The average Russian is suffering from inflation, food shortages, and very high consumer prices. It won’t be long before the oligarchs tire of Putin, and replace him. They have replaced their government a couple of times before, for the same reason. The treatment of the workers. The middle class, historically, has been the big mover of historical events, not the oligarchy. As soon as the workers are hungry enough, watch out. We are seeing a similar scenario play out in the Middle East. What a strange world we live in.

  51. Finally some Russians that can think for themselves. I’ve watched Russia for 35 years in/out and I’ve seen Russia under Putin set that country back into the Cold War behavior. He’s a small man as corrupt as Al Sharpton.

  52. Excellent post – I live in Crimea – 1 of the few if any Americans to have lived here for years and Americans are too rich in international standards to give a hoot about what is happening. Russia is 10Xs more stable than America – Americans – just don’t get it.

  53. Wow Obama hired some real idiots – he had the choice to hire me but didn’t. I live in Crimea – and I saw the Georgia confrontation where the UN said Russia was in its RIGHT to defend its prior citizens! Go back to your cubical and — you are lucky you have a job – considering your Ignorance !

  54. Just smoke and mirrors to distract from the real problem.

    “US troop deployments right up against the Russian border”

    I’m sorry, and which country was it that crossed the Russian bored to violate the rights and territorial integrity of a sovereign to claim territory for it’s hegemony? Which country _actually_ annexed a part of another nation to itself? The only country invading other countries in that region is Russia. Russia can’t win as friends those that were former parts of its former soviet hegemony that are flocking to the freedom of neighboring neighboring EU. So what Russia can’t win by “playing well with others” it has to take by force. Russia attempts to reclaim those territories by violating their sovereign right to freedom of association, with subversion, invasion, and annexation. If anyone is the belligerent actor in that region, it is the one that is actually militarily crossing the borders into sovereign states.

    Say whatever you will about US policy (which is all delusional ranting anyway), that simply does not change the reality that Russia is the belligerent aggressor in this case.

  55. Go back to your cubical Bob – I live in Crimea and have for years . Obama, when he said he hired 200,000 employees , should have hired intelligent ones – your’re a 0 – oo dah chee shoepa

  56. Some of us, unlike you apparently, can have more than one though in our heads at a time. You apparently find it to be this mutually exclusive dichotomy that you are incapable of considering more than one issue at a time and so have to pick and choose. Most of us are not so limited in capacity.

  57. How do you know that his relatives are communist? Are you related? Putin should be in jail. He needs to be stopped, just like ISIS. Free Russia from Putin!

  58. LOL. The funniest thing is they were PERSONAL sanctions and none of the people sanctioned were innocent children, only some very rich Russian oligarchs connected to Putler. Get your facts straight!

  59. Tyrannical dictator Putin is now the new white-on-white genocidal schmuck of the 21st century. No one has killed more white people than Putin.

  60. How about focusing on our own USA borders, and not Ukraine. Sanctions on innocent children and citizens do nothing to their leaders, and is a disgusting act for Americans.

  61. The liberal news at it again, instead of bashing Obama or Hillary, they still spew their propaganda at other countries. Obama is visiting his communist relatives in Kenya, Hillary should be in jail, and you care more about what Putin does. WTF?

  62. “Clarc King” is not a real person. He wrote so much, because he gets paid more for longer pieces.
    Are you hungry, Sergey? Would you like me to throw you a banana?

  63. Maybe if Putin were to sport a Trump “doo” on his balding head he might get a little more respect! Otherwise, I don’t know anything about the political mess they are in. Maybe Russia should downsize and get their shidt together!

  64. I see “Carrie” thumbs me up stupidly oblivious to the sarcasm because the facts are that the countries I mentioned have all cozied up to Russia in the last year. US attempt at isolation had the opposite effect.

  65. Was the purpose of this article to stir warmongering? We should ask, how did we get here? The stupidly insane warmongering in this commentary is the work of paid agents and the ignorant followers. Crazy people at the highest level of government, finance and the MSM are running mad, out-of-control. When will the general public understand that the operation of thermonuclear WWIII benefits no one? The high and mighty are responsible for pushing humanity’s existential crisis.

    Fix the financial system, the origin of the war crisis; the trans-Atlantic financial system is in disintegration and the Financier Supremos think war will coverup the mess they made, that a ‘limited nuclear war’ is winnable, further, fortune can be found in land, resources and governments they don’t have to pay for. Insanity. Meanwhile 100 million Americans are driven into poverty by the Wall St system. These monsters are not afraid of anyone, will fight anywhere, anytime, To The Last American. Wise up America.

    Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, US troop deployments right up against the Russian border. etc.; the US foreign policy, is operating WWIII. The stabilization of the United States, under submission to Globalization, now bent on Permanent Chaos – Permanent War, Imperial strategy, is the only imperative. The reorganization of the Fed, the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall standard in US banking, Tax and regulate Wall St., get the bailout trillions back, the implementation of the US National Bank credit system that funds the redevelopment of North America are the only way to stabilize the United States, and reverse the Greatest Depression upon us. The US citizenry must discover their power, duty and responsibilities, perform the necessary political intervention, and remove the warmongers, develop a new political platform that can oust the Wall St. owned Democratic Republican system from the Congress and the Administration. The whole world, all of humanity, living under the threat of planetary thermonuclear WWIII, is depending on the stabilization of the United States.

  66. As far as I remember, Soviets occupied Hungary, Poland, East Germany, fought in Afghanistan, Georgia, Ossetia, Crimea… Should I go on? BTW, there is nothing wrong with fighting in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, as well as Japan, Vietnam, Libya and Iraq. Stop listening to Russian propaganda.

  67. Stalin personally killed all? Nobody defends Stalin, therefore not necessary to protect the other killers because they killed less than Stalin

  68. ?????? ??? ??????????? ????? ???? ????! ??????, ??? ?? ?? …. ?? ?????. ??????? ??, ?????? ???????? ???????. ?????, ????? ? ??????????…

  69. Sergey, I am very worried about you. Please go to your doctor now. On the second thought, call the ambulance. And don’t touch any sharp objects.

  70. The biggest dilemma is the poor Slavic people of Ukraine. You have the neo-con led zionists, corrupt to the core controlling everything, the Russian-speakers of Donbas who are divorcing themselves from Ukraine and will NEVER go back and the neo-Nazi Maidan in the west, who want the power they fought for at the beginning of the coup. A real mess as the economy continues to crash.

  71. Show the Army (official military). Or give me the money (I am paid troll, as you said- where is yu money?) You can’t even imagine freedom of speech- you are hiding behind the mask, using poorly constructed sentences.

  72. Putin’s approval ratings are based on Putin’s habitual lying and his controlling the Russian media with his habitual lying. Word coming out of Russia is his approval rating with the youth has dropped to 42%.

  73. The post above was altered :
    Do you still make ” pilgrimages ” to pay homage to this monster ?
    know , that you , ghoulish rooskis keep the mummified syphilitic , corpse , of your ” god ” ; Lenin !
    Do you still make ” pilgrimages ” to pay homage to this monster ?

  74. Yeah, okay. Holodomor was mainly caused by Great Britain not taking GOLD Russian rubles for payments for machinery and the bad weather during successive harvests. You have no historical knowledge. Stalin bet the farm when Britain demanded grain instead of GOLD. The harvests were poor and there was a food shortage created by exports to Europe. Go to school.

    Before the resistance began people were fleeing the murdering US backed Ukraine fascist army in Donbass. There are so many pictures and articles. So who is sending aid to Donbass- the US? Germany? Kiev? It is Russia who just sent the 32nd large convoy of food and medicines. Kiev has blockaded groceries although there are now going to be corridors of exchange- via Minsk 2 agreement- so that people in Donbass near the contact lines can EAT by buying food at checkpoints. Or, did you even know this?

  75. Egghead, you know who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan? Who burned by napalm of Vietnam, bombed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq. Stalin, too? Who tortured and telephone eavesdropping. Stalin, of course. Who prints dollars and contains a huge army of murderers, and lives in debt.

  76. that in order to be believable , you MUST include at least an element of truth !
    a. ) Russia INVADED Ukraine , Ukraine defends herself and he calls it ” anti Russian militants !
    b.) It is NOT 1.3 million UKRAINIANS , that went to Russia , it is several hundred thousand ethnic Russian saboteurs ,
    fifth columnists , and colonists , brought in to REPLACE the MURDERED ethnic Ukrainians , communist Russia starved during the HOLODOMOR ( intended mass starvation ) !
    c.) The Ukrainians , that left Donbas , because of the war , have NOT ” fled to Russia ” , they were absorbed by the
    other regions IN Ukraine . That’s like saying that Russians , from German occupied , Russian territories , during WWll , were fleeing to Germany ! See , how stupid that sounds !
    Come to think of it , you’re NOT smart enough to even be a decent troll , because , all you do is lie ! You’re to dumb to understand , that in order to be believable , you MUST include at least an element of truth !

  77. If Russia- not one man- wanted to retake Ukraine as Ukraine was part of Imperial Russia and the USSR- Ukraine NEVER was a real country- it would done so in May of 2014 in 2 day. It is the US that has bought and paid for the conflict. Read up before posting ignorant slogans.

  78. Because, as comrade Stalin used to say, it does not matter how people vote. It matters how those votes are counted. In reality, Putin’s approval ratings are around 40% or even lower. When people are contacted over the phone and they give out their actual names and addresses, they all say they approve Putin’s actions. But when people are contacted anonymously, they are more honest.

  79. Putin’s approval ratings might be high, but Kim Jon Un’s approval ratings are even higher. Actually, all dictators had very high approval ratings prior to their (violent) death.

  80. There are two ways out for Putin: a peaceful one (fleeing) and a violent one (death). It does not matter, which route his life is going to take,he will be out of power by the end of 2017 nevertheless. Those who do not learn their history lessons are doomed.

  81. happy to show you theirs !
    Of course , you would have to do it SECRETLY , because Putin and his Kremlin Gremlins ,
    are terrorizing them , to remain quiet !
    Also , let’s not forget the two Russian soldiers , recently captured in Ukraine , who sang like
    canaries , about who they were and what they were doing in Ukraine ! But of course , they were
    denounced as liars , by Putin and THREIR OWN ” government ” !
    But , naturally , you know this , you’re just trolling , that’s what trolls DO for a ” living ” !

  82. Is that why they had to fake pictures of the Georgian War and tell the American senator they were pictures of the Ukraine War and make a fool out of him?
    Is that why they had to use “passports” as evidence that Russia Troops were in Ukraine when everyone knows citizens have passports – not troops?
    If they had any real evidence or pictures, they would not have fake that they had some. Just change your name to “Gullible”.

  83. ARE you russki trolls REALLY so DUMB ?
    489% , with 500% , ” on the horizon ” .
    And we should all STOP reading the ” lying Western media ” , and just BELIEVE the ” truth and accuracy ”
    of Putin’s RT !
    ARE you russki trolls REALLY so DUMB ?

  84. You are delusional … There has been to many pictures to count proving Russian regulars fighting in Ukraine .. Russian soldiers captured , Russian tanks heavy artillery convoys AND TROOPS crossing the border into Ukraine , via satellite … Your there the world knows your there . If your ashamed of it ??? Don’t be there .. Your a paid troll we all kn that as well … Keep your lies in Russian ,, Russian are sheep and believe what ever the MIDGET tells them to believe or are to afraid to speak out … Prison sucks ….

  85. Fighting and war is bad. We are made to know, love and serve the One True God. The Creator of Heaven and Earth. Read the Bible and pray, to know. Then we will love God and want to serve Him. Your brother in the Lord, John.

  86. You believe that only Americans and Europe can vote without cheating. Surprise, surprise, some Europe’s TV networks did show how referendum was conducted – people came in droves, and nobody was looking over their shoulders how they voted. Those “green men’ were standing outside watching for order. So, don’t believe in lie our media and WH want you to believe.

  87. ” the conflict in Ukraine is about defending ethnic Russians” but they told us all the East Ukraine citizens had vanished and East Ukraine contained only Russians.

  88. Another Ant-Putin trash, they continue endlessly spewing the same stuff fervently hope it will eventually get tracktion, but it won’t.
    The approval ratings of President Putin defies all odds.

  89. Yet after a year and a half, not one OSCE monitor has seen a Russian trooper, not 1 photo has emerged of a Russian trooper fighting in East Ukraine….. But the gullible like you keep believing the bogus narrative.

  90. Who are you kidding my friend ? Russian regular army are fighting in Ukraine Order there not volunteers ..Paid and supplied by RUSSIA .. Russian soldiers TROOPS are running and resigning from the military in fear of being sent to Donbass… In my view , Ukraine should just let YOU/ Russia have the east .. Let Russia and there volunteers have it along with the financial drain it brings with it .. Its no secret Putin wants to break up Ukraine , much like Yugoslavia …That’s PUTINS wet dream Ukraine not to exist

  91. Yep…can’t pull anything over on those logical factual Westerners. For the last year and a half they have been saying Putin is behind the Eastern Ukraine rebellion and these Russians have laid their lives on the line allegedly defending Russian interests led by Putin. But they hate his guts so much they were willing to die to serve the country he leads. Does that make logical sense?

  92. Every time the Western media says Russia is splintering, facing internal strife and revolt, Putin’s approval rate increases a few percentage points. He’s at 89% now — is 90+ on the horizon? Who writes this trash and who actually believes it?

  93. Please look up the definition of “troop”. Nobody ever denied, Russia citizens volunteered to fight in the Donbass armies along with many volunteers from many nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. “Texas” from the US is even over there fighting. He’s great…. look up “Texas DPR” on youtube.

  94. You’re talking reason and facts, most Russians are far more into feelings and generalized aggression towards anyone who isn’t them.

  95. Every time the Western media gives yet another article telling us how Russia is facing internal strife and revolt, Putin’s approval rate increases a few percentage points. He’s at 89% now – is 90+ on the horizon. Who writes this trash?

  96. Do you even know what Nazi is? You Russian Trolls like to through around the word Nazi like it is going out of style. For a country that played a part of helping to defeat actual Nazi, you should read your history to understand exactly what that word means and how only a complete m0r0n would use it to describe anyone today.

  97. You use the word Nazi. You don’t even know what a Nazi is. You might as well call the West a bunch of Wookies. It would hold as much water as what you said.

  98. This can’t be right !!!! There’s no Russian troops in Ukraine to return home .. Just a few vacationers …. What’s the problem .???? You reap what you sow… lol

  99. Ah! Sounds like Russia is starting to split at the sims. Could another revolution be about to happen? Or just another take over? I have been saying for awhile that Russia is ready for a war. They are wanting to move south to take over the oil wells and to get sea ports to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. To follow a book written in the mid-nineties called “The Road South.” To kill, conquer, and to loot as is mentioned in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

  100. The last statement is funny – as if Russia needed Crimea as an air base to cover the Black Sea. Don’t the Russian already have an air base and Naval base near Sochi, RUSSIA, which is no the black sea, not to mention air based near Krasnodar and Rostov on the Don?

  101. Any country that holds debt and is consumed by greed is not a country you want to fight for. The greedy billionaires are will to pick fights for their interest at the price of your sons and daughters life of the lower class. America a big one in that Dept a trillions of dollars in debt, and no backing behind it currency and any brown country that feels they want to challenge it by switching currency or trying to challenge the riches agenda or make it hard for them they attack just like gdaffi in Libya… Gdaffi was making preparations of switching it currency for oil to Gold, and guess what America doesn’t have in the international market? Gold.. all of the Gold America has is in Reserves from other countries.
    The greed and fat cats of America are going to bring down America itself the biggest terrorist organization in the world is not a Middle East group it is right here in our own back yard. The one that hid from the eye the actual condition of the American people. Soup kitchen now moved to your house and school lunch rooms to hide the old soup kitchen lines. Instead you can shop like the upper middle class and rich by using an EBT card to make you feel like you fit in.
    Health and Health care system is designed by the capitalist and use word like socialism and communism for a NAtional system to provide care for everyone which is a rich person nightmare because now that means they have to give the working class that does all there manual labor more without tampering with their hourly wages. Oh, then you see the mask come off and threats as they threaten to lay off employees not hire because they need to have more and more. The billions of dollars the workers made them wasn’t enough.
    Truth is America is not all it says it is and uses a lot of psychological weapons to make people think we are good when in reality they are not. In the end of the day when the shit hits the fan and the sirens of incoming scream it won’t matter what side fired first or if one side only fired because it only going to take one bomb to ruin it for the world and it wont matter who presses the button.
    America good only at one thing lately and that is war, and killing brown people, but when was the last time America all by itself fought white people that can shoot back all alone? Other than the Germans in World war 2 and it was not alone America was actually late joining the war then I would have to say Never as it always has had to have an allie by its side to make moves.

  102. @Garry…, you’re a funny Russian commie troll, it’s Russia that’s been hungering to gab Crimea and Georgia you DOLT!!!

  103. The world does need to wake –wake up ! This is the results of the Americans ” Ukraine Plan” and it goes way back. Start looking at Senator Obama disarms Ukraine army in Donetsk 2005. Crimea was taken so the Americans couldn’t get there hands on it and it wasn’t a big deal to Crimeans – much better than another Crimean War. Americans have bases in Poland, Romania, Turkey, Italy,Afghanistan and is definitely/factually trying to push Russia to War. Russia didn’t start the 13 year Crusades War -Washington did.

  104. Hey Ralph, look up Senator Obama in Donetsk 2005 and what he gave the Ukrainian government in order to disarm their own Army. 45 million bucks – This was the start of what the rest of the world knows as the ” Ukraine Plan”. America has been at the root of this for a long time –

  105. People in the east will kick out Russian bandits pretending to be separatists. They will defend themselves against Russian fascism. The end of the Russian Federation is near. Time to partition and break up Russia. Nothing Russian trolls can do about it.

  106. Only one problem with the accuracy of this article – the Russians STARTED THE CONFLICT / WAR/ UPRISING by supplying Heavy Weapons and Guided Missiles, like those that shot down numerous aircraft even CIVILIAN MH-17 and the elaborate but laughable cover up attempt! It was planned to be right after the Russian Sochi Olympic games to try and get everyone flat-footed like ‘FLEXIBLE’ Owebamasswipe et all! While Victoria Nuland, of MEMO FAME in Benghazi, was playing fiddle in Moscow and organizing a right wing revolution in Ukraine Putin took advantage of the political vacuum to strike and grab the Crimea – INGENIOUS! We have now painted ourselves into a corner with our weak and spineless CIC Owebamasswipe and are getting ready to ARM and FIGHT in the Ukraine against the ‘rebels’ and REAL Russian troops and their weaponry!

  107. dou44 you are a foolish man,Obama did not start that shit,Obama don’t even know when your gorilla vladimi putin was on his way to annex crimea..

  108. next year rossian army will turn against vladimi putin when he can’t pay them and feed year rossia will be the largest brokest country in the world,rossian army can’t eat nuclear weapon when they are hungry .a rossian heroe must shoot vladimi putin to save rossian people if not ,they’ll all die .

  109. Not only can Russia NOT afford themselves, but they can’t afford to pay for Crimean and Ukrainian separatists huggables pensions, medicines, food and other things that are in deep demand but not available. I say let those jokers go broke, and hungry. As we say here in the good ol US of A…….You want it, you got it. Screw the Russians and separatists in Eastern Ukraine. EAT DIRT Scumbags !!!!

  110. Joseph it is YOU who don’t know the history of your own country !
    Don’t feel bad though, as often as your russian history books are
    re-written, nobody could EVER be expected to keep up with the latest version !
    In 1954, it was comrade khrushchev who AWARDED the crimean penninsula to Ukraine (HIS HOME country) !
    The hell with whatever happened in the 18th century, russia has had thousands of depraved and hopelessly corrupt regimes since then, hence the CONSTANT NEED to purge and re-write your farsical history books !
    And next to “military intelligence” the greatest oxymoron in ANY world language is “russian free elections” !!!!!

  111. You’re obviously don’t know about 95% of Crimea population voted for separation from Ukraine and to return to Russia, to which Crimea rightly belong in the first place. It could do you some good if you check the history of Crimea: how Crimea was won from Ottoman empire by Russia during long and bloody war in 18th century. And how Ukraine got it from Russia in 1954 for nothing. So those green men were just to prevent any incidents during Referendum, and didn’t play any other part. And if you hear other things from our “free and independent” media, don’t believe it. Nobody from our network was there, intentionally, to avoid telling the truth. And now they are free to tell anything they like.

  112. Just like how the little green men that invaded Crimea were not Russian soldiers either! Keep your lies and propaganda for the sheepish population in Russia.

  113. Mr. Obama. Why did you start this war of cultural fascism in Ukraine? People in the east will defend themselves against your State Dept. nazis.

  114. OH! Poor Russian Troll. Why are you the ONLY Russian with internet access when the Russian people are blocked from this and the world news? I will tell you! YOU ARE A PAID TROLL! MAGGOT! SELL OUT TO YOUR OWN COUNTRYMEN! GROSS!

  115. As I remember Western media along with our politicians kept telling us that Putin sent Russian military to fight along with “Separatists”. From this article it is clear that actually it’s volunteers, rather than regular Russian Army. The question is what all those sanctions for? Putin kept telling all time along that no regular Russian army was fighting in E. Ukraine. So, what is right? Frankly, I trust in this case to Putin more than to our media.

  116. It appears that all is not “peaches and cream” in Vlad’s Soviet Workers Paradise!!!… I wonder how many Russian soldiers fighting illegally in the Ukraine had pin-up pictures of a shirt-less Vlad on horseback in their lockers???…

  117. “We all know most of these pro-Russian rebels fighting in East Ukraine are Russian conscripts.”

    Complete nonsense. Even the US and Ukraine don’t claim that: They claim that there are about 10,000 Russian troops in Ukraine (which is at best a big exaggeration), and estimate the total separatist forces at about 50,000 (the Ukrainian army numbers over 200,000).

  118. A different article did a much better job of explaining that. A lot of those “weapons” being smuggled in are simply non-functioning war trophies. Some of them are simply going to people that have money but not the will to fight, think rich boys and their toys. Others have been taken off of smugglers who sell banned goods in Russia. If you are going to sell food and clothing that isn’t allowed why not branch out and sell weapons as well. Anytime something is hard to get then there will be a demand for it.

  119. One day Putin will drop dead with a bullet on his back by his own military men, a repetition of Russia’s history with Stalin. Both Stalin and Putin are sending their people to death senselessly being sacrificed for the sake of personal ego and personal agenda. History is to repeat to those that did not learn from it’s mistake.

  120. Putin is now hiring mercenaries from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan that are strangers and ignorant to Ukraine solidarity since the old Soviet that has left most western Russians irk to join this war in Donetsk.

  121. Most Russians don’t want to fight Putin’s warmongering plot in East Ukraine.Aside from forced volunteered deserters many quits the military just to avoid getting thrown into East Ukraine. We all know most of these pro-Russian rebels fighting in East Ukraine are Russian conscripts.

  122. Let’s see now. Russians are smuggling firearms into Russia, must be that Russians aren’t allowed to own firearms. A perfect example of a totalitarian gov’t that has total control over their citizens, because they are afraid of their citizens. By the way Pootin is still Sheet in a Can.

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