With Eyes On China, Japan Loosens Restrictions On Its Military

With Eyes On China, Japan Loosens Restrictions On Its Military
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Japan has always been a nation with a rich culture and history.  Unfortunately, Japan began taking an imperial stance after 1854, when the Japanese forcibly opened their nation to foreign trade at the hands of US Commodore Matthew Perry.  Once Japan realized the advancement of weaponry used by Americans and other Westerners, the small island nation began a massive industrial evolution that would bring Japan on a level playing field with the rest of the developed world.

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As Japan continued to modernize, they began to see their strength grow and their grudges hold true and this led to the successful formation of Imperial Japan.  Once Japan grew in strength and industrial capabilities, the country began to launch attacks in its region.

Easily the most infamous attack, pre (European) WWII by Imperial Japan would have to be the “Rape of Nanking”.  However, Japan came back into the American spotlight with the attack on Pearl Harbor.  For the next four years following Pearl Harbor, the US and Japan would engage in a bloody and hard fought war campaign on the Pacific front.  It was not until the US dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan and Russia invaded Manchuria, effectively ending World War 2, that the Imperial power was  stopped.

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For the rest of the 1940s and into the 1950s, the US helped rebuild and reshape Japan into a defensive-minded nation.  The American inspired Japanese Constitution prevents the Japanese from using war to solve international problems and puts very strict quotas on Japan’s standing army size, military investment, military deployments, etc.  Now after 70 years of restrictions, Japanese officials have put into place more authority and power over its military, as threats continue to present themselves to Japan.

US supports a more lively Japanese military as South China Sea conflicts remain

For 70 years, the US really had no reason to support Japan’s military reemergence out of its post-WWII restrictions.  The post-WWII Constitution gave Japan the ability to defend itself, but prevented offensive campaigns to prevent another reboot of Imperial Japan.  However, as times passes, new problems arise and circumstances change.  The US and China have been locked in a war of words for quite some time now over China’s claim of the South China Sea.

Aside from claims that the South China Sea is Chinese territory, the nation is building artificial islands in the regions, presumably for military bases and the ability to deploy troops within the region much quicker.  The US has been very vocal against China’s position in the region and has called upon other Asian nations to reject China’s actions.  However, there really is no other nation that has the ability to stand in with China, other than the possibility to Japan.

However, the military restrictions severely hamper Japan’s ability to protect its sovereignty and interests within the region and the South China Sea.  Japan and China certainly have been in a war of words over China’s actions in the region, but at the end of the day Japan’s options are limited.  A major reason why the US supports the watering down of Japanese military restrictions is so that they can start to exert their influence in the region more and counter China’s actions.

Japanese citizens come out in droves to protest government’s ruling

While there are some that are certainly championing the new Japanese order, Japanese citizens are not very fond of the idea.  The main issue that some Japanese citizens have with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s move is that it violates the written, post-WWII Constitution the country adopted.  Additionally, Japanese citizens fear that this could be an excuse for Japan to get caught up in unnecessary and expensive wars overseas.

All the while, public opinion in Japan of their government hovers around 40%.  Prime Minister Abe and supporters of the loosening of restrictions cite a changing international landscape with China exerting its presence in the region and the fact that two Japanese citizens were publically executed by the Islamic State recently.  Supporters maintain that new challenges to Japan’s safety and sovereignty have exerted themselves and that the military provision in the Constitution prevents Japan from rightfully defending itself from these threats.

Overall, Japan is experiencing a bit of a reemergence.  After 70 years of the fall of Imperial Japan, the island nation once again nears the ability to govern a military as a “normal country”.  Numerous threats are once again rising as they did centuries ago when Commodore Perry sailed into the Japanese harbor.

Now, we wait to see if history repeats itself with Japan hoping to influence the Asian region and the ability to defend itself against Islamic State terror and acts of aggression by its neighbors.  Overall, Japan certainly has shown a change of attitude from its imperial days and now Japan wishes to once again actively divert threats before they knock on Japan’s home front.

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  2. “In corporation or family, everyone knows their position (of power).” So does it in China. Remember this and don’t be a fool, China is still runned by Marxist-Leninist Party, They just change the way of doing business.

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  5. Your soul is not calm. You are wishing war. Chinese are taking the wrong road. You are thinking like an emotional boy not like a mature grown up.

  6. China is playing with fire and it is going to burn itself. Like the Japanese say: If you don’t want a bell to sound, don’t touch it. What part of that they don’t understand?

    WWII Japanese military did their job the best they could. What do you expect from a Japanese mind? Japanese are natural perfectionist. Chinese mind is not perfectionist. We all know Chinese products. Let me tell you, Japanese might be the most pacific nation in the world at this moment but China is pushing Japan to develop their military and believe me, once the Japanese put their mind to it, they will act as we all should expect from a country with a strong martial arts tradition. It is in their veins and it runs in their blood. Japanese military mind is behind all the corporate Japan progress and nothing will stop them if the world pushes them to develop their military. The Japanese know this better than anyone else and we have Japanese protesting about this on the streets because they know better than anyone else that some ghosts are better kept in the closet. US will always support Japan without second thoughts and together will work together towards a stronger military. It is the old decadent Chinese mind framing Japan as an imperialist right wing power. A stronger Japanese military doesn’t equate to a right wing militaristic Japan like in WWII but a stronger modern military that will work together with the US military. Japan as one of the most modern nations in the world, needs a modern military. It is about time. Japan shouldn’t depend in the US for their defense. You can rest assured that the Japanese have lived very comfortably in the last half of this century and no mother would like to see their sons dying in a war. The Japanese are not like the americans. They have learnt to think not once, twice or three times about the usefulness of going to war. But just in case, China shouldn’t push the envelope. The world should stop buying chinese products so they learnt some good manners. They are suffering from high altitude malaise. They got rich too fast and they must humbled down.

  7. @old school lamina, “Who in the right mind would want to be oppressed and indoctrinated “. According to you, China must be in the wrong mind set loves to be oppress.

  8. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $1.7 million, but offering 5% of the sale price to whoever is the connection between me and the person who will purchase my screenplay.

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  10. @ nine, Unlawful China ain’t rising, they’re falling faster than their eyes. You don’t know jack about Japan’s weaponry, you might be surprised what’s in their backyard, slow down with your blabbing.

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  12. Looks like these people eat too much toxic whales, China has been waiting for every opportunity to destroy Japan, now Japan is giving it to China, Japan do not stand a 30 mins chance against China in a full scale war no matter how hard they beef up its military, 1-3 nukes could send Japan into third world status, 5-10 nukes would literally extinct the Japanese race, its also not really hard to achieve that by conventional weapon

  13. Theoretically, Japan needs military strength to match its global position. But history has proven Japan cannot be trusted with power. Therein lies the ‘Nippon dilema’. Japan is a society based on hierarchy. In corporation or family, everyone knows their position (of power). This mentality includes Foreign Policy. If a smaller nation ‘acts’ out of place, they are swift in retaliation. If Japan continues with military growth, war with China is inevitable…

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  17. The vote is in the right direction. Japanese people – this is your chance to support your government. US encourages to do so to defend yourself in case…….Don’t depend on Uncle Sam. Peaceful laid-back policy is dangerous for your nation in the face of rising China..

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