iPhone 6S: Everything You Want To Know

iPhone 6S: Everything You Want To Know
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There are few bigger events in consumer electronics than the release of a new iPhone, and the iPhone 6s is now only a couple of months away from release. So here ValueWalk runs down all that we know and expect about the flagship Apple smartphone thus far.

Release date

iPhones are always far from predictable, as Apple plays its cards extremely close to its chest at all times. But the flagship smartphone has settled into a relatively regular release schedule recently, which involves new iterations appearing each September. Next generation versions of the iPhone are generally given a new number, whereas more incremental improvements carry a C or S monicker.

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There is no indication at the time of writing that we should expect anything other than the iPhone 6s to launch in September of this year.


There has been some debate as to whether the next generation iPhone will carry the iPhone 6s label, or if Apple will instead designate it to be a next generation iPhone 7. There is no definitive answer to this question, but the general consensus of opinion seems to be that the device will ultimately be named the iPhone 6s.

It is also notable that rumors of a third model in the series to complement the smartphone and tablet have been rife. This supposed 4-inch version of the iPhone will reportedly receive the iPhone 6c label, and be aimed at the more affordable end of the market.

Operating system

There is no doubt that the next iPhone release will run the recently announce iOS 9 operating system, the newest version of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch software that was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Force Touch

iPhone enthusiasts always both desire and predict that Apple will bombard consumers with a raft of exciting new features when the next generation iPhone is released. But in reality, Apple has actually been pretty conservative with recent iPhone releases, ensuring that everything that appears in its flagship device is executed superbly before it enters the public domain.

So some of the more outlandish suggestions related to the iPhone 6s doubtless will not come to fruition. But what can be said with some certainty is that the Taptic Engine and Force Touch from the new MacBook and Apple Watch will be included in the iPhone 6s when it is released. Concept designs of the iPhone imagine a Home button-less device that is largely operated by this touch sensitive technology.

iPhone 6S: Everything You Want To Know


Aside from the aforementioned 4-inch iPhone, it is almost a certainty that Apple will freeze the size of the iPhone at 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches in terms of display size. Whether Apple will be redesigning the actual unit to make it slender or smaller has not been established yet, but there are rumors that Apple would like to include a larger battery in the device. This could necessitate changes to the design of the device, but other sources suggest that Apple will instead rely on power saving functionality in iOS 9 in order to achieve this, while changing very little about the physical design of the unit.

iPhone 6s camera

The camera included in the iPhone 6s has been one of the most prominent areas of conjecture. It has been suggested that Apple will include a professional standard DSLR unit in the iPhone 6s, and also that it may even experiment with a unique form of periscope-like technology.

But the short amount of time until the iPhone 6s is released suggests that we will not see anything quite so revolutionary in this smartphone. A more likely outcome, as suggested by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is that Apple will concentrate on increasing the megapixel rating of the iPhone this time out. This could result in an iPhone 6s that features a 12-megapixel snapper, with the front camera capable of recording 1080p video at 60fps, 240fps in slow motion mode and flash support.


There has been a significant amount of debate regarding the screen resolution included in the iPhone 6s, and the fact that Apple has as usual refused to reveal any information has only served to intensify this discussion.

But it is generally expected that Apple will significantly improve the resolution of the iPhone 6s when it is released. Even the most ardent fans of apple must concede that it has fallen a little behind the pack in this department, and it is expected to be addressed with the release of the iPhone 6s.

Some early murmurings had suggested that Apple could include 4K resolution in the next generation iPhone, but this now looks extremely unlikely. It is much more plausible that Apple will instead bump up the phablet version of the iPhone 6s to quad HD, while ensuring that the smartphone-sized model of the iPhone 6s will feature full HD for the first time.

Physical construction

It is expected that Apple will include sapphire glass in the iPhone 6s, after this particularly durable material was introduced in the Apple Watch range. It was largely expected that Apple would utilize this material in the construction of the iPhone 6, yet despite considerable rumors and Apple buying up industrial quantities of sapphire glass, this did not ultimately materialize.

Another aspect of the Apple Watch that Apple may include in the iPhone 6s is the revolutionary Series 7000 aluminium alloy used for the Apple Watch Sport. Apple was forced to field some unpleasant headlines related to the by now infamous Bendgate scandal, and much of the physical construction of the iPhone 6s will focus on ensuring that this is not repeated.

Apple is also likely to include a new A9 processor, which will be produced as usual by its rival Samsung. This will be faster and use less power, ensuring that Apple can improve the battery life of the iPhone 6s by roughly 50 percent. Leaks have also suggested that the iPhone 6s will be a thicker unit in order to accommodate a larger battery pack.

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