India Is Upset: US Sold Military Equipment To Pakistan

India Is Upset: US Sold Military Equipment To Pakistan
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India raised concerns with the United States regarding the sale of military arms and equipment such as attack helicopters and missiles to Pakistan. The Indian government also requested Washington to consider the impact of such action on the security of the country.

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Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs of India said, “Government has consistently conveyed to the U.S. that it must take into account India- U.S. relations, and the impact on India’s security in deciding its military assistance to Pakistan.”

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India will take all necessary action to protect its interests

Swaraj also stated that the Indian government is closely monitoring all developments that could affect the country, and it would take all actions needed to safeguard its interest.

One of the recent developments noted by India was the decision of the U.S. Department of State approving the potential sale of AH-1Z Viper Attack helicopters, AGM-114 Hellfire II missiles and other military equipment, training and support to Pakistan. The estimated value of the military equipment was $952 million, according to Swaraj.

The United States approved the sale of military arms and equipment to Pakistan in April. The sale was intended to help Pakistan in its effort to counter terrorism. The United States assured that the deal with Pakistan would not change the balance of military power in the region.

Pakistan bought JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft

India was also concerned about Pakistan’s first acquisition of a JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft during the International Paris Air Show.

PAF Air Commodore Khalid Mahmood confirmed that Pakistan ordered the fighter aircraft from an Asian country, which is expected to start deliveries in 2017. He said, “A contract has been signed with an Asian country.”

On the other hand, the Tejas combat aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) is not yet ready. The IAF is concerned because it has only 35 fighter jets, and it needs at least 44 to handle threats from Pakistan or China.

India is developing the Tejas Mark-II, a fighter jet with a more powerful engine, but it needs a foreign partner to take complete it and start flying by 2018 to 2019.

One person familiar with the situation told The Express Tribune, “Tejas II is still on the drawing board with only the preliminary design review being completed till now. The critical design review is far off.”

India, Pakistan joins Security Group led by China, Russia

India and Pakistan joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a security group led by China and Russia to improve bilateral relations in the region. Both countries hold an observer status in the SCO.

China and Russia are encouraging India and Pakistan to develop a friendly relationship with each other. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian Minister Narendra Modi discussed all issues affecting their countries such as terrorism and Kashmir. They agreed on a roadmap to improve relations. Modi is expected to visit Pakistan next year.

The optimism to improve the relationship between India and Pakistan eroded after the nuclear-armed countries exchanged fires in Kashmir that caused civilian casualties.

India’s military accused Pakistan of provoking unrest. According to Lieutenant General KH Singh, there are entities who want to create trouble on the Line of Control, the de facto border between the countries. He said, “We have to give them certain unexpected damage so that they don’t repeat it in the future.” Four Pakistanis were killed, and five others were injured during the shooting.

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Marie received her Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from New Era University. She is a former news writer and program producer for Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC-DZAR 1026), a nationwide AM radio station. She was also involved in events management. Marie was also a former Young Ambassador of Goodwill during the 26th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). She loves to read, travel and take photographs. She considers gardening a therapy.
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  1. I think Mr Krishna Menon is pretty low life, he doesn’t know how to communicate in decent manner.I preferred even not answering him. If he is smart and educated person he use logic instead of these type of language. Is he is showing the real face of Indians

  2. Thats why you bomb Shia Moaque .You government rejected to take body of 3rd regiment army who were Shia fighting for Pakistan.Although they infiltrated our country but we cremated their body with all religious rites respectfully whenyour government not accepted the body

  3. Thats why India is poised to become 3rd largest economy in the world.It already surpassed the growth rate of China.Most of the country has good relation with India wether US or Russia; Iran or Israel.Even China is having business relationship with India

  4. And that gave all rights to Pakistan to hide OBL and prepare tones of terrorists to use it against every and any nation in world? Remember that when a Race Horse or any Horse starts limping, they put him to rest. Pakistan is not only limping but they are crawling in pain of their own love BITES. In happiness to getting all for free from Saudi, Pakistan forgot one thing, that they were raising snakes called Terrorists in their nation. Their own kisses of love towards fanatics of Islam have resulted in LOVE BITES. Not even a one person in the would say “He / She or they trust Pakistan. After over 6 centuries of independence, they are still living 1000 years behind in dark stone age. They are not ready to forget that they were using Hindus as slaves. Even though they were defeated by Warriors like Rana Ranjeet Singh, Maharaja Shivajee, Maha Rana Pratap, Rana Shurveer Sangram Singh and many more. One thing for sure like it is said, Pakistan will turn around to fight even after defeated on their faces.

  5. Each nation is free to build its security and security of its people. Pakistan shall continue to strength its security without fear of upsetting any nations.

  6. Pakistan can’t jail Maulana Azad. He was Indian Islamic scholar. Lived all his life in India, fought for Indian freedom from British and died in India in 1958. He was also the minister of education and member of lower House of Parliament Lok Sabha.
    Your information and is Totally BASELESS.
    Maryam died in 1929 in British India when there was no concept of Pakistan and there was no concept of RAW as RAW was formed after 1962.
    You seemed shrewd, biased, hypocrite, cunning…. And ignorant.
    I would ask you in good faith to mend your ways.

  7. Each nation is free to build their security and security of their people. India should continue to strengthen their security without getting upset due to other nations.

  8. With modi of Gujarat fame ruling India, anything is expected. There should be an arms embargo on India till commits to world peace and war crimes committed in Gujarat are investigated by UN.
    India of today is like Germany in 1930s. So much similarities starting from swastikas to rSS that resembles German SS (and SA). There is danger to world peace unless modi is kept in check.
    Problem is he came with too many promises and hasn’t been able to deliver on them. The best diversion is war on Pakistan. Pakistan needs to be ready of VHS RSS and BJP combine.

  9. As a student of statistics I can safely say that Islam is spreading in all three countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.
    I’m not questioning anything about the validity, source of information, census dates etc

  10. Maryam was the second wife of Mr. Jinnah and NOT the FIRST wife as you claimed.
    Maryam Jinnah had remained Mr. Jinnah’s wife till February 20, 1929. So your next point that she was first declared as a RAW agent is totally baseless. Pakistan was established in 1947 and Pakistan resolution was adopted in 1940.
    RAW was created after 1962 so your next claimed is TOTALLY false and BASELESS.
    Your comment that Maryam was Hindu is also baseless as she was Parsi. And so again your this claim is also totally BASELESS. Check your source of information.

    I think you are trying to write Abul Kalam Azad. Please correct the spelling it’s not Abdul Kalam Azad.

    Abul Kalam Azad could not be imprisond. He was a ver prominent Indian national congress leader. He was Indian education minister. He lived as an Indian and died as Indian citizen. He was also elected member of parliament Lok Sabha. He can’t be imprisoned by Pakistan let alone the life imprisonment. He died in 22nd February 1958. So your this claim is also totally BASELESS.

    Dina married to Parsi not Hindu as you claimed and she lived in New York.

    Mahatma Gandhi killed
    Indra Gandhi killed
    Rajiv Gandhi killed
    Indra Gandhi both sons killed

    What does that prove???


  11. As far as Benazir and Zia ul Haq is concerned the answer is Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, his brother I don’t remember his name are killed.

  12. Kashmiri people have no fighter planes. They do not have any kind battle tanks…..
    Bomb them so that they remember their bombers for the next 100 years. AT LEAST!

  13. if you think terrorism in pakistan is because of religion then you are wrong,any religion in the world does not justify terrorism,if someone is doing terrorism in the name of religion then its their own created religion.

    america isnt responsible for terrorism in every part of the world ,its may be because of american government policy,may be they didnt expected what will be the result like what happen in iraq? is it better now after usa invasion or before?(i know american nation is peaceful nation)

    kargil happened because kashmir isnt part of india, its disputed area,their is resolution in the U.N also…..each and everyday indian army is killing innocent kashmiris from the day of independence between two nations, not even a single kashmiri want to be with india,their culture,religion, language everything is different from india…why U.N doesnt solve this issuse and have put U.N own resolution in the last cupboard?

    isis is also funded by india, many times ajit doval (indian national security advisor) have met many times isis leaders in iraq, he have tried many times to create corporation links between taliban and isis in afghanistan, many leaders of TTP have confessed funding from india,there are more than 50 camps of india to training terrorist in afghanistan in the name of “indian embassy”..50 embassy in afghanistan what a joke
    india openly says they support,fund,train BLA

    above all who started this bloody game? it was india, yes, india separated bangladesh from pakistan in 1971,since then this started and indian PM last visited to bangladesh proudly said that india broke pakistan into two pieces and created bangladesh
    russia was also involved,there are interviews of ex-russian agents in youtube

    you might dont believe my point because i’m pakistani but i’m sure you cant deny recent report of BBC(evidences collected by scout land yard) on how india training people,funds and send them to pakistan for terrorist activity in pakistan

  14. pork chop —— we shoved it up your @SS, now go cry to uncle US, uncle UN and aunty china, IT IS CALLED PAYBACK and ain’t it sweet. as pakSH(I)TTYstan breaks into 4 and the pig army grovels for mercy —–1971 style.
    then it was 90,000 pigs crying now it will be 900,000 pigs begging.

  15. @ sullu2004…no kid, i ain’t a Hindu but your name suggests that you maybe one. Read what I wrote once again and maybe another 5 times. When I said “China breathing down USA’s neck. i meant that China had enough wherewithal and reach( financial or otherwise) to control many aspects of the US. You kind fool, perhaps need to get better education in English. Your understanding of English phrases and the way it is spoken as opposed to it being written is quite limited I daresay ! ! You seem to be rather limited to the ways and means of understanding of your own language.

  16. @Javed Chishti…did you look at what you wrote her before spewing your verbal diarrhea all over here ? Think about why you feel so bad about India helping Bangladesh to be free of Pakistan ? If you have to fly over another sovereign country to reach another part of your country would you like it ? Imagine Aircraft ( Military or otherwise) from Iran, Iraq, or Syria and western countries etc flying into Pakistan’s sovereign airspace to reach India ! ! This is the similar feeling India had when Pakistan tried to manhandle East Pakistan to recapitulate to their own personal Sunni Whims and fancies. To reach Bangladesh(erstwhile East Pakistan) you would have to fly over New Delhi etc which cannot be allowed now and was not allowed then How would you have liked If Indian air crafts flew directly over Islamabad and Pakistan to reach Iran, Syria Azerbaijan and other such countries. The main reason for creation of Bangladesh was the fact that Pakistani powers of that time could not digest the rise of a power other than their own right under their noses and in their own territory, however far flung it be. Even with that in mind, imagine another sovereign country allowing Pakistan to wage war, .monger unrest etc while flying over its own sovereign airspace ?

  17. Let us say we take that to be true.

    Who really runs Pakistan ? The government of Pakistan says he is not there, but Pakistani terrorist agency ISI helps America to track down OBL which results in his death, much to the chagrin of many of the Pakistani fundamentalists ! Just which country is ISI loyal to ? Does ISI stand with the “Great Satan” ? ;-)

  18. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan received most of the military assistance from the US during the superpower’s involvement in Afghanistan during the 1980s and then after 2001.
    The US non-military aid to Pakistan for the period 1991-2001 averaged just $75 million per year, while the total military aid during the eleven-year period was a paltry $7 million.

  19. In comparison, of the $44.4bn provided to Pakistan in economic assistance, $13.8bn is given to USAID programmes, while $13.7bn is attributed to the Economic Support Fund and Security Support Assistance.

  20. Indian economic aid is spread out over various sectors and programs, including child survival and health, development assistance, HIV/AIDS initiatives, migration and refugee assistance, food aid, and narcotics control. The bulk of this aid ($26bn) is provided to various USAID programmes.

  21. Pakistan also falls short of the list of countries receiving the greatest amount of total foreign assistance form the US ? but India and Israel both make the list, with the latter in the top spot.
    Pakistan comes in at eleventh place on the list, with $57.3bn in total foreign assistance ? over $100bn less than the amount received by the top position holder on the list.
    Countries receiving greatest total foreign assistance
    Israel: $199.5bn
    Egypt: $121.6bn
    Vietnam: $118.9bn
    South Korea: $77.6bn
    Afghanistan: $76.9bn
    United Kingdom: $71.5bn
    India: $66bn
    Turkey: $64.4bn
    Iraq: $64.3bn
    France: $64bn
    All figures have been rounded off to the nearest decimal place.

  22. India biggest recipient of US economic assistance over 66-year period: USAID

    The United States, over the period 1946-2012, has given India the largest amount of economic assistance, while providing Israel the greatest quantity of military assistance over the same interval, according to data compiled by USAID.

    The data, which is inflation adjusted, shows India received approximately $65.1bn in economic assistance from 1946 until 2012, followed closely by Israel, which was given $65bn.

    With $44.4bn received as economic assistance from the US, Pakistan is also among the top five countries to receive economic assistance out of a total of 200 countries and regions.

  23. how pathetic are you, remember the history, as many time you tries to eliminate muslim, an ABDALI came to rescue them. you been crushed in history and now again you are acting like a drunk with cow urine.

  24. your prime minister modi, which is declared by google the most idiot pm, nobody need your permission to sell weapons to Pakistan. your idiot pm already accepted that they crossed the international border and did terrorism in east Pakistan. and still doing in Kashmir and Baluchistan and in Afghanistan. learn from the history Pakistan and Afghanistan are two brothers, they share a mountain range named ‘HINUDKUSH’. you are forcing us to butcher hindus again on that mountain range.

  25. Indians are drunk with COW PISS, they act weird all the time. since partition they never accepted Pakistan, and always tried and wish to crush Pakistan. they were successful in east Pakistan(Bangladesh). they never miss a chance to counter Pakistan, simple ratio of defense budget of both countries are 1:5. Pakistan is keeping minimum deterrence, indian is crazy to buy all with a huge budget of 48 billion us dollars.

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  27. Muslims often accuse other religions of idolatry. Yet Muslims bow down to a pagan temple called the “Kaaba” (which is what the pagans of Arabia did before the rise of Islam); they take a pilgrimage to the Kaaba (which is what the pagans of Arabia did before the rise of Islam); they walk circles around the Kaaba (which is what the pagans of Arabia did before the rise of Islam);
    and they kiss the black stone embedded in the corner of the Kaaba (which is what the pagans of Arabia did before the rise of Islam).

  28. What a rogue country:: Umerica,, created Bin Laden , Hizbul Mujahidddin , screwed up in Vietnam , created ISIS,,,, now this…

  29. Let me tell you how we learn what Islam means:
    When we hear bombs, we hear Islam.
    When we see women dressed in black sacks, we see Islam.
    When we learn of amputations and stoning, we learn about Islam.
    When we read about sexism and homophobia, we read about Islam.
    When we face animalists, anger and greed for power, we face Islam.
    When we smell death, we smell Islam.
    When we hear Muslims say peace, we know they mean war.
    Islam is just one big F-ALLAH-CY!

  30. In an article by Dr Ahlaam al-‘Awadi, which was published in al-Da’wah magazine, issue no. 1938, 25 Safar 1425 AH/15 April 2004 CE, Camel’s urine is efficacious in the treatment of skin diseases such as ringworm, tinea and abscesses, sores that may appear on the body and hair, and dry and wet ulcers. Camel’s urine brings the secondary benefits of making the hair lustrous and thick, and removing dandruff from the scalp.

  31. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) told them to drink the milk and urine of camels, and they recovered and grew fat. In the story it also says that they apostatized and killed the camel-herder, then the Muslims caught them and executed them. Narrated by al-Bukhaari (2855) and Muslim (1671).

  32. The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
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    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims
    Think of it:

  33. Muslims are the one who migrate cunningly, shrewd, hypcrite, biased, to European countries under the guise of getting work and studying and following a secret agenda of spreading the cult Islam in the world, Which country you Mooslims have spared from nefarious agenda? Your religion has backstabbed every country, which tried to harbor and shelter Mooslims.

  34. At the time of Independence [1947]:
    In Pakistan
    Hindus were 20%
    Muslims 80%
    In Bangladesh (East Pakistan)
    Hindus were 30%
    Muslims 70%
    In India
    Hindus were 85%
    Muslims 9%
    But today:
    In Pakistan
    Hindus are 2%
    Muslims 98%
    In Bangladesh
    Hindus are 10%
    Muslims 90%
    In India
    Hindus are 75%
    Muslims 20%
    This clearly shows Muslims are traitors, who enjoy freedom in India. But they deny same treatment to minorities in Muslim countries.

  35. M.A. Jinnah a Scotch-drinking, pork-eating, who dabbled with champagne was a secular lawyer. His picture with a glass of Champagne with Agha Hilaly adorns Hillay house in Karachi.

  36. Jinnah had big ideas but he never resolved them at a local level or in any detail. He was not at all religious, he did not like mullahs and he did not read the Qur’an. He ate ham sandwiches and drank whisky. Jinnah also wanted a secular state but yet Pakistan became an Islamic state.

  37. Pakistan got the worst of Jinnah and India got the best of Gandhi and the two countries that came out of that reflect the strengths and weakness of those leaders.
    Pakistan is now paranoid, too small, militarily indefensible and tends towards hero worship.

  38. Where as you were born as waste, from your sibling parents, who went to HAJJ drank Camel Cola along with Arabs your masters who made ISLUM.

  39. Jinnah wife Maryam a HINDU converted to Muslim, was the first declared as RAW AGENT of Pakistan.
    Abdul Kalam Azad was imprisoned in Pakistan for life a freedom fighter.
    Dina Wadia Jinnah Ali’s daughter never moved to West Pakistan after independence, remained in India and married HINDU..

  40. Muslims the Sunnis are back stabbers, never trust them, like Jinnah, though a Shia Khosa,who took the advantage of Hindus freedom struggle from the Britishers. lost elections as Muslim League. Another example Pervez Musharraf another back stabber and a coward soldier, who did the Kargil, killed Benazir Bhutto, Akbar Bugti.

  41. Jinnah wife Maryam a HINDU converted to Muslim, was the first declared as RAW AGENT of Pakistan.
    Abdul Kalam Azad was imprisoned in Pakistan for life a freedom fighter.
    Dina Wadia Jinnah Ali’s daughter never moved to West Pakistan after independence, remained in India and married HINDU.
    Benazir Bhutto got killed.
    Zia Ul Haq got killed.

  42. abey Mo(HAM)mud ke Gulam Camel Pee drinkers, no life Mooslims, Arab d!ck sucker during hajj, Go and get beheaded by Saudi Arab or Abu Bakar ISIS calphate.

  43. You Mooslims are the biggest coward on earth, Musharraf is the best example. Kargil, murder of Benazir Bhutto, Akbar Bugti, then history. Bl00dy fools .

  44. too bad bro Seymond Hersh one of your own very prominent foreign policy analyst is pretty sure Pak ISI helped the U.S in locating OBL

  45. To all indian troll please google, india tops the list of aid receiver by the U.S since it’s independence and it’s buddy israel is right behind it Pakistan comes at number five……lol

  46. this author has no clue what she is writing about it’s actually Pakistan who are manufacturing these jf17 thunder fighter jets and selling them on international market and not the other way round and as far as india is concerned the hell with them stay out of Pakistan’s business and stop sponsering terror activity inside Pakistan that way Washington will stay away selling any military hardware to Pakistan, simple as that

  47. Here is the problem. Pakistan is a terrorist country and it showed more than once that it can’t defend against terrorist activities against it’s army bases. It also demonstrated, that it takes aid from US but hides the most wanted person (Osama0. So shut the F up porki pig

  48. We all know that US has a twisted (dumb) foreign policy. US gives billions in aid to Pakistan and they hide Osama!! With friends like that, who need’s enemies? You keep a rogue animal as a pet and it will come back to haunt you.

  49. Don’t forget who killed Mamma Indra Gandhi and brother Rajiv, and thousands of cousins in Golden Temple in Amratsir? None of these killers were muslims

  50. You mean US is selling arms to that terrorist country India that has killed over 80,000 Kashmiris and it agency RAW creating terrorism in Karachi, and Baluchistan?

  51. You are totally misinformed hate monger Indian. Instead of talking about Madrassah, let us talk about occupation of Kashmir by 700,000 of Indian troops, killing of over 80,000 Kashmiris during last decade.

  52. It is stupid to sell arms to Pakistan, but very wise to sell them to India. What a joke Mr. Gupta. India is a country that exploded the nukes and started a nuclear race in the area. India threatens its neighbouring countries all the time and is buying as well as manufacturing destructive arms of all kind from Russia, France, USA worth billions of Dollars every year for what? India should better learn to live peacefully with all its neighbours and look after its poor who live on the footpaths of cities like Mumbai and Calcutta. India should also stop killing and subjugating Kashmiris with over 700,000 troops

  53. I don’t see why India should be upset about USA selling arms to Pakistan. It is the moral duty of war-mongering States to sell arms to everybody. Selling arms and creating divisions among nations is the goal of military complexes. Selling Arms to one party does not make sense, in a capitalist society. We want everybody to destroy each other.

  54. Folks try to say how smart they are from India and Pakistan with advanced degrees and doing great in several fields. What people do not realize is that the dumbest folks come from these two countries where they are buying arms to destroy each other. The arms are being brought from countries who smile every time the two fools write checks. Is it not ironic that the same countries sell arms to both the fools. The two countries also curse Britain for divide and rule, however, are not smart enough to figure out the same is going on as of today. I am proud of the countries who exploit this foolishness.

  55. Don’t you think that the government and the military of Pakistan, not to mention the religious fanatics in Pakistan are also to blame ? If it is only the Americans, why do you think their ploy worked only in Pakistan ? Why not in every poor nation around the world ?

    Also let us look at the cross border terrorism in India, here America is not even involved. Did Pakistan launch the Kargil attack and the Bombay massacre only because Americans wanted it ? Do Pakistanis think for themselves ever ?

  56. We are cleaning the mess created by US. So try to be a little thankful here. Remember how CIA funded Talibans and OBL against the USSR. And once USSR fell down, Pakistan ended up cleaning your crap and until now cleaning it.

  57. haha, yeah? We all know empty threats from India. Heck you cant even control few freedom fighters in Kashmir let alone taking the fight to Pakistan. We will annihilate you before you can even come close to our border

  58. No one gives a damn what India thinks. Pakistan will also do what is needed to improve its security and defense. India should stop its whining and focus on improving minority rights and rampant rape issues.

  59. Did those terrorists die in one of the American drone attacks? Looks like they are not alive to proudly claim responsibility of these attacks.

  60. Interestingly, India is funding the Islamic fanatics for attacks in Pakistan esp. the Karachi airport attack and killing of innocent school children.
    So who is now the real enemy?

  61. I think half the reason why Pakistan is able to support terrorism and stare the entire civilized world in the face is a direct result of American largess to that country. America has repeatedly bailed that country out of bankruptcy, provided billions of dollars of offensive weaponry and political support. By itself, Pakistan is a non entity. America decided to look the other way when Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons – the so called Islamic Bomb that was financed by Saudi Arabia and Libya. American policy has always been short sighted and it will come back to bite itself. Only time will tell. I think it is plain stupid to keep providing offensive military weapons to a country that shelters and trains terrorists, threatens nuclear terrorism, has openly proliferated nuclear weapon technology and teaches hatred to small children to followers of any faith.

  62. How about stopping Terrorism as state policy. The country that housed Osama in its backyard and received funds to find him has no voice. That is the concern of India, in fact Indians would be more than happy if these arms were in fact used effectively against Pakistan’s real enemies – the islamic fanatics. But it will never be.

  63. India is like a cry baby. It has the highest or second highest military budget and is the biggest importer of weapons, but, it still keeps on pushing anything against Pakistan.

    While complaining against helicoptor sale to Pakistan, it conveniently forgets the much bigger sale of much better Apache helicopters it is getting from US.

    All of South Asia will be a peaceful region if India stops the arms race.

    Time to grow up.

  64. What can I say! Maddrasah education at its best!
    Muslims are suffering in India because 2 of its 29 states have banned cow meat and these muslims are tortured by not making beef available to them… aww… what a big problem! While your home grown and trained muslims are raping and killing innocent people of minority Shias, Ahmedias, Balochis, Sindhis (all Muslims) and of course Christians and Hindus. This seems to be a very minor issue as per your Madrassah education coz you believe it is legal and perfectly fine as per your Holy book.

    By the way, your all weather friend not only drinks Cow urine, they eat pork (Hindus don’t), dogs, in fact anything that moves around. And their as smells so sweet to you isn’t it.

    If you think India is in control due to your Nuclear bomb, you prove to be a product of the hallucinating Madrassah education. India built its nukes much before Pakistan. Moreover, it would not have left you alone if India had the evil intent that you people desperately propagate at every forum after liberating the tortured Bengalis into Bangladesh in 1971. After all the maturity India has shown over the years, the least India expected was mind your own business. But it seems to be very difficult for Pakistan since its education is infested with hatred towards India and Hindus. World has lost hope with your country, they are trying to sell few biscuits for their own sales targets.

    Lastly, you may want to read again and argue on the fact how Pakistan separated into an Islamic Republic and how Hindus are vanishing in your country. No wonder you do not have anything to say on this.

    Read the Holy book, its really good. Do not use it as instrument for giving trouble to non-Sunni population (including other religions).

  65. Muslims been asking for partition from India? Really?

    You Lowlife Hindus are jealous of Pakistan because Muslims invaded India many many
    times and kept you on a short leash for over 800 years. Now, a small
    Muslim country can turn the almighty India into ashes in a
    few minutes.

    Pretty much everyone
    invaded India and that invader was replaced by another invader. You never
    kicked out or defeated anyone and you know it. Pakistan got independence from the Brits. You must be watching too many Bollywood
    garbage showing how brave you Hindus are. You are nothing but cowards.

    You cowards couldn’t even contain a group of 7
    Kashmiri freedomfighters crossed into Bombay. Your security forces were running away
    like wimps and cowards for what we know and you running your mouth like a
    big worrier. Too much drinking ur/ne affected your brain I suppose.

  66. Allow me to answer that. Hindu terrorists, like Narendra Modi, killed Bapuji. That and their ilk killed 1000s of Indian Muslims in Gujrat.

  67. Sometimes even thought humans are more powerful, they need to take mosquitoes more seriously. Most of them carry virus. Why is US concerned of Syrian crisis. Is not USA much larger and powerful than Syria? Madrassah education is not the way to understand everything.

  68. Pakistan-China partnership is not any different than India-Russian partnership once was. No one threw a fit about Russians giving lethal technology to India. Why India shedding alligator tears now? India is a 6 times bigger country and yet cry like spoiled baby.

  69. Idiot, Do not blame the Holy book. Who does not know what crimes you are doing in Kashmir. It is not only the Kashmir, we also know about the other 36 states where the people want freedom. We also know the status of Muslims in India. They are prohibited to eat cow meat (your sacred mother, the urine of which you drink very gladly as medicine and also use its excreta for eating purpose; ugly). Who does not know your responsible behavior with the neighbors. You have border disputes with the countries China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on….. These are only Pakistan and China who know how to deal with a coward nation like you. This is the Nuclear Bomb of Pakistan which keeps you on the right path.

  70. India was divided in 1947 into 2 countries. Muslims who could not tolerate Hindus separated and created a new country called Pakistan. The people of this new country created an ISLAMIC Republic whereas the Hindu majority country India remained till date as Republic of India. This gives a murky indication of who tolerates who. Furthermore, Muslim population in India thrived through the decades enjoyed by minority status, Government subsidies and frequent games of fake victim card to garner widespread support. This lead to increase of Muslim population in India from a mere single digit percentage to more than 25% till date. Whereas, Hindu population decreased from 15% to a mere 2% till date. Also, India is projected to have the world’s largest Muslim population by 2050. Now, this sums up who tolerates who.

    Most Indian Muslims are friendly and do not buy the dirty illogical ideas spewed by the misinformed Pakistan population. No blame on Pakistan Muslims either, it is not their fault, its the fault of their politicians and sections of their holy book that trigger evil mindset in the name of God and propagate crooked and inverse history as part of regular education to their innocent population. At this juncture, this country called Pakistan fueled by terrorist ideologies in the Ruling community is a waiting time bomb to destroy peace in this world. India, being a responsible nation had signed a No First use policy for its Nuclear arms. It is laughable to see learned countries like USA, China and Russia are falling to sell dangerous equipments to a country who has one of the most irresponsible actions in its little history of 65 years in existence. This support will come to an end the day the mischievous land springs up with another idiotic misadventure, could be even a Nuclear attack. The next time, there will be little chance of Pakistan surviving an Indian response.

  71. we (pakistan) have lost more than 60000 ppl in this war against terrorism, almost every day we face bomb blast in different cities,our soldiers died, civilians died, our mosque target, our churches targeted,student,politician,teachers died, our economy have destroyed, industries have vanished in pakistan.almost everyone in pakistan have lost their love ones, still we are fighting this war,we didnt lose hope,we are ready to give more blood

    but still you say such things about pakistan? no other country have faced such situation than pakistan in the world in war against terrorism

    question is who actually created taliban? how american hero osama bin laden turned into enemy of america?
    who created isis,TTP,terrorist org in many counties? who is still supporting them?

  72. The writer does not know the difference between “bought” and “sold”. Pakistan sold the aircraft to a customer but did not buy the aircraft.

  73. I love Gandhiji – i think he was the greatest human alive – but in this one case i am glad that he did not succeeed. Imagine another 250 million muslims in India – imagine the number of terrorist killings – shia sunni mass murders – both turning on ahmadias, Hindus, all minorities while all the while talking about how islam means peace etc. Thank God India is Hindu – they say that by the year 2030 India will be the 3rd richest country in the world – no way that would happen with all these muslims and their magic Sugar Daddy in the sky will come and give us the good life ideas

  74. That’s not their goal – China is using its money to build infrastructure – roads, hospitals, schools – and are also charging nice interest rates for them – they get to be the “good” guys while getting a nice return for their money & all the US is doing is wasting their money on arms – selling arms to both sides – so that they will continue to hate and kill each other

  75. pakistan is game changer and going to impact again by building ecnomic corridoor from Gowader to Chinies border,
    cry baby India

  76. pakistan is game changer and going to impact again by building ecnomic corridoor from Gowader to Chinies border,
    cry baby India,

  77. when in history INIDA was country like now??? Hindu cannot get along there own ACHOOTS how they can get along with Muslim who are considered “MALICHA”

  78. heheheh stupid hindu, i am Punjabi and and muslim,we have big hearts, and Punjabies are not Hindu with calling there own low grade humen “ACHOOTS” and Hinde call muslims “MALICH” un clean
    what a pathatic belivers Hindus are

  79. Im lol on your comments …”Your Pakistan Jinnah Ali Mohammad a Gujurati Khosa Shia Muslim if was alive would have been beheaded by Sunni Punjabi Pakistanis. ”
    What’s the basis of these comments precisely?

    “Mr. Jinnah wanted a secular state but yet Pakistan became an Islamic state” … My comments… Pakistan become Islamic secular state.

  80. Americans are the biggest cheapos in the world today. they gave up their manufacturing industry and went for cheap goods from abroad. there are about 11 million illegal cheap workers in America (don’t tell me, mysterious aliens are employing them and not Americans !)

    :-) ;-)

  81. Exactly my friend. You know something else : how many times Americans won the nobel peace prize ?
    forget the 2 nukes dropped on Japan for a minute .:-)

  82. I agree with Ben. French and India scrapped the remaining jets b/c the Indians wanted to assemble themselves to drive costs down but it just didn’t work out like the French wanted.

  83. exactly.
    Pakistan has more to worry about than India. Pakistan abets terrorists and gives refuge to terrorists within its borders… Shouldn’t they be more worried about self defense than India ?

  84. even when they hid Osama Bin Laden inside their country, all the while claiming to be allies.

    But would Buddha buy your missiles ? Only Satan would buy them !


  85. “The IAF is concerned because it has only 35 fighter jets, and it needs at least 44 to handle threats from Pakistan or China.”

    Looks like Author has no idea what she is talking about or what is the difference between “fighter jets” and “fighter jet squadrons”! India does NOT just have 35 fighter jets, India had 44 fighter jets squadrons, which has reduced to 33 fighter jet squadrons now. Please do your research before publishing an article which is highly visible in public, you’re providing wrong info to public! Btw, I bet even small countries would have 35 fighter jets, I’ll assume even Islamic State would have few jets!

  86. Slumdogs Hindus were always pro Commies and they are still do in their DNA. They are real opportunist. Riding the wave and taking advantage of the Americans friendship and pushing their best friend Russia aside. You heard there is no such thing as “free lunch” American never gives you anything for free. You must earn it.

  87. America and India have had no wars. China has started a war with India.
    China is the one saying this is land is mine because…. China has land that belongs to India right now in Kashmir…

  88. Anyone who thinks that China is even close to America’s Military is a Fool’s Fool. Here’s just a couple quick facts.
    1) China has just bought some SU-35’s from Russia. Now if they had anything close to a true 5th generation Aircraft they wouldn’t need tech from the SU-35!
    2) Look at the facts. If China was strong enough to beat us America in a war, they would of shot down our P-8 instead of warning it 8 times. “You GO” Are they serious OMG
    3) The chinese system and economy are at their limits. It doesn’t take a Financial Wizard to see what’s happening.
    4) The government censorship and internal purges are taking its toll and they are losing ground and running out of time.
    5) Hong Kong has defied Beijing with their stance and now Taiwan is also doing the same.

  89. Jinnah had been asking for Partition ever since 1940 but the Congress had resisted. Then with the country becoming ungovernable, their idea was to get the best India and create the worst possible Pakistan. Jinnah had no choice but to accept Partition as he had asked for it so often. Jinnah wanted a bigger Pakistan but he got a smaller Pakistan and the provinces he got were poor. So, Pakistan was a poor country from the start.

  90. Your Pakistan Jinnah Ali Mohammad a Gujurati Khosa Shia Muslim if was alive would have been beheaded by Sunni Punjabi Pakistanis. Jinnah had big ideas but he never resolved them at a local level or in any detail. He was not at all religious, he did not like mullahs and he did not read the Qur’an.He ate ham sandwiches and drank whisky.Jinnah also wanted a secular state but yet Pakistan became an Islamic state.

  91. “Unbalancing”, is what the US tries to achieve everywhere and to every situation that it gets involved in. Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. Any country in whose internal affair the US gets involved in will surely get ‘unbalanced’. At the same time the US knows that there are some places where even if it wants it cannot do much. Take the “Spratly Islands Dispute” into consideration. What has the US been able to do there. were they able to stop China from constructing the Islands and the Air strips./ Now, you should know that these islands are more than a 1000 miles of of the mainland China. So What has the US done but bleat like a little sheep at the Gorilla that is China. China for its part, brushed off the US like, ” gonorrhea” bug that persists on not leaving.

  92. India is the biggest arms buyer from US. Pakistan has never objected. India has Defence Pacts with Russia but Pakistan never objected.If Pakistan is buying some parts from US why India has to object? No country in Asia should survive except India. Instead of these tinny matters, she should give the right of self determination to the people of Kashmir. If issue of Kashmir is solved, I believe that fate of both the countries will be changed. Instead of wasting foreign exchange on buying arms & ammunition, same amount can be spend on the welfare of the people.

  93. Very true Megachii ! Itr actually foments terrorism, Look at Libya, look at Iraq, look at Yemen, look at Syria, look at Egypt. Directly or indirectly US is responsible for all these problems in all these countries. US wanted to prove that Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction and failed miserably to do so. US wanted to prove that Assad used chemical weapons against his own countrymen. But could not prove it any further. US engendered the Muslim brotherhood movement in Egypt but where did it end up ? All they did in reality was to create major civil unrest in these countries.

  94. Come on India, stop depending on the US. After the last 25 years of aligning with the US you should know that US will never do much good to you unless they have something in it for themselves. Time and time again US has shown that, on one hand it will pretend to support you and on the other hand it will provide Financial / Military aid to Pakistan. Moreover with China breathing down its neck what do you think that US can do ? China has the US by the ‘ cojones ‘, so right now and probably for quite sometime to come,US will experience ED syndrome. DO NOT depend on the US, it will do you no good, not now and not ever.

  95. Well, they always did get along. In the war of 1857, they fought side by side against the British. That is when the Britishers devised the policy of divide and rule that wrecked this nation. If we did not get along, how do you explain the fact that India today has more Muslims than Pakistan, and that Muslims have grown as a percentage of the Indian population since 1947 in spite of the occasional communal clashes. And, even these clashes happen only because Hindus are still bitter about the partition. It is like a deep wound that would take a long time to heal.

  96. Do you know why? Because Pakistan always started war and proxy war and terrorist attacks. So there is a reason for India to be worried. There is a history to it and it continues.

  97. First of all, India is producing much more at home, than Pakistan does. Second, Indian policy and practice shows that India never initiates war or aggression or use of weapons. India always retaliates on provocation. So if India has more weapon, it should be a concern only for those that want to provoke.

  98. No sir, you need to check your facts. Gandhiji was against ANY split based on religions, whereas Mr. Jinnah was always inclined towards a Muslim state, although he himself was not a religious person. Ironically, both of them belonged to the same land and culture – Gujarat.
    Ultimately, Gandhiji had no option but to accept the other brother’s choice of leaving the house, and it left him heartbroken till the end of his life, so much was the pain of separation that while the two nations were getting independence, Gandhiji was on fast in Noakhali in West Bengal. It wasn’t a celebration for him. Unfortunately, the Pakistani politicians have always felt the need to teach wrong history in schools. And it will cost them dearly in the long run, because the truth always prevails.

  99. They don’t have books to gain knowledge , Only Muslim religious books in Madrasas not even school they only teach how to strictly follow their religious belief ,and how to bomb the places .Pakistan always been back stabber to this work ,even with the America , America is smartest animal not stupid as they are .Pakistan is taking proud to be a friendship with Us , but they are actually getting bagged from US , just like ” Bhikhari” Pakistan don’t even have their money to run country .

  100. India is already grown up dear, becasue Pakistan used to be India , Not India used to be Pakistan . Baap Baap hota hai , Beta Beta hota hai , Bete ko baap banne ki kosish nahi karni chayiye !!!

  101. Not so fast Mister.
    There’s no Taliban in Kashmir.
    They exist in waziristan bordering with Afghanistan and in Afghanistan itself.
    But if you still insist and desperate on using your French Rafale go ahead please.

  102. Your logic is itself ok but you don’t know how much weapons India has accumulated so far? FYI, India is the biggest arm importer in the WORLD. US of A can’t balance it by given more weapons to Pakistan. Not in the near future. So I can safely say that you don’t know the subject matter and you commenting!

  103. Mr. Jinnah also fought for freedom from British but later when Mr. Gandhi added religion in Indian politics Mr. Jinnah quit Indian national congress.

  104. The write is quite hilarious, ambiguous facts and no intellectual knowledge of present scenario. In sum, the main reason for demise of Pakistan and India is their high defense budget. In 21st century, Both arch neighbors have to think about the people and their prosperity.

  105. They separated because one is Muslim, and the other is Hindu. Mr. Gandhi was heart broken because of the split. He had fought Great Britain for all people of India.

  106. East Indians are unique people they keep on buying what they are buying but they have problems when Pakistan even buy anything for its defence which has nothing to do with India.
    It has been this way since the day of its inception in 1947.

  107. We should not have sold to just one. Sell to both or not at all. We have unbalanced the two countries now militarily.

  108. We should not have sold military equipment to Pakistan, unless we sell same equipment to India. This way militarily the power is balanced. The way it has been done they are unbalanced now.

  109. Neither country is something because of another country. Low IQ East Indians are failing to understand it and may take another 68 years. Countries have their own interests.
    Can I ask you …what prompted you to imagine what you have imagined?

  110. India is just a crying crocodile. They want to buy and get in gift all kind of weaponry for herself but would not like Pakistan to equip for self defense. I am not surprised with the latest Indian trend. It is since the day first of partition. Always thinking negative, always remaining non-cooperative in neighborhood relations

  111. Osama Bin Laden was the golden boy of terrorist Christo/Zionist yankees & a creation of $cumbag CIA to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan so stop barking like a Rabid Dog

  112. Indian military has the highest rate of suicides in any military of the world, as well as the UN rarely considers Indian armed forces for non combat missions to Africa and other parts of the globe because of many reported rape cases in Africa by them.

  113. India has huge problem to buy these expensive weapons. Part of it is internal social, cultural and political problems. While India is doing great in economic sector. She still have over 500 million people living under serious poverty.

    Whereas, Pakistan is very poor, a country in reality run by highly corrupt civil-military bureaucracy team. In reality, Pakistan have two different government. One is so-called military government and the other is so-called new democratic government. Most of the elected members of the Pakistani parliament is either very corrupt or illiterate with no experience in any kind of rule of laws.

    In all critical matter related to purchase of weapons. It is the military calls the shot. Pakistani politicians don’t have any power over military. If they want any weapon system, politicians will give it to the ! ” NO QUESTION ASK ” if not that politicians will be history.

    Bottom line is neither Pakistan or India don’t need these expensive weapon system. They should sit down and solve Kashmir issue once forever and move on toward their human progress.

  114. The author of this article needs to correct himself…JF17 thunder has been made by Pakistan with the collaboration of China….and in Paris Air show, Pakistan has not ordered but receives an order from Asian Country probably from Burma, where the delivery would done in 2017… i would say this is the question mark on the credibility of this Auther…

  115. india was ally of russia, pakistan was with america, so why did america left pakistan and became ally with india, didnt pakistan helped america to defeat russia in afghanistan?

  116. we (pakistan) have lost more than 60000 ppl in this war against terrorism, almost every day we face bomb blast in different cities,our soldiers died, civilians died, our mosque target, our churches targeted,student,politician,teachers died, our economy have destroyed, industries have vanished in pakistan.almost everyone in pakistan have lost their love ones, still we are fighting this war,we didnt lose hope,we are ready to give more blood

    but still you say such things about pakistan? no other country have faced such situation than pakistan in the world in war against terrorism

    question is who actually created taliban? how american hero osama bin laden turned into enemy of america?
    who created isis,TTP,terrorist org in many counties? who is still supporting them?

  117. Historically, United States gave very strong support to the Indian independence movement in defiance of the British Empire relations between India and the United States were lukewarm following Indian independence, as India took a leading position in the Non-Aligned Movement, and received support from the Soviet Union. The US provided support to India in 1962 during its war with China. For most of the Cold War, the USA tended to have warmer relations with Pakistan, primarily as a way to contain Soviet-friendly India and to use Pakistan to back the Afghan Mujahideen against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. An Indo-Soviet twenty year friendship treaty, signed in 1971, also positioned India against the USA.
    After the Sino-Indian War and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, India made considerable changes to its foreign policy. It developed a close relationship with the Soviet Union and started receiving massive military equipment and financial assistance from the USSR. This had an adverse effect on the Indo-US relationship. The United States saw Pakistan as a counterweight to pro-Soviet India and started giving the former military assistance. This created an atmosphere of suspicion between India and the US. The Indo-US relationship suffered a considerable setback when the Soviets took over Afghanistan when India overtly supported the Soviet Union.
    India and the US have had a very shaky relationship for a long period of time now. So sad, as India and the US seem much better suited for each other than what we sort of have now. Two countries with very strange bedfellows. US and Pakistan, and India and Russia.

  118. So far the weapons sold to pakistan are not really a threat to Indian National Security defense and well, India has better weapons flatform than what Pakistan will ever have. The only thing are the Hellfire missiles which are very lethal, very difficult to counter and will be a clear threat to Indian mechanized divisions etc. else like most Helo’s they are vuilnerable to being shot down by a fighter jet. So carefull strategic planning is needed by the Indians. I don’t like Pakistan because they secretly harboured Osama bin Laden of which the Pakistani intelligence service picked Bin Laden up using C130 during an extraction operation in Afghanistan. Yup we followed this story till the time of BunLadens death. Pakistan is not trustable.

  119. Pakistan Air force has no comparison with Indian Air Force b’coz if India has 35 Fighter jets Today in future if India has 3500 Fighter Jets than India has no power to compete Pakistan Air Force b’coc we have not only well Equipped fighter Jets but we have also most Professional Fighter Pilots as compare to India.India Just make terrorism in Pakistan via Taliban it’s easy for India but not easy to compete Pakistan .we have Nuclear Bombs,Missiles,etc

  120. there is nthn wrong …Pakistan is also a great military force and its their requirement to buy any equipment …..they have numrid options other than usa to buy equipment and every one ready to help PAKIstan …….there politic is different than INDIA …..In Past PAkistan help USA to make it world power .. …..Pakistan is a game changer country for the world politics and super powers like CHINA ,RUssIA and USA …….

  121. Does the world know that India is the largest importer of arms in the world.Even Goebells would be turning in his grave. Double standards!

  122. there is nthn wrong …Pakistan is also a great military force and its their requirement to buy any equipment …..they have numrid options other than usa to buy equipment and every one ready to help PAKIstan …….there politic is different than INDIA …..In Past PAkistan help USA to make it world power ….now it helps Chinese to make it world power …..Pakistan is a game changer country for the world politics and super powers like CHINA ,RUssIA and USA …….

  123. there is nthn wrong …Pakistan is also a great military force and its their requirement to buy any equipment …..they have numrid options other than usa to buy equipment and every oner ready to help PAKIstan …….there politic is different than INDIA …..In Past PAkistan help USA to make it world power ….now it helps Chinese to make it world power …..Pakistan is a game changer country for the world politics and super powers like CHINA ,RUssIA and USA …….

  124. Let Pakistan buy or get anything they want as gift from USA or China. This crying by Sudhma seems to be influenced by western lobby which will then tell Indians to buy the F16s or F18s . They are not satisfied with C17s or Herxcules etc. India must not fall into this trap of crying. USA has been supplying Pakistan as also China. Being a rising power India must take care of its own security. Now they are finding the ficklness of Indian forreign policy in abandoning Russia which was our friend during 1965, 1971 wars which supplied us Cryogenic engines, nuclear submarines etc.etc part from Sukhois.

  125. Pakistan have to keep “balance of Power” for survival at any cost..India did nuclear blast Pakistan have to show nuclear capabilities to stay abreast and keep necessary respect in the region although later Pakistan faced all the sanctions not India who started this…also.. USA is USA because Pakistan helped USA to win against Russia.. just imagine if Russia had survived in Afghanistan where USA and Pakistan will be standing today…Russia started and we have to defend at any cost…i just hope that all the world spending money, resources, brains on these war equipment ends soon and this money and resources are spent on education, health and prosperity

  126. still what is your source..satyanand, i repeat …… USA is USA because Pakistan helped USA to win against Russia.. just imagine if Russia had survived in Afghanistan where USA will be standing today…

  127. This is absolutely ridiculous! Did Pakistan grumble when India bought all assortments of arms from the arms ‘hypermarket’?
    Isn’t India a staunch proponent of free enterprise and the biggest democracy (but behind US ‘brother’)? India has been
    adopting confrontational approach in dealing with not just Pakistan, but also China. It has to do with her failed attempt to encroach on China’s territory in 1961. That bitterness still lingered on till today.

  128. so true Tania.. and USA is USA because Pakistan helped USA to win against Russia.. just imagine if Russia had survived in Afghanistan where USA will be standing today…

  129. China’s stock market now has problems. Just because the Chinese have stuck every finger, thumbs, and toes in the holes of the dyke, doesn’t mean the problem goes away. Just delaying the inevitable. The problem is them, and they will never except that.

  130. At least that shows where Pakistan stands. India, on the other hand, is always playing both sides. One day it’s with America. The next day is China, and the next is Russia.

  131. Lol just like the Indians here in America: always trying to find the cheap way out even if it means sacrificing quality.

  132. Rafale Contract was still in early stages when it was decided to scrap that as 100+ in one deal is hard to compile due to escalations, price hedging & warranties.
    Also Indians need to replace their Mig21 inventories with a lighter fighter and Rafale is not exactly for lighter roles.

  133. India will have more buying power next one year as the oil prices goes down it will Gdp will triple in the next 5 years so that thier will be enough arms to buy for it s security of the country and every 26 states need to be armed every states need to have a airforce navy and military base you can imagine the busines opportunity it creates

  134. Sinamit,

    I know what I am talking about. If you would like to read about it, google “Aviation week” I have included the article heading. It is clear.

    France, India Disagree Over Key Rafale Contract Issue

    France will not warranty Indian-built aircraft

    Feb 12, 2015Jay Menon, Caroline Bruneau and Amy Svitak | Aviation Week & Space Technology

  135. Well its always been the privilege of Americans to arm the terrorists right from Soviet Afghan war to current day Pakistan’s ISI.

  136. French govt refused to sell? What were you dreaming about it?
    They are desperate to sell Rafale to make its assembly line keep running.
    Indians reduced the order due to reduced requirement.

  137. Yes Paul. However, the remaining jets will not be sold to India as the French government refused it. Reason was that India wanted to assemble the remaining jets in India due to cost. France refused.

  138. Normfields
    You have part of it right. I was there during the time when India made a friend of Russia. The reason was that Pakistan and India were at war. The US was trying to diffuse it and called both countries friends while arming Pakistan with weapons. India had the old British Lightnings that were no match for the new weapons that Pakistan had received. Russia evened the playing field. What would you do? Make a friend of the one that was arming your enemy? Remember, India did not ask for this relationship with the US. Obama and Kerry went there to strengthen our relationship with India. Then we proceeded to arm Pakistan again? Hmmm.

  139. Not sure what to say India. The US is damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Part of the blame is yours for allying yourself for years with Russia. Guess who that left the US with. Now? Much prefer to be friends with India. But…..deserting Pakistan ( who hates our guts) now will leave a horrible nuclear black hole all around your country, including possibly radicals with dirty bomb potentials. Tell me India, we are all in this mess together, what would you suggest?

  140. My daughter! U r too innocent. U do not know Hindu mindset. They live on hate only. It was their attitude that forced muslims to demand a separation. It was freedom from Hinduism.

  141. Total Nonsense. Shia & Sunni live without any discrimination in Pakistan. My several family friends are Shia. India tries to fuel differences as a policy like it is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. Thanks God we do not worship hand made gods & animals. We live clean & keep ourselves fresh after every few hours using water. Those who had good nature left Hinduism but those having hypocrisy in their heart & soul will ever remain Hindu worshipping hate.

  142. There’s no free money in the world ….but you East Indians mind can’t comprehend it with your existing brain power.
    Sorry to hurt your ego!!

  143. Indians are Hindus nothing else. All other minorities are zero in India. If you classify them humans they are worst type of hypocrites & are surviving on bad intentions towards Pakistan

  144. not at all. 90 % poor people don’t pay taxes at all. On top they get some subsidies from government as well. But they get looted from employers, the crook politicians and there own dumb self by having 4 children when they cannot support 1 and educate them to get out of poverty. If these village people just do that alone, control their home population , just in 25 years India’s population will decrease 20 % and so will poverty. Pay will increase , enough water and farms for everyone, education, it will be magic.

  145. It is just opposite now. Indian leadership has accepted to support terrorists as a starategy against Pakistan instead of direct war.

  146. India has taken charge of terrorism sponsorship in the region. To fight Indian sponsored terrorism, Pakistan has been forced to buy arms. It is Indian policy to keep Pakistan under pressure so that it puts all its means on defense purchases.

  147. It isn’t that. Its called Balance of power. A balance of power is considered moral. Pakistan doesn’t have enough to defend itself in case., so no one will object to US selling some defense weapons. Since India acquired theres o from Russia, Israel, Italy, etc.

  148. Converts maybe but a bit wrong – Hinduism is a democratic faith – if the Buddha would have been born in christian or muslim lands would he not have been branded a heretic and tortured to death? His writings burnt, his followers killed! There would be no such thing as Buddhism today! No Sikhism, jainism either! Such was the fate of many a Buddha in these countries. Forget other religions, they are mass murdering sects within islam – muslims killing muslims – so much religious hate!
    Christianity, Islam are not democratic religions. Take Saddam – he rewarded “his” people and gassed the kurds whom he deemed not his people – these two religions preach that is what will happen to the rest of us – their “God” will reward them because they are “his” people and torture the rest of us for eternity! Communist religions

  149. Right and what about pak continuing to send terrorists and killers across the border? What about your school books – why so much hate against the Hindus?

  150. There was a recent article on how China is using its wealth to build roads and infrastructure in Africa and South America – of course this help comes with steep interest rates but at least China is helping countries get richer and what is the US doing? Playing the same old game – sell weapons to one country – force the enemy country to buy more arms – big bucks for its arms industry. The fact that this will lead to much killing and suffering doesn’t bother them at all

  151. Riiiight – and could you not say the exact same thing about pakistan? Pakistan is poorer than India today and if we take our growth rates into account, falling farther behind? Who are these arms for?
    Stupid paki – do you not realize the game the US is playing – supplying arms to one, so that their enemy will also be forced to buy more arms, which leads to more arms buying – the US makes big bucks!
    Dumb and dumber – no wonder pakistan is dirt-poor

  152. Justice For All satyananda • a few seconds ago
    India is taking the cash from the 90% poverty stricken Indians to buy arms to threaten Pakistan. It has 10 times as much arms and people as Pakistan yet when Pakistan buy arms they cry and get nervous!!!
    Give freedom to the people of Kashmir and you will not need to be nervous.


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  153. India is taking the cash from the 90% poverty stricken Indians to buy arms to threaten Pakistan. It has 10 times as much arms and people as Pakistan yet when Pakistan buy arms they cry and get nervous!!!
    Give freedom to the people of Kashmir and you will not need to be nervous.

  154. One of the biggest foreign relations fault of India was its tilt towards US without getting any assurance that US will not change its policy towards Pakistan. This is leaving between Russia and US and neither no more comfortable enough to support India all out. So from a Military supply point of view if India has gained any partner it is Israel and its own failure to revamp its defense industry has left it in a big limbo. Pakistan has played a much better political game than India as it has always. In spite of supporting terrorism and using it as its state policy Pakistan has dodged all attacks and come out of it and India with a clean record on any kind of proliferation or aggressiveness has been at receiving end. Blame it on its political leadership.

  155. Guess so many Paki posing as American.First Pakistan is not buying from America,they getting it free.They are using American money and buying from China.India is buying from America,and Israel with hard cash….

  156. Are you America–hard to belived—any way Pakistan is not buying ,they getting it free from America,they even take America free Taxpayer money and buy military hard ware from China…

  157. Yea !!! but India was paying with hard cash,and the other hand Pakistan is getting it free,from America taxpayer,from corrupted politicians,but you are a Paki laughing all the way to the bank….

  158. Oh dear…

    1. India needs 44 fighter jet SQUADRONS to counter both Pakistan and China. The author wrote fighter jets…
    2. JF-17 Thunder acquisition at the Paris Air Show? WTF does that even mean? The JF-17 is a low cost aircraft developed by both Pakistan and China. About 50 aircraft have been inducted into the PAF (both Block I and II variants, with Block III in development). The JF-17 was displayed at the Air Show only to attract other customers.

  159. USA have set up India and Pakistan both. One side they are outsourcing India, the other side they are selling Arms and Ammunition to Pakistan to keep under watch guard. That means – after having Dollars ruling your country (India) if you try running us (USA) over – Pakistan will shoot you down and we (USA) will help Pakistani to shoot you down. The other side, they want geniuses migrating to USA from India. The benefit is, make India weaker by all means and than rule them. Perfect example of two cats fighting for a piece of Bread and a monkey gets it for free not cats who are fighting for it.

  160. Author has no idea what she is talking a bout. Pakistan didn’t buy JF thunder. They made it and they sold it to some as a in country. That’s was Pakistan first sale of JF thunder.

    At least read the news before you even write a paper or column on it.

    What a waste of time..

  161. Pakistani society and its government have systematically eliminated other world religions from prospering there. why? the number of Hindus at the time of independence to the present has dwindled to almost non-existant compared to India–where the Muslim population has skyrocketed…to a number more than the population of Pakistan itself…before you say India cannot tolerate Muslims, take a hard look at how Pakistan treats/kills non-Muslims.

  162. India is keeping itself supplied with the latest iterations of Su-27s…. some bought from Russia…. some built under license with Russian supplied engines. And there’s NOTHING wrong with the Su-27 as a gen 4 fighter. Performance-wise, it will stay with nearly anything flying, and is probably the best value in a jet fighter available…… at about 40% the cost of an F-15.

  163. you are in denial aren’t you…Paki is a very poor country if not more so than India, and Paki is a major threat to international world peace, forget about the Taliban and terrorism that it so blatently promotes…Osama Bin Laden was hiding there for how long? The reason North Korea and Iran have nuclear technology is because of Khan—a Paki! And Paki has stated that it can use nuclear weapons anytime on a first strike basis if it feels economically threatened by!

  164. And a BUNCH of the jets being ordered are the latest iteration of Russian Su-27s… which are a first rate gen 4 fighter for the money…….. and better than most gen 4 fighters at any price.

  165. India tested the Russian PAK/FA (Su T-50) generation 5 stealth fighter extensively before deciding it was garbage (performance was only about 70% of what was claimed, and the engines overheated, requiring a complete engine redesign that may take upwards of five years) and they were not interested. Instead they ordered a slew of Su-27s to tide them over until they get their own aircraft developed. The Su-27s are very capable gen 4 fighters at a great price. I guess they expect the Pakis to just the let Indians order Russian arms at will without countering them. The US has made arms sales overtures to India, and been rejected. They shouldn’t complain if the US then sells its arms elsewhere.

  166. pakistan military always had upper hand againts india despite internal terrorism and human lives loss , they dont bark, they dont market their abilities, they dont dictate others like india does. they just play……india is all about dramas while the most of population starving in poverty and bleeding in the name of religion. if u check real data of indian economy, human devolpment you can find india is one of worst nation in the planet. the goverment and media manupilate the real facts in order to keep its population happy. but the population does not understand the life comes only once

  167. Pakis, Bangladesh and Muslims of India are all convert of Hindus. They look, speak, eat and behaves same. These converts should direct their anger at Saudi Arabian who sold them their religion with sword and submission The brave (Hindus) fought back and continued. These Pakis, Bangladeshi and Indian Muslims know very well deep in their heart about it but Islam teaches to suppress truth. They don’t look like Arabs at all. They even try to change their name to Arabs and Arabs are asking these people they don’t have their original name. They are so much obsessed by Hindu India that all they talk about …India, India or Hindus, Hindus. when bending to prey or reading Koran it starts with first word “Hindu”. These people are not fighters or warriors. 3 wars with India and badly defeated. Paki even lost East Pakistan to Bangladesh. Last war in Kargil they were eating grass. even China has fear of attacking India. India needed a leader and Modi is a chosen one. Muslims of India and Pakistan are scared, very scared of Modi and specially BJP. Muslims are hated not in India but in every non Muslim countries – specially more in Europe, America and other countries. Even Muslim hate Muslim in their own countries. See what is happening in Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq among other. Shias cannot live with Sunni. Shia will marry a Hindu but not Sunni. Pakistan uses human wrapped with bombs and blow themselves in place of worship to kill their own kind. Same with Iraq, Syria and just happened in Turkey. You Muslims before accuse Modi or India with your venom behavior or attitude against India look at yourself. Muslims of India should return to Pakistan and Bangladesh and do favor to India.

  168. US must decide which way it has to go. The foreign and military strategy are in complete disarray. You cannot keep arming Pak when that country keeps building a Nuclear Bomb one every month and supports terrorists.

  169. P0rki beggars are as usual always begging. China for its own interest has now started giving alms to P0rki’s and US has always given its hardware for free to P0rki’s.

  170. “The IAF is concerned because it has only 35 fighter jets, and it needs at least 44 to handle threats”

    It appears that the author has zero knowledge about defense setup. In reality India is currently down 35 squadrons of jets and target is that off 44 squadron.

  171. It’s a chess game and Pakistan is playing it brilliantly. China played previously by announcing billions of dollars for building a silk road (commercial corridor) connecting China’s commercial hubs to the Arabian sea port developed in Pakistan by China. China agreed to taking it trough the Pakistan occupied part of Kashmir to sting India. Pakistan does not mind being a pawn as far as she is benefiting.
    US has now freed herself from Afghanistan so she notices the China’s play in Pakistan and tries to woo Pakistan. It’s an irony that US is blinded by self interests in spite of numerous repeated infidelities by Pakistan in relation with her for last decades. US does not want to see, talk or analyze, why, in spite of her pouring aids and loans at a favorable rate in billions and righting off some of them, Pakistan has not been able to move her economy and people’s living standards significantly forward? Trying to counter China in Pakistan is going to cost US a very high price in years to come and hurt India’s development programs a great deal.
    India values the friendship between world’s two greatest democracies but is puzzled by two different democratic vision and priorities, India’s social vs. US’s capital domination. China has figured US out, poke a hole and US will run to plug. China knows garrila

  172. Pakistan and India founders and visionaries worked hard for the well-being of both countries on that era on that environment, sadly the present individuals are not the same and never be wisdom as them… the other superpowers playing chess game with Pakistan and India, and they exchange weapons with blood… and both countries will remain poverty and losses

  173. This is utter nonsense. AMERICA is always do this, WE the US means thoughtless action, as America born just to see what is in front of them nothing else. WE see the weapons supplied by America in the hands of every TERRORIST including ISIS again glorified by International Community. What has happened is Defence Contractors stupid money grabbing.

  174. There is a mistake in the above news story. Pakistan is selling it’s home made jointly with China, the JF17 thunder aircraft to another Asian country. Not acquiring as it says in the above story. Pakistan is building it’s own fighter jets while Rundians are still buying from abroad. These rundians are jealous of Pakistan and so deliberately got the story wrong.
    Well done Pakistan.

  175. There is a mistake in the above news story. Pakistan is selling it’s home made jointly with China, the JF17 thunder aircraft to another Asian country. Not acquiring as it says in the above story. Pakistan is building it’s own fighter jets while Rundians are still buying from abroad. These rundians are jealous of Pakistan and so deliberatley

  176. India has the most numbers of millionaires and billionaires still the country is poor and lack of development. the reason is simple the politicians and the rich sector rule the entire country including media, economy and human functionality in the name of religion, terrorism, and superiority, but the reality is very much fake, and the poor will be poor forever

  177. 37.9 million is actually not a bad number for a group of 1200 million. comes out about 3% only!! Looks like India is the richest country in the world. Or may be maths and madrasa don’t go together.

  178. America is unique in the world that we have a very strong, elected executive branch.
    Our President is free to veto laws he does not like or ignore them, much like a dictator.
    He makes his own laws called Executive Orders that can even circumvent our Constitution.
    Think Erdogan without the party oversight.

  179. India is a joke — talking about “protect own interest”. What can India do to the U.S. in retaliation?

    “Tejas combat jet not yet ready” really means the drawing are not even done yet.

  180. Pakistan- a small beggar purchasing the equipment from the donor. India- the bigger beggar gets monetary assistance from USA and purchase equipment from somewhere else.

  181. Sushma Swaraj BUSY IN PROPAGANGA. shameful

    india elected a gangster as pm from the terrorist group bjp. it is time to clean its own house before threatening a peaceful neighbor, pakistan.

  182. Manu: I hope and pray we all start thinking in your way. May God bless you, but I doubt Modi, as we all know is a criminal and murderer person, can think positively.

  183. Come on India! you know how Countries play…think of counter products and go for it! please stop complaining! US might sell you some products which could over come these products!

  184. This is a proof that India doesn’t want peace in our region. It is the number 1 buyer of military equipment in the whole world, beside 75% of its population is living below the poverty line, but is objectiong on small purchases of Pakistan.

  185. I am not sure of the message you are trying to get across. Your abbreviations can only be seen as a lack of understand or a fallacy about Pakistan, China. The US does not try to influence countries. India has never been with Russia until now. As far as I know making money is not really involved.

  186. Oh well now we have Prime Minister Modi throwing a fit over the United States selling military equipment to Pakistan. We have been fighting terrorism with Pakistan for over 15 years, and India knowing this has never become upset. The new PM does not like the relation between Pakistan and the United States. The United States has found that India joining a military relation ship between Russian Federation, India, and China . Even I am unsure of the intent that PM Modi has in store for the world.
    The four countries that are now in a joint security may be a great thing for trade, but the history between they countries have been frocked with military clashes, boarder violations, nuclear arms race and open warfare. These countries have a very hardline relationship that is no conducive to friendship.
    The United States does not pick what country India finds a favorable alliance with. Right now PM Modi you have joined a group of Nations, especially China and Russia that are guilty of running proxy wars and taking part in violation of boarders and building Islands to establish false sovereignty in ocean territory from local nations in the South China Sea. China has also been laying military zone in International waters. I am wondering will joining this so called security group is going to set a black mark on India’s reputation and perceived aggressions being credited to India and Pakistan
    I am worried because of the India has always been centered on non aggression. PM Modi it is disconcerting that you have joined, but the United State I am sure wants our relations to continue. I am sure though that relations will be strained by India joining a military active Union between Russia and China. Personally I believe the PM has acted rashly.

  187. easier said than done. It does not matter whether you worry or not. The fact remains that this is matter of concern. And India is not self sufficient, it does not have enough arsenal to defend in case of a war.

  188. I will not worry and waste time on these kind of articles or news. India is self sufficient. IMO, both India and Pakistan and China needs to feed their people well and progress not fight or buy WEAPONS from any where. Be friend, and live like a happy family. IMO, India should have FEDERATION with Pakistan. Then no worry at all.

  189. This is a strategic blunder of the US foreign policy. India was just breaking ice on closer military relationship with US after nearly 60 years of abstention. The military support to Pakistan is a bad policy from several standpoints. Pakistan is a nation that is perhaps most dangerous to the world peace. They are the brains behind Iran’s and North Korea’s clandestine nuclear bomb and most of the world’s Islamic terrorism. They knowingly sided with Bin Laden who manged to attack America on the American soil. They lied openly about his whereabouts for over ten years while siding with the Talibans to fight America in Afghanistan and killing thousands. What the hell is wrong with the State Department that they cannot see Forrest for the trees? Why is US arming Pakistan, a declared terrorists nation, which is openly sending terrorists into India, and proudly proclaims to be ready to fight a nuclear war with India. This move confirms the fear of all reasonable minded Indians that US cannot be trusted. Once again, India will probably recoil as far as military relation is concerned and Modi will be pressured to deal with US at arms length just after it was thought that the two biggest democracies could provide a counter balance to China in the challenging years ahead. India is moving forward, slowly but surely, and a decade or two from now will surpass China. US needs India as much as India needs US and Kerry has some soul searching to do in the meantime.

  190. These idiots only knows how to do a propaganda against neighbors. That’s all they can do!!! no matter how. Media of India is an extreme hypocrite

  191. So USA gives the beggar country Pakistan 1 billion dollars a year, and Pakistan pays back from that free money to buy weapons! I don’t see the logic in this, unless this is Mr. Obama’s stimulus plan for the economy.

  192. India and Pakistan will forever be enemies. Both are buying weapons from Russia, China, and USA. The three do not have weapons supply monopoly to either of them. Just read where they both buy their weapons to destroy each other. Pakistan will buy from Russia, China, and the US. India is buying also from the 3 weapons suppliers. I don’t think India has to complain because between them, they want to be stronger than the other so the race to be superior will go on and on.

  193. Actually America “sells” military hardware to any country that can pay for it. Then America gives military hardware to the likes of Israel and Iraq. That means other country’s will need to buy more and the cycle continues.

  194. “PAF Air Commodore Khalid Mahmood confirmed that Pakistan ordered the fighter aircraft from an Asian country, which is expected to start deliveries in 2017. He said, “A contract has been signed with an Asian country.””

    I don’t know where or how this idiot got this job, Pakistan is selling the airplane, not buying it from an asian country.

  195. AMERICA has NO FRIENDS…it has ONLY BUSINESS interests!!! That’s how we have always been and will always BE!!!!! If India isn’t happy that the US war industrial complexes sell weapons to the Paki….India can buy it from the Chinese or Russian. I’m sure UNCLE SAM will understand.

    Thank you!

  196. Sorry India. Our President and Administration sell out our own country everyday. They don’t care about our friends like yourselves and Israel either. Such as it is you’d best take care of your own.

  197. India has to understand that President Obama is remaking the world – and America – in his image. Old alliances count for nothing. Helping actual enemies is just part of it.
    Get used to it. We are.

  198. “The IAF is concerned because it has only 35 fighter jets, and it needs at least 44 to handle threats from Pakistan or China…”

    Huh? WTF? IAF has only 35 fighter jets? This is what happens when you get your degree from “New Era University”…. the other Princeton.

  199. Hey Chinese/Paki !!!!!America taxpayer are paying for the Pakistani military hardware,and also to China ,who can copy these hardware,complement from Obama who is on the way to Africa,his birth place…

  200. Kerry and Clinton are openly Pro-Pakistani duo. I am more concerned if this a freeby at the US-Tax-payer’s expense. There is something that PAK has over Washington to keep on getting favors and at the same time siding with our enemies openly…….

  201. I c alot of comments from Indians talking about u.s Indian relation and great friendship…..,but I don’t c any of those SOB’s here…..
    Actually the reality is every one knows that SOB’s can do nothing but talk talk and talk…..Russian realized, USA knows very well….pak kicks some ass,
    China and Pakistan is an endless great friends….
    I think Indians need toilets more then missile,if modi can ask Obama might help India to build some toilets….

  202. Hahah cry to your dad USA lol the yanks could not give a hoot to your rape infested urine drinking toilet they make money if u got raped by Pak and China the yanks would not get involved u left Russia for USA hahahajajahhah that’s a mistake u will regret

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