Independent Workforce And America’s New Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The infographic contains data tracking the rise of the independent workforce in America and independent workers’ changing lifestyles, motivations, and satisfaction over the last five years.

Some highlights:

  • The American labor market has fundamentally transformed: over the last five years, the overall economy grew by 7%, but the independent workforce saw 12% growth, with close to 18 million full-time independent workers in 2015.
  • Growth in the independent workforce will continue: 4 in 5 independents plan on staying independent, and 1 in 7 non-independent workers plan to join the group in the coming years.
  • The independent lifestyle is better than ever: The number of top-earners making $100,000 or more as independents has ballooned 45% since 2011, and 4 in 5 independents say they are happier being independent.

Independent Workforce And America’s New Economy

Independent Workforce And America's New Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic source: MBO Partners

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