How To Reserve A OnePlus 2

How To Reserve A OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2, the next flagship phone from Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, is soon going to be unveiled at a VR launch event. The company has been teasing little bits of information about the OnePlus 2, and if you are eager to get your hands on this smartphone, then here’s how you can get an invite. Yes, just like its predecessor, the OnePlus 1, you will need an invite to be able to buy it.

Getting an invitation to purchase the OnePlus 2

So how would you get an invitation? In a forum post, a OnePlus staff member has explained the process. The company will be prioritizing its loyal fans, early forum members, early purchasers and such, and then there are also ways to get an invitation through contests and promotions.

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The forum post say, “Our early and most fervent supporters will be prioritized, those of you who have helped us spread the word and grow OnePlus from an unknown company to where we are today. Specifically, I’m talking about phone smashers, early forum members, early purchasers and the most active OnePlus One invite evangelists.”

But if you don’t fall into any of the above, then here’s what the post says: “There will be a variety of ways to get invites, you’ll have to work for it in contests and/or other promotions– but you will receive the invites quickly. Stay tuned on the forums and social media or subscribe to our newsletter for more information about events.”

Apart from these methods, there’s also a third method to get an invite, and that is to simply head over to this link, enter your email address in the box by scrolling down, and wait for the invite to come to your email. The company says that this list will move on a first come, first serve basis and also promises that “everyone on the list will eventually receive an invite.”

OnePlus says the first invites will start shortly after the launch. Those who purchase the device will also be able to invite others. Note that if you receive an invite then you must use it within 24 hours, or it will expire. To be on the safe side, OnePlus recommends that users add “” to their contacts so that the email doesn’t land in their spam folder.

For now, we know that the OnePlus 2 will sport a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 13MP camera, a USB Type-C connector and a fingerprint reader – all at a cost less than $450.

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