Google Rolls Out Ethernet Adapter For Chromecast

Google just rolled out an ethernet adapter for its popular television streaming dongle Chromecast. The device first launched two years ago to provide people with a way to stream videos, movies and television shows from a variety of services.

Google Rolls Out Ethernet Adapter For Chromecast

Detais on the new Chromecast ethernet adapter

The new Chromecast ethernet adapter provides a wired connection to the Chromecast for users whose Wi-Fi is located in a part of the home where it’s difficult for it to connect to Wi-Fi. The ethernet adapter is designed to connect to the Chromecast with a USB cable and then connect directly to a router. It enables users to run an ethernet cable from their router in one room to their Chromecast in a different room of the house (like under floorboards, etc.) to avoid Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Computer maker Lenovo created a similar product called Lenovo Cast two months ago. The device works similarly by mirroring content from mobile devices to televisions. This new device is slated for an August launch and will retail for just $49.

Chromecast is a popular device with consumers who want to look for an affordable way to stream their favorite videos and movies. In May, Google claimed it sold over 17 million units. The Boston Herald added:

“The new adapter aims to solve these issues by adding Ethernet connectivity to Chromecast. Users just replace their existing Chromecast power adapter with the new device, and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the adapter to their router for wired Internet connectivity. The adapter uses the same USB cable that powers Chromecast to also provide connectivity.”

Pricing for Google’s Chromecast adapter

The new Chromecast adapter retails for just $15. The new adapter went on sale on Wednesday but sold out quickly. There is no word on when the device will become available for purchase again. Google knows the value of streaming and hopes to bring the experience to all with Chromecast. Introducing the ethernet adapter will give Chromecast users a better overall streaming experience.

Google remains one of the most important tech companies of today, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.