China Deploys Military Hardware To Russia For War Games

China Deploys Military Hardware To Russia For War Games
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China has successfully deployed its military personnel and hardware, including tanks, to Russia to participate in war games, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

The deployed members of the People’s Liberation Army of China as well as Chinese military hardware were deployed to take part in the International Army Games 2015 along with 14 other nations, including India, Armenia and Russia.

The games, which are often described as the Olympics for military experts, will take place from August 1 through 15 and will consist of 13 military individual and team competitions, including a ‘tank biathlon’ as well as Aviadarts, according to Russian agency Sputnik International News.

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China was kind enough to bring four of its Type-96 tanks to compete in the tank biathlon, in which the Chinese won a bronze medal last year. The Chinese also deployed four infantry combat vehicles for the Suvorov Onslaught competition and 120mm self-propelled mortar-howitzer PLL-05 systems to compete with other 14 nations in the ‘Masters of Artillery’ fire competition. As for the Aviadarts, China brought its Su-30MKK strike fighters, which were manufactured in Russia.

In total, China required two weeks and used 166 train cars to deploy its military personnel across Russia for the war games, according to the Russian Defense Ministry said.

With 13 Chinese teams prepared and trained for all the events of the Army Games 2015, China also brought a wide variety of all-terrain, engineering and reconnaissance military vehicles as well as air-defense systems, boats, a heavy mechanized bridge and a mechanical repair shop.

Besides, the organizers of the games added some new competitions to the program. For example, the teams of participating nations will have to build a pontoon bridge in order to cross a river in the competition called the ‘Open Water’. As for the ‘Safe Route’ competition, the nations will have to show off their de-mining skills.

The other 13 countries to participate in the International Army Games 2015 include India, Egypt, Venezuela, Kuwait, Mongolia, Pakistan, Angola and Serbia.

Warm relations between China and Russia

In recent months, Russia has carried out a great number of massive military drills across the country and around the world, especially at the borders with the Baltic states. All of the military exercises have been denounced by the West, saying that the Kremlin is provoking things.

However, it seems that China has Russia’s back in international matters and the participation of the Chinese teams in the International Army Games 2015 is yet another indication of that.

The two countries have carried out a number of joint military drills in recent months. Chinese and Russian navies conducted drills in the Aegean Sea in May, which even included two Chinese frigates and a Russian guided missile carrier.

The drills held in May were aimed at realizing the strategy of united economic space in Eurasia – the so-called maritime Silk Road of the 21th century. The training exercises were intended to tune up the coordination between Russian and Chinese navies and show their ability to act at any spot of Eurasia as well as neutralize enemy’s navy. Who is the enemy though?

Joint military might of Russia and China: can it counter the U.S.?

Army. According to the data published by Business Insider, the armies of Russia and China take the second and third places, respectively, after the U.S. Russia’s armed forces amount to 766,000 soldiers, the army of China – 2.33 million troops. Meanwhile, the U.S. armed forced amount to 1.44 million soldiers.

However, there are a few crucial details behind the data. In Russia, high readiness forces are almost identical to the Chinese – over 100,000 soldiers, which is enough to counter the U.S. active forces stationed at the military based in Europe and Asia.

The West should also be concerned over the number of tanks in Russia’s army, the number of which exceeds the number of American tanks by almost two times and amounts to over 15,000 units.

Although many experts claim that most of these tanks are not protected good enough and are an ‘easy target’ for advanced drones, at this moment, the total amount of mobile vehicles of Russia and China make any military operation against them impossible from both the physical and economic points of view.

The weak spot of Russia and China is aircraft: the U.S. air forces exceed the number of the two countries by over two times. However, it is not that simple now that both Russia and China have cutting-edge anti-aircraft complexes S-400.

Besides, the U.S. military budget beats the combined budget of Russia and China – $577 billion against $203 billion ($60 billion from Russia and $143 billion from China)

Which side will India take?

Navy. The U.S. oversees and controls global oceans with all trade routes going through them. The U.S. navy accounts for 10 aircraft carrier groups capable of reaching any spot of the globe in just a few days and carrying out an offensive airborne operation.

This invincible U.S. force cannot be countered by Russia and China even combined. Russian and Chinese navy, which take the second and third places in the world, respectively, are able to counter only a half of the U.S. navy if the two countries combined their navy might.

The comparison described above is irrelevant because it must always be noted that the U.S. has its own ‘support group’ consisting of large armies and navies of its allies, including Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Britain and France, which multiple the U.S. military might by almost two times. However, that’s where the crucial ‘player’ comes – India. Which side will it take in case of a military confrontation between the U.S. from one side, and Russia and China from the other side?

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