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BlackBerry Ltd Offers OS On AT&T-Branded Passport, Classic

BlackBerry OS is now being offered by AT&T to Passport and the Classic users. The latest BlackBerry OS update is limited to the AT&T branded Passport and Classic models, and does not extend to Passports and Classics from other vendors.

Only for AT&T branded Passport, Classic

The BlackBerry Passport underwent a slight change in form factor with AT&T branding, as the sharp edges on the original model were replaced with smooth, rounded corners. The specifications are untouched, and the phone retains its clear 4.5-inch LCD screen and 1440×1440 resolution. The BlackBerry Classic packs many of the traditional BlackBerry features such as a trackpad, function keys, and the physical BlackBerry QWERTY keboard that were not seen in many of the latest models.

The new update adds more features to Amazon Store, which already houses various Android apps for BlackBerry users. Furthermore, the update also resolves the issue with the browser applicable to Work space-only activated devices. For enterprise users, the email application on the phones has also been enhanced.

BlackBerry and Android

The Canadian smartphone maker is not relying solely on its operating system anymore, and is reportedly manufacturing an Android-based smartphone. BlackBerry, which was once the dominant player in the smartphone business, has struggled to stay relevant over the past few years for several reasons. Recently, it is begun trying to increase market with new initiatives such asits Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform for  rival operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Additionally, the phone maker also offers upgraded security for some Samsung Galaxy phones. It is working in partnership with aircraft maker Boeing to develop a secured Android smartphone called Boeing Black.

John Chen, the CEO of BlackBerry, did not reveal anything further about the Android-based smartphone, but said the company would go for an Android phone only if it can offer high security. The Canadian firm also recently registered two Android related domains under its name. In a statement, the company said, “BlackBerry frequently registers domain names to support the breadth of our cross-platform portfolio.” Last week, there were reports that test units of Android-based BlackBerry phones have been spotted in India

Although there has been no official announcement to date, it is a certainty that an Android-based BlackBerry phone will garner a lot of public attention.