BlackBerry Dallas, Venice Entries Spotted In India [REPORT]

BlackBerry Dallas, Venice Entries Spotted In India [REPORT]
jieyirain / Pixabay

BlackBerry has been in the news recently with rumors of it working on two Android-powered devices referred to as Venice and Dallas. But now we have reports suggesting these models are now in India for evaluation and testing.

Test units for India

Indian import and export tracker website Zauba reported the entries of both models into the country. Zauba reports that two units of the BlackBerry Dallas and five units of the Blackberry Venice were transported to India from Canada on July 4. The price of the Dallas is reported to be Rs. 24,623 (approx. $388), while the Venice is shown at Rs. 63,262 (approx. $997). Similar to earlier devices such as Leap, the current ones are labeled as evaluation units, suggesting they are test devices for the company’s Indian employees.

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