Apple Inc. May Partner With BMW For Future Electric Car

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Apple may team up with luxury automaker BMW in the near future. The tech giant is reportedly talking with the car company about a potential electric vehicle. The report first surfaced from Germany-based publication Manager Magazin.

Apple hopes to work with BMW for future car

Reports of a possible collaboration first surfaced earlier this year. The project is codenamed “Project Titan” and reportedly includes hundreds of employees. It is rumored that Apple wants to use the body of the BMW i3 for the basis of its own car. No deal has been reached yet, and it is possible an Apple car may never make it into development. The same report also claimed CEO Tim Cook previously visited BMW’s facilities. We already know Cook paid a visit to Leipzig earlier this year, so there is a possibility his trip included a visit to the luxury automaker.

Former Ford executive Steve Zadesky also reportedly paid a visit to Austria to find a company to work with. One unnamed source close to the matter claimed Tesla employees were eager to work at Apple. The source further clarified that Apple’s current project is exciting and will potentially change the landscape. The iPhone maker already has about 50 employees who used to work for Tesla, and many of those employees are engineers who specialize in mechanics or manufacturing.

Apple’s ambitious outlook

Apple’s potential foray into the automobile market is rather ambitious. SlashGear’s JC Torres explained, “While there is really nothing that prohibits companies from breaking out into new territory, after all, search giant Google is making self-driving cars, the way they do so is just as important as the project itself. Apple has repeatedly been reported trying to grab key people from the automotive industry, particularly the EV industry, even being sued over employee poaching.”

The Cupertino-based tech giant is currently working on in-car dashboard systems called CarPlay that allow car owners to use iPhone features in their cars.


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