Americans Wish Russia Didn’t Exist As A Country: Russian Spy Chief

Americans Wish Russia Didn’t Exist As A Country: Russian Spy Chief
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Apparently, Russia expects threats from all sides – from ISIS terrorists, from the U.S. and color revolutions.

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Former Russian spy chief Nikolai Patrushev recently gave an interview to Kommersant, in which he revealed the Kremlin’s opinion about ISIS, ‘Western aggression’, Syria and many other things.

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Patrushev blames the West in its tendency to solving its problems at the expense of others, including Russia, which thus creates global instability. By doing that, the U.S. and its allies undermine sovereignty and territorial integrity of Middle Eastern and North African states. And that is exactly what encouraged ISIS extremists and terrorists to beef up and provided them with the opportunity to make territorial gains, according to Patrushev.

Therefore, Patrushev goes as far as blaming the U.S. in the emergence of the ‘ISIS phenomenon’. Being a terror network, it has established ties with other terrorist groups such as Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Shabaab in Somalia and part of the Taliban movement in Pakistan.

Besides, most – if not all – smaller terrorist groups in central Asia and the north Caucasus are loyal to ISIS, including the Turkistan Islamic Party and Caucasus Emirate.

As for Russia, it is particularly concerning for both the West and Russia itself as ISIS is looking to get established closer to Europe in an attempt to expand its influence, and ultimately be able to reach the American soil.

Just recently, ISIS have launched Furat Media channel, which broadcasts in the Russian language, in the Caucasus. Besides, ISIS militants have expressed their desire to create a province on the territory of Russia, particularly in the Caucasus.

U.S. supported and maintained contacts with ISIS

Referring to the situation in Syria, Patrushev said that the U.S. is not looking to unite the world against ISIS, it is looking to “intervene militarily in the affairs of sovereign states” under the pretext of fighting the evil.

“[The Americans] define which terrorists you can parlay or have dealings with, and which not, solely on the basis of their own interests,” Patrushev said.

Patrushev believes that the U.S. strategy of fighting international terrorism is “ineffective by definition,” because terrorism “cannot be defeated alone or by separate groups.” He also added that Russia is prepared to cooperate with “the security services of any country on any continent, including the U.S.”

According to Patrushev, “cases of Russian and central Asian citizens swelling the ranks of the terrorists have become more common. Many are now fighting in Syria. But they will represent the greatest threat when they return home.”

Patrushev also said that the Kremlin never broke off its cooperation with other countries’ security services, including those of the U.S., and that Washington supported and maintained contacts with the aggressive opposition in Syria, which included supporters of ISIS, “believing that it didn’t represent a threat to them [the U.S.].”

And when the U.S. realized what they had done, they “changed their tune.” “But ISIS had already turned into the [world’s] most powerful terrorist organization.”

Over 1,000 Russians are fighting alongside ISIS

Patrushev also revealed the number of Russian citizens fighting for ISIS, saying that it is “more than 1,000,” adding that there are also thousands of people from other countries, including from central Asia, western Europe and the U.S.

However, it is not seen as something possible to stop the flow of people joining ISIS, according to the Russian spy chief. ISIS cannot be stopped while the U.S. basically supports the organization to fight the Assad regime in Syria. And “at the same time the US is bombing Isis. As long as they keep up these games, all this will carry on.”

Patrushev reiterated Russia’s common point of view, in which the Kremlin sees the U.S. as the culprit of the conflict in Ukraine. Saying that Russia has no involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, Patrushev believes that “the U.S. themselves started the conflict in Ukraine” and reminded that the assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland had revealed about the U.S. spending $5bn to “organize these things.”

Besides, the announcement of NATO about its plans to deploy a contingent of up to 30,000 troops to Eastern Europe as well as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announcement of the largest expansion in NATO capabilities since the Cold War are both perceived by Russia as “more like provocations than maneuvers.”

Americans would much rather that Russia did not exist as a country

Patrushev also blames the West for “whipping up hysteria” every time a Russian plane appears in international airspace, “even though they are on normal military duty.”

According to Patrushev, even though the U.S. identifies Russia as one of the main international threats, Russia is prepared to cooperate with everyone constructively. “There are many positive examples of where we worked with the Americans on questions of global stability. We actively cooperated in resisting terrorism, worked closely together on Syria’s chemical weapons and on regulating Iran’s nuclear program.”

However, Washington is the one to blame for breaking off the cooperation between the two countries “under the invented pretext of Russian aggression against Ukraine.” Although, according to Patrushev, the Americans are not interested in Ukraine at all, they are interested in Russia.

Moreover, the Americans “would much rather that Russia did not exist at all. As a country,” because Russia possess vast natural resources. In the U.S. opinion, Russia controls these resources “illegally and undeservedly” as the Kremlin does not use them as they are supposed to be used, Patrushev believes.

As a conclusion, when asked is the U.S. strong or are the Europeans weak, Patrushev answered “both.” The Europeans are “weak-willed” while the Americans are strong. “The U.S. strives to dominate in the world – this goal is enshrined in their doctrine. And, for now, they are succeeding. They dominate, despite the fact that the world is changing,” Patrushev said.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Firstly, I am an American, loyal to the United States. But I DON’T see Putin as an enemy or antagonist of the U.S. I see Putin as a Russian patriot, standing up for Russian interests, and there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Sadly, I don’t see Barack Obama as standing up for the USA, but rather, he’s does things for his own sick, leftist needs. I believe that Obama IS screwing around with the internal politics of Syria, and that that is NOT in the interest of the United States. Obama is trying to overthrow the government of Syria, and that is NOT good for the US. But yes, Putin can send in the Russian military to prop up the Syrian government, because Obama is too much of a pussy to stand up to Putin. Obama will bluster, but he will back down to Putin, because Putin is a man, while Obama is a scared, little boy.

  2. sraysr, what you said is perferctly well,russia can’t even win the fight in east Ukraine ,they so scare that’s why they say they can use nuclear weapon, I hope ISIS take care of them ,because when the usa is trying to destroy ISIS to bring peace where was Russia, they went to annex crimea to turn on a new conflict in Europe , I hope no countries will help them to fight against ISI.

  3. I am the kind of guy that thinks.
    That is why I have researched :
    INTERNET RESEARCH in St. Petersburg Russia.
    MKHAIL BYSTRO the former KGB Colonel that started INTERNET RESEARCH.
    MIKHAIL BURCHIK the current Executive Director of INTERNET RESEARCH.
    The holding company called CONCORD that owns INTERNET RESEARCH and FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY.
    CONCORD is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN a close friend of Vladimir Putin who gets very upset when EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN is mentioned in world wide comment forums.
    What do you think of the picture of 55 SAVUSHKINA in St. Petersburg Russia where you work for $1.80 an hour for a 12 hour day 2 days on and 2 days off to spread lies and disinformation pretending to be an American.
    Remember EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN. MIKHAIL BURCHIK gets upset too. :o)

  4. You ignorant St. Petersburg Russian troll.
    Russian history hasn’t anything to do with today.
    Russia’s military is weak today. It wasn’t that great in history either. :o)

  5. You mean after the US left… Yup, it doesn’t look so hot now. At least after the Soviets left the US had some support from the area because they were supported by the US. After the US left this time there was no support. Your point is pretty much NULL.

  6. Yeah, it’s a bit too soon for much positive change in Ukraine right now. Look to Estonia and Latvia for examples. They don’t seem to be wanting to crawl back to the Kremlin, do they? Please, go back to Lviv. We don’t want you in the US if you don’t want to be here.

  7. Yup, our CIA members are not our Presidents though. Putin a genius? Maybe, but there is no honor in his actions. Hrmm so it’s safe to say you don’t like America or it’s politicians. I already knew that, but thanks. Yeah, I don’t plan on sticking up for Cheney either, but at least he didn’t start a war to get where he was at. Like Putin did to get elected. Sorry, there really isn’t winners on either side.

  8. you are not just an idiot but also a gay dude. You just contradicted yourself you said that ISIS weapons are from Russia now you are saying they have stolen the US weapons it from Iraq? so which is which? it seems that your handlers are having a hard time teaching you. tell me what book that you can buy now that say ISIS is using Russian weapons? It’s on the news dummy! CNN BBC MSNBC Fox news are all reporting that ISIS are using US weapons even their Abram tanks and helicopters, what cave do you live in? just go back cleaning the toilet, paid trolling is not for you. stpd idjit

  9. They were not stolen, they were given and are used by American-trained Sunnie army lads, However, what is amazing is that with your drones you can pinpoint a car’s licence but just can’t see a whole column of pickups and tanks flying the ISIS flags parading all though Syria and Iraq.

  10. “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition” this is the definition of fascism. it fits russia. you are another kremlin troll Harriet masquerading and american

  11. It seems that you never saw photos of what Afghanistan looked like during the Soviet era and how it looks now after the US occupation.

  12. The troll above loves to lie. no declared war, maybe in the technical sense, but this was debated for weeks in the UN and in the US Congress. it was debated ad nauseum, agree with the vote or not, it was done with full transparency. “NATO loving trolls are morons” is just a kremlin troll sucking and swallowing putin. he has no veracity or honesty.

  13. Maybe you should learn how to read, “the right sector and other far right parties”. this is cut and pasted from my earlier response. You call me a moron and you cannot read. interesting. typical troll behavior, cannot argue facts, only call names. i site facts, proven facts and verifiable. you call names and have no logical response. go back to sucking putin. remember to swallow

  14. You must be hallucinating…

    ‘Yes, the US has war. We stand up and declare war.’

    Over a million dead in Iraq and no declared war, no vote to go to war, and only lies about the reasons the US government marched us all into going to war there. We could go on about US involvement in other countries as well, but it is clear that you are deliberately going to be dishonest about it all. And btw, I am American as is Harriet also, and the US is my country and not just yours, Jeff, no matter how much you want to pretend that I or others might be Russian. The fact that you try to pull this stunt off shows me a dishonest person. YOU.

  15. Much like the rise of Germany in WWII, Russia is using the same tactics as Hitler, Putler as it were. If Hitler had been taken out early, millions of lives would have been saved. Rather than see another fascist, Nazi country with grand delusions for world conquest continually harassing its neighbors with annexation, land grabs, etc. I also believe that we need to intervene with the military. If Putler wants to respond with nukes, so be it. He isn’t the only one with them. If they are survivors, they can start again. No body wants war, but sometimes you need to fight for what is right.

  16. Ok comrade, I’ll take a lying politician over a homicidal psychopath who writes the news casts to his benefit, hires actors to portray Ukrainian atrocities, rewrites history to suit his own benefit. Putler is nothing but a thug. He probably had his start on the playground steeling children’s lunch money. With all his Homo phobia, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a butt slamming, full flaming, closet hiding one himself

  17. Yes, the US has war. We stand up and declare war. We don’t cower behind little green men and don’t pretend that the 50,000 troops there are all Russian deserters. If they are deserters, your military must be as bad as when the wall was up and you had to shoot people from leaving.

  18. You’re the kind of guy that questions all except from his own thieving, country. Say hello to your buddy Mr. Putler . . . . heil Putler.

  19. you give yourself away with your lies and/or ignorance. the right sector and other far right parties only got 2.5% of the vote in the national election for president. they have less than 5 seats in the Rada. so your lies about the US putting the nationalists in power are exposed if a reader checks out the lies you write. as for being in Lviv, that is a risky as eating ice cream in a park in Des Moines. your lies and BS are just that. You are either a paid troll working for 800 dollars per month or an unpaid “useful idiot” and that is worse.

  20. The illuminati posting this nonsense is what is full filling the bible. Not all Americans hate Putin! I have a friend from Russia and he were in prison he was one of my best friends while in jail. I would never want anything to happen to Russia or America but its the inevitable and the bible says so. God Bless All including Putin and Obama someone is the anti-Christ. Lets just get close to god because which ever racist devil posted this does not apply to all americans and some of us have Russian friends and family so you can go shove this theory up your throat oops I meant a55 because its totally not true.

  21. You are full of it, RN. Our US politicians lie all the time about everything and anything and they make Putin look like Mr Honesty in comparison. I’m not even going to go to the trouble to list out all their dishonesty and manipulation to you, and much of it you probably still are a naive and trusting true believer in their crap anyway//// sad to say.

    As to the KGB line on Putin that you came up with? We have a whole family of CIA creepers running our country and 2 states now even as we speak. And Dubya was a complete liar about supposedly not using torture on POWs, and on the nonsense about WMD. Putin is a genius compared to that drunken lout. And Cheney is a totally evil and homicidal psychopath in comparison to Putin. And you know what? The Democratic Party crew of cons are just as evil in reality, as their partners in crime$$$$$$$.

    Nuff said for now….

  22. No he only had 7 military planes go down in the passed 6 weeks. Everybody fears Putin. I wish sarcasm carried over better on the net.

  23. Russians are, if this article is true, sadly, a really ignorant people. Then again, nothing much can be done about that since Putin is apparently determined to keep his countrymen in that state to maintain his hold on power. Poor, poor Russians.

  24. “Hostile imperialism around the planet.” Yeah, we are not the ones that put up the Berlin wall. Nope, Russia have never been hostile, ever.

  25. Yeah, because Putin does nothing but tell the truth. Look at Crimea his soldiers were never there before or after he said they were. Yeah, I’m not about to stick up for the US politicians either, but at least they are not some former KGB thug.

  26. Yup, because the Soviets did so well invading Afghanistan. What was their purpose again? Because Islamist groups targeted them? Nope.

  27. lol, if you think Russia us weak because they haven’t defeated Ukraine have you really considered what a real Russian invasion would look like? On the other hand, the US military has shown they can be defeated by third world armies and paramilitary groups.

  28. You’re the kind of guy who thinks you’re not allowed to question anything the govt does or says or what you’re fed in the media. It’s like you live in the old Soviet Union. How ironic.

  29. Americans don’t wish that. Just some psychopathic neocons and Wall Street gangsters do. Unfortunately, they run the show, because Americans, you can stomp on their rights, make them bail out the rich, have cops kill them, grope them at airports, and spy on everything they do and they have the backbone of a wet noodle.

  30. The quantity of money works out to about $200-250 million per year. Every year since Ukraine existed. That is one hell of a Peace Corps mission, that US Government ran out pure goodness of their hearts.

    Not buying it. I mean, sure some of went to good causes like Peace Corps and some to corruption like Yanukovich mansion bathroom upgrades, but that’s not what Nuland was talking about.

    She was talking about “building democratic skills and insitutions as they promote civic participation and governance all of which are preconditions for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations”.

    Basically, promoting pro-EU and pro-Western parties. And those parties eventually overthrew Yanukovich.

    Russians are not saying it correctly – Nuland herself didn’t fund Maidan (except those famous cookies lol). But their overall complaint does have merit, various US adminstrations did invest quite a bit in Ukraine, which is suspicious.

    As for how much $$$ went where, we need to ask Nuland, not CIA or FSB. After all, she threw the number out, she should know.

  31. Vince, I may be living in the US right now, but even as I write my wife and son are in Lviv. My son has been there 5 months now, in fact. So do not pretend to lecture Harriet about her supposedly not knowing anything about the country where you currently are goofing off in, because the Far Right Ukrainian nationalists put in power by the US in Kiev are not leading anybody to a better day. That is in full evidence in Lviv.

  32. If your litmus test is whether we contributed to the Communist or other pro Russian parties than I concede. But if you actually research the agencies, causes, and programs to which the money did go, I believe you would have a hard time connecting them to any covert effort to overthrow the previous Ukrainian administration, e.g. the Peace Corps. Much was military assistance, and money toward programs to aid in abatement of human trafficking, narcotics interdiction, etc. America provided aid to Ukraine much as it does many other countries, the total of which is about 1% of our budget. If there was money spent on the Maidan, I doubt if came from these funds and Nuland wouldn’t have been talking about it. Perhaps you should ask the CIA or the FSB?

  33. Russia is not a strong country. Russia can’t even win in east Ukraine.
    Russia is weak compared to the USA.
    Russia has given Assad Billions only to see it go down the drain.
    No more Mediterranean port for Russia.

  34. Thanks God they are a few people on this Earth that are not kissing Uncle Sam fat a… and not afraid of US ,– Hope Russian people get even stronger and put the stop to US hopes to suppress all and every one around the world who is not kissing American fat behind,–

  35. BULL. As a Russian decendent American I call this article nothing but propaganda BULLSHT . Americans in general don’t care about Russia we are too narcisistic to really care. Only a small minority is care gives a &%& what Russia is doing right now. As long as our sons don’t have to go to war we, Russia can do just about anything they want.

  36. I’m a Pole. We shoot Russian aggressors. Don’t assume nationalities just because somebody is typing in English because almost every person on the Internet speaks English to some degree.

  37. Harriet you live in a nice and secure environment in the US. I live and work in Ukraine now and before in Russia. I do not speak because of the news I read, i speak from experience. i have a lot of family here in both Ukraine and Russia. our politicians are used car salesmen, russian politicians, and the only ones that survive and can be politicians are hit men. have you heard about Netsmov? he was critical of Putin and was writing thee expose about the war in Ukraine, he got 4 9mm bullets in the back, 50 yards from the Kremlin walls. we do not have a great system in the US, i agree repubs and dems are lying thieves. but still we are light years ahead of the russian system. you would be under suspicion for what you wrote about the government if you were in russia, and I would be spending time in siberia. it is much better in the US.

  38. Thank God there is a strong country now standing up to America’s militarism and perpetual war making around the planet. Hopefully China and Russia will form a team to beat back the US war machine for good.

  39. For you as an American not to recognize your own country’s hostile imperialism around the planet and then accuse another country of that is pitiful denial of one’s own role in governmental terrorism.

  40. Vince, look in the mirror, Dude. Americans think that they are all living in a great country and it is all without any reason to it. You are projecting this USA mindset onto Russians. Plus, the American politicians are a group of liars that put Putin to shame. For you as another American not to recognize any of our own quirks and foibles is rather sad to me. I have to live around so many seemingly brain dead compatriots who seem like they are all in a mad race to self destruct.

  41. Putin is a threat to world peace .. His aggression will start WW3 … Its just a matter of time , but you know that comrade ….

  42. Then you ‘recognize’ wrong. Russia is no more a fascist state than the uS is. What is near fascist like is US militarism and war making around the planet, Mark, which no doubt you support.

  43. The irony is that the average American could care less about Russia. It isn’t even on our cultural radar. So, the premise that America is out to destroy Russia is so outlandish, it’s borderline silly. We do recognize however, that Russia has become a fascist state under Putin, and his that all his chest thumping is a childish attempt at garnering respect. However, we also know that he is a murderous liar, and has zero credibility as a leader. He ranks somewhere down the food chain with the likes of the senile Robert Mugabe, or the bus driver, Maduro.

  44. More russian paranoia. surrounding russia? how? have you looked at a map. one of those papers with pictures of the shape of countries? (i am trying to use simple ideas as you cannot fathom anything deeper.) you are just a troll or a putin sucker. either way, you have as much blood on your soul as Putin does on his. justifying war for for personal reasons, and that is what Putin is doing, and the people that support him, as you do, are guilty of murder.

  45. Russian paranoia at its best. ask any russian and they think that 1) Russia is a great power, but cannot define what Putin’s russia has done to be a great power. 2) are proud of Putin but cannot define what he has done to make them proud, 3) believe the garbage broadcast from the russian media knowing it is all kremlin lies, 4) prefer blaming all problems on everyone else and take no responsibility for russian behavior, 5) and accuse everyone of the crimes they are guilty of. The russia people will pay the price for Putin’s crimes but they are willing accomplishes to his criminal behavior.

  46. Yes Americans want Putin to oppress the gays, take over the media, conquer foreign countries, and alienate the entire international community in a way that results in economic issues. Russia is crap that is the one that creates terrorists like the Taliban Al Quida and most recently helped created ISIS.

  47. “Americans would much rather that Russia did not exist as a country”
    And that is so true.
    I was watching some program where people in US were asked to sign a petition asking the government to nuke Russia
    (that petition was fake of course)
    And nearly 100% of Americans signed it
    Then they conducted same experiment in Russia
    and guess what the respond was?
    not a single Russian signed it!
    The Soviet Union, of which Russia was the bulk, paid an unimaginable sacrifice for its victory.
    More than 26 million people were killed in the war, almost a quarter of the entire population.
    Compare that with the American or British losses of about 450,000 each and you get a sense of the different order of magnitude of Russia’s losses.
    Russians say that not a single family was untouched, and they mean it.

    They know what real war is when fighting on own land, not on the other side of the planet!

  48. If only that could translate into competence – I’m certain Putin wants Russia to be strong and feared, it’s just he’s so bad at it.

  49. “The tired reference to $5 bn U.S. to foment the Maidan (when that is actually the total amount of aid given to all Ukrainian administrations since 1991)”

    Not quite. Nuland stated that was amount spent on building ‘democratic instututions’. While they didn’t break down the amount, I strongly doubt Communist Party of Ukraine or other pro-Russian parties saw much of that amount. Basically, it is not unreasonable to assume that bulk of that money went to pro-Western think tanks, grass roots organizations, and politicians.

    Ukrainian election cycle is about five years. So $5 billion over 20 years is about a billion USD per election. To put this in perspective, the most expensive election campaign in US was about a $billion and it was re-election of Barac Obama. Other campaigns in the past 20 years were much cheaper.

    Bottom line – Americans taxpayers spent more money electing Ukrainian politicians than they spent electing US Presidents. Russians are annoyed about that, which is understandable.

  50. Americans don’t hate Russia but Russia is a hostile aggressor and imperialist in the eyes of central Europeans–Ukrainians, Poles, Latvians, Estonians, Romanians, etc. Those countries have a long and painful history with Russia, and this history is strewn with corpses.

  51. Americans can only dream about a president like Putin. To Putin Russia is number one on the list. Country and God. America used to be like that until the corporations high jacked the washington politics and bought every senator.

  52. Any observer with critical thinking skills in geopolitics can easily discern that the USA is not interested in Ukraine per se except as an initial attempt to move American domination into Russia’s backyard and if failing that to, at least, tie up Russia’s hand in the entrapment of neighboring Ukraine, a brother Slavic country in the grip in of a tumultuous American-created crises. The USA covets the immense, rich resources of Siberia and is jealous of Russia’s control of such a world treasure (perhaps China secretly feels the same way). Of course the USA would love to have obtained a naval base in Crimea…it was a close call. Nevertheless, Americans are happy to continue the Anglo-Saxon strategy of surrounding and containing Russia that started with the British Empire approach and is now continued with Pax-Americana.

  53. Those weapons and equipment were STOLEN and what was left behind from the Iraq war. Hit the books chump. You failed your first test. You are going to flunk this class. The Russians have been supplying the majority of the weapons and equipment to ALL the roque countries of the world for decades.

  54. Idiot, read the news ISIS are using US made weapons, humvees helicopters guns and ammos even abrams tanks. So checkmate you are a misinformed idiot go back cleaning toilets monkey

  55. That’s odd, I always thought they were a fantastic group of people, with lunatic/genocidal/tyrannical leaders, just like us.

    The Russian spy chief obviously doesn’t leave his bunker enough. A quick browse through Steam threads would show that everybody loves Russians.

    Everybody but Soviets – the only people to kill more Russians than the Soviets were the Nazis. I don’t think Soviets want Russia to exist as a country. It’s Soviet Union or nothing to them.

  56. That actually is not correct Patrushev said? All right! American get to sleep and see a dream that Russia no! And, its natural resources the us can afford! Greedy nation. However, it is not a secret! About this openly speak of American politics!

  57. How very interesting ; A Russian ” expert ” , talks ” about Iran , Isis , The Man in The Moon and ” many other things ,
    but interestingly enough , NOT about Russia’s aggression and war on Ukraine ! That is Only to say , that ; ” Americans are
    NOT interested in Ukraine , only in Russia ” . And of course , in passing to also say , that America is to blame for the whole thing !
    And it’s all neatly packaged , by ANOTHER Russian ” expert ” ; Tikhonova , who sports a degree from Oxford and ends
    her article , with a veiled threat she credits Petrushev with ; The U.S goal is to dominate the world , but ( look out ) the world is
    changing !
    Why do we need this Russian garbage polluting our sites ? With the likes of Ron Paul , Steve Cohen , Pat Buchanan,
    Marc Diamond , Nick Kozzloff , Ed Snowden and many others , don’t we have enough ” homegrown ” ; traitors , Russian apologists , bought and paid for Russian publicity lobbyists , and ” useful idiots ” , to tell us what’s wrong with the
    world and the U. S . ?!

  58. There are lots of truths in Russia Spy Chief statements- America is not interested in Ukraine,America is only interested in Russia (to stop Russia as a result of envy or by domination). Another truth is that Americans are radical enough to make use any means as intrument of maneuvres against opponent ,be it terrorists and cooperating with ISIS and other terrorist groups is not out of the agenda. Thats why Russians will always maintain they are ready to cooperate with any nation that is out to fight the terrorist because Russians believe it is natural for someone to quickly finding some of the excuses of indulging in evil deeds on not getting cooperation from the partners in joint progress.

  59. You try to give some credence to this article and Patrushev about Russia’s desire to cooperate and their take on ISIL. But clearly his entire emphasis is that everything is America’s fault. His denial of any Russian involvement in Ukraine is such a blatant lie that it colors everything else. The tired reference to $5 bn U.S. to foment the Maidan (when that is actually the total amount of aid given to all Ukrainian administrations since 1991) simply labels him as a glorified troll, not a global policy analyst. The author is either a stooge or got duped into repeating the Russian domestic propaganda line that is not accepted by any serious journalists anywhere.

  60. Today, the “Russian government” is Putin, and most Americans don’t like his behavior. As far an the nation of Russia, we’re all very glad it exists, and hope its people thrive to their full potential.

  61. American people DO NOT wish that Russia will not exist as a country. Criminal Washington’s freaks indeed wish that Russia will cease to exist as a country. Criminal and war criminal U.S. government never represented nor represents American people as the only represent large corporations, included, but not limited to military industrial complex, banks and so on.

  62. Any other subject will matter very little come September when we in America go into a recession within a recession. All we will be worried about is how to get to the sanctuary camps that will be put in place.

  63. I don’t wish that,russian people are nice,their country beautiful.Its like every government in the world,including ours.The leaders,and banks promote fear and war.

  64. Some good analysis. America capitalises on week Europe and the fact that they hold NATO together – without an enemy. I will personally agree with the spy chief that America is only interested in Russia and that ISIS is their creation. I also believe that ISIS can only be defeated if they first overthrow Assad for America. I also agree that all the wars America starts are aimed at achieving other goals other than what they want the world to believe. First and foremost is the support for their military industry because those arms have to be used. So they have to create a market through wars. Ukraine falls also under this strategy a part from poking Russia. Cremea in Ukraine was the focus of America to establish a naval base at Russia’s boundary. Putin outsmarted them and that’s why the sanctions were imposed. Europe is not interested with the sanctions. Its all Americas doing and that’s why Europe is week to make own decision.

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