Which Features Does iOS 9 Allegedly Steal From Android?


The new version of Apple’s operating system has led to predictable claims of “theft” from Android fans.

Each time either Apple or Google release new updates for their respective iOS and Android operating systems, fanboys from each side accuse the rival company of having copied new features from the other. True to form, the announcement of iOS 9 has led to accusations from Android fans around the world, writes Dan Graziano for CNET.

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Siri gets smarter, public transport made easier

Adopting the best features of a rival platform helps to contribute to overall progress in the sphere of operating systems, but some fans do not buy into this spirit of working towards a common good. Here is a run down of some of the new features for iOS 9 which Android users have been enjoying for some time.

First up is an update to Siri which makes the personal assistant smarter than before. Invitations from emails will now appear automatically in your calendar, and reminders will be sent when users need to leave in order to make the event on time, even taking into account the amount of traffic. Google Now offers the same capability.

The Apple iOS 9 update brings directions for public transport to Apple Maps, a feature which has been included in Google Maps since 2011. Additionally, iPad users will now be able to use split-screen multi-tasking for the first time on iOS 9. LG and Samsung have offered this capability on Android smartphones and tablets since a few years ago, and the Microsoft Surface tablet can also display two apps at once.

Battery-saving feature introduced

Apple has also introduced a low-power mode for iOS 9, which it says can keep devices running for an extra 3 hours. Battery life remains an issue given the heavy use that many consumers make of their gadgets, and the move is very welcome. However it is not something that Android users will be unfamiliar with, given the fact that the vast majority of recent Android devices have some sort of power-saving feature.

Commentators have also pointed out similarities between Apple’s new News app and HTC’s BlinkFeed, and the updated Notes app bears a resemblance to Google Keep and other note-taking apps.

The tech world is one in which everyone copies the competition to some extent, and consumers should not be too upset that the best features of both platforms are being added to its rival.