U.S. And China Entering New Cold War?

U.S. And China Entering New Cold War?
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Relations between the two powers are becoming increasingly strained due to Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea.

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Over the course of the last year and a half, China has reclaimed 2,000 acres of land from the sea, constructing man-made islands from a number of submerged reefs, writes David Pilling for The Financial Times. The work is being carried out to strengthen Beijing’s territorial claims in the region, which are disputed by a number of countries.

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China attempting to boost territorial claims

Both the Philippines and Vietnam have rival claims to the Spratly Islands, which are located near China’s new facilities. Beijing has seen fit to construct piers, harbors and multistorey buildings, as well as a 3 kilometer runway which can handle every type of military aircraft which its forces currently possess.

Such a surge in activity has not gone unnoticed by other nations which maintain territorial claims. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, president of the Philippines, used a recent speech in Tokyo to liken China’s land reclamation program to the Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia.

The U.S. has spoken out in defense of its regional allies, and defense secretary Ashton Carter said that China’s actions are “out of step” with international norms. He maintained that the U.S. would “fly, sail and operate” according to international law, and denied that “turning an underwater rock into an airfield” would strengthen Beijing’s claims of sovereignty.

Nor would the action restrict any other nation’s right to pass through the area, Carter said. He later called on all claimants to end any land reclamation programs in the South China Sea.

Is China acting illegally?

Although Carter certainly appears to talk a good game, it may transpire that the U.S. cannot ultimately do very much at all to control the situation. U.S. military planes keep flying over China’s new islands, with little effect. Beijing is still building despite U.S. opposition, and there remains a danger that China continues to successfully call Washington’s bluff.

The difficulties in the South China Sea arise from the fact that China is not actually doing anything illegal. Both the Philippines and Vietnam have also reclaimed land, just not to the extent that China has.

Furthermore legal experts maintain that China’s claim to the Spratly Islands may be of some substance. Although the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia are all closer to the islands than China, one lesson that can be learned from the Falklands/Malvinas controversy between the UK and Argentina is that proximity is not a decisive factor.

Beijing also continues to toe the line regarding freedom of navigation, although it does seek to restrict military activity in the waters that it claims. On this point Beijing may contravene international law due to the fact that it is attempting to extend these restrictions to man-made islands. Controversy arose recently when the Chinese navy told a U.S. military surveillance plane to leave the area near the newly constructed islands, but it is not clear how far the U.S. is willing to go to stand up to increasing levels of Chinese aggression.

Risk of escalation in the area

Officials have previously considered sending warships to within 12 miles of the artificial islands, and may feel obliged to follow through on that threat. Such a move could lead to escalation in the area, given the likelihood that China responds by sending its own warships.

Another way that China could raise the stakes in the South China Sea is by declaring an air defense identification zone over all or part of it, which would theoretically mean that incoming aircraft would have to report their presence to Beijing.

Should relations between the two powers descend into a game of bluff, analysts believe that China may outlast the U.S. Commentators have noticed a pattern in Beijing’s actions, involving picking fights over small matters which the U.S. may concede. However a steady buildup of such seemingly trivial matters contributes to an increasingly strong challenge to U.S. primacy in the region.

Chinese strategy proving successful thus far

According to Australian academic Hugh White, Beijing is engaged in a plan to cut “very thin slices of a very long sausage.” That sausage takes the form of a resetting of relations between China and the U.S., one which would grant Beijing greater respect and power in the region. Chinese president Xi Jinping has already expressed a desire for a new “great power relationship” in Asia.

Although such a development would not constitute a threat to U.S. global hegemony, it would present a significant challenge in Asia. China believes that it should be considered at least an equal in the region.

Ongoing developments in the South China Sea are a key part of such a strategy. Security expert Carl Thayer writes that “China has changed ‘facts on the ground’ and presented the region with a fait accompli”. The U.S. is now finding out that it is impossible to take any great action when faced with faits accomplis like the artificial islands.

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  3. You have spread lies. The map that Angela Merkel gave to Xi was a French cartographer made map that shows a China much more smaller than it is today: No Tibet, no Taiwan, no East Turkestan (Xin-Jiang), etc. Had China been a “peaceful place” as you said, how on Earth the Chinese fled China for hundred of years to this day. Never saw a Chinatown somewhere near your town??????

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  14. German chancellor Merkel presented to Chinese president Xi during his recent visit, map of China drafted in 1735 by Germans, 13 million square miles of territory vs 9.6 million today. China will expand economically, not militarily, its power beyond its historic territory and world will be a better, more peaceful place that America and the west have failed to do.

  15. Man!!! your post is full of ignorance.
    Your are what is known as a complete brainwashed pawn and idiot!!!!

    I have told you how I know about Genglis Khan. Watch the military channel. The maker of the program even demonstrated how the Mongols made their “hand grenade” very much like today’s hand grenade.

    There was another program on how the Turks made the biggest cannon in the world, even by today’s standard. That cannon is still available for the general public to see.

    Have you been reading the newspaper recently????
    China test fired a WU-14 to back up Genera Gan’s meeting with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in Washington D.C. to show China will NOT back down from the building of artificial islands in the South China Sea. China has the means to defend itself.

  16. you just put blame but you never recognize your doing, that is the way Communists usually did. instead executed them right away or they will (in the communist world, killing is a way to cover their mouth, not let them talk to defend themselves)
    you say “Genglis Khan used the first canon.” Stop !!! in Chinese movies made 100% in China, I don’t see or hear anything Khan use canon, how you know Khan had used the canon first. Liar. maybe you can guide them to do so, to polish the communist regime, propaganda is number one priority task. “under the light of Chinese Communist party” do this policy.
    “we hang them” it is true, because it is a nature of the communists. China don’t want its people to remember the past but worship Communist killers. Chinese communists destroyed everything not relating to the Communism in order to blind Chinese people, remember Cultural revolution in 1960 or Student movement (?), recently Corrupted communist leader who belonged to the old chairman not new.( new belongs to mr.Xi) new will be old again in order. if Communists are in power, it is difficult to say old or new.
    It is true, pay them for their brain, and keep them from wrong doing or in wrong hand. that is the way, human behaves.
    sorry, but I don’t know it is true or, I saw a picture took in the field hundred kilometer form Shanghai by a famous photographer, what I saw it were not water Buffalo but human figures. China is building a huge military to bully smaller countries, but It forgot its people in agony, Feel free to share with me.
    don’t be a frog. jump out of the well, and see it yourself. The world is so beautiful and so nice without ?????????

  17. The two men who put melamine into the milk were executed, and the company, which was owned by a New Zealand company was closed, and the lady president was sent to prison.

    discover or invent, now, don’t play with words. No matter which word you use, gun powder still was invented (discovered) in China. Nop, Genglis Khan used canon first, not Europeans, then the Turks.

    We have just gone through talking about stealing. The West stole from China first, gun powder, silk, porcelain,… No, stealing is good. You save all the expenses of doing the research and development.

    Watch the military channel, ATT U-verse channel 276. The U.S. steal, too. I worked on a stolen German project in the 1960s. We not only steal products, we stole their scientists, German and Japanese scientists. When it’s a military general, we hang them. When it’s a rocket scientists or germ weapon scientists, we paid them high salaries for them to work for us, and grant them U.S. citizenship immediately.

    Even today, China still uses water buffalo to plow rice fields… that is because of the plateau rice field. It’s an impossible task for a tractor to plow a small field, and go up another level to plow another rice field.

    Don’t be silly. Chinese people eat what they produce in China. Otherwise, China wouldn’t have the cash to lean us. Cheap made-in-China products are good enough to last a couple of years, then you throw them away and go buy another one of the same cheap made-in-China product.

    Yes, back in the 1960s, I worked on a project that was started in Germany when the war ended. The U.S. Army packed and shipped them to storage in Virginia and forgotten all about it. Then the Korean War started. We needed the same weapon against the communist in Korea. Then the war in Korea ended. Bu that German project was shipped to Naval Weapons Research Center for study and research. I was a replacement for another engineer who died of lung cancer.

    Well, Uncle Sam’s propaganda are worse. You must have seen TV commercials about Reverse Mortgage. “You don’t have to pay your mortgage, and you can live from the value of your house, and you still own your house”!!!!

    A bunch of bullshit!!!! on reverse mortgage, you sold your house to the bank. That is how you get money o live on!!!!

  18. if the product is bad, It will recall for public safety, so tell me a about baby milk !!!!!! how many babies have died and been victims of Chinese product.. don’t you see on TV, how many babies by the machine to filter blood. Shame on you. Gun power is discovered by Chinese not invented by Chinese, that is why the West had canon first, you were still use sword and spear … the west uses tractors to do farm work, you are still using human labor to do it. you say copying is habit of human nature, right. I agree with you. But stealing is bad, I think you know what I mean. Shame on you, open your eyes and ears the true Chinese and around the world thought of Chinese products. Don’t you see main land people go out of main land for food and goods, why do Chinese don’t use Chinese products, but foreign products. You know why? because they are safer that Chinese one.
    How much did you get paid to respond to a comment. you are like the communist trash, liar, “you worked on a German stated project in the 1960” are you sure? don’t you scared of the communists, they are rather killing wrong than letting go wrongly. how can you have time to do your stuff like this. don’t be lie, liar. I see, I see. more comments more money. It seems to be a neat job.
    “buy them by the billions every year” ha ha…those products don’t last long, just one-time use, then throwing away because I don’t want to waste the US made. tell me you do not compare before you buy:
    I know what you mean “by the billion” if the products made in China, but from US companies, it is OK to buy because they are cheap, even they don’t last long, but it is better than “made in China” by local Chinese companies. they are like toys, just a waste.
    Thank you for reminding to see clearly the world. You are look like a frog in the well, see the world through the opening of the well, SORRY. In the communist world, you see and hear the world through your Communist propaganda, poor guys. Open your eyes to see it by yourself. not by Communist liar.

  19. Like I said, don’t go off to the deep end complaining of Chinese copying and stealing. The West stole from China first. Without China’s invention of gun-powder, you still be using bows and arrows.

    You mean China manufactures a “Wind Rover” similar to the Range Rover???? Good for them!!!! They are only the second country to copy it. Japan copied it first, and called it the “Land Cruiser” by Toyota.

    “Made-in-China” products are low quality and bad, but yet you people buy them by the billions every single year. Face it, fella, you people just love cheap low quality products, use it and throw them away and buy new ones again and again.

    Oh!!! you haven’t heard of the recent recall of Blue Bell Ice Cream????, e-coli contaminated chicken from Foster Farms??? contaminated beef/Mad Cow disease from the Mid-west????? How about the thousands of babies born with deformities by a drug called thalidomide??? Nobody copies from China because no one can do it cheaper than they can.

    Watch the Military Channel, if you have ATT U-verse, it’s channel 276. You’d be surprised how much we stole and copied from other countries. As a matter of fact, at the end of WWII, we (and Russia) stole all Germany’s research projects and German and Japanese scientists. I worked on a German-started project in the 1960s.

    Shame on you!!!! Open your eyes and ears. You are NOT seeing the world as it truly is!!!!!

  20. I don’t care how many times said, mime is pirating is pirating, stealing is stealing, I don’t care how many years, but at least you ask, but Chinese Pirates never ask….. you see, Range Rover, now you have Wind Rover….. What is it, Why don’t you invent yourselves ??? because you know Chinese names mean low qualities and bad, so you get a short cut by stealing somebody’s name, So what is you proud of, Chinese pirates…… ” because if you don’t, your enemies will”. tell me China produce any thing good and neat. your baby milk …. you baby killers. food is harmful to consumers, toys is full of lead.. “your enemies will” must think it over before they are stealing “Chinese technologies”. Nobody tries to copycat or copy your “Chinese poisonous products” or “made in China”. so don’t be ridiculous ” your enemies will”, Chinese Pirates…. don’t let the world laugh out loud !!!! Pirating is pirating, nooooo Excuse, Chinese pirates.

  21. Talking about territorial dispute in South China Sea, an ‘invisible hand’ has never fail to instigate her allies Philippines, Japan,
    and even her former foe Vietnam, in a very dangerous game of testing the bottom line of China. This ‘hand’ finger pointing
    at China not abide by the INTERNATIONAL LAW. Rightly so, China, or even Russia, are not going to be abide by that kind of ‘fly and sail to anywhere’ kind of law.
    This is not a LAWLESS WORLD of the ‘world police’. Started from the 1970’s, Philippines schemes to steal islands belong to China through force occupation. Today, Aquino attempts to consolidate the illegal theft through UNCLOS. If he had his way, that would mean ‘the JUDGES schemes with THIEF ‘. This is the LAWLESS WORLD of Aquino and Philippines.

  22. There is no sense re-inventing the wheel. Copy all you want, and steal all you can, because if you don’t, your enemies will.

    Besides, a patent is only good for 20 years. After 20 years, anybody can make it and sell it. Xerox is a prime example. In the 1960s and 1970s, Xerox means to copy. Xerox challenges IBM as the #1 company in the U.S.

    Where is Xerox today?? Many many companies are making laser printers. You can buy one for $50.00. I have 2 at home.

    Xerox PARC invented windows and the mouse only for Apple and Microsoft to make money. Xerox PARC also invented a printing process only for Adobe Systems to profit from the invention.

    So stop making a fool of yourself and face reality. Without China’s invention of gun-powder, the world still would be fighting with bows and arrows. Chinese invention of gun-powder changed the world completely. So don’t go off to the deep end and accuse China of stealing. Westerners started the process of stealing from China first and foremost!!!!

  23. The only thing you are right is that the candidate in your comment should be Vietnam! Vietnam’s case is similar to Philippines except that it is more cunning and ambitious. It is comparable to SHOPLIFTING in a Vietnamese supermarket. No more no less a theft case.

  24. Raytheon was buying Chinese rockets sending our satellites up before Congress put a stop to it!
    Today in America, Chinese products, components and ingredients are in 90% goods we consume.
    Japan and Korea took our techs and pass us, so can China….!

  25. I said many many times,and I will continue to say it.
    There is no sense re-inventing the wheel.
    Copy all you can. And steal all you want.
    Because if you don’t, your enemies will.
    Besides, a patent is only good for 20 years.
    After 20 years, anybody can make it and make money from it.

    A prime example is Xerox. In the 1960s and 1970s, “xerox” means to copy.
    IBM and Xerox were top companies of America’s industry.

    Where is Xerox today? Where is IBM?
    Many many companies make laser printers today for $50.00 and I have 2 at home.
    Xerox PARC invented windows and mouse only for Apples and Microsoft to make billions.
    Xerox PARC invention of computer printing started Adobe Systems, another giant of American industry.
    Chinese invention of gun-powder changed the world completely. So don’t go to the deep end and accuse China of stealing. Westerners started the process of stealing from China first and foremost!!!!

  26. that is the way Chinese communists talk, talk big, but talk cheap. say somebody “no brain”. What are those Chinese communists talking about? you got brain? what do your whole navy ships look like? how about your airplanes. Shame on you, Stop steal technologies from other countries. Invent yourself own designs, brainless copycat Chinese.

  27. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $1.7 million.

  28. The world is paying its mistakes from previous decades: It has kow-towed to China and kept silent when the latter swallowed one territory after another: Tibet, East Turkestan, Paracel, part of Spratly, Anurachal Pradesh,… and now China gets bold and wants to swallow the whole sea of South East Asia. China’s modern tyrants like Mao, Deng practiced the “salami slicing” strategy long time ago and now Xi follows but somehow seems to accelerate in order to realize his “Chinese dream” of becoming the “great leader” by capturing the entire sea of South East Asia. A new Third Reich is rising from China’s shores. Today’s situation is very much the same when the Third Reich of Germany swallowed Sudetenland then Czechoslovakia and the world acquiesced it. If the US and other powers do not act now, WWIII will likely to happen when China invades all other islands of the sea of South East Asia and attacks Senkaku of Japan. The ChiNa-Xi tandem seems to be determined of realizing its “Chinese dream”.

  29. A lot of big-mouth American idiots, all talks, no brains, no actions.
    We can’t even beat Vietnam. How do you expect to beat monster China????
    Ashton Carter is a stupid fool stirring up a hornet’s nest in the South China Sea.
    And Obama is even a bigger fool to let him do that.

  30. USA Created Technology China Steal Technology. US can’t trust china any more it’s show the last 40 Years . With china Irresponsible Arrogant act to SCS and to It’s Neighbors Territory that china Violet . We need to stop china Cockroach before it’s get to Our Plate . China Fuels fire in to the Bush now in SCS and that getting dangerous . I remember the 1970 Small china in china Sea only US And War in Vietnam north vietnam Back by Two power Country Russia and china .Nixon make smart move abandon Vietnam and go with China give to china most Favor Nation for Peace and prosperity but China Greed and Arrogant intrude Neighbors Sovereignty and Harm world peace . Only way to restore peace to this Region Are china need to return all Island to Vietnam and Philippine and withdraw all activity in other country Sovereignty and respect all Neighbors and don’t be greed and Arrogant . China is Rotten Eggs to the World and rotten fish to all neighbors . Suc#$%$ your 9 Dash line and follow UNCLOS

  31. cold war is like burning money which we don’t have as we did with Soviets who lost bcs of money. so why starts a cold war with China that we have no chance of winning?

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