Tesla Motors Inc: New Model 3 Render Shows Suicide Doors

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk appeared to reveal a release date for the Tesla Model 3 concept in the company’s most recent quarterly report.

By the sounds of things the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 may finally make its debut early next year, but that seems to be a very optimistic timeline. Given the fact that official information on the next, cheaper Tesla is so thin on the ground, the internet has characteristically rushed in to fill the information vacuum with speculation.

Tesla Motors Inc: New Model 3 Render Shows Suicide Doors

Rendering shows crossover vehicle with suicide doors

The latest original rendering of the vehicle comes courtesy of The site believes that the Model 3 will be a crossover rather than the sedan that the majority of people appear to expect. As well as a 200-mile electric driving range, the render shows a Model 3 with suicide doors which would constitute a great standout feature.

Despite not being as complicated in engineering terms as falcon-wing doors, there must be a reason why suicide doors are not seen on more production cars. Strict safety standards for new vehicles is reportedly one reason, given the fact that suicide doors decrease performance in crash tests.

Model 3 incredibly important for Tesla

The latest rendering is far from radical, given the fact that the Model 3 appears to be a combination of the Model S and Model X, with the same nose. Some commentators claim that it may be the closest rendering thus far to the vehicle which is eventually produced.

An interesting point is that the Model III may not in fact be a sedan. The debate is sure to rage until the vehicle is confirmed, and maybe even afterwards, but DeMorro believes that it may even be a better idea for Tesla to produce a crossover Model 3.

Sales of sedans are in decline across almost every major brand, and customers are increasingly moving towards crossovers as their vehicle of choice. The Model 3 looks set to be an incredibly important car for Tesla, and marks the first time that the company will bring an electric vehicle to the mass market.