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Steve Cohen Sends (Tattooed?) Pet Pig To Fat Camp

Steven  Cohen has had to send the swine to a sanctuary after it became too big to live in his house.

Despite possessing a outsize bank balance and art collection, billionaire Cohen has seen fit to send his pet pig to fat camp after the animal grew too big due to a lavish lifestyle, writes Emily Smith for Page Six.

Steve Cohen’s Romeo the pig had his own room

The report cites multiple sources who claim that SAC Capital and Point72 Asset Management founder Cohen had been keeping a massive pig named Romeo at his estate in Connecticut. They say that the swine lived as part of Cohen’s family, and had his own room in the house.

Cohen, who is worth $11.4 billion, apparently kept the pig inside the 35,000-square-foot, 30-room property. However he decided to take action when the animal reached 150 pounds and outgrew even such a lavish home.

The pig has now been sent to a vegan animal rescue facility in Florida. A source who saw the pig inside Cohen’s home has revealed just how well it was treated. “Their pet pig was like a member of the Cohen family. Romeo had a room in their house. He was treated like the king of the house, but he got too big, and was sent to a sanctuary in Florida. They even threw a leaving dinner for him,” they claimed.

Steve Cohen’s pig – Sources claim that Romeo became “moody”

Romeo was originally bought as a pet for Cohen’s children. “Romeo was purchased by Stevie Cohen as a piglet, but he grew to be over 150 pounds. Romeo is actually a very domesticated, intelligent and affectionate pig, but recently he started to get a little moody. The family got advice from a vet that Romeo would be better in the company of other animals, so Steve arranged for him to go to a farm to be with other pigs,” said a second source.

Instead of buying a smaller pet, Cohen bought his 7 children a piglet which would grow into a beast of an animal. “Most people get one of those Vietnamese teacup pigs, but Romeo is the size of a German Shepherd who has eaten too much,” continued the source.

Page Six recently revealed the story of Cohen’s purchase of Giacometti‘s “Pointing Man” for $141 million, the most expensive statue ever auctioned. Cohen remains one of the most successful hedge fund managers despite having to shut down SAC Capital due to an investigation into insider trading.

News of the pig’s existence was first reported by Julia La Roche of Business Insider – its is unknown whether the pig indeed is Tattooed.