Netflix Now 10 Times More Popular Than Closest Aussie Rival

Netflix Now 10 Times More Popular Than Closest Aussie Rival
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Netflix, which only recently launched its service in Australia, is already way ahead of local players there. The U. .firm, which was highly popular in Australia even before its launch, now has over ten times more subscribers than local players.

Netflix well ahead of rivals

According to the data from research firm Roy Morgan, in April, Netflix was accessed by 766,000 Aussies in 296,000 households, and in May, the number went up to over a million customers in almost half a million households. As per the research firm, the U.S. streaming firm has 1.039 million subscribers in 408,000 Australian households. The survey considered 2,088 Australians ages 14 and over.

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When compared to competitors, Netflix is way ahead. Presto is at a distant second with 97,000 subscribers in Australia, and with 91,000 customers, Stan comes third, followed by Quickflix with 43,000 and Foxtel Play at 40,000 subscribers. So this suggests that Netflix has a subscriber base which is more than ten times its closest competitor. Hinting at the potential opportunity for streaming services, the study notes that 5 million Australians still subscribe to Foxtel’s broadcast TV service.

Tim Martin, GM of media at Roy Morgan, notes that the U.S. firm is dominating the video on demand segment, and so far, it’s been a one-sided battle. Martin also notes that around half of the Stan, Quickflix and Presto users have also subscribed to Netflix, “perhaps binging for a month on free content across both options and preparing to make a decision about which, if any, earns their continuing monthly spend.” Since different content is available on each of the services, so going forward, there are good chances that Aussies subscribe to multiple SVOD providers.

Quickflix CEO doubts the survey results

Quickflix CEO Stephen Langford refuted the survey results, saying that their subscriber count is heavily underestimated. Langford said it is not logical to determine millions of subscribers from a survey of just 2,000 respondents. Langford also raised a question about the survey methodology, saying that the respondents include 14-year-olds, but to subscribe, one need a valid credit card.

Responding to the claims, Roy Morgan said they are confident about their study, and the numbers presented by them is not “some crazy small sample aberration.” On Quickflix’s numbers, the research firm said the numbers are in line with their long-term average results.

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