Microsoft To Roll Out 1TB Xbox One Next Week

Microsoft To Roll Out 1TB Xbox One Next Week
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Microsoft plans to roll out a 1TB version of the Xbox One on June 16. The gaming console will retail for $400, and Microsoft will lower the price of the 500GB version of the console to $350.

Microsoft’s new 1TB Xbox One

The new console features a matte-black finish. Some new versions come with an updated controller with support for wireless firmware updates. This update simplifies everything for users who would originally have to plug in their controller in via USB to get updates. The wireless controller will also be sold separately starting June. Some new versions of the console also come with a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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Microsoft is also getting ready to roll out its highly anticipated next generation operating system Windows 10. The software giant hopes to market the new product with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). The Washington-based company highlighted future plans for Windows 10 and Azure.

Making way for Windows 10

Microsoft hopes to have Windows 10 installed in over 1 billion devices within the next three years. Toshiba is partnering with the company to provide IoT products powered by Windows. The plans include creating products for industries like transportation and logistics. Potential products include an on-board video recorder that would track data on vehicles and analyze drivers’ behavior.

Other new devices discussed include the Quanta Computer Plug and FoxConn Kangaroo. The former is a miniature computer in a power adapter that plugs into an HDMI port and transforms a television into a display for a computer. The latter is a portable PC that transforms a television into a computer with Windows.

Microsoft may not have the same innovations or high-end appeal its top rivals have, but it does offer reliable products and services people need. Microsoft’s next venture may be just what it needs to revive its appeal.

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