Is China Beating The US In The South China Sea?

Is China Beating The US In The South China Sea?
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As tensions continue to unfold in the South China Sea, the question many political observers are assessing is whether or not the United States is coming out on top. Certainly there has been a great deal of rhetoric emerging from the US on the subject in recent weeks and months. And this very week, the current vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, offered further confirmation of what he characterized as Chinese expansionism in this disputed territory.

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South China Sea Tension

According to Biden, nations that discard diplomacy and use coercion and intimidation to settle disputes only invite instability. Although the vice president did not specifically name China in his comments, this particular statement could hardly have been any more thinly veiled.

While US foreign policy has been rightly condemned on many occasions with regard to a wide variety of different actions, the country nonetheless deserves credit for promoting a fair and legal resolution of the South China Sea dispute. But it seems that China has an unending commitment to claiming this territory, and considering the minuscule US stake in these waters then the ability of the United States to dictate terms to China must be seriously doubted.

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When understanding the South China Sea situation, it is critical to consider the state of the Chinese nation. Although life on the face of it is extremely good in China, with a growing middle-class and an increasingly wealthy population, the country is significantly different culturally to what is expected from Western society.

Chinese socio-political difference

It is almost impossible to truly convey the differences between China and the United States, or for that matter any other Western nation. Of course, the United States government has been extensively criticized for a raft of political abuses, and much of this criticism has been entirely justified. But basic freedoms which are taken for granted in the United States, and across the Western world, simply do not exist in China.

This is an extremely authoritarian and contained society, not at all dissimilar to the Soviet Union. Where there is an obvious difference between the Stasi-era Russia and contemporary China is with regard to the economic policies of the nation, as the ostensibly communist government of China has enthusiastically embraced Western corporatism and capitalism.

But the Beijing administration of China is an extremely assertive and confident organization considering that it faces no significant opposition. If the existing Chinese government doesn’t exactly rule the country with an iron rod, it can be said that it imposes a strict constraint over the nation, and absolutely prescribes and proscribes the everyday activities of the population.

As such, in line with any such dictatorial and authoritarian nation, the government presents an image of itself to the people which is strong and ruthless, but always acting in the interest of the populace. Considering that the Beijing administration has consistently emphasized that the territorial claims of China are indisputable, it would now be politically untenable, and obviously embarrassing, for this powerful organization to ever back down over the South China Sea situation.

South China Sea stand-off

This could lead, of course, to a significant stand-off with the United States, if the Western superpower maintains its current stance on China’s activities in the region. Although the United States government is by no means as unchallenged as that of China, it has nonetheless been the defining political power of the 20th and early 21st century, and in that sense is equally unlikely to back down lightly.

This could naturally lead to an extremely delicate situation in the South China Sea, particularly as China is allied with Russia. Tensions between the United States and Russia have already been highlighted by ValueWalk, and the disagreements between China, Russia and the United States are part of a wider political and economic game of chess.

However, it is worth noting that the United States has significantly less riding on the South China Sea dispute. Although it would like to influence the behaviour of China in the region, and the Eastern superpower will unquestionably remain a focus of its foreign policy and intelligence in the coming years, the United States is not as invested in the outcome.

Japan offers allegiance to United States

Nonetheless, the fact that Japan has recently signalled its potential willingness to join in with United States forces in patrolling the region will only add more fuel to the fire in what is already a powder keg. Clearly the United States is not willing to take the situation in the South China Sea lying down, and clearly this allegiance with Japan to assist with the situation would seem to be a practical move by the US government.

The chief of the Joint Staff of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano, has stated publicly that Japan sees the South China Sea to be extremely important to its security. He also emphasizes that there are no current plans to conduct surveillance in this area, but also indicated that the existing situation could see Japan consider such a policy in the foreseeable future.

Although the United States may be opposed to the action of China in this region, and the rise of the nation in general, there may be little ultimately that it can do about it. China is a massive holder of United States treasuries and debts, and ultimately a symbiotic and respectful relationship between the two countries would be beneficial to both.

China’s new bullish and aggressive tendencies in the South China Sea are indicative of a nation which is ready to claim its place on the world stage. The International Monetary Fund already reports that China is now the nation with the largest GDP in the world, and it seems inevitable that the Chinese currency will be included in a basket of reserve currencies in the foreseeable future, despite US opposition due to the dollar’s primacy.

It has already been stated by IMF head Christine Lagarde that this “exorbitant privilege” of the dollar will have to end at some point on the horizon. And when we look back at history it could be that the manoeuvres in the South China Sea can be pinpointed as the beginning of this process. A new multi-polar world order is looming into view.

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  1. China is a country with a relatively young culture, born out of its cultural revolution that discarded everything from its past. It was born into poverty and has climbed to riches since then but it is still an immature country that has a lot to learn about world affairs.

  2. The philipines should give the US that right and let thimgs play out. In a conventional war China would be humilliated, and also in a nuclear exchange, I am sure that Chinese nukes are made in China so no worries, the chineze nukes will

  3. The answer is simple. In a conventional war The US will humlliate China. So the last card to play by China for domestic consumption is war against what they perceived to be the enemy..a country that has given China the enjoys today.
    China’ only deterrence is the nuclear option, just like Russia because they cannot compete against the US more advanced technology.

  4. When you said militarily equal you lost all credibility. China is and will always be a copy and paste country. The problem is that the US military contractors only let China copy enough to benefit them and get new contracts with the pentagon.

    China’s only deterrence are its nukes period. China’s prototype weapons will never be operational and are only mentioned as propaganda. Deal with it and move on.

  5. Insulting me will not make you smart.

    The situation you describe is that of the Vietnam war.

    The answer to your concern is simple. If China engages the US in the South China Sea the chinese navy will be gone in one afternoon, and the chinese air force entering the conflict zone will go down faster than a sprayed fly. They will lose thier hardware faster than they could produce it, and a humilliating defeat is guaranteed for them. That is the dangerous part because their Nuclear weapons is the only thing they have in terms of military deterrence. The rest of their military hardware is just outdated. Their famous aircraft killer missile is just propaganda, as well as its ficticious 5th Generation fighter plane.

    What I see here is that you are buying all of that propaganda and run around scared of it. I might not even be surprised if the defense contractors in the US are behind it to justify the funding for their military projects.

  6. Do not let people laugh at your wisdom , the lack of: The Caman Islands
    is 120 nm to Cuba and 160 nm to Jamaica? Do you want to question UK’s
    sovereignty 4180 nm away, too? May be US has a better claim to the Caman

  7. Do not let people laugh at your wisdom , the lack of: The Caman Islands
    is 120 nm to Cuba and 160 nm to Jamaica? Do you want to question UK’s
    sovereignty 4180 nm away, too? May be US has a better claim to the Caman

  8. Do not let people laugh at your wisdom , the lack of: The Caman Islands is 120 nm to Cuba and 160 nm to Jamaica? Do you want to question UN’s sovereignty 4180 nm away, too? May be US has a better claim to the Caman Islands?

  9. if china had sovereignty in every corner of the world then the Philippines and other nations could also claim the whole world, because there’s no law to respect each other, so all claimants will be in trouble, at the end of the day no one survives, that’s your perspective…

  10. So Chinese are trading with the fish? The only reason why they are trading that far is that Philippines was already inhabited that long time ago before the Chinese even landed on the Phil soil. Unless of course Chinese businessmen which my local islanders have embraced trades with the fish or the boars and monkeys.

  11. Every issues are tied to sovereign right. Sovereign right cannot be violated. That is your cannot say your land is my land, your house is my house.

  12. but china is signed the UNCLOS rules, according to UNCLOS the case result will be release this month of July, if you lost the world will condemn china.. (-__-)

  13. By officially published an official map and physically stationing a contingent of officials on Taiping Island in South China Sea. The claim preceded the EEZ. China announced the Dash Lines right after WWII and received no renunciation from the WWII victors. That means the islands, shoals, reef within the Lines belong to China.

  14. Only official records and maps and the latest legal document. There are many Philos of Chinese descent such as the present Phili president. There are not many Vietnamese in Vietnam and Chinese in China of Philo descent, That means Chinese had been successfully sailed through the South China Sea long before Philos could and discovered those island

  15. You are a pity to talk with about WAR because you have extremely limited brain power to comprehend serious discussions in writing about war. ‘US dare not start one, or would be looking for self destruction near China doorsteps. US dare not even to bring its aircraft carrier near China. If it does, it risks being humiliated to a point to have to leave Asia when one carrier gets sinked. How maNY carrier could US afford to lose?’ My comments have always been focusing on WAR NEAR CHINA, in which China would definitely win.

    When I say, ‘I rarely see people so naive as you are. Using your logic, the fact that China drove PH away in Huangyan island (Scarborough), and US did nothing only showed US’s military inferiority?’ I really implied that US did nothing, but is still superior militarily.

    In the middle of ocean, or in a war near US territory, US would win a war with China due to US military superiority. However, there is not even such a possibility of such a war.

    In war near China’s doorstip, the picture is totally different: US is destined to lose there.

    US is very difficulty to project its military superiority there.

    US’s bases and ships endangered, same as Chinese ones.

    China is going to continue to fight until China wins because China has no choice (US at doorsteps for invasion). US is going to give up after one aircraft carrier is lost, or if it continues, have to give up after 2-3 carriers lost. US’s interests to fight for Philippines or Japan to grab Chinese islands would be far gone even before it loses an aircraft carrier (still lose the war in this case).

    Therefore, US has nothing to gain there in a war with China, but would be blamed for invasion. After a lost war near China with China, the US loses its dominance in Asia militarily and thus in the world too, which is hugely against US interests.

    In other words, US’s best interests in Asia is to stay far away from conflicts, and learn to coexist with China.

  16. If others didn’t know the claim, that means other didn’t exist at that time. China’s claim preceded the EEZ, What UN members?

  17. Japan doesn’t cry foul about Nobel Prize.
    Again when I see China wins the Nobel prize in science, then I believe it.
    South Korea cheated the clone researches and it almost got the Nobel prize but they found out the resul was fake.

    The cheating culture is bad for science research, you can always make up the result.
    Another thing is quantity doesn’t mean anything.
    Transistor inventor, John Bardeem, was two times Nobel prize winner, he only published two papers and got him the prizes.

    Substance is much much more important than the number.
    Do you know any one going to China to learn science?
    I only see Chinese foreign students going to Japan and USA for the science and engineering. The number is alarming and they are the best from China.
    They are cures for Hep C and Hep B will come out soon, not every cure of diseases will win Nobel prize, the viral diseases are much much tougher than the parasites and bacteria.

  18. China didn’t invent Artimisinin, it successfully extracted the material from the herbs which used to treat
    Jonas Salk invented the vaccine of Polio and didn’t get the Nobel Prize.

  19. Impressive! The US should be really scared of this “equal” so, just let the Philippines and Vietnam handle China in their respective seas for now.

  20. Typical Chinese knowledge! Here’s lesson for you: Xisha in Chinese means “western sands”, part of Paracel/Hoang Sa of Vietnam – not Spartly or Truong Sa aso of Vietnam. Spratly in Chinese is Nansha or “southern sands”. Sure, they are all known in China for 10,000 years and brain-washed into Chinese heads for past 70 years, thus all is so clear…

  21. according to your mother china, there claim is about the history or ancient, if the ancient map is not valid, what is valid? see? I think you are lack of education like your mother china..

  22. formal claim to whom? to themselves hahaha. Does it coincide with the EEZ that UN members have signed and adopted to settle dispute? Of course why would China follow that, from all the claimants, China is the sole country that shouldn’t have any say on it.

  23. it is funny when you call me slave when i pay the salaries of my employees LOL. oh i forgot you are just one of those ignorant, misinformed, delusional commie internet warrior who tries to change history by fabricating stories that even a 3year old wont even believe LOL. How about in China how many did your jurrassic sorry life got raped and killed by Japan ? If Japan can obliterate China ill support that hahah.

  24. You can claim all you can but China has been buying fighter jet engines from Russia every year. The number is hundreds of them, why?
    The new fighter jets are all equipped with Russian engines like J20, why?
    If the domestically made engine is so god, why China continues to buy Russian made engine every year.
    Just like the HSR control box has to purchase from Hitachi.

    Japan built the HSR in1964, twenty years after WWII by itself. China had to learn from Japan and Germany because it couldn’t get it done by itself.

    Japan still has the world record wit the Maglev train and is building one by itself.
    Memory technology isn’t that easy. Taiwan has TSMC dominate the foundry business. But Taiwan licensed DRAM technology from Japan and not developed by itself.
    When Japan stopped DRAM and Taiwan DRAM industry is in limbo because it doesn’t invest enough to root the technology.

    SMIC has no capability to develop the process by itself, it has to buy from IBM or somewhere.

    Memory is a very important device in the computer system and it burns money to develop. South Korea put in a lot of money to develop and root the technology from Japan and USA.

    Have you ever thought about whose memory chips were in the Chinese weapons?
    Yes, they are imported from abroad.

  25. Yes, China should’ve won that. Is that the only thing in the past five hundred years in Science?
    What about Physics, Chemistry?
    We moved from Newton classic mechanic to quantum Mechanic?
    There was no one winning Nobel Prize from China in the past 60 years of communism era, Yang and Lee were before communism.

  26. The rise of China is written on the walls, as seen in the light of historical perspectivise( The Rise and Fall of Roman Empire and that of Islam). The conflict of the rising power and that of Declining power is written on the walls.The results are dependent on how the matter is tackled by the existing super power.The central Asia has already been lost to China’s area of influence.The creation of turmoil in the Middle East is not going to help the super power.If it is intended to create the same situation in South China sea it may not help the diminishing powers.

  27. For your information which CPU architecture is from China?ARM? mIPS?INTELX86?

    Let us talk about PC, where does China get the PC chipset?PC CPU? PC OS?

    Let us talk about SMartphone?
    Where does China get the CPU for LTE?
    Spread spectrum came out this year and Hi silicon used TSMC 16nm fab and came out the end of last year.
    Where is the Android OS from?

    USA just banned Intel Xenon CPU for China super computer because of military use.
    I don’t know which CPU architecture is from China? And Linux is a freeware from the West.

    Another thing all the semi equipment and process technologies are from the west. SMIC bought the 28nm process from IBM and it needs to buy again for 20nm. It doesn’t have the capability to develop by itself.
    That is the true fact, because China lacks the fundamental science, especially in Solid state.

  28. So they say. anyone who claim it can call it whatever they want. The point here is that we are ruled by law, law that governs people with right mind to conduct logical explanation for whatever actions they will do, this should be addressed not by force / not by history but by evidence.

  29. You really think the SCS dispute will come down to that? Nukes and war?
    Have you considered, like, the numerous other crap that would be considered by both sides before the missiles start flying/stop the missiles from flying? Like, the massive economic backlash that both sides will suffer(China in particular gives massive priority to its economy…), or the corruption within the chinese government that hampers its capabilities, or the fact that many (potentially allied)countries depend on China and America to stay on good terms(Australia, Japan, etc), or even potential public opposition? Frankly, the dispute in its current form can’t spark a major war. Too many potential drawbacks.
    Also… Really? Would all modern war lead to thermonuclear bombs? What about MAD? If both sides have a nuke, neither will use it, because the resulting retaliation will cause both sides to be destoryed. Rather, if one side has a bomb and the other doesn’t then the bombs will fly(as shown in WWII), and that’s not the case between US and PRC. If your Cold War logic applies here then it’s that the two sides won’t fight – and that the thermonuclear bombs don’t come out and make up the non existent(and currently not worth mentioning) end game.

  30. You actually don’t get it?

    The most powerful military weapons are thermonuclear weapons. It is the final arbiter.

    At the end of the tunnel, there lies tactical and strategic thermonuclear weapons. You didn’t think that China built its thermonuclear arsenal for fun, did you? Don’t you know that NATO placed tactical thermonuclear weapons throughout Western Europe to destroy potential advancing Soviet armor columns?

    Think about it. If both sides have machine guns, why would you discuss who has the bigger sword? Similarly, vastly inferior conventional weapons are pointless when both sides have powerful thermonuclear weapons. Whichever side is losing conventionally will start using its tactical and then strategic thermonuclear weapons.

    When all is said and done, the thermonuclear weapons come out. Deal with it.

  31. Loyalty and friendship apply only to a very very pitifully small handful of international relationships…
    Maybe I’d say more if you consider not immediately ignoring my post and go straight to slamming me for being a troll from China,etc.

  32. Seen you bring this up more than once before… What direct relation does it have with SCS disputes?
    All it does is stir up China vs US arguments which inevitably end in name calling, insults and hate.

  33. For your information, logic chips (or CPUs) are far more complex and sophisticated than simple memory like DRAMs, SRAMs, or NAND flash. When a fab is capable of making logic chips with the gate widths for the complex structures on a logic chip, it automatically has the capability to make simpler memory chips. Memory chips are simple, because they have repeating patterns.

  34. China invented Artemisinin that saves the lives of millions of people each year from malaria. The original Noble Prize in Medicine was given to “Emil von Behring for his work on serum therapy” that saved a few thousand lives.

    On any objective basis, China should have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. In fact, China’s Artemisin won the 2011 Lasker Prize (ie. the American Nobel Prize).

    The problem is that the Nobel Prize has no objective criteria. The Nobel Prize is currently decided by five former Norwegian parliamentarians. Hence, the Nobel Prize is a political prize that China can never win. It has no significance.

  35. Are you joking?
    China can’t get Nobel prize in science and no one from China in the past 60 years.
    Nobel prize is the symbol of fundamental science.

    There were Nobel prize winners from Taiwan and Hong Kong but they all had done the researches in the west.

    No one from China, even they went to the west to do researches, let alone they do the researches in China and there won’t be any within a decade.
    Japan had Nobel prize winner befor WWII and quit a handful of them.

    Maybe India had one too. No other Asian country has Nobel prize winner.

    Transister invention is the revolution of electronic.
    Einstein theory was the root of GPS application.
    That tells how Nobel prize in science is the fundamental science.
    Russia had a lot of them in solid state science, that is the root of today material science.
    Again China lacks fundamental science, that is for sure.

    Tell me any modern innovations were from China In the past five hundred years. If you can answer that, then you know China is learning all along.

  36. China SMIC has production yield problems of 45nm and still SMIC is a logic fab, it doesn’t make DRAMs and SRAMs. What about the NAND flash.

    USA sanctions the latest generation of semi equipment, that is why SMIC is N-3 generation behind TSMC and Samsung.
    China has no domestic DRAM and SRAM fabs, the only ones are Samsung and LG fabs in China but they are not Chinese fabs.

    Again SMIC announced 28nm but no production quantity yet. It needs Qualcomm to help , otherwise it can drag into 2017.

    Of course UMC will move 28nm fab to China but it will start production at least 2017.

    Morris Chang said China foundry technology is N-3 which means three generations behind. 45nm still has production yield problem. That is the truth.

  37. So, the author is a passionate player of video games. That could help explain the vacuousness of this article. China has managed to alienate and cause the militarization and alliance of virtually all of its neighbors. It has no allies. Not one. Russia and China will work together when it suits them, but neither will go to war for the other. It’s more likely they will eventually go to war against each other. The South China Sea will never be China’s. It will remain a possession of the littoral countries, just as it is now, and China’s enemies and difficulties will grow over time, especially when its inevitable economic recession occurs.

  38. Your understanding of geopolitics seem limited by all acounts.

    China is inferior militarly and only a naive person would deny it. I was just giving you an example applying your own logic of why the US is doing nothing in the land reclamation by China. You can bring examples that do not merit a direct military response by the US. You continue bringing the Korean war, but ignored the fact that chian lost near half a Million soldiers in the conflict, and deny any involment. China today cannot afford to do taht anymore, the country has advanced and even the tight control on media and people would not prevent an internal conflict if it loses those many lives in a conflict.

    To cut to the chase, If you think that China can embarrased the US in a war with prototypes that are not even proven and only used for propaganda, then you are the naive person here. The US may one day not be the most powerful military, but as of today it can defeat any military in any conventional conflict which is the bottom line of this argument.

  39. Before U.S. can kill one people, China would have disarmed the intelligence utilities which guide any U.S. deadly weapon.

  40. China want to occupy the whole South China sea, because on that sea there were many Sharks and sharks fin is very important for making money and everyday living.Someday China will use Sharks as an instrument for delivering nuclear warheads anywhere in the world.

  41. China’s SMIC produces semiconductor chips at 28nm.

    China is the world leader in publishing materials science and chemistry patents.

    China builds its own WS-10A engines, which are installed on the Chinese J-11B, J-15, and J-16 jet fighters.
    A Chinese WS-10A engine has also been seen on a Chinese J-10B.

  42. I don’t understand is China lacks a lot of semiconductor and material technologies.
    For example, the memory technology like DRAMs or SRAMs, how can they build control systems without domestic suppliers. Another one is WU-14 HGV with speed like 10 MACH and it needs special high temperature resistant material to endure the high stress and there is no way Chiuna has its own manufacturing capability.

    Even High Speed Rail, China still relies on Japanese imports with some key components,it doesn’t have the capability to make its own. The control boxes have to buy from Hitachi for example.. Unless Russia provides the material, otherwise China definitely has no self made capability.

    Another example, China has to purchase hundreds of fighter jet engines from Russia every years, even it claims it has the ability to make them domestically.
    The truth is China has no ability to make the high temperature alloy and the reliability is less than 200hrs and the russian made can be over 2000hr, USA made has a longer time than Russian made.

  43. ‘ if the usa starts construction in one of those reefs near the philipines do you think that China would do anything? Of course not. ‘

    I rarely see people so naive as you are. Using your logic, the fact that China drove PH away in Huangyan island (Scarborough), and US did nothing only showed US’s military inferiority?

    US used CIA to train Dalai Lama to rebel against China in 1950’s, but never invaded Tibet? Did that show US’s too weak to touch the newly established PRC and its army?

    US supported KMT in China who lost to Mao’s army with inferior weapons, but US could not do anything, does that show US to be too weak?

    When majority of Americans never reflects on why America lost so many wars, but only find excuses like you are to comfort the damaged pride, one can predict with good certainty that history would repeat itself.

    Back to Korean War, China’s military has much inferior weaponry and supplies, but pushed allied army one country backward, that you attribute to solely Russia?

    Flying a plane directly over one of those reefs, China already promised strong action and US has yet to dare that (US flew near 12 nm only so far). Building on it? Don’t try to fool yourself.

  44. One thing for sure here guy’s, if US or any Countries near the disputed sea don’t do something to stop the military base being constructed in Spratly’s, then it’s all over, it’s not about respect anymore, not power, its all about who control the area, with spratly’s in China’s control. US or any defendant will have a hard time reaching mainland China. Take note Spratly’s Island just the beginning, next in line is the island near Vietnam then the island near Japan.

  45. Or I can just go down to my local massage parlor and find me a Chinese lady. There is a reason China is shaped like a JI (chicken)–the men are cowards and the women are all about the money.

  46. The Korean war was a different situation because the “real” enemy was Russia not China. And antagonizing China in a direct engagement served no purpose for the US to keep the Russians on check.

    My comment was made from a pure military point of view, where i stand correct.

    You are bringing in a more complicated issue related to politics, and economic repercusions which stand between who would start a major conflict first. In short, and hypotetically speaking… if the usa starts construction in one of those reefs near the philipines do you think that China would do anything? Of course not. They will whine and complain but will do nothing. The Korean

    Why China has not taken the Senkaku from Japan, or why they have not invaded Taiwan? Or why dont they bring their oil rig near the Senkaku like they did in Vietnamese waters? The answer is clear, the Chinese military is not capable to take on the US which already stated that the would intervene on behalf of Japan and It is clear that they will honor the security pact with Taiwan.

    If you think that China’s prototypes can defeat a finished and battle ready US hardware then you are just living in a parallel universe where you can pick winners and losers.

  47. You made it up.
    What a liar.

    China is a traditional naval power for at least the last 1,000 years. They sailed all the way to Africa during 1500s. How can they not know Paracel islands and Spartly islands which are right in front of them?

    What a poor liar you are.

  48. When it comes to killing people and breaking things, the U.S. Is still the best in the world. If war does break out between the U.S. and China, it will be a terrible thing. I hope it does not happen. However, if it does, just know it will be fought over there and all the Americans will see it on their televisions.

  49. “The writing on the wall” has no sarcastic intent in it whatsoever, it is dead serious, look up its meaning. Gosh, how i detest conversing with aliens!

  50. A military ship can pass through an EEZ because the vessel does perform an economic function like fishing or oil exploration. Likewise, the manufactured islands are military in nature and they are performing an economic function. I think the Philippines may still have a cause of action related to the environmental damage to its fishing area. Otherwise, island building in international waters is not actually illegal.

  51. “He said someone, that is true. At least in Taiwan, they don’t.”

    How stupid can you and liping be?

    Let me put it in simple terms:
    How many people admit that there is a country called China? Answer: everybody, including Americans and Taiwanese.
    How many people recognize the People’s Republic of China? Answer: NOT everybody.


    Now what did Liping write? He wrote and i quote:

    “”Actually, someone even don’t recognize China as a country, …” ( note the faulty grammar and wrong choice of pronoun ‘someone’ )

    Liping did not mention the PRC,
    He specifically mentioned CHINA THE COUNTRY.

    You and Liping must stop commenting immediately and go back and study elementary English.

  52. you and lover atlas should just do your usual ritual “the donkey dong greasing up your behind, you are not smart enough to join the discussion of real people. get your butt plug you’re spewing a rotten fish smell in the net.

  53. Guys, don’t bother defending yourselves. You all know China is moving ahead while the US is going backwards in economic terms.

    The Americans are scared and it is normal for them to lash out. It is a modern day Roman empire. And we all know the Roman civilization is no more ….

  54. The US and China are military equals. The US cannot “win” against China.

    1967 – China’s first 3.3-megaton thermonuclear blast
    1971 – China’s DF-5 ICBM with a five-megaton warhead flew
    2002 – George W. Bush announced US withdrawal from the ABM treaty. This prompted China to build MIRVs.
    2006 – China’s DF-31 one-megaton ICBM deployed
    2007 – China’s DF-31A 3-MIRV ICBM deployed
    2012 – China’s DF-41 10-MIRV ICBM flown
    2015 – Pentagon acknowledges China’s DF-5B 8-MIRV ICBM (aka CSS-4 Mod 3)
    2015 – China’s JL-2 8-MIRV SLBMs deployed on Type 094 Jin-class ballistic missile submarine 95-day deterrent patrol
    2015 – China’s hypersonic WU-14 HGV tested for fourth time and engaged in evasive maneuvers
    Near future – China’s JL-3 10-MIRV SLBM

  55. China is beating Philippine and Vietnam in the SCS. US is just using the SCS disputes as bargain chips to gain some interests when deal with China for other issues. Meanwhile US also is using the SCS disputes to blackmail Philippine and Vietnam to make them to purchase US outdated weapons, specially Philippine to give US military bases on philippine’s soil. You can see there is only oral arguments between US and China about the SCS issues but there is no physical actions to prevent China from what China is doing at SCS.

  56. Study Korean war, and a number other ones. US dare not start one, or would be looking for self destruction near China doorsteps. US dare not even to bring its aircraft carrier near China. If it does, it risks being humiliated to a point to have to leave Asia when one carrier gets sinked. How maNY carrier could US afford to lose?

  57. You know you are right when it comes to organized religions ( including that of christianity ) because they all are given to change . But what you are obviously unaware of is that there is a difference between all organized religions and the true teaching of YAHSHUA the CHRIST ! And that is that unlike organized religions the true word and teachings of YAHSHUA the CHRIST are not given to change . Because the MOST HIGH ELOHIM ( GOD the FATHER ) and his word ( YAHSHUA the CHRIST ) are not just as he clearly states in his word the Holy Bible . Meaning that GOD the FATHER and his WORD ( his true teachings ) are exactly the same today as they were in the beginning .

  58. This is what happens when we FORGET that our country has the most Powerful Military and we think that our mouth is our biggest weapon. The only thing we do is Talk, Talk, Talk, while the Chinese reclaim, reclaim and reclaim. Then a billion of them start laughing at the US leadership calling them suckers.

  59. “Centuries ago, Japan copied everything from China. Since the last century and half, from Europe.”

    The pot call the kettle black?
    Have you no shame?

    Toyota makes the most reliable cars in the world, more reliable than German cars, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world, larger than VW, what is a Cherry, a Geely, a Hongqi?

  60. My name is OJE, writing from Nigeria.Why do people always make the mistake of labeling China a superpower able to challenge the U.S? China may have a larger GDP now but America will continue to have the world’s most powerful economy in scale and ingenuity. To put things into perspective China will need a GDP of $31 thrillion to be on per with the U.S in per capital term and living standard. For Al the chest beating China’S economy will collapse if Western coporations and Capital leave China. China needs the European and American market to survive,.America has been the world’s biggest economy since 1861…yes 1861 but was not tagged a superpower until after world war 2.

    Militarily the difference could not be clearer. The U.S is the only nation on Earth that mantains a massive fleet for each of the world’s 7 Oceans. The U.S Navy is the second biggest airforce in the world, the U.S airforce has its own Space wing. America has been projecting power for 50 years, China is just beginning to learn the art of power projection, does anyone honestly think China can win a conventional war with the U.S military? How? America’S wealth of experience gannered from its constant wars in invaluable. China today cannot even weird military dominance in the region with Japan, South Korea and even Vietnam much less challenge the U.S for global military supremacy.

    China’S has a bigger GDP yes but please enough with this stupid endless talk of Chinese superpowerdom. America is referred around the world not even for its military or economy but it’s culture. America has the most imitated culture on Earth and that is not about to go away soon. % 60 of the world’s most important companies are America, heck without the U.S military we won’t even have the Internet, which is more or less an American gift to the world.

  61. In 1933, the French flexed their colonial
    muscles and annexed nine of the Spratly Islands. When the news spread,
    the fledgling and troubled Chinese republic faced a basic problem – it
    didn’t know where the Spratlys were.

    A year earlier, the French had staked their claim to the Paracel
    Islands as part of their colony in Vietnam. The second French claim to
    part of the Spratlys befuddled the Chinese. As the scholar
    Francois-Xavier Bonnet of Irasec, the Research Institute on Contemporary
    Southeast Asia, noted as follows:

    “These two claims of the French government confused the minds…not only
    of the Chinese public and the media, but also the official authorities
    like the military and the politicians in Guangdong province and Beijing.
    In fact, the Chinese believed that the Spratly Islands and Paracel
    Islands or Xisha were exactly the same group, but that the French had
    just changed the name as a trick to confuse the Chinese government.

    “To ascertain the position of the Spratly Islands, the Chinese consul
    in Manila, Kwong, went, on July 26, 1933, to the US Coast and Geodetic
    Survey and discovered, with surprise, that the Spratly Islands and the
    Paracel Islands were different and far apart.”

    Of course liars n thieves are afraid of courts. Or simply put, afraid of justice n truth.

  62. “nvtncs, you are too desperate in stoking trouble.”

    You built a man-made island 600 miles from mainland China, and inside the 200 nm of the PI’s EEZ, THEN YOU call ME troublemaker????

    That’s standard fare PRC’s modus operandi of ‘aggressor playing the victim’. It never gets old.

  63. There is no winner in the event of a war between America and China, the US does not want to realize that China has become a very important part of the American and interlinked in Wall Street, Hongkong, Schenzhen, etc. China prepare a defense to keep all possibilities that will happen cause of experienced in the past that World War 2 was harming Mainland of China.
    But it is unfortunate US provokes China through social Media in favor of Japan that US does not want to learn his own Mistakes that run in the Middle East resulted in chaos and many people were killed everywhere and ISIS gained very fast a huge
    territorial areas in Middle East. Backfire would be happened to inside of US and several countries in the world everywhere , Chaos, riot, Racist, gun man, explode of multi ethic tension in Case of war between China and US. WOW another mistake of super power country

  64. Not even 3 years old. It is on-going.
    Nostalgic! How about Israel? The Jews returned to their homeland after thousands of years, and western countries supported them, and made new enemies.

  65. Ad hominem? Glad you know what that means.
    But it is you who has been calling names, telling other posters that they are “ignorant”, “childish” or “Chinese troll”.
    Talk about Ad hominem!!

  66. This nvtncs guy is like a mad dog, or a dog with rabies, who is biting everybody in sight. Whoever has a different view than his will be labelled as a “Chinese troll”, or “childish talk”.
    Such person deserves a collective middle finger on this forum.

  67. Vietnam is in a tough position. It wants to be a part of the Chinese Silk Road economic plan, but it also does not want to look weak for political reason.
    But, “it’s the economy, stupid” reasoning always seems to win in the end.

  68. Not really a minor case. Obama wants to use it, extensively, by hooking up Vietnam. It will happen in just a few days, next month, when the Vietnamese leader Nguyen Phu Trong visits Washington.

  69. The Hunt for China’s Red October

    “[US Vice Adm. Joseph] Mulloy cited Chinese production and testing of submarine launched weapons and said that one [Chinese] SSBN – or ballistic missile submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons – went on a very long 95-day at sea patrol.” (Source: DefenseTech)

    The US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) April 9, 2015 report “stated that China has four Type 094s in service.” According to Jane’s Defence, each Chinese JL-2 SLBM can carry eight MIRV thermonuclear warheads.

    4 Type 094 SSBNs x 12 SLBMs per SSBN x 8 MIRVs per JL-2 SLBM = 384 Chinese thermonuclear warheads on submarines

  70. No country in Southeast Asia has ever sided with the Philippines because they are all afraid of China except Vietnam that sided with the Philippines in its arbitration case with the Tribunal. Vietnam is now in the helm of the US and not of China and so with India.

  71. Just roll down the proof of China’s claim to the disputed sea. China can not even plot even a single coordinate of its claim. If China can do it the whole world will be on its side.

  72. They dont need to.They dont need to kill anyone
    They are building on their own islands
    Claiming something without knowing what goes on there for months and year’ just simply show you have no claim

  73. They were there first right after WWII.US ships even brought Chiang’s
    security forces to reclaim the Archipelago after the japanese left.
    It is obvious who is stealing from whom

  74. China has not impeded the freedom of navigation in SCS.
    However, US is leery of the rise of China and does not want to give up its preeminence in the world.
    There will be strategic competition between the 2 countries in many areas. SCS is small potatoes, and a compromise will be made. The real competition will be world economy, like who writes the future rules.

  75. i am just an ordinary citizen, but

    i know my government’s policy,

    google ‘pivot to Asia’, ‘TPP’,’TPA’.

    i am in touch with my congressman,
    with my friends in our university and in Asia. i follow US and China relations news closely, and read world news from non-American sources and of course NYTimes, WaPo, LATimes, extensively.
    i am not pleased with Obama performance in foreign affairs, even less so with Kerry’s.
    We will elect in 2016, a POTUS who will have no illusions about the PRC.

  76. It’s really nonsense to say that China is beating US in South China Sea because US has nothing to do with those islands in SCS at all.

  77. Taiwan is reinforcing the island they have. Don’t know what the Vietnamese are doing with their islands. Philippines? Seems like they are doing nothing.

  78. “US gets a guarantee of freedom of passage for commercial ships.”
    The US IS guaranteed of freedom of passage, as well as ALL other countries. When has China impeded ANY country’s freedom of passage?

  79. I see the writing on the wall.
    The only thing US is interested in is freedom of navigation in SCS.
    As to who owns the islands, US has no opinion and will not get involved. Hence, China has accelerated the island building and sent female “solders” to pose for photographers. LOL.

  80. Tell lipinggang to stop spewing PARTY lies or deal with it.

    What kind of comment is this:

    “Actually, someone even don’t recognize China as a country,…”?

  81. Stop acting like a clown
    U do not represent Americans. By “we”, u r talking about yourself., not any other Americans like me. So disappear.

  82. They are building these islands well within other nations’ 200 mile economic zone….and WELL outside their own 200 mile eco zone. It’s illegal.

  83. Stop talking likr u are representative of US. Nobodty voted u. Our policy is clearly different from ur rubbish. So STP act like a clown.

  84. You talk childish talk while i gave you our country’s geopolitical position in the Pacific rim where the most dynamic economies are growing in the 21st century.

    You may not like our position, tough, deal with it.
    The Pacific rim is our number 1 priority.
    You like to bring up the past, Iraq is, for now in our rear view mirror, Iraq is not a matter of life or death for us. Our future is in the Pacific and our relations with nations bordering it, thus the TPP initiative, to strengthen our economic, trade relations with our Pacific allies is our priority.

    Furthermore, your political system and ours are diametrically opposed.
    The few Americans that are in your corner, like Hank Paulsen, are businessmen who put money above country, the average American is not.

  85. Steven do you have any idea where the fighting is going on in Ukraine ? Fighting is in the eastern section not the Crimean peninsula. Perhaps you should do some reading. Just about every Asian country in the region is claiming the rights to these islands including Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and others. Please explain why we and not the U.N. is telling China what they can and can not do. At one time most of these countries were part of China. Do you have any idea who these countries would side with between China and the U.S. ? Posting using emotions, envy or unfounded opinions does not trump facts. I don’t want a war with anyone over an issue that does not affect the U.S.

  86. Like I said, a deal will be made between the US and China for the freedom of navigation for commercial purpose. Philippine will have very little say in it, even if they protest with BOLD typeface. Ha.

  87. There is nothing illegal about building islands in international waters. China has every right to do that as does the U.S., Vietnam, and the Philippines. No matter how damaging it is to the environment, they all can do it. In the interim, hopefully the UN arbitration forum will determine the extent of the PI EEZ in the SCS. Then PI will sue China in the WTO for all the fish it is stealing out of the PI EEZ. Take away China’s financial incentive for claiming title to the SCS and China will once again become a good neighbor.

  88. You have just shown your abysmal ignorance of the US.
    We are a nation of LAWS.

    It is not about YOUR suggestion that the SCS belongs to China but that China PERMITS everyone to sail in it freely, and everyone is now happy!

    We don’t recognize that the SCS belongs to China and we DON”T NEED ANYONE’s permission to sail through it.
    Did i make that clear?????

  89. All of these were happening because of the “nothing doing Republican Congress”…..they were very much obsessed in humiliating Obama and not doing what was right for the entire country…

  90. nvtncs, you are passing some boundary to be a just troll, when you call everybodydisagreeing with you a troll and start cursing. Lowly postings just revealed your true, uncivilized self and is not going to hurt anybody else.

  91. As soon as a war starts, US’s interests in the region is going to be hurt severely.

    US interests were severely damaged even in a war with Iraq. It is foolish to believe that US can benefit from such a war. Even the loss of just one air craft carrier could mean the end of US military superiority and the beginning of a new era of world order. I believe US could clearly see that. Therefore, US aircraft carrier would not even get close to China.

  92. Give the name calling and the Pilipino propaganda a rest.
    Everyday, the American and Chinese economies become more and more intertwined. As long as there is freedom of navigation, there will be no major conflicts between the US and China in SCS.
    So, go ahead and build up the islands, because everybody is doing it. LOL.

  93. Homeless in the US may be ate too much food made in China and wind up with a psychological problems, they are hook on drugs, alcohols, and lazy, I am sure in China you have 10 times more
    it is ok if you don’t want to talk about that. no hard feeling.

  94. Japan’s submarine engine design is licensed from Sweden, not the most advance. Japan’s airplane engines suffer from low thrust to power ratio.
    Japan is the real copycat. Centuries ago, Japan copied everything from China. Since the last century and half, from Europe.

  95. No “Biggie” Chinese citizen keeps on pouring money into the US and paying taxes, it also helps stimulate our economy. That is better than China spends 6 trillion dollars building Manhattan look-alike in China and no buyers.

  96. Are your Words validates the finger size penis between your Legs, and the whole of chinese race? Your Uncivilize Words coming from your mouth Wants to cover it up.

  97. That is B.S. Your stupid, skewed view threatens the survival of the US, in the worst case, it would take only a few hours. And Japan will like it.

  98. China did not ask the US to leave Vietnam. The American people did, and Vietnam and USSR forced US troops out, changed the status quo.
    Wrong picture.

  99. Your responses here are full of unacceptable facts or evidences because most of it are just your personal opinions.
    Remember, in a Democratic world, no one can cheat using the false votes ,if caught ,he or her will automatically lost the election and be punish.
    You must ask your brother Xi how does the communists Chinese leaders got elected, everyone in the world know the communists government are not elected by people free choices but by the communist gangsters themselves., if UN is a Kangaroo court then China court is a worse one. you have a problem of degrading other but don’t looking at yourself.

  100. Robles there you go…The readers say “GOOD LUCK” I don’t understand why the Filipinos are even requesting for the US to make commitment to the Philippines when they BOOTED ALL American bases in PI.

  101. Whatever you said here have no demonstration of China’s right or ownership of Spratly islands and if you want to go back further in to history, China is a formation of many smaller nations in the past
    that were grabbed and combine to become China itself. Tibet is one of the most recent evident of this land grabbing.and now the Sprattly islands.

  102. The Hague Court is the International court, all defendants must appear regardless of who sign it or not is irrelevant., If China is so righteous, why should it running away like a criminal. if you don’t steal, you should go to court and everything will come out to light,
    why be afraid?don’t use one excuse after another and be a coward.

  103. Whatever you said here have no demonstration of China’s right or ownership of Spratly islands, and if you want to go back further in to history, China is a formation of many smaller nations in the past
    that were grabbed and combine to become China itself. Tibet is one most recent evident of this land grabbing.and now the Sprattly islands.

  104. You can go visit Viet and Phi and bang the local women all you want, The Phi and Viet local women love to get B**ed by the white men ! Just stay away from China sea. When China sucks the gas and oil from China sea, China will make sure there is no one would intervene.

  105. Does this mean that we must ask China for permission to visit Vietnam? STOP !! dumping billions into the ocean, where a typhoon could reclaim it all.
    Chinese President Xi Jinping, should delay any business dealings with King Putin’s Russia. Allow them to come of complete collapse, then offer to purchase a significant portion of Putin’s Russian empire. Now that is deal worth making. Thus, would allow China to stop picking on all those small countries in the South China Sea area. Thus, transforming them all into Chinese’s consumers. Land and water resource’s is what China needs for it’s people.

  106. I’m with you My Brother.
    The Chinese will never understand. How could they. They have no concept of loyalty or Honor.
    They have no friends.

  107. History shown bigger country used its own law to square in what it wants. Here South China Sea were home of U.S 7th fleet operation sea during Viet Nam War. Now China suddenly says, oops it belong to me. Soon, they will say Hawaii belong to them too?

  108. Another typical Beijing false accusation, Aquino would not be where he is if that what he did in a democracy world. You should talk about how the chinese communists got elected. You have a problem calling someone else stink and you actually are the one.

  109. The Chinese must be the most backward and backward looking ‘critters’, with the most convoluted logic worthy of the Jesuits, always looking with nostalgia at their past, we were the middle kingdom, we were the most advanced, well that was 3000 years ago, so give it a rest.
    You can’t dig up 3000 years old ashes and claim everything in sight, that kind of logic doesn’t mean sh*t.

  110. But it belongs to China, is under China’s control and China allows the world to sail by???
    Is that what you mean Roberto the Chinese troll???

    Do you think the world would accept that Chinese scenario?

  111. by the way Mr Roberto890, if it wasn’t from the US help, China would not have a big face it is having today. and I am sure the US just recently made an adjustment to that situation : the Tran pacific trade that have 12 nations except China.

  112. it would be a world of fools to make China one of the big fives, then will applies the the same rule for the USA and other big fives…but the world body cannot be a fool otherwise we the world common people will be fools on top of fools…..

  113. the 46th poorest? China was among one of them not too long ago,
    people said China is like a poor man get rich over night.
    see how much people hate China now? China economy will collapse soon, for sure I am not buying any more of China products

  114. Did you read my previous comment which your brother Xi also read it: CHINA NEED TO LEARN TO BE A BASIC HUMAN BEING AND TREAT EVERYONE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT. by the way, what poor or rich have anything to do with stealing ? you low life
    dog eater.

  115. Your post reeks of Chinese troll stench.
    Just the way you present your view is all cockeyed-biased and gave you away as a troll.

    “Shedding American blood and spending American treasure in the defense of the PI”, Thank you or your concern. The US acts in its own interests first, you don’t have to teach us that. Now, we don’t have a defense treaty with the PI just to protect the PI but to protect our interests, first. We don’t intend to enter into an alliance lightly and to lose money and blood, there must be something in it for us, namely our perceived security, though we are a more romantic and idealistic nation than China. It’s because we feel that Chinese domination of the SCS and the PI is a threat to our own survival in the Pacific. We are first and foremost, a Pacific nation, especially in the 21st century, we have allies all over Asia who want to believe that we will TOGETHER defend one another against the Chinese threat.
    Let me stress to you that the survival of the US is tied to the survival of Japan, Taiwan, S Korea, the PI, Australia, the SCS being free of any nation’s claimed ownership. They maybe tied all together, one loss of one of these nations is the beginning of the end for us.

  116. lets make clear that the U.S. DO NOT OWN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA..let the Chinese control is not apply in this sense, the US don’t own anything far far away from it’s shore, that would make the US a bully being not a nation to be respected and loved by all world communities nations…the world of people can see clearly…

  117. SCS is a bowl of soup as you can see that China is not alone claiming islets there……. so what the hell are we trying to accomplish there? Commercial navigation was never and will ever be threatened by any nations which is a Pentagon lie, pure and simple…..!

  118. if Christianity’s No.1 principle is forgiveness, there should never have been so many wars and killings throughout human history. Bcs they committed atrocities and terrible things to other humans in the name of God, they constantly fear others who have been hurt by them would try to kill them…… Muslims for example…… only moderation and mutual respect can bring harmony to a society and I don’t see why all elected officials have to swear in on a bible……!

  119. Free world, So why is U.S dollar the world currency let the free world have options, not only the #1 bully dominance.
    This the main threat for human peace.

  120. Dont think so. Shipping lanes will remain open for every one
    Have you heard Chinese naval forces have been fighting the African pirates to keep the sea lanes open?

  121. Are you sure, why are you invading them middle east the don’t asked the U.S for help.
    Those are the lies the government and the paid media said to you.

  122. Are you aware that Chinese citizens are already buying a big chunk of LA SF Seattle and even Vancouver. Real Estate.
    The do not need to do any fighting

  123. Here is a prediction: some sort of compromise will be made between the US and China.
    US gets a guarantee of freedom of passage for commercial ships.
    China will keep building their facilities and slowly dominate the whole area.
    If Philippine wants to stay relevant in the area, they better start building up their islands. Hoping that US will shed blood and treasure for Philippine is a fool’s errand.

  124. China is basically an implicit Buddhist country. Buddhism does not believe in Almighty God. As such it is atheist. Buddhism teaches Chinese to be a civilised people. Greed is a common trait among all races. In fact the number of righteous Chinese in China is more than the population of Europe and US combined.

  125. “world’s 99% GDP join China’s AIIB.”
    According to this Chinese troll’s LIE,
    the GDP of the US and Japan = 1% of the total world GDP!!!!!

    This kind of lie does not win China any friends, any respect, the stupid Chinese trolls are being counterproductive here and don’t even know it.

  126. Oh!!! stop your

    That’s right. The South China Sea game is far from over. The longer it goes on, the stronger China gets. Time is on China’s side.

    Trade and commerce will have no affect going through the South China Sea. Only the U.S. makes a great deal out of it to bully China, nothing else. Japan is on the U.S. side because anything China gets, is a loss for Japan. ASEAN felt the heat because they all claim what rightfully belong to China. Any scrap they gain in the South China Sea is a gain for them.

    The only nations affected are the U.S. and Japan, no other nation is affected. All other nations wouldn’t give a shit about the South China Sea.

    Another bullshit with no power to back it up on “the PRC will back down or face annihilation”. Again, I say: We can’t even defeat Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. How are we going to defeat monster China???? You guys are out of your mind like Uncle Sam. Chances are better for China to hunt down our leaders and hung them like Nazis and Tojo.

    Again, I would remind you, the longer this goes on, the stronger China gets!!!! Today, China is not something to push around with. You peop;le keep harping on China copying and stealing, now show me where or who, which nations have weapons like the WU-14 and DF-21D???? at 10 times the speed of sound!!!!! Well, China has them!!!!

  127. What is wrong with communism? Communist China feeds everyone in China. Communism is great! Unfortunately there are a lot of homeless in the US.

  128. So, because the SCS is in Asia, does the SCS belong to Asians and only Asians are allowed to handle the situation, stupid Chinese? Is that your logic, Chinese troll?

    Here is the fact, the open sea belongs to NO one continent, no particular nation, and when 1 nation claims ownership of an open sea, it is the business of ALL nations in the world, even a landlocked nation like the Central African Republic which, btw, is a member of the UN.

  129. You are lack of knowledge. China is so huge. Some Chinese have eyes bigger than yours. You are such an ignorant fellow. By the way do you know where is China?

  130. You Jappy is worse than any pinoy. You Jappy never paid a cent to the Filipino comfort women. No wonder no decent Brits would marry a Jappy.

  131. The point I seek to make to you is that if you look at the pages of the history of human civilization that virtually every single empire that has ever risen has fallen . VIRTUALLY EVERY LAST ONE !

  132. i’d double down, you have to be the biggest ahole to make no sense whatsoever in your post:
    “Actually, someone even don’t recognize China as a country, so what? That don’t change anything”

  133. TRUTH can’t face the truth. LOL! 30,000 Filipino comfort women for the Japanese in WWII to bone and asked for no compensation. And now you are begging for the same people who raped your girls to come back. You are so uneducated. Calling you a slave is making you look better than you really are.

  134. No, the U.S. did not get what Uncle Sam wanted, i.e., China to get out of the South China Sea. China has historical claim to the South China Sea. If anything, Japan is to blame for the mess because of Japan started the Sino-Japanese War against China and took all these islands from China in 1895.

  135. “Actually, someone even don’t recognize China as a country, so what? That don’t change anything”

    Your irrationality is beyond words. To think that the world has to deal with the likes of you Chinaman and there are a billion of you, is mind boggling.

    Who’s that someone?
    The PRC is 1 of 5 permanent members of the UN security council, a**hole!!!

  136. Sorry ,,, But CONGRESS fits into the coward Liar thing … One cant do unless the other goes along with it … Washington D C belongs to there masters and its not the people

  137. Ask the French, Germans, Japanese if they recognize Chinese sovereignty over the SCS!
    Angela Merkel gave Xi a map of China made by the Chinese, go take a look at that map, google it!

  138. Today the SCS, tomorrow, Taiwan, then Hawaii!!!
    The US maybe the cooked frog with Obama and Kerry at the helm.
    2017 can’t come soon enough, let’s elect a strong anti-PRC POTUS.

  139. When China is strong enough, it will claim the US and Canada, North American Indians are descendants of the mongoloid race that crossed the Bering Sea to America, way before Christopher Columbus or the Vikings.

  140. TRUTH can;t face the truth! LOL!

    This is a great lesson for a two cent commie / Abu Sayyaf troll. Not based on the distance from a country. Hawaii and Guam are closer to Manila than to Washington DC, but that doesn’t make them belong to the Philippines. The Falkland Islands are thousands of miles away from London, but they are under UK’s law. The Spanish who colonized Philippines accepted those rocks as part of China’s indisputable sovereignty. History is thousands of years old. Not 30 years after UN established some words. The Philippines is so undermining peace and stability in the region. Reclamation n the news and China owns those Islands.

  141. “actually that is the present japanese men visited 30000 pinoy prostitutes last year”

    You must be one low life to go around sniffing up that dirt, no wonder the Brits called you ‘dogs’.

    There is a difference: The japanese paid for their services, and the ‘ladies’ freely offered their services, there was no coercion.

    Chinese trolls, you are so stupid and dishonest and hypocritical!!!

  142. China is a winner, America is also a winner, Philippines will be the only lower. Because both China and America have got or are getting what they want.

  143. You are wrong: Japan is a very advanced nation, more advanced than any nation in Europe.
    You need to ask this question: do the French like the man made island staring at their ships passing by? Does anybody?

  144. China made the formal claim in 1947. No need to issue another announcement. You are wrong. Philippine filed in a sub-agency of UN, not UN itself. That sub agency has no jurisdiction to decide on the sovereignty of the Chinese territory in South China Sea. Philippine just want to stir up a meaningless political propaganda. So China takes no action.

  145. “There is a reason it is called South China Sea.”

    It was called the SCS by western geographers, it is the SAME reason that the Ocean south of India is called the Indian Ocean, does that make that ocean Indian ‘territory’, stupid and thief-like Chinese troll?

  146. You are absolutely right, China does not look at itself , it remind me of somebody that stink but don’t know how bad the smell is.
    if the war happened, there is 110 % sure that China will be disappears from the plane in the first battle.

  147. George, its nice to worry and care for the reefs but if this escalate to an all out war, we might not be around to worry about this corals under the sea. They could all be glowing from radiation exposure.

  148. Under Obama and both houses of Congress … Yes!!! its all of D C not just Obama .. Congress has the power to over ride and act on there own .. If it was just the S China Sea ? that would be one thing ,,, but its not .. Its Russia, Syria ISSl ,Turkey , S, Korea , Iraq, Afghan , Yemen , Israel, Palestine Greece , Italy .. I could go on but you get the Idea … In my opinion the U S has suffered the biggest loss of face since ???, I don’t even know when !! Maybe the civil war

  149. Communist China want to be big and powerful, it wants to be world leader but lack all qualification, China is atheist and it does everything that God forbids Cheat Steal, Lie, Greed, etc…

  150. wait and see, the game is far from over.
    When German, French, Indian, British ships have to sail through the SCS, they will feel the presence and pressure of the Chinese and they won’t like it. As for ASEAN, it already has felt the heat.
    The Japanese are the first one to feel the threat as most of the oil to Japan goes though the SCS.


  152. Did anyone know why Chinese’s eyes are so small? some people said small eyes can not envision right from wrong and they are greedy, just a thought but not always true.

  153. UN is a Kangaroo court. Even the US did not follow the UN’s decision when the US invaded Iraq. Moron! If the UNLCOS is so righteous, why not America sign it. Not a chance this is a winning point. It is Aquino making himself look better to win votes. You got hacked by your politicians.

  154. what truth are you talking about? that China can’t move on with their life because they became slaves of Japan? now thats the truth face it will you commie internet warrior lol

  155. The answer are: you must protect your homeland and your environment, world pollution is not acceptable because it affecting everyone, if you don’t protect your neighbors, the next thing it will come to you, just like how fires spread.
    pic of the girl on island: The girls are models they are the kind that sit around at home and paint their finger nails all day. look at the way they pose, they are not farmers.

  156. @robert hi there Chinese commie troll

    you forgot to mention, Part V, Article 55 of the Convention states:

    Specific legal regime of the exclusive economic zoneThe exclusive economic zone is an area beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea, subject to the specific legal regime established in this Part, under which the rights and jurisdiction of the coastal State and the rights and freedoms of other States are governed by the relevant provisions of this Convention.

    a state’s EEZ extends to a distance of 200 nautical miles (370 km) out from its coastal baseline.

    what’s the distance of China? China should have no say on that area.

    also CHINA is not an Archipelagic state or anywhere near it while Philippines is composed of 7000+ islands. We all don’t need to be a rocket scientist to argue simple things like this, it is pretty obvious to whom it is, China is just in denial and blinded by their greed that pushed them to become INTERNATIONAL THIEVES.

  157. You don’t know what you are talking about, there is still fighting in Ukraine
    Those islands are not China, Read up on the 200 nautical miles and international law. , China is provoking , no one is, China is sticking nose in someone else property, What you are defending are the others way around. you twisted things just as professionally as a pro Beijing communist.

  158. it is none of USA business, it is Asia, let them dog fight, we are not the international police, we have enough S H I T to do in this country.

  159. The spratly’s island is outside the Vietnam 200 nautical miles, only Brunei, Philippines and Malaysia could claim those island because it’s within 200 nautical miles of there shore line..

  160. Maybe no one should be killing coral reefs? This is a fishing area. Example: in the United States we took out the business and homes that were built under ancient redwood trees. This was done to protect the environment. China should immediately stop dredging. China should return the sand allow nature to reclaim the natural balance.

  161. Despite having made the vague claim public in 1947, China is still (as of 2015) to file a formal and specifically defined claim to the area within the dashes. And of course they did not simply because no one would allow a delusional claim. And if ever what you are saying is true, how come they won’t participate in a peaceful resolution filed by the Philippines at the UN? oh yes simply because they knew that their claim wont stand a chance because it is out of this world and wont coincide with the international law that all members in the UN should abide.

  162. USA already claimed predominance over the entire world. If the world back down, USA will continue to set rule of law for other nations to obey, just like how Hitler behaved in the past but more ambitious.

  163. You are last regardless of others. Makes no difference to who you are. Look in the mirror like US will care if you live or die tomorrow.

  164. The poor man that became rich overnight obviously have no education, hence his decisions are bad. but yet he brag and brag like no one else is better, this is exactly
    applied to China and the way it is doing now, China even said it willing to go to war
    if war happen, there is 110 % sure China will be lost in the first battle.

  165. @robert a chinese commie internet warrior

    i’m sorry that you must be so lonely that you can’t forget the past and forgive those who repent. There is such thing as “MOVE ON”. Are you still trapped in your past Fkd up life when Japan defeated China? What honour are you talking about, its more like PRIDE, ARROGANCE, and being DIMWIT :) .

  166. China already claimed the entire region, if the world back down, China will continue to grab others part of the world, and eventually all, just like how Hitler behave in the past.

  167. Yeah and you know. It is from self loathing due to jealousy to jack yourself off with feel good words. But the reality is China is rising as the most powerful nation.

  168. very true, China have no qualification to lead , stealing , cheating , lying, back stabbing etc….China want everyone else to loose except China itself.

  169. The author jumps to a huge conclusion about the future. Actually the countries with the most robots per capita are going to win. Neither country is constrained by labor costs. The United States has the innovation and capital with a smaller, more diverse workforce. China has a huge population to support.

  170. You can make anything up your shallow mind wants.
    The fact is your points are worth a 2 cent Filipino troll:

    Fact: Three international treaties—namely, the 1898 Treaty of Paris between the US and Spain, the 1900 Treaty of Washington between Spain and the US, and the 1930 Treaty between Great Britain and the US, all limit Philippine territory to the 118th degree meridian of longitude east of Greenwich, excluding both the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal from its territorial boundaries.

    Republic Act No. 3046, passed by the Philippine Congress and approved in 1961, clearly identifies these boundaries. Yet, on March 10, 2009, after 48 long years, the Philippines inexplicably decide to unilaterally include the disputed territories.

  171. Before WWII, Philippines was a colony. Pinoys lies to themselves cause they are shameful of their history. 30,000 Filipinos bones by Japanese in WWI for free.

  172. Pinoys have no honour. Dirt cheap as Aquino is telling the world. Japan can bone 30,000 Filipino comfort women in WWII without any compensation, Pity your brain is stuck at the bottom of the food chain you have no idea what is national shame. A nation with no honour and dignity. No wonder even the US look down at your country.

  173. China wants to change the status quo for three reasons 1) Oil (Black Gold) 2) Asia’s trade route total control, 3 )Silk road. These are the basic step to Asian Chinese domination where the countries involve cannot not tolerate.

  174. When the colonial master USA granted Philippine independence and transferred the territory, those islands were not included. Further that ancient map is not an official map.

  175. On pinoy land maybe which is irrelevant. 99.999% of the maps in the world is South China Sea. There is a reason it is called South China Sea.

  176. Exactly. I find it so funny how people think that China can defeat the US in a conventional war when all of military technology is just a copy of that of the usa. All chinese next gen this and that are just prototypes that are not even operational. The chinese just know how to steal secrets and copy them, but that is boy enough to defeat the usa a country that keeps updating and developing new military technology.

    The US would win convincingly a conventional war with China. However, the only concern the world would have in a China-US military war would be a nuclear exchange. And i am sure that China would be the first to attack for its embarrasing defeat in a conventional conflict.

  177. Not that simple…Filipinos has to want to be under US first…then secondly US can decide if it want the country under its protection. That could take years.

  178. I beat just like you many of the ancient Romans said the same thing even while the barbarians were a the gates . I have a question for you ! Tell me of one empire throughout human history that has risen that did not fall ? Name me just one !

  179. Rename
    the South China Sea the ASIA FREE SEA … All the world’s oceans are the maritime
    commons for all of the world’s people.
    What if we allowed Italy to lay claim to 90% of the Mediterranean? Or the USA to 90% of the Caribbean? Or Russia to 90% of the Black Sea? Or India to 90% of the Bay of Bengal?? Or Japan to 90% of the Sea of Japan??? China’s claim to 90% of the South China Sea
    is an affront to the Whole Human Race and has no legal basis. The USA and her World Allies should respond
    to this preposterous claim by declaring it as the “ASIA FREE SEA”. All people continue to peacefully access this
    Global Maritime Commons like all others.
    If China wants a fight, let them face the Whole World, not a
    couple vulnerable states … Confrontation is not desirable, but Capitulation is
    more dangerous.

  180. before world war 2 Philippines has owned scarborough shoal and spratly’s islands..we had an ancient map, unlike china everything is fake including your face.. (-___-)

  181. You have very narrow eyes reflects your narrow minded personality.
    You talk without sense.You probably had been drugged and just woke up from being high. The US a poor man becoming rich overnight!!! Idiotic statement from robot who are not allowed to think any different from what its government want. Pathetic.

  182. yes china is going to war because of trillion barrels of oil discovered, but it is within the EEZ of the Philippines, if china successfully claim the whole SCS then USA and other allies nations are affected including the puppet of china singapore and malaysia, china will control all trade from other nation who passed at SCS specially the major traders USA, Japan and S Korea.. and china could invade Philippines to counter USA in the pacific..

  183. China announced the Dash Lines right after WWII and received no renunciation from the WWII victors including USA. That means the islands, shoals, reefs belong to China and China has the sovereign right to do whatever is appropriate on them. For other countries to interfere with China’s sovereign actions will certainly endanger the peace. stability, security, freedom of navigation and prosperity in the region. By interfering in the Middle East, USA has been creating enormous social and economic destructions there. The South East Asia region strongly don’t USA to do the same in the region

  184. The point is the Islands is nearer to Vietnam and Philippines! These two countries are rightful bearer of those Islands , there should be no red dot there! The greedy China is stealing Islands inclusive on PH EEZ.

  185. America is the poor man become rich overnight, China is a born rich man recovering its robbed land, u are a poor man always being poor beaten by everyone therefore always talking about sour grape.

  186. Frank, two completely different issues. I read the official U.N. report on the vote in Crimea which they watched over. The citizens there voted 94% in favor of dropping all ties with Ukraine and annexing with Russia. There are some interesting claims and objections from the U.S. and Ukraine which the U.N. dismisses as not relevant. Why do we have territories in the Atlantic and Pacific, where citizens are afforded the same rights and benefits as U.S. citizens, that are not states but we protect with our military ? Those islands China has always considered their territories. I think it is us who are provoking China and her allies by sticking our noses and borrowed money into an issue we have no business being involved in. You notice it’s not other countries, like those in Europe, South America or Africa that are there.

  187. We are coming to whip your dirty a55es! Leave now or you will get what’s coming. Whack, kapow, bam! No more thieves! No more shameless people! Peace again at last!

  188. I just looked at the illustration and couldn’t help myself…’WTF’? Is this article serious? Chinese expansionism?Take a look: within the red dotted line that is US Flotilla route, I counted 11 Vietnamese claimed; 7 Filipino and 4 Chinese and the Chinese is accused of greedy and the expansionist?

  189. In this brinkmanship game, definitely China is winning. China is always saying that in this issue, China is willing to go to war. The US is trying to deal with this diplomatically but China is very assertive and does not want to come to the table to discuss how the tension between claimants can be resolved. China is saying that their claim is none negotiable and told bluntly the US to stay away. The US hands are tied since at this stage it has to stay neutral as far as the dispute of ownership of the islands is concern. The US is concern only of the possibility of China declaring ADIZ once the reclamation work is done and fortified. At this stage, China is very busy with the development and if ever they declare ADIZ, it will only be the time the US has to stand firm in opposing China. China has been telling everyone that it is ready to go to war to assert ownership and they are pretty active preparing itself for war. Once the reclaimed reefs are fully fortified with missiles, submarines, airfield with modern planes, China will be in a position to oppose any attack against it. The world has to try and rein in China for its current behavior before we find ourselves having to face World War 3. China doesn’t know how to act to be military strong as well as economically. Only one solution is left to avoid WW3 and it won’t be as painful as experiencing war. The only weapon we can have against China is deal with it economically. Let us stop patronizing products made in China including those products that are owned by western companies made in China. The greed of these corporations had taken away jobs the reason why the economies of the western world nose dived while China was growing. Tax them higher so China’s products will be priced at almost the same level as that made outside China. This will teach them a lesson to behave as member of the world’s community. I can always compare this behavior of that of a poor man that became rich overnight. It doesn’t know how to behave being rich.

  190. The potential to draw both US and China into conflict over the issue of the South China Sea is ominous;the tension is mounting and looming large over the horizon.It could signify the collusion of two political as well as cultural ways of life.The rising and assertive China is in so-called ” Thucydides Trap”-to expand and grab more territorial land mass for national security or national glory.It reminds us of Crimea incident and Russia’s eastward expansion since 16th centuries.Both Crimea and the South China Sea disputes have provoked reaction from the West;especially in the South China sea which will draw a number of neighboring nations ,including Japan into confrontation over the key issue of freedom of high sea navigation and trade route for all.

  191. The question is not if China is beating the US in the SCS. It should be what the F is America doing in SCS in the first place.

    And I love the selfie of the pretty girls on the island. If the US starts to bomb the place, they have a lot to answer for from the world community ….

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