iPhone 7 Release Date Leaked In New Report

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Image Source: Apple

The iPhone 7 / 6S rumor mill is rapidly churning out the stories, with the latest one suggesting the official release date for Apple’s next phone. We’ve also heard another report that Apple is planning a new 4-inch iPhone, although probably not until next year, and another artist is out with another iPhone 7 concept.

iPhone 7 Release Date Leaked In New Report

iPhone 7 / 6S on sale in late September

According to Mobile News, the next iPhone (probably the iPhone 6S, although some are calling it the iPhone 7) will be available for purchase on Sept. 25 on the Vodafone network. The website cites a leaked internal email from the mobile carrier. Vodafone reportedly told its staff members in the email that Sept. 25 is the big launch day for the next iPhone.

Vodafone also provided some information ahead of the launch, including that it will start taking preorders for the next iPhone on Sept. 18. The email refers to the device as the “new iPhone,” so it does not make it clear whether Apple will be calling it the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7.

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Further, the email didn’t state whether there will be an update for the iPhone 6 Plus.

4-inch iPhone 7 expected

Today the rumors of a new 4-inch iPhone have been refreshed, this time by Chinese language website Economic Daily News. The report calls the two phones the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7C and indicates that they will be out in 2016. Of course that would mean this year’s model will be the iPhone 6S.

According to Economic Daily News, Apple has signed a deal with AU Optronics, a supplier of smartphone displays, for 4-inch displays for next year’s iPhone.

iPhone 7/ 6S concept highlights camera design

And finally, we have yet another artist concept for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S. Phone Arena highlighted this latest concept. The concept plays off the rumor about a 12-megapixel camera on the next iPhone. The concept doesn’t really offer anything ground-shaking. Apple is known for its ultra-slim designs, so it’s possible that the next iPhone could look something like the concept.