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iOS 9 Deletes Apps Temporarily To Make Room For Updates

Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 9, will come with a nice change to make the updating process easier. The system will prompt users to temporarily delete apps to make room for updates.

iOS 9 boasts useful feature to save space

Fortunately, the process is automatic. Once the download is complete, iOS 9 will automatically reinstall the apps for you. Although one source claims the apps are restored without any data loss, the dialogue box doesn’t confirm it.

iOS 9 is expected to make apps smaller to simplify the whole user experience. Developers now have the ability to thin out their apps to make room for photos and other content. Apple is already making significant improvements with the sheer size of iOS 9 as it will requires just 1.3GB of storage space. This is comparable to iOS 8, which needed 4.6GB.

Apple hopes to skip the problems that came with iOS 8 like early bugs and low space, both of which dampened the iPhone experience. The Cupertino-based tech giant knows the importance of apps, and that’s why it is making it easy to temporarily remove apps and re-download them automatically.

Other iOS 9 updates

Other updates with iOS 9 include an interface similar to that of previous versions of iOS with a few key changes, including a new system font. Apple changed the system font to a custom version of Helvetica called San Francisco. At first glance, the font doesn’t really look all that much different from the previous font, but a closer look shows key differences with wider typography and cleaner lines.

iOS 9 comes with other new features as well, including Proactive, a predictive assistant that tries to guess what you want before you ask. It learns what apps you use and the contacts you call the most in order to simplify the user experience. Another useful feature with the mobile operating system is News, a customizable news feature that allows users to pick the news sources and topics that interest them most.